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Sichuan China Youth Travel Service (Head Office) - the latest tourism in Chengdu, Chengdu tours, Chengdu tour price quotes, Chengdu tourist attractions, Chengdu tours, Chengdu tourism offer, Chengdu travel notes, Chengdu travel guide, Chengdu Tourist Guide, Chengdu air ticket booking, hotel reservation services, Chengdu hotel, conference tourism in Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou, Emei Shan Tourism, Qingcheng Mountain, Dujiangyan tourism, Panda Travel.

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Regional Overview

Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, called "Gui." Nanning is the capital of the ten ASEAN countries and China, meeting place of unity and cooperation, known as Green City reputation. Situated in the southern Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, located at longitude 104 ° 26'-112 ° 04 ', latitude 20 ° 54'-26 ° 24', between the Tropic of Cancer running through the central region. The southwest region's most convenient access to the sea, but also resource-based economy in western China and the Southeast Division with an open economy in the economic exchanges between China and Southeast Asia, occupies an important position. All autonomous regions inhabited by the Zhuang, Han, Yao, Miao, Dong, Mu Lao, Mao Nan, Hui, Jing, Yi, Shui, Gelao and other nationalities.
Zhuang 1482 million, accounting for 33% of the population in Guangxi, is the most populous of the 55 ethnic minorities, indigenous peoples of Guangxi Zhuang. Mainly located in Nanning, Baise, Hechi, Liuzhou four cities. Speaking of Guangxi, the first people think of is that of Guilin landscape under heaven. In fact, in the southern border of this land, and everywhere had the same with the beautiful scenery of Guilin, where the evergreen trees, where the clear blue sea, where the unique customs of ethnic minorities. Where many, such as "Liujiang" and "White Lotus Cave Man," the cave sites; spectacular waterfalls de day; Zhuang ancestors of the Huashan fresco; magnificent scenery Xing 灵渠 such monuments are to demonstrate the distant history of Guangxi . The settlement in this generation of Zhuang, Miao, Dong and other ethnic minority people in that distinctive cultural practices, and widespread legend of the Third Sister Liu, Guangxi, people are industrious and intelligent is a concentrated expression. Tourism in Guangxi, southern China can not only experience the customs border of the landscape, but also the way across borders to neighboring Vietnam look.
History and Culture
December 11, 1949, the liberation of the whole territory of Guangxi. Liberation located in Guangxi province, the provincial capital of Nanning. March 5, 1958, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region was established. Since then, although the administrative divisions of Guangxi Province in change from time to time, but the regional level and the building has not changed. 1978, will be Dec. 11 (Youjiang Soviets and the Red Army set up seven days) anniversary of the establishment as the autonomous region.
Tourism in China's southern Guangxi wedding day border, the lower latitudes, subtropical climate, topography showed slightly basin-shaped, the annual rainfall, the climate is warm and humid, suitable for tourism all year round.
Air Traffic Information: Guilin, Nanning, Beihai, Liuzhou, Wuzhou, the five cities have a civilian airport, a total of 80 routes, including Guangxi, Guilin International Airport is the largest airport, with flights to Hong Kong, Macao, Japan flights.
Railway: Guangxi, Hunan, Guangxi line is the most important railway lines, Beijing-Guangzhou railway artery that east, west and Vietnam Railway practice, in Guangxi OPERATION "Guilin - Liuzhou - Nanning" section of the opening line of a fast tourist train. Nanning-Kunming line (Nanning - Kunming) and the South line of defense (Nanning - Fangchenggang), Chin Northern Line (Yen Chow - North Sea) with built southwest of the sea. In addition to foreign capital, Nanning, Liuzhou is an important railway hub region, the north, Guizhou (Guizhou-Guangxi line) south of Hainan (Li Zhan line).
Highway: In recent years, highway construction in Guangxi has made considerable progress, the district road has been formed to "three vertical and five horizontal" 8 for the main national highway road network. Nanning - Liuzhou - Guilin, Nanning - Qinzhou - Beihai, Binyang - Nanning - Fangchenggang highways have been built.
Water: the Pearl River in Wuzhou passenger routes - Zhaoqing - Guangzhou - Hong Kong route, the sea passenger has North Sea - the sea route.
Food & Beverage
Food & Beverage
Guangxi Guangxi cuisine is cuisine. Since ancient times, Guangxi is the business travel to numerous elite government officials, so here's eating habits around diet combines the characteristics of the Guangdong, Guangxi eclectic dishes, Sichuan, Hunan, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Fujian and other local dishes of the characteristics, especially on the delicacies of the game cooking methods known in the process of cooking delicacies to keep the flavor.
Guangxi cuisine is characterized by a taste of delicious, spicy, sweet and sour, very appetizing, a feature the traditional names in Guangxi point - rice noodles in a concentrated expression, and thus to Guangxi, do not miss the delicious rice noodles, soup, mixed with the , speculation of all taste!
Eight Immortals specialty duck stew of white powder Ginkgo cut chicken fried Luorou light slope, Chunmei crab fried dried beef stewed sea cucumber fishing bamboo shoots stewed whole chicken, dog meat powder Gecko Song Guilin Osmanthus Pork Guilin water lotus duck rice cake Guilin Guilin Guiping Hong snail spicy fried oyster mushrooms oyster sauce Hong worse Chicken chicken with oyster sauce Naringin duck Fen Zhengrou lotus pink jellyfish skin rolls taro pork roast suckling pig sunflower Lohan Qi Guoji deduction Squid Fried Chicken ball horseshoe horseshoe nuns plain steamed meatloaf duck and suckling pig Kirin lemon slices Chow Tai Ho bass steamed tofu stew round fresh water turtles, fish Xunjiang odoratum wing vegetarian cooking beef congee string of pearls
Pigeon rice pudding snacks glutinous rice flour porridge cake Dourong profit dog dog cake flour Guilin Guilin Song mung bean cake flour dumplings Laoya Tang friend Fusilli chestnut flour cake Luoxiu acid products acid wild pig soup dumpling powder cement
Leisure to enjoy the rich Guangxi entertainment, where many of the fraternal peoples live singing and dancing in the colorful life, in addition to singing and dancing, of all ethnic groups have different entertainment, visitors can join with the locals alike.
Entertainment activities more famous bamboo bar dance Zhuang, locals led the visitors hit back and forth folder in a bamboo bar hopping; also drove in the torch of the crowd to experience a return to the wedding ceremony Zhuang; You can also watch the bamboo bar Yao women's top horse race, and fighting performance; if just in time for the Hmong people Lusheng Festival, visitors can also hear the ethereal, beautiful playing Lusheng, a saturation Erfu
Shopping described property is very rich in Guangxi, where in addition there are many delicious fruits such as pomelo, lychee, mango, and many unique local handicrafts, there were famous Jin Zhuang, Yao embroidery, shell carving, Mans series, comb , paper umbrellas, hand-painted-style screens and a variety of knitting accessories, these things can be bought as souvenirs to take home, it is best to buy a small shop, where prices are much cheaper than the big stores.
Pineapple pineapple shell carving picture shell carving specialty porcelain engraved pomfret Tai Ho, blue crab, shrimp and pork products, marble, stone Fangcheng ginger chicken bean curd sugar cane mansion mouth Li Xiangshan, lotus root starch Guigang Lotus Guigang Xishan Osmanthus tea tea osmanthus wine Guiping Hepu angle carved red beans estuary sea cucumber golden bamboo kumquat tea metal crafts, gold and silver jewelry Kaneda yam chili sauce taro longan Longan Lychee Mountain bamboo, honey, Woodcrest Hill Xindong Ma Ma Dry Mangosteen Lychee PANGXIDONG Crafts Mans series Horseshoe Southern Sugar Mango Mao Jian tea pottery clay firecrackers fireworks Hing Chow four leather products Citrus production three Huajiu name Persimmon Flower Five-effects and more sugar cane alcohol whip cream banana watermelon Cephalostachyum health products Hydrangea Yangshuo Yangshuo painted fans Ginkgo Chestnut jade carving round pearl sticks of dried bean cake clouds Zhuang Jin emerald bamboo carving art

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