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China Youth Travel Service is committed to each and every guest to provide the best quality service. Whether Staff Committee travel, group travel packages, organizing conferences, car rental, booking, we will provide you with useful and accurate information. Our range of services covering the whole country, Sichuan, Tibet, brand lines.


* Chengdu Departure flight schedule

* Chengdu Jin-Hong Kong flight schedule

* Chengdu Departure published ticket price (full price)

4-9 special discount ticket booking, ticket delivery within Chengdu, economical, convenient and fast!
Please order one week in advance Tel :028- AAAAAAAA

成都站始发列车时刻表 * Departure Chengdu Train Station Timetable

成都站到达列车时刻表 * Chengdu Train Station to reach Timetable

各大中转站列车时刻表 * Major transit point for train schedules

成都始发站列车票价 * Chengdu to trains fares

Note: Map will be 15 days in advance train tickets on sale (train set costs 10 Yuan / Zhang)

四川成都旅游客运汽车站 * Tourist Passenger Bus Station in Chengdu, Sichuan

[New South Gate bus station] [Wu Guiqiao bus station] [North Gate Bus Station]
[Gao Suntang bus station] [chadianzi bus] [Sands Station]

* Map of all regions in Sichuan Province

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* Have a senior driver driving each car, safe and convenient.

* Rental of vehicles within a section will be up to date information on our company, but the prices often fluctuate with the market changes, specific prices to your reservation confirmed that the information actually prevail.

* The company welcomed the team to come to log in Sichuan, and provide the relevant vehicle and route information.
Consulting / Registration Tel:
0086-28- (6 lines)