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China Youth Travel Service, Chengdu Branch
has been actively providing exhilarating China Tours to clients for over 20 years. We specialize in Sichuan & Tibet programs for overseas visitors to China, as well as the abroad tours for domestic tourist.

we are one of the earliest members of COTS Group, and the most competent travel service in southwest China that holds the authority in sales and marketing of the inbound business. It is also the main tourist company in Sichuan Province that runs the outbound tourist business. With 582 employees, the company possesses the capital fund of one billion Yuan RMB.



TOP 100 Travel Company of China Every Year

Advanced Travel Company Every Year

ISO9000 Quality Certificate of Year 2002

TOP 100 International
Travel Company of China
Every Year
Advanced Travel Company
Every Year

ISO9000 Quality Certificate
Year 2002


receptionFull-scale travel information ranging from brilliant 5000-year Chinese history and culture to customized trip plans. You may find us an omnipotent guide to Tibet after you browse our Site Map and customized tours ensure that your traveling experience will be rewarding and enjoyable.

Prompt On-line Reservation by which your direct booking will eliminate the contribution of intermediaries

Guest Rest AreaThe best of the best service, which ensures your comfortable feeling of being at home when traveling with us.

Just imagine, walking along the legendary Potala Palace, sailing down the beautiful Yangtze River, visiting the wonderful Jiuzhaigou Valley and more of exotic Asia!


We're experienced
Our OfficeOur experienced experts team ensures any of your personal requirement fulfilled. Our leading travel agency as ground handlers will guarantee the service quality; Unparalleled service at unbeatable price make each dollar you spent deserved; Customized itineraries to satisfy your special preference.

We guarantee your travel
Our guarantee is that we have deposited CNY100,000 at the account of the China Tourism Administration which is the top official organization to deal with the guest complains. Thus the service is guaranteed and ensured virtually. We are deeply convinced that you will love the service we offer.


Step 1: Guest --> COTS: Discuss the Tour Plan (departure date, price & condition ).
Step 2: COTS --> Guest: Confirm the Tour Plan.
Step 3: Guest --> COTS: Remit 50% of Total Fee as Deposit. (Please keep the receipt)
Step 4: COTS --> Guest: Confirm the deposit upon receiving.
Step 5: COTS --> Guest: Welcome at airport /station. Transfer to Office/Hotel to sign the contract.
Step 6: Begin the wonderful vacation in China.


a. Deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.
b. When notification of cancellation made by the tour participants in writing or in person, the following cancellation charge will be imposed:
(1) More than 8 days prior to departure: 15% of the tour price.
(2) Within 7 days prior to departure: 50% of the tour price.
(3) 1 day prior to departure: No refund will be made.
c. No refund will be made to the participants who break the journey from the tour regardless of whatever positions remain unused in the itinerary.

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