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Shangri-La: In the whole world, what other places have such scenery, waiting photographers and explorers! ---- United States botanist, explorer, Joseph. Locke, 1928.

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Inagi - Aden
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Inagi Haizi Shan
Aden 3 Kamiyama
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Inagi, Aden, tower of public grassland on the 8th Tour Line Number: DC-YD-TG-8
A mission time: into a group that rounds / pack mission scheduled departure time from the
Departure City: Chengdu
Travel: Chengdu youth travel agency
Tel: 86-28- 86,723,234
E-mail: web@cots.com.cn

::: Inagi, Aden, tower of public grassland on the 8th tour itinerary ---:::
Inagi, Aden scenery is excellent, but the meals, accommodation is relatively difficult.
Chengdu - Kangding - xinduqiao (434 km)
As early as 7 am, from Chengdu, the Cheng Ya highway tunnel through the Erlang arrival of Kangding, lunch, continue on to photographic heaven after use xinduqiao.
Xinduqiao - Litang - Inagi (417 km)
Xinduqiao After breakfast, Gore has crossed the Temple Hill, scissors Bay Hill, clamp pull mountain, all the way to enjoy scenery of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, arrived in Litang; After lunch, move on through the Haizi Shan ancient glacial area, direct access to the hearts of Shamba la - Inagi!
Day Daocheng - Jiva - Aden (106 km)
Hotel after breakfast drive to Sun W, change to special car or riding into the scenic heart of scenic area - Aden Nature Reserve, along the way enjoy the beautiful Tibetan village, terra cotta valley scenery, the magnificent Temple of Gonggar Ridge; in after dinner at Shangri-La Resort in the observation viewing platform of the sacred mountain golden sunset panorama.
Aden - Chonggu Si - Luorongniuchang - colored Sea - Aden
Riding into the protected area, viewing by the V Dalai Lama personally identified three sacred mountains: Xian Nairi, Yang Maiyong, Xianuoduoji; may be a critical point lead to life - more than 5,000 meters above sea level altitude scenery.
Aden - Jiva - Inagi
Attachment with bid farewell to three sacred mountains, sacred mountains to pray bless and watch the natural scenery of mountains, after the original return Inagi. Ru Buchaca night spa bath, wash away a travel fatigue and exhaustion.
Inagi - Yajiang
Corporate worship Dabao - World Karmapa. Are all hand-built by the mussels Songqin Ba Pu Temple in view of the Millennium footprints, Treasure of the Sierra rock paintings. In the measureless river break, enjoy a fish Xiaoya plateau known as the fish without scales. Worship Small Potala Palace - Ker Monastery. After the arrival Daya river.
Yajiang - Tower Public - xinduqiao - Kangding
Yajiang starting as early as by the public grassland tower and watch tower of the public and Temple, the temple dedicated to the then Princess Wen Cheng in Tibet left behind by the Buddha image, but also riding in the grasslands on the Mercedes-Benz. Late arrival of Kangding.
Kangding - Chengdu
From the start through the Erlang Kangding returned to Chengdu. The end of a pleasant trip.

::: Prices:::

FIT Group Price

Package Group price (a group in a separate trolley a guide, more comfortable, tourism, better quality)
More than 20 people
16-19 people
7-9 people
4-6 people
Package corporation under a separate pricing models you need, please consult!
Deluxe, etc.
Ultra-luxury, etc.
Luxury, etc.
::: Service Standard:::
Where a booking from overseas applicants, this agency may be free of charge at the airport.
Air-conditioned coaches or made jeep.
Tibetan houses Shared; guest houses, hotels standard room.
6 As early as 12 positive (due to long distances, many factors can not be expected, Xinhua Road, the right to arrange meals 1-2 times).
Guide service
Air-conditioning coach for the entire hand guided tours of the jeep as a driver and guide.
Attractions included with tickets. Non-scenic riding fee.
80,000 yuan already included in the travel agency liability insurance and 10 million (the maximum compensation, foreign dignitaries, and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan 30 million) travel accident insurance.
Note: Due to differences in insurance, foreign guests, and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Renshi plus 20 yuan / person.
Special Note:
1, out of Kangding to the Erlang Mountain road, Inagi --- Aden road improvements, such as the case of construction caused by the transfer, Huanma the expense of the tourists take care of themselves, resulting in the delay Please forgive me.
2, the line conditions are relatively hard, the way part of the meal for the Tibetan taste, such as the food does not taste, please provide your own food and requested the understanding Sato.
4 In case of special reasons (such as altitude sickness, roads, landslides, vehicle maintenance, etc.), can not stay as scheduled arrived at the designated point, this agency have the right to arrange accommodation as close to the standard camping, special reasons for the increase in the cost of take care of themselves by the guests.