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Sichuan China Youth Travel Service (Head Office) - the latest tourism in Chengdu, Chengdu tours, Chengdu tour price quotes, Chengdu tourist attractions, Chengdu tours, Chengdu tourism offer, Chengdu travel notes, Chengdu travel guide, Chengdu Tourist Guide, Chengdu air ticket booking, hotel reservation services, Chengdu hotel, conference tourism in Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou, Emei Shan Tourism, Qingcheng Mountain, Dujiangyan tourism, Panda Travel.

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Guangdong Province, Guangdong Province, customs travel guide
All cities in Guangdong Province
Shenzhen Zhuhai Shantou Shaoguan Heyuan Meizhou Huizhou Shanwei Dongguan Zhongshan
Jiangmen Foshan Yangjiang Zhanjiang Maoming Zhaoqing Yunfu Qingyuan Chaozhou Jieyang
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All attractions in Guangdong Province
"Third overall and third" Square "Sea never wave" Park "Charity" Square "Quicksand meeting" site Margaret Wen Educational Farm Margaret Wen Educational Farm On Church St. Paul White tip temple White Lek Island White Lotus Cave Park
Egret Paradise White Lake Basin Hot Springs Baiquesi Baishahu Agriculture Ecological Park Sharon White Mother Temple Whitewater with a tourist resort Whitewater Rock Scenic Area White Cane Lake Baiyi'an Baiyun Airport Hot Spring
Baiyun Mountain Baiyun Mountain Dolomite Baihuashan Baihuazhou Bailing Liufang Square Million Sunflower Garden Bai Zhangya Porphyry area State Tong ancient dwellings
Memorial temple Bao well Bao Shan ingot Bao Jiang night Po Crystal Palace Hokyo Bay Cliff stone carving Baolin Si Artificial lake Rose Po Fun World Po Mulberry
North Court Buddha lamp North Mountain Forest Park North Court Buddha lamp Tropic of Cancer Tropic of Cancer tower Tropic of Cancer tower Tropic of Cancer landmark tower in Guangzhou North Mountain Park Kitayama Spire Kitayama Bay Resort
Yongchang Beishanwan Beacon Hill Beacon Hill Park Beacon Hill Drifting (Qinglong drift) Beacon Hill Song Kiln 必背 yaozhai Old Park Bijiang Yam Maple Ridge Eco Village Blue sky hole Clear water hole
Bishuiwan Hot Spring Resort Gap clear water rafting Standard Zhuo Knight Country Club Do not peak temple Riverside Promenade Snow trip Pineapple Hill Bohe Port Phuket Park Tri-Mountain Tree
Cang Shizhaishan Tibetan Buddhist pit Hidden Dragon Scenic Zone Possession of Xia-dong Jogyesa Spa Warm Park Grass Cen-dong canyoning Dasan Park Place the old rule Changli Chang Park
Long Beach Scene Street Long Lake Pinnacle Yangtze River Yangtze River Tourist Park Chime Long Circus Chime-Long Paradise Chime Long Water Park Animal World Long Long Night Long Long Night Safari Evergreen orchard
Cheung Chau Chaozhou Chaozhou City Beauty West Lake in Chaozhou Chaozhou secluded valley tourist area on Shaw Chebaling National Nature Reserve Chen Baisha Memorial Hall Former Residence of Chen Ci hon Chencun Flower World Chen Clan Temple
Shao-Bai House Chen Clan Academy Mr. Chen Yanye sites Morning Manor Temple Temple Shing House Process set Chishi tourist area Chikan movie
Chiwan ancient fort Almost Chiwan wins Chiwan Songshao Di Mausoleum Chiwan Tin Hau Temple Garden insects Leigang Gong Chongxi tower Chuen Lung Gorge Rafting Spring City Venta Spring Bay Scenic Area Spring Bay Scenic Area
Great Everest Conghua Paradise Valley Falls Rafting Conghua Canyon Sam Tong Conghua Forest Falls Valley drifting Conghua Conghua Hot Spring Conghua Hot Spring Scenic Area Conghua Xianmuyuan From Ancestral Hall Hee Bamboo forest park rafting Cunjinqiao Park
Take soap and hot water Lake Scenic Area Tai O Fishing Village Large porphyry Tai Tung Shan Hot Springs Big Dongshanjingye Temple Dafeng door Dafeng door drift Large closed doors Ma River Water Park Ma River Water World
The former site of a large Hong Guohuang Palace Big Horn Bay Scenic Area Dameisha Beach Park Gold Coast Dameisha Dapeng Ancient City Dapeng Bao thousands of farm pond Dapeng Town Banner Village Daren Hill Big eternal home
King Temple Dawuling Grand Canyon Big Star Hill Fort Big Mountain Waterfall Xu Daya Bay Playground Dayan Mountain Museum of Nature rocks To be crossing mountain Dan puddle
Danxiashan Fairy Lake Resort Danzao Short floating Heritage Centre Light floating hospital Road, Wan House Hall was interested in Deqing Temple Deqing world hot mineral spring flowers Xue Gong Deqing The former residence of Deng Fa
To 王观光 Imperial Tour Second paragraph of the underground river First paragraph of the underground river Point Lake TV Tower Emerald Villas Resort Shiyan tourist area stacked Ding Cheong House Dinghushan
Fly pools Dinghushan Be ji East Australian Island OCT East Oriental Paradise Oriental Divine Comedy Oriental Divine Comedy area Silver Beach East East Island East Lake Park
East Lake Park East Lake Park East Lake Tourist Area Ping Folk Culture Village East Lake Donghua Lane Scenic East River Gallery Former headquarters of the East River Column East Linyuan Tung Ping Pearl Bay Beach Resort Tourism Well Dongpo
Dongpo Liyuan Dongshan Lake Hot Springs Dongshan pearl farm East Deep Gallery East Water Pearl East Hill area of ​​water Dongguan Dongguan can park Tung Beach Hakka Tung Yuen Ka Wai Su rural tourism
Hakka Tung Yuen Sin Tong Dongyue Tomb Dongzheng East Rift zone moved northwards pavilion East Rift military and political cadres, school site Cave Creek pastoral drift Wonderland Wonderland Doumen Royal Spa Six holes ancient monolithic ruins Aberdeen Du Po bridge
Duanzhou ancient city wall Dubbo Pet Paradise Treasure Garden Crocodile alligator crossing the breeze Taiwan Pavilion and the Festival Crocodile Lake Crocodile Park Royal Park Spa Enping Park Yun Ping Lin Quan Enping Hot Springs Park Children's Park
Children's Park Panyu Panyu Museum Panyu Xuegong Imperial terror base field Francis House cemetery Put the chicken Island Flying Eling Flying Temple Feilaixia drifting
Sand fly Feixia hole Feixia Hill SACP Spa House style Wind Ridge stone base Maple Dam Reservoir Fengxi Ceramic City Fengkai Fengkai Heishiding Nature Reserve
Such as the Tomb of Feng Phoenix Hill Phoenix Mountain Scenic Area Phoenix Hill tourist area Phoenix Hill Ecological Park Phoenix eco-paradise Phoenix TV Phoenix Tianchi Phoenix Kiosk Phoenix Gap
Phoenix Island Park Phoenix South Baizhang Falls Fengshan tourist area Mazu statue Fengshan Fengshan Temple Tourist Area Fogang white hot Fogang ancient glaciers Fogang Yellow Lake Resort Foshan Foshan liangyuan
Foshan Folk Art Research Institute Foshan, Zhongshan Park Foshan Ancestral Temple Citrus Ridge Scenic Area Hibiscus Canyon Rafting Hibiscus Gorge rafting Furong Cave Hibiscus scenic peaks Floating Mountain Scenic Spot Fukuda area of ​​ecological drift
Phoenix Tower Fuyong Fu Feng writing Fu Feng Venta Fortuna Spa Wealthy Park Gan Lu Resort Gang Reservoir Gaolan Island High Temple Hi-Tech Fair Complex
New agro-ecological park Gaoyao Canton Gaozhou Mountain View Pan Sin Temple Gaozhou Three Pagodas Gaozhou Gaozhou Root zone of agricultural tourism Public Kenghequehua Beaconsfield Bridge Guzhoudiaoyue Ancient Temple Tuas
Gudou Spa Buddha Cave (Buddha Rock) Old House wall Old Labour Water Cologne Gap Rafting Stone reported Gurong The ancient city of Great post Furuta Nature Reserve Koup Ryongchon - the city through the state of Tacitus My home
Temple View of the sea promenade View Lan Lake Golf Mission Hills Golf Club Mission Hills Pastoral Kwun Lung Lau View of Temple Group Yin Ling Guanyinshan Kwun Yam Shan Forest Park
Kwun Yam Shan Wang Temple Guanyin Cultural Court Guanyinyan Crown and Museum Overseas stock farm of light Bright Farm Guangxiao Guangdong Olympic Sports Center Guangdong Museum Guangdong in the first peak area
Tomb of Guangdong in the first champion Cultural Recreation Center, Guangdong TV Tower Guangdong Museum of Art Guangdong Provincial Museum Guang Feng Shui Tour Guangji gate tower Guangji Bridge Guangzhou Guangzhou City God Temple Guangzhou Zoo
Guangzhou Ocean Guangzhou space spectacle Guangzhou Flower Exposition Guangzhou Liberation Monument Farmers Training Institute in Guangzhou Site Site of the Peasant Movement Training Institute in Guangzhou Guangzhou Uprising Martyrs Mausoleum Guangzhou Grand World Guangzhou Cultural Park Canton Lake
Canton Lake Guangzhou Museum of Art Guifeng Scenic Area Guifeng Scenic Area Kyu Ridge Scenic Area Guifeng tower Shan Shan Island Chuk Yuen Kwai Guo-en Temple
National Forest Park KMT's "one big" site A major site of the KMT Orchard Tour MSC Pak Sha Wan Browse Hoi An Xinglei Bay Spa First Coast Mountains Waterfront Park Waterfront Park Haifeng Eight
Haifeng Red Palace Red Square Haifeng Red Palace Red Square site Haifeng martyrs cemetery Haifeng former Soviet Turtle Reserve Temple of the sea will Hailing Island Hailufeng opera mask Park Haimen Lotus Peak Overseas sea style garden in Southeast Asia
Ocean Spring Resort Ocean Spa Ocean Spring Dream Theater Seamount Iwata Marine City Sea Paradise Sea World Dolphin Water World Bay Bridge Shanghai Confucian Temple County Ocean University
Sea World Sea Rock Park in May Naval museum Lalu Korean Temple Takimoto Han Wen Gong Temple United Mountain Spa Resort Hexi Spa Peace and hot springs are Hebei Resort
Celebrity east Villa Heyuan Heyuan Museum Heyuan Tower Heyuan East River Field Heyuan City Museum Heyuan Xinfengjiang National Forest Park area Heyuan Xinfengjiang musical fountain Hedi Reservoir Henggang Park Mountain scenic resort
Hengli Farm Holiday Travel Spurs Greenfield Taxus Red Palace Red Square Red Bay Tourism Zone Red Army Museum Hongshan Forest Park Mangrove Nature Reserve Honghu 洪圣公 Park
Hong Residence Liu Tai Lake House Pavilion Hulushan Cliff Humen Bridge Humen Park Humenxiaoyan Pond Humen Town Tiger Spring Hill Hutoushan
Valley venture upstream Hu Ying Country Park Hibiscus flowers drifting Gap Hua Shi Bo-po grave Flower Forest Park Beach China Table Rock Vantage Hill Hosts Hualin Temple World laughter South MALL South China Botanical Garden
China Museum of History Agricultural Grand View Garden of Dragon Temple of the state Huaiji Spa Hot Springs rafting Huaiji Yan Feng Huaiji 燕岩 Huai Temple Happy Link Happy Valley, Wa Wong Tai Sin Temple
Once Upon a Lion Dance Martial Arts Huang Hua Gang Park Huang Hua Gang Martyrs Huanghuagang seventy-two Martyrs Yellow Lake Resort Gold ditch Huanglong Lake Huang Longyan Huangpu Old Port Whampoa Military Expo Center
Chaozhou Branch Whampoa Military Academy The former site of the Whampoa Military Academy Huangqi Hill Yellow Book House with three of respect Huangtangjia Slalom Drifting Huang Teng Gorge Rafting Yellow Cave Museum A Survey of residence and entry-Lu Huang River Three Gorges Huidong bimonthly Bay Resort Tourism Zone
Huizhou Huizhou Beach Spa Lin Tang Quan Huizhou Xun Liao Bay, Huizhou City Huizhou natural hot springs CITIC Tang Quan Huizhou 慧如公 Park Green Square Train Station Huoshan Jigonghaoyi Square
Memorial Temple of Five Jun Taiwan crocodile festival Hill Classic Lane Jiangmen Jiangmen Tung Lung Recreation World River Wild Animal World General section General Hill Kok Mei Yoshimitsu - Light House Point Primeval forest called puddle
Primeval forest called puddle Jieyang Jieyang Xuegong Colorful fountain garden in the city Jie Temple Jin Ao Island Tower Kim Doo-bending Kim Doo-Bay Kim Doo Yi Bay Tour and Holiday Park Tickets Golden Beach Club
Jinjiling Rooster Rock Kim Hang Lin Gold Dragon Cave Golden Apple Paradise Gimcheon tourist area Gold Coast Golden Sands tourist center Golden Sands tourist center Golden Bay
Jinshan Hot Spring Lion Bay Resort Goldwater Taiwan drift Taiwan Hot Spring Jinshui Copper Off Jinsuo Golden Boy Hot Springs Kingway Brewery Brewing Co. Jinxi Waterfall Treasure Island Treasure Island Watertown
Jin former "temple" Jinjiang area Jinjiang Hot Spring 锦霞 Temple Splendid China Splendid China Splendid China Splendid China area Jinxian Gate Jing Ming Spa
Church ruins by smelting iron Jingshan Park Temple of the net industry Jinghai Castle Jinghai Oasis Resort Flowers in the Mirror area Nine valley drift Jiufeng IX and Spa Jiujiang Juan Nature Reserve chi
Jiulianshan Spa New River rafting Jiulianshan Resort Jiulianshan forests Kowloon Peak Dragon Lake Dragon Lake Resort Kowloon Stream Scenic Bay Bay drift Nine eighteen Otaki Beach
Nine Xuannv tower Nine nebulite Kyushu Inn Kyushu Island Ju City Kaiping Watchtowers Kaiping Li Garden Kaiyuan Temple Kaiyuan temple town of the country Cambridge Spa
Anti-British site Anti-British site Hakka Folk Museum Hakka Folk Museum Kongtong rock Confucian temple Dinosaur Museum Dinosaur Museum Hall dinosaur egg fossil Um knock teeth
Latta Stone Fort Laiwu Scenic Area Christopher Ryan, General Cemetery General Section Orchid garden Lang Feng Yan Tiger Valley underground river rafting Mother Gong Temple Leizhou Fubo Leizhou Po Lam Monastery Leizhou Jiulongshan
Leizhou Tin Hau Temple 雷祖 Temple Bruce Lee theme park Palace Spa Lou Qiao Li Litai Waterfall Litai Waterfall Litai Waterfall You Lanqu Liwan Museum Lychee Park
Lychee Wan Park Zhuang and Yao Autonomous County of Hill Underground river with the state Lin Fong College Lin Fong College Stone Forest in Lianhua Lotus Peak Scenic Area Lotus Hill Lotus Hill Lotus Hill Park
Lotus Hill tourist area Lianhua Mountain Spa Resort Lianhua Mountain resort Lianhua Mountain resort Liang Jinshan tourist area Former Residence of Liang 林大钦 Tomb Jiang Lin Temple Linh Quang Lingshan
Spirit River rafting Spirit River Forest Resort Park First Floor South Splendor Lingnan small Jiuzhai South Park impressions Ling Hill Fort Lane police houses Liu Liu Chuan Memorial Liuhua Lake Park
Liuxihe paintball field Liuxihe National Forest Park Flow River Canyon Rafting Liuhua Park Liu Hua Tower Six Cotton Road Six Banyan Temple Six Banyan Temple and Flower Tower Kowloon City Plaza Tatsuoka Temple
Longgang Public Golf Course Long Park, Longgang Longgang Botanical Garden Underwater rock Ryongchu pagoda Long Whale River rafting Dragon Hot Spring Holiday Resort Nature Tin Yao gantry style garden gate Longmen Iron Springs Spa Canadian Lung Chuang Chuang Spa Resort
Dragon Mother Temple Longquan Temple Longquan rock temple complex Rita Long Yongsan Longshan Temple, National En Long Lake Yongsan area Longshan Hot Spring Longtan Waterfall
Dragon Gorge Rafting Lung Native Yongdusan Park Dragon King Lake Drift Long Yuen Gap Dragon Garden Long Yuan Spa Fusi Lubao Temple Lu Xun Memorial Hall
Lufeng Gold Beach coastal tourist car Lu Fengqing Yunshan be ji Lufeng Xuan Wu District, Mountain Lu Haodong House Spa on the protection of inland Agricultural Park Inland Sheng-bao Luhe County tourist area of ​​green corridors Lu Xiufu Temple Luhu Park Green World
Luoding Long Bay National Scenic Area Luogang Hornsey Luokeng Reservoir Luo Shan Sanmei Luogang Scenic Area Mayu Island Maba Man Site Ma Xiang-Villages Horse Crest Villa Masan Wonderland
Masi Temple Masson Island Full Hakka Wai Maoming Maoming Forest Park Mao Feng Shan Forest Park Mei Temple Mei Temple Mei Guan Mei Guan ancient post road
Watch the deer park Merlin Scenic Area Merlin Lake Merlin Lake Scenic Area Meixi arch Meizhou Meizhou Wuzhishan Meizhou Yanming Lake Resort Yi Tong scenic Meizhou Happy Camp Mason
Charm Shekou Bee Museum Cotton City Man minaret Myanmar eggplant Tree Park China Garden House, George Fujian, Guangdong and related watershed Famous Hot Springs Ming Qing Zhou Ancestral Hall Minghe Ming Hung Estate
Minsk aircraft carrier Minsk aircraft carrier in the world Ming Valley valley drift Neilingding Island - Futian National Nature Reserve Neilingding Scenic Area Scenery in Dongguan That Yan Haishitan South Island Southerly ancient stove Southerly ancient stove area
Nangang yaozhai Southern Taoyuan South China Sea South China Sea Temple Nanhai Kang House South China Sea Temple Wetland Park, South China Sea South Lake Amusement Park Nan Hua Temple Southern tourist summer resort
Fortuna banyan Nankunshan Nankunshan Spa Grand View Garden Nanling National Forest Park Nanling asked for water park Nanling Forest Park South Isles Nansha Tin Hau Temple Hong Shan Lin Gu Nanshan Cliff Nanshan drift
Nanshe ancient dwellings Houses the Ming and Qing Nanshe Nanshui hunting Nanshui Reservoir Nantou Ancient City South Head Catholic foundling Mei Guan Nanxiong South Tropical Botanical Garden For the South Subtropical Botanical Garden Nan Yue Yuan
Site of Palace of South Vietnam, the Department of South Vietnam charm South Vietnam tomb Mausoleum Museum of South Vietnam 硇 Island Lighthouse Cement mold Kong smelting iron site Villa Resort in abundance Cow fish head scenic Agricultural Center Site of the Peasant Movement Training Institute
Pa Pa Shan Longwan hot plate Pan Longxia Pan Wang Temple acacia Hang Pan Pan Hang tourist area Pei wind tower Pang Ancestral Hall Peng Castle Peng Pai House
Peng Garden Piyun House Piyun House Piper Island Sea-level city Hakka Pingshanyou Singapore Mountain Monuments Eco-agriculture sightseeing scenic Po Tin Qiniang Seven wells
Seven pit Nature Reserve Seven Star Crags Kistler Creek Island pines Clifford Farm Qiao Island Qiao Island Kiho Park Kylin Villa Melaleuca Peak Scenic Area
Thousands of pagodas Thousands of Valley Stream Cui Xiao-OCT Small enamel ring bridge Kiss Farm College piano wind Green Bay Green Bay Green Bay Resort Qing Lan Moulin wonders
Dragon Temple Qinglonghu Qinglong drift Evergreen Youth Wan Chai Waterfront Resort Yun Yan Green Island Green Island fishing boat Huan Qing Wei Bookstore Qing Huang Ancestral Hall
Kiyotoshi Ancestral Hall Qing Lin Gugong Temple Qing Ma Ancestral Hall Pei Xiu Qing mansion Bay eco-tourism resort springs Qing Song YA Book Room Ching Tam Kung Temple Fresh and hot mineral spring The former residence of the Qing Yan Panlong Number of the Qing 殷氏
Qingyuan Qingyuan my home Qingyuan Yellow Dragon Gorge Rafting Qingyuan Huang Sheng International Spa Hot Springs in Qingyuan Julongwan Qingyuan Taoyuan Qingyuan Teng source of eco-tourism resort Qingyuan idyllic eco-spa Hot Springs in Qingyuan new silver cup Qingyuan drifting Xuanzhen
Qingyuan Xuanzhen Adventure Qingyuan XuanZhen Xuelang base for international expansion Qingyuan Xuanzhen field Qingyuan Lavender World Qingyuan Yi and Spa Hing Tung Qingyun Temple Qiu House Qiu House Mountain Resort of water demand
Asked for water park Queshi Scenic Area Rao Academic Center Tropical Crops Experiment Station in western Guangdong Long hot hot Water rafting And entry-Lu People's Park Ninjuji Ren Wei Temple
Rongjiang Rongjiang Lake Ruyuan Grand Canyon Ruyuan hunting Ruyuan Tianjingshan fairy bridge Burghardt Taiwan Dragon Manor SEG Plaza Forest hundred holes Three Heba Martyrs Monument
Three Mile Long Gap Three rows yaozhai Sanshui Sanshui Lotus World area Sanshui Forest Park Sanshui Forest Park Shadow Tower Three Shadow Tower Three Sanyuan Temple Anti-British Struggle site Sanyuanli
Three towers Three Valley Forest Park Village Mulberry orchard Sang Pu Shan Sang Hill Park Sang Pu Shan and Dongshan Lake Resort Samp Mountain Sen Bola Wonderful World Hui Sen Museum of Natural History Grilled Sand Beach
Pa Sha Wan Shaji Massacre Monument to the Martyrs Kok Fort Metro Park Sha Lang Shamian Island Sha Tau Xiasha Haven ancient ruins Sandy left Kodo Mountain and Sea Farm Coral Reef Nature Reserve
Shantou Shantou really rock Shantou, Zhongshan Park Shanwei Shanwei Port Museum of Shanwei fishing style Commercial "arcade" building The Kawashima Kawashima fly tourist center on the beach Island tourism center in the upper and lower horizontal
Shaoguan Shaoguan Danxia Northern Line Tour Maple Bay Spa Shaoguan Shaoguan Buddha Cave Scenic Area Shaoguan National Forest Park Long Mountain Spa in Shaoguan Shaoshi Shenzhen 21 Performing Arts Center in Shenzhen CS field in Shenzhen
Shenzhen Golf Club Shenzhen rural scenery sea Shenzhen Happy Valley Polar Cultural Park in Shenzhen Shenzhen Splendid China Folk Culture Village Shenzhen Youth Holiday Camp Shenzhen Book City Shenzhen Water Park Shenzhen Safari Park Shenzhen Light Industrial Products Trading Center Art Exhibition
Magic orchard Shinsen famous historical site Fairy Valley Scenic Magic Water Elephant God Sheng-Ping Fang centenarians Sacred Heart Cathedral Shengan Baicaoyuan Sea Lion site Lion Rock
Eighth yellow tomb Second peak upstream exploration Anti-Japanese War Graves Nineteenth Ten Silver Beach Stone Temple Cliff Mountain Dan Fengjing spots Stone Arch Bridge Hot Spring Resort Shi Huashan Park Shijingshan
Jue Shi Temple Jue Shi Temple Shihkeng Kong Mountain Peak Sea Mountain Stone Mountain Site Zhongshan Park Shilong Shihmen Flashback Shihmen Flashback Shek Mun Forest Park Shek Pai Yanling quarry site Shishi Sacred Heart Cathedral
Shiwan Shiwan Art Ceramic Factory Cliff group of Stony Brook Shiyan Lake Lithography Attractions Times Square Shixing County Museum Window of the World Xanadu Village Urban Forest Park
Vegetable Park Bimodal Temple Twin Peaks Village Double monastery Shuanglong Cave Two Beauties Bridge Sungai moon East and West Lake Water Park Fruit World Puddles Ecological Scenic Spot
Outlet connection Jiang Gallery Little Guilin outlet Shuiling Hall Museum of aquatic Hornsey Water Shunde Shunde Baolin Si Shunde long deer farm holiday Flower World, Shunde Qing Hui Garden, Shunde
Shunde Ecological Paradise Shunde Xishan Temple Articles on Academies Four tourist area of ​​Foshan Temple of the four Sixth Patriarch Four Martyrs Sizhou tower Pine forest temple Song Imperial Ruins Song Liu Ancestral Hall
Ancestral Song Song Ying Tsui House Shu House Shu House Su Zhaozheng House Su Zhaozheng House Sun Mo Zhai Tomb Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park Generalissimo Sun Yat-sen House Sun Yat-sen Former Residence
Taishan Nice Spa Kwu Tung Tai Pacific Tower Thai Buddha Thailand bridge Lake River Lake Ridge Lake days Third overall and third Place Tom Lake thermal mineral mud spa Tang Quan
Tangxi Reservoir Total Tang Paradise Forest tourism Tangkou Glen Tong As pictures on Dragon Gorge Rafting Tiancheng Taiwan Resort Tianhe Park Tianhe space spectacle Tianhe Sports Center
Patio Mountain National Forest Park Tianma Heavenly Gate trench Tianning Heaven and Earth Spa Temple of Heaven Park Eagle Field Tianzishan Falls Tetsuo House Painting Site of iron feces runoff mint coins
Babel Luosen Lin Park Babel basket Tongtian Through real rock Eco-tourism area with the sand With the sand reservoir Tongling Bridge and the bridge that Ukraine Walled bell Tuo City Ostrich village
Wei cell Poetry Manor Spa Wailingding Island Hail Hail Wall Plaza Hail Taiwan Million in Green Valley Wanlu Lake Wan Yuen Tomb of Wang Bao Prince Mountain Forest Park Valley View Hot Springs
Wangjiang Ting Whig poetry Spa Weiyuan Fort Wai House Future Times Hot spring eye Writing tower Wenchang Pavilion Wenchang Pavilion Tower Cultural Park
Wen towers Venta Wengmeizhaimu Wuchuan Ji Siu Wan Wu Yang Gold Coast Wutongshan Wutong Mountain Five 桂雄峰 Five Chinese soup Villa Lake thermal mineral mud View of five cents
Star drift Wu Yi Fountain Palm Golf Club Rock fingers Bank Holiday Resort West House West off the old big house Xiguan Folk More Mausoleum Museum Mausoleum of the Nanyue West Lake Park West Lake Park resort
West Lake Park Lake fishing boat West River West River Scenic Area West River Hot Springs Xili Lake Holiday Resort Xili Lake Resort Baekundong Scenic Xiqiao Xiqiao Mountain Scenic Spot Xishan Temple
The first peak of the Western Hills Xishan Temple Xixiang Xu Wenchang Pavilion West Bay Beach Xiyuan River red resort resort workers Hi transported to Hot Springs Next Kawashima Crane Lake Resort Fairy Lake Botanical Garden
Xianqiao underground river Fairy Cave Immortal Stone Hot water Xian site Sin, the Imperial Ancestral Temple Li, the former residence of any of the modern Modern agricultural base Herb World Spa Lights
Xiangjiang Safari Park Honey Lake Theatre Honey Lake Resort Honey Lake China Casino Fort Xiangxi tourism Xiangqiao spring up Xiang Zi Bridge Grand Lake Xiangshuihe drift Water Gap Resort ecological impact
Such as Cambodia Elephant Head Mountain Scenic Spot Elephant Head Mountain Nature Reserve Happy Valley Tobacco sales pool National forest park People's Park in the small town football Xiaolanghuandong Xiao Meisha Bird paradise
Paradise Valley stone boat Xiaofan Tian Park Xiema lifts Village Revolution pavilion Xin Old City Xinfengjiang Dam Xinfengjiang Dam Xinfeng Jiang Yuan Spa New Lake Park Xinhui Xuegong
New Century Seaview Country Park New Island Hot Springs tourism Wen Tianxiang Temple of Public Letter A floating gate Gap Xinyi Folk Culture Village, Xinglong Xing Mean Eagle Development Xu consort House Basaltic mountain tourism XuanZhen two Ryukoku Adventure
Kwu Tung Xuanzhen eco-tourism resort Lavender World Xunliao Bay Yagang Court House Opium War Museum Yamen Ancient Battlefield Yamen attraction Georgia's highest fountain High fountain in Asia She Scenic Rock
Yan Chau Yan-clear water and Silver Beach Island Tea Tin Yan Nanfei Resort Yan Feng Xia Cliff Yanling Swallow Yan CCTV China Sea movie Claw Mountain drifting Spring Spring is hot spring
Peak rock solo Yangjiang Yangjiang Hot Spring Yangshan Forest Spa Sun West Spa mineral water Yang Wonsan area Yang Pond Village Yin Yang House Wild Ditch Wildlife Park
The former residence of Ye Jianying 叶帅 House Ye Ting Independent Regiment Gallery Italina DIY zone Has been slightly Huang Gongci Yixian Lake Park Yam hill Silver bay Original silver lamp Valley Canyon Grateful
Hidden Villa Yin Anglo-German Britain and Germany the world of tea Anglo-German Prairie Anglo-German Grand Canyon British Cave spa Wunderlich Anglo-German cave spring Ying Lin Xifeng corridor Ying En Gate Tower Yingzhou Ecological Park
Wing Ecological Park Greenfield Glen Youlinggetang Yu Jing Memorial Yu Yin Shan Fang Scenic fish and water Balance Yin Shan Fang Tour scenic fishing water Jade Dragon Palace Yu Tai Temple
Yuxi three holes Imperial Palace Spa Old Royal Spa Water Yuanyang Lake Public Yuanyang Lake Park 元魁 tower 元魁 tower Yuan 妙观 Garden Expo Park Hill scenic resort
Garden park Wilderness Manor Yuanchonghuan Memorial Moon Bay beach April Hill Park Yuejiang Lou Guangdong Hui, landscaped area Yue Mountain Yuexiu Park (Yuexiu Hill) Yuexiu Mountain
Yundonghai Tourism Economic Zone Yunfeng Villa Yunfu Beaulieu hole Yunfu mountains Hot Springs Yunji Mountain Yunji Mountain Spa Yun Li Stone Village Yunmen Temple Cloud Gate Gorge Rafting Head garden
Yuntai Garden Sea Spa sky Sky sea resort forests Zengcheng white kiosk Zengcheng Lychee Culture Village Zengcheng small building xianyuan Le style fishing trip zhapo Zhanjiang Zhanjiang Port Zhanjiang Bay Spa Blue Moon
Zhang Jiuling family cemetery Zhaoqing Zhaoqing Hing Temple Dinghushan Zhaoqing Resort & Golf Club Zhaoqing ancient city wall Orchard Hills hoist happy Zhaoqing Zhaoqing Pangushan Zhaoqing City Museum Zhaoqing Star Lake Zhelin Bay Double Island Tourist Area
Zhen-Shan Zhen-Shan Scenic Area Zhen Yang Xia Zhen Yang Xia Zhen Wu Tang Town Fung Tower Zhenhai Tower Ancient town of Long Guanying House 郑清 Tomb
Yi Ting Korean People's Blood China's first beach China Folk Culture Village China Building Ceramics Bazhen China Folk Culture Village Peaks in the tourist resort fire Recorded in the river from the river to open Zhongshan , Zhongshan Monument In mountain
Sun Yat-sen Zhongshan Park Zhongshan Manor at sea Zhongshan Butterfly House Zhongshan Memorial Hall Zhongshan Memorial Middle School Zhongshan Hot Spring Julongwan Zhongshan Science Museum Zhongshan romantic Watertown Forest Hills in the spring
Zhongshan Hot Spring spring Zhongshan Xianmuyuan Zhongshan movie Zhan, Zhongshan Park CITIC Golf Beach Resort Chung Ying Street Three hundred rock Clock Tower Bell City Zhou Home Address
Zhuhai Zhuhai and Macau tour around the island Zhuhai Ice and Snow Zhuhai Museum (Jiuzhou) Zhuhai Museum (Jiuzhou City) Zhuhai Holiday Resort Crocodile Island, Zhuhai Zhuhai International Circuit Zhuhai International Circuit Zhuhai Ocean Park
Zhuhai Ocean Spring Zhuhai Fantasy Water Zhuhai Agricultural Science Wonders Zhuhai Agricultural Science Research Center Zhuhai Sandiequan Mysterious Island of Zhuhai Zhuhai Stone Expo Garden Zhuhai Bay Zhuhai Wu Linyuan Silver Beach Ecological Park in Zhuhai
Zhuhai Fisher Girl Zhuhai Imperial Hot Spring New Yuan Ming Palace in Zhuhai Zhuhai Pearl Paradise Zhuhai Chinese Medicine Valley Abas guxiang Rocky Lane Pearl Pearl River Night Cruise Bamboo raft drifting Zhuhai Grand
Zhuxiandong Bamboo Temple Institute Copper Zoo Zhuang Shan Zhuo House Zhuo Qishan Park Purple Maling Gong Park Ziyun Valley Ziyun view Zili Village
College Square Zongshan Palm Valley, Watertown
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Regional Overview

The most southern part of Guangdong in mainland China, the whole territory located at latitude 20 ° 13'-25 ° 31 'and east longitude 109 ° 39'-117 ° 19' between the land area of ​​18 million square kilometers, about the country's land area 1.87 %. South China Sea, 3368 km coastline and numerous islands. The province is located in low latitude, the Tropic of Cancer running through the middle ground. Lying north to south, the territory of mountains, plains, hills staggered. Most rivers flow from north to south, mainly in the Pearl River, the Hanjiang, Kam River and so on. Up to the Pearl River from the West River, North River, the East River from confluence, 2122 km long, is the third largest river. South China Sea coast of the Pearl River Delta, Hanjiang Delta, fertile land, is the famous land of plenty.
Guangdong Province, gathered the most exotic landscapes of the region in the northern part of Guangdong, Shaoguan and Qingyuan in northern Guangdong, including those beautiful natural landscape of mountains, there to Danxiashan and Jinjiling Danxia represented there with karst south Yangshan, Yingde Hills and caves; western Guangdong, the coastline has a long and tortuous, with a large number of high-quality beach; eastern Guangdong Meizhou, Heyuan, Huizhou, Chaozhou and Hakka regions has its unique culture in Guangdong Since its system, quaint folk customs, rich in ancient cultural relics, in recent years has become a tourist destination.
Guangdong, long historical and cultural history, dating back 13 million years ago had "Qujiang Maba Man" in this thriving. According to legend, in ancient Bai Yue (Cantonese) land, it is referred to as Cantonese. Qin Shi Huang unified China, the First Emperor thirty-three years (214 years) set the South China Sea in the county, where the government of Panyu (now Guangzhou). Han is a cross-state. Three is Sun Wu. Tang in this Guangdong, Guangxi, South Road building. Song Chunhua four years (993 years) changed its name to Quang Nam Road. Yuan established Canton Road. Tournament set to Canton Road, Ming Division, later renamed the Guangdong administrative commissioner's office. Guangdong Province, established the Qing Dynasty, Xiangyan so far.
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Guangdong Province, long summer and warm winter, due to lower latitudes and is located near the South China Sea, it is tropical and subtropical climate. The average spring temperature is about 20 ° C, average summer temperature is 28 ° C, in autumn the average temperature of 25 degrees, the average winter temperature of 12 ° C. Guangdong, more typhoons in summer and autumn each year during the rainy season from April to September, the average annual rainfall of 1500-2000 mm. Pearl River Delta region is a "three-no snow in winter, often spending four seasons" areas, especially in spring and autumn is the golden season of tourism.
Air traffic information in the province of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shantou, Zhuhai, Zhanjiang, Foshan, Huizhou, Meizhou and other places have civil airport.
Guangdong Province, a railway railway transport mainly depends on Beijing-Guangzhou, Beijing-Kowloon two arteries. Guangzhou Station is the starting station south Beijing-Guangzhou line, the Shenzhen station, Guangzhou East Railway Station, Dongguan East Station is the southern end of the Beijing-Kowloon Railway passenger station of origin. Guangzhou to western Guangdong Zhaoqing, Yangjiang, Maoming, Zhanjiang and west of Nanning, Kunming, Liuzhou, Guiyang, Chongqing and other cities by the Guangzhou-Zhanjiang railway train, to the east Guangdong, Guangzhou, Huizhou, Heyuan, Meizhou, Chaozhou, Jieyang, Shantou by Guang-Mei-Shan Railway.
Highway of Guangdong is the highest highway mileage of China's provinces, the highway has been built are: Ring Expressway, Guangzhou, Guangzhou - flowers - Qingyuan, Guangzhou - Foshan - Sanshui, Guangzhou - Heshan - Kaiping, Guangzhou - Humen - Shenzhen, Shenzhen - Shanwei - Shantou, Humen - Zhuhai, Shenzhen Airport - Yantian Port, Shenzhen Longgang - Huizhou. 105106107205321324325 seven national highway intersection in the provincial capital Guangzhou.
The provincial capital Guangzhou and the Pearl River Delta cities and Hong Kong and Macao every day between the direct bus to and from dozens of classes.
Water is second only to the Yangtze River, China's second-largest shipping canal. Passenger flights from Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, Zhuhai from Guangzhou, Zhaoqing, Wuzhou river ports. Shantou to Hong Kong is the Hong Kong, an important transit port between China and Taiwan, have scheduled passenger liner to Hong Kong. MSC Leizhou Peninsula Hong Kong is the southern tip of Hainan Island, the gateway connecting the mainland every day, dozens of bus passengers crossing the day and night navigation.
Dining Cantonese cuisine is one of China's four major from Canton cuisine, Chaozhou cuisine, dishes composed of the East River. Guangzhou Cantonese cuisine is one of the main body and representatives, Guangzhou cuisine is fried, fried, stewed, fried, pot, stew, known for such deduction, pay attention to color, smell, taste and shape.
Chaozhou-Shantou area close to the eating habits and Taiwanese, while affected by the Guangzhou area, focusing on knife and shape, cooking techniques to braise, stew, burned, fried, steamed, fried, hot and so good method to cook seafood, soups and Beet the most unique. East River Hakka food dishes that is, the use of meat, fragrant flavor, salty flavor to casseroles known, the traditional dish of chicken with salt curium, the ecliptic duck, pickled pork, beef balls, sea cucumber and crispy balls.
Cantonese cuisine in the most characteristic is the snake dishes, Cantonese love to eat snake is a name, from snake to snake or even Yi Gu, have been made into a delicious Cantonese cuisine and nourishing. Cantonese Love is notoriously morning tea, tea production is very compact, variety, taste excellent.
In short, in Guangdong, some eating customs is beyond the "eating" aspects of the unique food culture in Guangdong.
Entertainment more developed entertainment industry in Guangdong Province, in addition to nightlife entertainment in the bars, dance halls, etc., there are many full of art of entertainment.
Guangdong music is familiar to many music, its melodious, melody of music can bring people the feeling of ease and pleasure, "Backgammon" and "Yudabajiao" and other works are representative of many people familiar with the music. During the Guangdong Tourism, tourists can have many opportunities to listen to live music. Guangdong, the largest species of local opera - opera for nearly three hundred years of history, tone euphemism, singing rich, in some places and Cantonese songs are similar, but generally unique flavor, combined with its practices and choreography in terms of absorption of performing the West Opera's strengths, making it attractive opera performing arts. Although the language problem, visitors may not understand lyrics, but even light listen to tunes, take a look at performance, but also very interesting.
Guangdong shopping is probably the most famous local products produced in Zhaoqing Duan, and Zhaoqing Duanzhou known in ancient times, so there is also called Duan Yan produced it and She Inkstone, Tao He Yan, Cheng Yan known as mud China's four major Ming Yan, while it and the rice paper, Hui ink and lake pen known as the "four treasures", has always been a painter painting tools are most cherished. To bring visitors to Guangdong, such as a home, either on the study in a "town treasure room," a gift to the favorite rhetorical exercise can also be friends.
In Guangdong, the mainland can also buy many imported goods relatively rare, due to close from Hong Kong, there are a lot of guys imported luxury goods than the mainland prices are much cheaper to travel just to buy some. Well-known shopping areas are Sha Tau Kok, where the gold fashionable and chic, the price is relatively low. In addition, the shopping centers in Guangzhou and other big cities worth a visit, perhaps will see it has not been an urgent need to buy.

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