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Sichuan China Youth Travel Service (Head Office) - the latest tourism in Chengdu, Chengdu tours, Chengdu tour price quotes, Chengdu tourist attractions, Chengdu tours, Chengdu tourism offer, Chengdu travel notes, Chengdu travel guide, Chengdu Tourist Guide, Chengdu air ticket booking, hotel reservation services, Chengdu hotel, conference tourism in Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou, Emei Shan Tourism, Qingcheng Mountain, Dujiangyan tourism, Panda Travel.

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Hunan Province, Hunan Province, customs and travel guide
All cities in Hunan Province
Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan Hengyang Shaoyang Yueyang Changde Chenzhou Yiyang Zhangjiajie
Huaihua Loudi Western Yongzhou
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All attractions in Hunan Province
"691" Resort "Flying Man Mountain" Emirates Yang repair the tomb "Little Nanjing" Pu City "Yuwang City" 6501 Scenic Military Engineering 6501 Aizhai wonders Security of the Red Rock Scenic Area Badagongshan Badagongshan Nature Reserve
Octagonal shaft Octagonal Ba Jiaozhai The former site of the Eighth Route Army Office in balance Octave rock Bailongdong Bai Longquan Bailudong White Deer Temple White Horse Lake
Whitewater hole Whitewater Falls Cave Bai Yang-dong White view Dolomite Hundred ladder Hundred bamboo Article Chuk Yuen Semi-Jiang Ban Shanting
Ban Shanting Baojhong Hill View Bao Chi Baofeng Monument Jian Lin Mao North Lake Park North Lake Park North Lake Park Arctic Temple North gate tower
North Tower Ben Long Park Penholder City Beacon Hill Biquan Lake Maple Island Park Border Town Chadong Side of town Jiang Scenic Area will be River area will be
Skiff Hill Lakeside Park Bo-dong Fuji gate area Fabric Tin Tower revolutionary martyrs Cai E Residence Tomb of Cai E Sen Memorial Hall Cai Lun Memorial Canon Hall
Canon Hall Chaling iron rhinoceros Tray Tower Spring Tea Garden Cheung Kong temple ruins Changsha Changsha Changsha Baihe Quan Changsha First Normal Changsha Zoo
Changsha Zoo Underwater World in Changsha Changsha, Hunan Embroidery Museum Changsha Gray Hot Springs Lei Feng Memorial Hall in Changsha Changsha Lushan Changsha Qingshuitang Long Shashelita Changsha Window Changsha City Museum
Purple Phoenix Park in Changsha Changsha Church Changsha Wu tomb site Changsha Xiang River Scenic Belt Changsha laugh cry cliff Changtangang Changde Changde Mosque Changde Poetry Wall Changde Poetry Wall
Plant kiln Town Rock overturned Chaoyang Palace Chaoyang rock Tide Square Che Gu Mountain pottery Chenzhou Chenzhou Science Museum Chenzhou Stone Forest Chenzhou Sports Training Base
Chen Dounan house 陈嘉佑 Tomb Chen Yian Memorial Chaintech School South Park South College South of the bottomless pit Chengtoushan Chengtoushan ancient cultural sites Chifeng tower
Weapons unearthed in the Spring and Autumn Chu Yi School Chu Gongci Chuan-dong Kawaguchi hole Piercing Wear Yan Shi Lin Wear Yan Shi Lin Chuanshan Society site Cheshire tower
Cheshire tower Kingfisher Ping Han Fowling Au Mahayana Hill Large estuary Reservoir Great scenic Beijing Dalongdong Big Cave, a small Cave Falls Biological Science and Technology Museum Giant Salamander Large pit Spa
Dawei Mountain National Forest Park Big E beam Bear Mountain Dayishan Dayong Tainan Large unitary concept Dayuandu lake Tai Wan Shan National Forest Park Large Stone Temple Yunshan Neolithic sites in sub-Shan Dai
Light rock Wu Shan Road County Road, the ancient city wall Red Wall Road, County Public House, County Road, Kou County Road stone arch Wulong County Road map Road, Rock County, site of Yu Chan Johnson Park Deben Miao Village
Tokuyama Koho Tower Becoming an immortal Path Di Shuidong Di Shuidong area East Dongting Lake National Nature Reserve East Dongting Lake Nature Reserve East saber-toothed fossil ivory Eastern Han Dynasty Eastern Han Dynasty Bronze Sword East Lake
Tung Wah Group of Martyrs East River East rivers and lakes East rivers and lakes East Gate tower East Gate Park Slope Dongshan College East Tower East Tower Park East Tower Park
East Taishan East Africa East Africa peach spray Zoo Dong Cultural City Cave Creek Park Cave Creek - Yelang supergraphic Scenic hole pond Dongkou Wenchang Tower Cave Hill bubble
Dongting Lake Dongting Lake National Scenic Area Dongting Lake Temple Dongting Lake Villa All rout Tusita rock Quebec tower fight Cape slope sites Awake Pavilion Independent Rock area
Du Jiang Court Du Fu's tomb Tomb of Du Fu Du Fu Du Fu Temple College Grace Hospital WIND Second, the tomb of Princess Two unitary collection holes Two unitary Hill Wears rock Fang Guang Temple Fang Guang Temple
Tai Wan Fang Luo area Jiatun Fang Zhuting Font Temple Street Fei Shan Fei Lian million hectares irrigation - Shaoshan Irrigation District Fei Temple Mount Flying Mizutani Flying Hill Flying Mountain Scenic Spot Boasting
Maple Mission Township India seal off Fenghuang Phoenix Temple Phoenix IX King Phoenix seven bend Phoenix Mountain Scenic Spot Yi Feng Field Club of Phoenix Fengqi Hill Fengtan hydropower plant
Fu Yi Hou site Fubo Temple Fu Yi Jiang Furong Feng Hibiscus House Fu Yung Shan Chiu Hill floating Tobacco Village pumice Fu Yan Temple Fu Yan Temple
Fuhou Church (Zeng Guofan) Golf Course High Temple High-pines Gaoyi Ancient High Island Spa Martyr Monument Gen Rock Workers, peasants and the government site Workers Cultural Officer
Highway wonders pioneer statue Gou Mountain Peak mountain peak Koho tower Old Town House Ancient ruins Ancient site Site of ancient villages Old tunnel Antique Bed Tombs
Ruins of ancient Qianzhong Ancient cave Guta Gutting Ruins of ancient town Slate Street Town Town Creek town Gu Long Beigulangmu Off Mountain Valley Off Temple
Gorge View of old well Mission College Cave Guanyinge Buddhist Goddess of Mercy House Guanyinyan View bamboo house 归鸿 Ae Guidong Ge memorial life activities
Gui Garden Guo Liang tomb International five-covered mountains hunting Temple of the sea will 韩张公 Park Call water-rock Han bronze mirror four animal rules Wu Miao ram Palms cliff Soap Ho Song Tomb
Peace Park Rehoboth town He Jin Sheng Temple Long House He Xi Taiwan Heshan College Black Forest Park Mi Feng Forest Park Heimifeng Black tank Heng Po Battle Martyrs
Hengshan Mountain Memorial Mountain Church The ancient city of Hengshan County Address Hengyang Hengyang tombs Hengyang City Fairview Villa Hengyang kiln Red Army Martyrs Monument Red Army Martyrs
Six former Red Army Command Six Red Army opened four printing presses Red stele Hongseong Spa Hong Jiang Daxing Temple Ancient commercial city Hung Kiu Spa Bamboo Scenic Hongshan Hongqiao Monkey Cave
Monkey Tower Former Residence of Hu Yaobang Hupingshan Hupingshan Nature Reserve Pot Mountain Pot Head Mountain Hunan First Normal Hunan Folk Village Hunan Provincial Museum Hunan Provincial Museum
Hunan Forest Botanical Garden Eco-tourism area Xiaoxi Hunan Federation site Hunan First Chuang Ling Tomb Island lake Huxi College Ping Hu Break Tiger-shaped mountain Huaminglou Huaminglou
Huaminglou Huaqiao Flower Tower Rock Creek Flowers Rock Creek Flowers Huarong martyrs cemetery Hua Tian-dong Huaihua Huaihua Drum The Mountain House
Royal Dong Culture Village Dragon Gorge Tower Hill Jian Huang Chao Pseudopleuronectes Lake Former Residence of Huang Kung slightly Yellow Dragon Cave Huang Longquan Huanglong Temple Huang Sang Huangsang Nature
Huangshi Zhai Huangshi Zhai landscape Huangshizhai 黄丝桥古城 Huang Ting view Loess hill Wong Yuen-pear Tomb Huang Wen Resort Huang Caves Back to the Dragon Court houses on stilts group
Back Longqiao Back to the Dragon Temple Back to the Dragon Tower Huilong natural underground park Back Yanfeng Whirl Long Island Scenic Spot LUNG Park Will Yongsan Will Xianqiao Xuan suddenly
Fire caverns Group Monk Rock Folder Mountain National Forest Park Gutai Fu Guzhai Jia Yi 故宅 Lite-county site Jian Quan Koto 桥亭 Bird Island estuary First South Temple - Temple Puguang
Jiangxi Temple Jiangyong Women book Ecological Museum Chiang Kai-shek's military conference held in a cave the year Jiao Dafeng Cemetery Bandits Martyrs Monument Tower Solitaire Towels purple peaks Jin Bianxi Jin Bianxi landscape Golden Hill Park E
Kim E Park Diamond stupa Jinling Reservoir Golden Dragon ding Jinlong Village Scenic Area Um Jinpen Jin Ling 九号 Jinpen Tomb Jin Ling 九号 Jinpen Tomb Jin Tao Kan House captaincy Jingshan Temple
Jinggang town Jingzhou Bisan Mirror rock Regression Longqiao Regression Dragon Tower 九成 Taiwan Ancient Temple Jiufengshan Jiufengshan Forest Park View of Bridge Nine Reservoir Nine Dragon Natural Ji lumber
Jiulongshan Gap drifting Kowloon Nine Qidong Yellow Courtyard Jiuyi Jiuyishan Jiuyishan Jiuyishan Shundi Ling Wine kiosks Kratie view Orange Island Park
Orange Island Park Daisy Tong Park Ju Pu Orange State Orange Island Giant lake of mist Parc Royale Five extremely well Chun-shan Chun-shan Bamboo
Chun-shan scenic area Green belt along the lake scenery Junshan Kaifu Temple Kaifu Temple Hong Temple Enemy Cemetery Japanese Battle Memorial Cemetery Vacant shore Cedar hollow Peacock Screen Show
Kong Temple City of terror Pleioblastus River Grand Canyon Pleioblastus Village Kuixing Court La mesa Seoul Kogen To the Wild Goose Pagoda To meter fishing paradise 朗吟 Pavilion Langshan
Laohuchong Old Dragon Old Dragon Pool area Thunder Cave Ray burning slope Ancient Tombs Pears rock Chao Li source letter Former Residence of Li Fuchun Site Liye Town 澧州 city
Former Residence of Li Yu Lianyunshan canyoning Pente Rocks Lianhu Lianhua Lin column Atlas Arbor Bridge Pavilion Martyrs Park Martyrs Park
Martyrs Park Martyrs Monument Martyrs Martyrs Martyrs Linxiang southern desert Ling gap Mountain Gun Tower Ling Wu
Ling sites Lake so the rule 刘连捷 Tomb 刘烈士 Temple Former Residence of Liu Shaoqi 刘世玉 Tomb The tomb of Liu Yue Liuyang River Canyon rafting Daweishan Liuyang Confucius Temple Streamer Lake Scenic Area Stream Falls Yarn
Willow lake Willow lake Liu Yi Well Ryuko Temple Six Geese Waterfall Six House Church Six Pavilion Range Long scale city site Rafting the River Dragon Cave
Dragon River Dragon River Keel hole Longin Boasting Dragon Spa Longqiao iron rhinoceros Longquan Falls Longquan Mountain Longquan Tong Longshan Forest Park
Dian Shan drug Longtan Dragon Cave Dragon Ridge Scenic Area Longxi Falls Ambergris Well Longxing Monastery Longxing Longyuan Loudi
Horse Park, Stone Park Loudi Louxing Court Late-color towers Lu Ping caverns Luxi cultural sites Luxi Yuanshui scenery Lo Pan Temple Lu Su Tomb Antlers ceramic kiln site Lu Qi Feng
Heron Island Lushan Lushan Monument Lu dong Green Day Um Luo Gongmiao site Lorient Falls Lorient Township Luo Hongzhen Monument Square Festival Ronghuan Marshal House
Luo Shengjiao House Luo Xi Waterfall Luo Xi Waterfall Los Port Hill Luo Puxian site Luoyang Cave Bay of ancient buildings in Luoyang Luotuo Feng area City champion Mawangdui
Mawangdui Mawangdui Champion bridge Mak Yuen Tung Old Miao full house Mang Shan Mang Shan Python-dong canyoning Python Cave Mao Kam Ancestral Hall
Mao Third Temple Mao's Ancestral Hall Mao Zedong's private school site reading Mao Zedong's former residence Mao Zedong Memorial Youth statue of Mao Zedong Mao Zedong Forest of Stone Tablets Mao Zedong Forest of Stone Tablets The tomb of Mao Zedong's parents Mao Zedong Library
Mao Jian Martyrs 毛震公 Temple Maoyan Maoyan scenery Maoyan Jiutian Dong Maoyan drift Mei Twin Towers Plum Well 梅山龙 Palace 梅山武 surgery
Amidst Mei Tong Mei Jiang Scenic Area Nausea Mata Mengdong Mongolian Spring Lake Temple of Lady Meng Jiang Zhenlie Mi Springs College Mi scenery with water Miluo Qu Yuan Temple Miluo
Middle Temple India Miao uprising ancient battlefield Magic Pen peak Temple Scenic Area Mountains Ming "Three Friends of Winter" porcelain vase Ming Dynasty palace palanquin Ming Dynasty Mummy Ming Fan House Ming Fan House
Ming Shan Moon Mountain Cliff Stone Buddha Mirror Grinding Mopan Mountain National Forest Park Wood Ao Falls Mufu Forest Park The south bank of private school South Lake Scenic Area South Wall area
South Lake South Lake South Lake Park Neolithic site of South Lake South Mountain National Forest Park The southern suburbs Park Well Nansha Nanshan Scenic Spot South Southern Taiwan Temple
Southern Taiwan Temple Southern Mountain Temple Southern Mountain Temple 南岳索 Road Southern Mountain Shrine 宁远文 Temple Warring States Tomb of cow-shaped mountain Farmers Association site Female Book Garden Ouyang Hai Lieshi Monument
Lotus Group Lusheng field Pan Ling Tai Om Winding road State Scenic rock Pei wind tower Pei-Yuan Tower Pei Gongting Peng Memorial Pang Ancestral Hall Paper Jia-dong in Wonderland
Pipa Xi Pingjiang Uprising Memorial Hall Ping Island Po Sin Leng Puguang Temple Puji Temple Puri Spa Xifeng Lake Scenic Area Third Temple in Qidong Liu Qidong Qing River Bridge
Qidong County champion bridge Former Residence of Qi Qi Memorial Qishan Qi Liangdong Qiliang Dong area Open ponds Thousand Buddha Caves Qianlong Lake Tourist Resort Millennium Temple folder Temple
Millennium ginkgo tree Mass graves Chitose tree Dry City Streets Dry Town - Miao city Guizhou South Centre Street Qian Mountain Qianzhong site Qin Village area Deep Stalker tower
Bridge grass Ridge area, Castle Peak Stone Age ruins of Castle Peak Bluestone Street area Albatron tower Deng Qing five ceramic Mountain springs Qingyun Mountain Poor forest bridge Former Residence of Qiu Jin
Former Residence of Qiu Jin Moon Ting Qu Lake Bridge Qujialing City Site Qu Temple Yang city drainage Chervon view River water Ren Rui Temple Ren Bishi House
Rucheng Spa Rucheng hot springs Sehai Race Shuangqing Three Ferry Church Third stone Sanjiangkou Monument Ruin Santan College San Yanqiao
Jie three wars three stone Three Sisters Cave Sangzhi Kok-dong silver fir forest park Sand trench knife Miao Shan Jiang Mountain Gate Scenic Area Temple Xiao Zhongjing District displace Fir-sur-General Rock Halogen Shang and Zhou bronze owl
Shang and Zhou stone spear Temple on the closure Temple on the closure Shaofeng area Shaoshan Di Shuidong Shaoshan martyrs cemetery Shaoshan Mao Zedong Memorial Shaoshan Mao Zedong Memorial Hall Shaoshan Ming Garden Shaoshan tourism Galaxy
Shaoyang Six mountain buttercup must Shaoyang Twelve King Shaoyang Shaoyang Wenchang Pavilion She Snow Lake area Jiao radio station Ferry Beach God Former Residence of Shen Shen Tai Uk Victory Park
Victory Memorial Hall Sheng dong Sage Hill Holy Cave Ting Sheng education Lion 顾岚光 Lion tree Nineteenth Rendui Shilihualang Shilihualang
Stone Bitan New Stone Age hill fortress ruins Stone Mountain Park Shek Kwu country Stone House site in Hong Kong Stone house eaves Stone railing Shek Nga Village Scenic Area Dolmen 石霜 Temple
Shiyan Hu Ecological Park Shiyang five when Hill Stone Mountain Fish Columns Shusheng Double-Feng Pu Bimodal Martyrs Park Twin Peaks Academy Double Chiang City Double Dragon Bridge Shuangpai Yangmingshan
Tomb parents Shuangqing Park Moon area Shuangqing Double apricot trees East Bridge water Water Buddha Cave Water House Court Water House area Water House Temple Venice Water Park Country House Temple
Water House Temple Tourist Area Water House Temple Tourist Area Small garden water House Temple Shuiliandong Shuilian Dong Ancient drum sound of water Water Pavilion Shun-san Shunhuangshan area Forest Park Shunhuangshan
Sifang Cheng Sipailou Four stone pagodas Matsuyama, Building Song Yun-Shan Song Yun-Shan Tai Hing Temple Song Yun attraction Song bowl Wata Song pagoda flower Song Kiln Site Museum
Su Xianling area Suoxiyu Void hole Tan Renfeng Guzhai Tan memorial Tan memorial Yu-boiling hot spring Tang Tai Uk Tang stage Tang Handicap pot
Tangxing Bridge Tangxing temple Church Music hole - the underground maze Tian Tong War College Lecture Tao Chuan Gong Peach Blossom Cave Peach Blossom View Peach Lake Peach Blossom River area Peach Jiang Zhuhai
Peach Grove Utopia Paradise Church Scenic Taojiang Yuanjiang Taoxian Ridge Yuen Tung Spirit Mountain Peach Tao Gongmiao Narathiwat Hill Tao Zhu Revolution Showroom
Teng Daiyuan home Tianbo House Swan Mountain National Forest Park Tin Hau Temple Days open Wenyuan Days Longdong Tinian Monument Centre Bridge Hill Paradise Mountain Scenic Area Paradise Spa Resort
Heaven Club Eighteenth World Spring The first house of the world Yao Tianxin Tower Day Centre Park Star Cave Star Hill College days Yue Son of Heaven Cemetery Tianzishan
Iron Pillar Column With Baoshan Kiriyama Waterfall Tongguan ancient kiln Tujia Diaojiaolou Old courtyard home soil Benevolent chieftain Monument Toast the ancient capital city of the old Division Toast tombs Temple founder toast
Mission Lake Tuo hop rock Wayao Ping Tile kiln slag Hill Wanfeng Lake Wanfeng Lake "Dream Water" Foshan million Hail Bridge Edmond Spa Wan Hua Yan
Wan Hua Yanjing District Mass graves Million dissolved River rafting Longevity Palace Wang Chuan House - Western Cottage Furong Wang Village Wang 家祠堂 Long in the tomb of King Wangxianling Former Residence of Wang Zhen
Ting Wang Heng Wangjianglou Wang Lu Park Moon Park Moon Park Wangyunshan Weishan Wei River rafting gorge Wei House Wei Wu
Wei Yuan Spa Man City join forces home site Confucian Temple Confucian Temple Confucian Temple Confucian Temple Wenchang Pavilion Temple Venta Interested Pavilion Wojiangshishi
Wushi scenic tourist area King displace Lake king Wu tomb site Site of the Office of Wu Wutongshan Wu Xi Beilin Wu Xi Beilin Wu Xi College Five-covered mountains
Five-covered mountains hunting Five Eagle's Nest Forest Park Wu Lei Shan Wuqiangxi Hydropower Station Five Sihu Wuyang hole Wugang Yunshan area Wugang Revolutionary History Memorial Hall Wulingyuan Lake Wu
West Dongting Lake West White Lotus Lake Simon Bridge Simon Gorge Rafting Western Zhou Dynasty bronze bell figurines Well rhino Scenic River Sijhou Cylinders Martyr Monument tin mine
Tin Rock Cave Magpie Camp city YA Cheong House Xiatangyunxiang Scenic Area under the floor Xia Minghan House Sin bee farm fun Fairy peak Fairy Bridge Fairy Hill
Sin bird Fairy house Fairy Cave Fairy Cave Fairy bridge Fairy bridge Rock fairy bridge crane God of the ancient wall of Xian Zhai Ling Xian Tourism Bureau Sin Town Hill
Kingswood Tomb salt Kingswood Tomb salt Settlement ponds Xiangshan Falls Acacia Park Xianghualing Hong Zero Mountain Xianglushan Old Miao Xianglushan Xiangshan Zhong Yun
Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, Guizhou Province, former Soviet Site of Special Office of the North of Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan and Guizhou Province, site of the Revolutionary Committee Xiangjiang River Xiangjiang River Hunan New Year riots site Xiangtan Xiangtan Park Xiangtan cemetery Xiangtan Agriculture Expo Garden
The four famous mountains of the Hidden Hill Xiangtan Xiangtan Confucian Temple Western Hunan Cottage Xiangxiang City Museum Xiangxiang Confucian Temple Xiangyin kiln Ring Kwu Ling Ring tunnel To the former residence to the police
Memorial Comrade Xiang Jingyu Xiaoxiang Pinghu Xiaoxiang source Xiao Xiang Court Little Cave Creek nature reserve Xiaoxia Hill 晓园公 Park 晓园公 Park Cliff cry laugh
Xinhua Spa Xinhua North Tower Xinhua Lin Ye Old State Sinko Yelang Valley Rafting Neolithic site Site of the New Fourth Army Communications Service Pingjiang County, San Tin, the Confucian Temple New Village Hing Temple Xiong Creek Park
Spring Creek Five male Xiong Xiling House Female shame peak Show Longyan Nan Yue Xiu Yun-Shan Temple Boot Island Palace school Snow Jieshan Walled rock plate Rock cave mouth
Rock dragon hole Bay Rock Song Field Flower Drum Rock Village Emperor Yan Yan next to the Mausoleum Amidst Yanfeng Swallow Cave Swallow Hill Church fog Yang Hua Yan Yang rotten ancient village
Yangmingshan Yangmingshan National Park 杨阁老 Tomb Yang Jiajie Scenic Area Yang Kaihui Memorial What Yang Village Yangmeizhou Water Park Yang Kai Yun tree Yangxi Wenchang Pavilion Yang Tianhu scenic prairie
Walled kidney Mountain mushroom drug Drug bridge Tanzanite College Ye Hou Bent Court Bay Hill Command Yizhang riots Year Old Address Yizhang Spa Yi Mausoleum Yiyang
Yat Hill Plaza Park Wing South St. Paul Yin Bamboo Pavilion Silver winding tea Yin Wushi arch Hidden Mountain Hero Hill Yongxing village plate girder Yongzhou
Qin caverns Yongzhou Yongzhou Confucian Temple Yongzhou Wu Temple Oil Creek Stone Arch Bridge More than St. Paul Fish et Hill Fish Lake Resort Fish Hill Rock Fisherman Yuxi
Yuhu Park Mother Mountain Rain Yu mountain resort Yuwang Monument Yu Wang Temple Tamachi Hill Yan Yu Guanxi Jade Cave Jade Cave Jade Grotto
Dragon Spa Hill Jade trunk Hill Jade trunk Case Xianqiao Yuanyang Furui Primitive tribal site Yuanjiajie Moon Island May River, scenic estuary Yue North Farmers Union site
Yuelushan Yuelu Mountain National Scenic Area Yuelu Mountain Tree Birds Yuelu Academy Yuelu Academy Yue flat Yue Ping Park Yue Ping Shan Yueyang Yueyang Museum
Yueyang Paradise Yueyang Tower Yueyang Children's Paradise St. Ann Monastery Yueyang Yueyang City Science and Technology Museum Yuezhou kiln Panda Spa Lake leap Yunfeng tower Yunlu Palace
Yunmen Temple Yunshan Yunshan College Yunwushan Caldron of ancient animal fossils Kei Ling Reaching for the Stars Taiwan Warring States tomb Warring States bronze sword Zhang manger Zhangguying Village
Zhangjiajie Zhangjiajie Theatre Grand Canyon in Zhangjiajie Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Zhangjiajie Jiangya Spa Zhangjiajie scenic spot Maoyan Jiutian Dong Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Tianmenshan Zhangjiajie Tujia Folk Garden Jade Cave Grottoes Zhangjiajie Scenic Area Zhongjing Temple
Evocation Church Dr. Ting Qu Zhaoshan Zhexi Scenic Perlite Zhenjiang Court Zhijiang Zhijiang Dong Zhijiang People's War Victory Memorial surrender Zhijiang Tin Hau Temple
Zhi Shan Site of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee of underground Site of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee District Committee of the CPC Hunan site China's First Place Silver Chinese pine Wang Southern Great Wall of China --- Miao Large tripod in Hua Wanshou Sino-Japanese Friendship Pavilion, cherry Pavilion Temptress Moon Plains
Shrine Bell tower Zhong Kui Temple Clock Tower Ridge Mountains Clock Tower English States National Museum Luo Zhou ZHU Ling-dong Zhuzhou Shennong Chu Hui tower
珠泉 Well Zhuge Tian Zhu Mother Pig Rock Note Jiang Zhu Rongfeng Zhu Rongfeng Zhu Shengsi Champion hill Grand Lake
Zitong Palace Grand Temple Zi Spa bend Purple magpie sector terrace Daisy Li Yan Ziyun Shan Nature Reserve Ziyun - Shun Wong - Wan Feng Nature Reserve Word paper tower Patriarch Palace Zuo Temple
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Regional Overview

Hunan is a province of the People's Republic, is located south of the Yangtze River. Most areas in the south of Dongting Lake, hence the name Hunan. Xiangjiang River runs through the territory of North and South, also known as Xiang. According to legend, the Xiangjiang River in the past few plant hibiscus, Tan Tang Dynasty poet used the "Autumn Hibiscus country thousands of miles" of the sentence, Hunan, it has "Hibiscus country," said. Hunan, Jiangxi east, west, Chongqing, Guizhou, southern border of Guangdong, Guangxi, Hubei Province north. Jurisdiction of 13 prefecture-level cities and 1 autonomous prefecture, a total of 136 counties (county-level cities or municipal districts) or more administrative units, the provincial capital of Changsha City based. Hunan is located 47 minutes east longitude 108 degrees -114 degrees 45 minutes north latitude 24 degrees 28 minutes 39 minutes between -30 degrees, 667 km east to west, north to south and 774 km, with a total area of ​​211800 square kilometers, of which cultivated land area of ​​3.23 million hectares. The territory of East West is surrounded by mountains, Mufu, Luoxiaoshanmai Stretching in the east, Wuling mountain barrier in the south, Wuling, winding mountain peaks in the West. Most Western mountain peaks over 1000 meters above sea level, the central basin and white hills and valleys.
Hunan people eat hot peppers history and culture, each dish is spicy, it was said people are not afraid of spicy Jiangxi, Sichuan spicy afraid, not afraid of spicy Hunan. Mao Zedong once said so: "dare to eat this chili, the world will no longer dare to do. Then up the Red Army rebels, not eat Spicy's." Can be said that Hunan Taste of hot pepper has to do not go well with rice-free level.
Hunan chili variety, in addition to do the cooking sauce, but also often one to eat, dip pepper, chopped hot pepper, hot pepper, hot pepper sauce; useful in lobster sauce mixed with chili, mixed Toona sinensis, as well as fried chili. Travel, comes with a couple of peppers, both go well with rice, but also cowardly cold refreshing.
Hunan has a lot of stress in a spicy, divided into hot and sour, spicy, spicy paste, oil and hot, spicy, crisp and spicy, Xianla, ups and so on, into a variety of spicy dishes have different different seasoning effect.
Hunan Tourism wedding day is a subtropical humid monsoon climate, spring temperature varied, hot summer, autumn air rise Lang, East cold short. Annual average temperature 16 ° C-18 ° C between.
Spring to the Peach Blossom Spring, fresh grass, fallen flowers; summer, to Maoyan, mengdong drifting, feeling cool; Autumn is the best season in western Hunan; can go to the Mountain to see the snow in winter, the taste of rare tropical snow.
Air traffic information to Changsha in Hunan Province as the center of aviation, Changsha Huanghua International Airport has more flights to major cities at home and abroad, the other two civil airports, namely, Changde, Zhangjiajie airport and the airport.
Railway more developed rail network in Hunan Province, a Beijing-Guangzhou, Zhejiang-Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangxi, Hunan and Guizhou, willow branches throughout the five rail lines across the province, province or region of the basic tourist cities accessible by rail.
Highway of the province's highway mileage over 60000 km, 106107207209319320322 and other national highway through the territory of Hunan Province, between the tourist cities and scenic areas are communication bus. Appendix: National Road through the main attractions in Hunan Province.
Highway mileage between cities in Hunan, Changsha Tourism Ningxiang 47km 44km 95km Yiyang, Changde, Zhangjiajie 91km 88km 111km Shun 154km Cili Jishou Miluo 94km 55km 92km Yueyang, Changsha, Phoenix Mountain 48km 152km 151km Chenzhou, Hengyang, Hunan province, water transportation, Zi, Yuan, Li River are navigable. Changsha, Hengyang, Zhuzhou, Xiangtan, Shaoyang, Huaihua, Changde, Yueyang and other cities, the province is not only a hub for rail and road transport is also an important transit point for sea transport.
Dining Hunan cuisine is one of eight, and its flavor is Xianla flavor dishes, cooking techniques, and to speculation, wax, steamed, baked, fried, burn known. Mainly by the Hunan Xiangjiang River, Dongting Lake and western Hunan province composed of the three flavor to dishes Xiangjiang River as its representative. Modern Hunan has grown to more than 4000 species, of which 300 number for the famous dishes.
Hunan humid and rainy, the soil is very suitable for the growth of pepper, which is rich in Hunan hot pepper, chili itself fend off the cold dampness of effectiveness, but also can increase appetite, so Hunan spicy, such as life, there is a saying that goes, "people are not afraid of spicy Jiangxi, Sichuan spicy afraid, not afraid of spicy Hunan. "
Hunan dishes are in the most characteristic taste of snakes, co-steamed sausages, red peppers stuffed meat, pot belly, spicy chicken, fish head, Dongan chicken (the most famous restaurant in Changsha do curved Park); flavor South chestnut cake snack strawberry, sunflower shrimp cakes, etc., if you to Hunan, may have to be desired.
A local drama entertainment Hunan Xiang Ju, Qi drama, flower drum opera, Han Ju, Xiang Kun, Baling play in 10 operas, drama and local areas can be divided into two types of opera. The former one Xiangju, Qi plays the greatest impact; the latter play the most popular hubs. In addition, shadow puppetry, opera, opera, drama and acrobatics.
Xiangju drama in Hunan is a major local opera, has three hundred years of history, popular in Changsha, Xiangtan area. After the founding of finishing, adaptation of the traditional repertoire of "pipa on the road", "hunting back to the book", "worship in mind," and so on, innovations of the modern opera of "Song of the gardener."
Qi influential drama where drama is one of Hunan, the source out of Qiyang, popular in southern Hunan, Hunan area. Folk legend Qiyang Qi drama is minor and exotic fusion of Theatrical Art.
Hunan Flower Drum Opera is the most influential local opera. It is all over the rural labor folk song, folk tune, lights dance, pairs game, drums and other developed areas. Play around the hub has its own characteristics and style, there are more influential hub opera Yueyang, Changde Flower Drum Opera, Hampshire Flower Drum Opera, opera, and Lingling Shaoyang Flower Drum Flower Drum Opera.

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