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Hainan Province, Hainan Province, customs travel guide
All cities in Hainan Province
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All attractions in Hainan Province
18 ° International Diving Club Bachimen Eight mangrove Bawangling Bawangling Nature Reserve Egret Paradise Baimajing Monuments Baimajing Monuments White Pavilion White Sands
Tourism and entertainment park Baishamen Baisha Uprising Monument Baisha Uprising Memorial Hall Scenic Baishiling Whitehead Creek area Whitewater Ridge tropical forest protected areas BAIHUALING Scenic Spot BAIHUALING Falls International Diving Center Park Baoting
Hold Tiger Ridge Coastal Park Betel Valley Boao Boao Oriental Culture Garden Boao Golf & Country Club Boao Aquarium Boao area Boao Tourism Scenic Area Boao Sea Aquarium
The establishment of venue of the Boao Forum for Asia Boao Jade Belt Beach Changhua Ridge Changjiang Longevity Valley City Park Chengmai Chengmai Jinshan Temple The East China Sea Big Flower Corner
Eld's Deer Conservation Area field Eld's Deer Nature Reserve field Big Island Danzhou Danzhou Dongpo Academy Fan Jia Senlin Reserve Danzhou Diaoluoshan Ting Ting Sin ditch Paintball Club East Island waters
Oriental East Lake The eastern outskirts of coconut Southeast Asian Style Village Well Dongpo Dongpo Academy Dongpo Academy Dongshan Lake Tropical Wildlife Park Dongshan Lake Wildlife Park Dongshan Ridge Scenic Area
Turtle Island things Mangrove Shank tower Island Boundary Maple Deer Farm Feng Baiju House Fung Ka Hong Kong Fung Ping, Fu Festival Martyrs Monument Monument to the Martyrs Festival Fung Ping Fu Tainan tower
Ax Nature Reserve Fugaopingjing What Ling Gan Long Beach High High mountains Old Changhua City City Gu Ya Zhou Sunrise Rock Cave Kwun Tong Hot Spring Resort
Arenga Um Ocean Beach tourist area of ​​Guilin Harbour Village Haikou Haikou Haikou Museum Haikou Park Hailing pearl farms Hainan Deer Farm National Museum of Hainan
Tropical Bird World Tropical Ocean World Hainan Tropical Wildlife Park Hairui Mu Seamount Seamounts wonders March plaza sea Han Ma Fubo well Red Lake Happy Water Village Red Detachment of Women statue
Hongshiyan Hong Doo Egret Park Slope Butterfly Valley Butterfly Valley Emperor hole Emperor hole Temple Lang flurried Mountain Forest Reserve will be Crater Park Volcano Group World Geopark
Lucky Bell Pavilion Ji Gong Shan Holiday Beach Jianfengling Jianfengling National Forest Park Jianfengling forests Dragon Tower Jie Yuan Fang Fang and Tai Shi Taurus Ridge Taurus Ridge Park
IX. Eighteen national humiliation Monument Home Ding rare zoo Poly Quetta Xinjuntun tropical Hua Guoyuan Kuixing tower Blue Ocean Spa Ledong Ledong cashew market Li Miao Village Li Miaomin ethnic dance gallery
Limu Mountain Forest Park Le Village Li Shuoxun martyrs memorial pavilion The Ritz-Carlton Water Sports Lingao Lingaojiao Lingao Confucian Temple Mountain amusement park Lingshui Six-Ling
Longmen Mountain Dew Luhuitou Park Egret heaven Put pen to paper hole Matsu Saddle Ridge crater Horse Memorial White Mountain Mao's sense of Qianlong Cave Twin Towers United Lang Beautiful crown Culture Exhibition Center
Monkey hole National Museum Lebanese National Museum and the Antique Village Female life base Rui Shange Magnolia Bay Wood color scenic tourist resort 南丽 Lake Nanshan other homes Nanshan not old song Nanshan size of the Cave
Nanshan Buddhist Cultural Garden Guanyin Shan Jin Nanshan Temple Nantai Crocodile Lake Zoo South Slope fields Spa Heroes Nanwanhoudao Ocean Bay Ocean Bay Nirvana Tower Carts Bay
Cattle Ridge Chia Fruit Farm Farm million Qixianling Spa tourism Seven Star Crags Seven nests Ridge Seven refers to the ridge Seven Island Archipelago Pawn Bay Eucheuma Nature Reserve Point of the Millennium dawn of the global Live
Albatron tower Qinglangang area Qionghai Qiongshan Qiong Tai Academy Adapted from the former site of the Red Army Qiongya Yunlong Qiongya a great site Qiongzhong Qiu Jun cemetery Rainforest Square
Tropical Botanical Garden Inwang door Sun Moon Bay 三谛 Bridge Sanya River Bird Nature Reserve Queens Bay Sanya Deluxe Spa Sanya Sanya Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone Sanya Coral Reef Nature Reserve Sanya Bay
Three Westerly Island Resort Sanya sail Sanya Pearl Cultural Center March 3 event originated Sha Chau Island Chin Wan Shan Shinsen Valley Spa Shenzhou Peninsula St. hectoliter Eighteen
First fire station south Asian Games Stone Flower Cave Shimei Bay Rock Hill Scenic Area Rock Hill crater Shek Kip Hai Ruizu Home Century Bridge Water Village Water Ballet Performing Arts Center Greenfield Reservoir
Song ancestral home Su Gongci Soviet Government site Soviet Government site Peak Falls Thailand Hua Guoyuan Gulf Sea Rattan South First Spring Day Ends of the earth End of the World Tropical Ocean Zoo
End of the World Rainforest Museum Tiecheng Shilu Tongguling Reserve Tunchang Muslim graves Wan Tau Wan Lvyuan Mannings Wanquan Wanquan River rafting Wanquan Lake
Writing peak Writing tower Wenchang After the harbor of Wenchang Wenchang Confucius Temple Wolong Mountain Wuzhizhou Five Ancestral Hall Fingers Fingers rafting the Grand Canyon Warriors
Fingers Revolutionary Memorial Fingers scenic rainforest Wuzhishan canyoning West Island Western Pleasure Island Sea World West Coast Railway landscape Sea Battle Martyrs Paracel Islands Paracel Islands East Island Paracel islands even seven
Paracel Islands Isle Xisha Yongxing Island Paracel Islands • Paradise Islands Western Paradise Temple Beach Park West show Sibei College Sin 安石林 Communication tower cents Fairy Cave Chong Sin 洋水
Xian Museum Perfume Bay Fish spa Watch the new Australian Garden Oriental Ostrich Singapore Garden Xinglong Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden Xinglong Hot Spring Xing Yu-tomb Xiuying ancient fort
Yanoda Rainforest Cultural Tourism Zone Yacheng Temple Yalong Bay Yalong Bay Underwater World Asian style garden YANG set of pavilion Yangpu Economic Development Zone Coconut City Plaza Seafood Coconut Grand View Garden Coconut Island
Massacre memorial for a twenty Muslim graves Tian Yang Hot Springs South billion Impression of Hainan Island Yingge Sea Salt Field Yinggeling tourist area Parrot Song Ling Scales Island Scenic Area Lin Chau Fish Origin Building
About Pavilion Cloud Longwan Lunar Lake Cheung Ancestral Hall Zhang Yunyi Memorial Zhang Yunyi General Memorial And in town Chinese Culture Village Nantian Pearl Spa
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Regional overview, including Hainan Island and the Sea of Hainan Province, Nansha Islands, etc., of the total land area of 3.39 million square kilometers, mostly hilly, mountainous area of 8623 square kilometers, the province accounted for 25.4% of the total land area. The province's land area is 429000 hectares, Hainan province has 19 cities and counties, with a total population of about 700 million people.
Hainan Province location to obtain a sufficient light, plenty of heat and abundant rainfall, the island the average annual sunshine time of 2159 hours (the southwestern part of the county up to 2628 hours Eastern), annual average temperature of 23.8 ℃ (south of Sanya City of 25.5 ℃), the average annual rainfall of 1758.8 mm (southeast of Qionghai City of 2072.8 mm), hot and humid in the same quarter, has a tropical monsoon climate. The south "natural greenhouse" reputation, is the development of tropical crops and tourist resort destination.
Superior natural climate, creating and created a wealth of plant resources. Suitable for cultivation here all tropical and subtropical crops. Tropical crops are mainly natural rubber, coconut, pepper, coffee, cashew nuts, sisal, lemongrass, vanilla, oil palm, cocoa, etc.; tropical fruits are banana, pineapple, mango, longan, litchi, citrus, star fruit, yellow skin, guava, papaya, sapodilla, rambutan, etc.; Southern drugs are nuts, puzzle, villosum, Morinda, white nutmeg, etc.; other subtropical crops are sugar cane, cassava, tea and so on.
History and Culture |
The vast South China Sea in the motherland, floating in a beautiful scenery of tropical islands, where there are vast open sky, clear and transparent waters, flat sandy beaches, a tree swaying coconut palms, it is has more than 1580 kilometers of coastline Hainan Island.
In the history of Hainan Island was a wild place, the ancient relegate many ministers have been here, a literary giant of Song Dynasty was banished here convicted the year, we found here is a beautiful old place, leaving a "die Minamiarai I do not regret, it is Wonderful Tour crown his life, "the poem, which means that Hainan scenery is best seen in his life, not regret even die here, the scenery of the Hainan Island to a high rating.
Live in Hainan Li, Miao, Zhuang, Hui and other 36 ethnic minority, ethnic minorities still retains many honest and simple customs and habits, so that the social outlook of Hainan Island, colorful look.
Today, Hainan has become a famous tourist destination, Haikou and Sanya for the two endpoints, Hainan tour basically divided into three lines, one is on the east coast seaside landscape, one is middle of the Li and Miao ethnic landscape, and the other One is the West Coast of the original jungle landscape. Among them, the trip to Hainan, Sanya is the essence.
Hainan Island Tourism evergreen wedding day, no season of the points, but 6 months to September will be a typhoon and heavy rain, other times in Hainan can be fun. Hainan around the Spring Festival peak travel is to the people very much, your entire fee will be higher than usual, should try to avoid at this time to Hainan.
East coast of Hainan has a tropical climate and tropical monsoon climate mixed, long summer without winter, moist all year round, the best tourist season in November to next March, when it is time the rest of the howling wind, but There is one group sunny, lush trees, summer scene. Hainan West Coast area affected by the cold oceans, the temperature is lower than the east coast.
Finally, need to be reminded that although Hainan is very warm, but here in the winter tourism, still have to bring a sweater.
Traffic information outside the transport of traffic in Hainan Province developed rapidly, has formed a certain scale of operation of sea and air three-dimensional network.
Air Hainan Province extraordinarily rapid development of aviation industry in the north of Haikou Meilan Airport, south of Sanya Phoenix Airport, and 39 domestic cities navigation. There are also dedicated to the island's small passenger aircraft.
Highway Hainan Island Road is the main land transport, traffic mileage of 1.4 million kilometers, "the three vertical and four horizontal" as the framework, there are lines through the ports, cities, counties, and a branch extended to 318 towns and island various tourist attractions, the formation of criss-crossing, transportation network extending in all directions around the island. East and West Expressway has been opened to traffic, walking along the Eastern Highway, Haikou to Sanya, just 4 hours after the completion of middle road, between the time between the two places more quickly.
Hainan railway is not the main railway traffic; Hainan Province, the railway Shilu eight, eight Suozhi Sanya is China's most southern railway line, mainly for industrial transport. On January 7, 2003 the end of the official opening of the Guangdong Hainan Railway no railway history with the outside world, so that Hainan Island have more contact with the outside world.
Dining to the Hainan Tourism, you do not have to worry about accommodation, more than 300 hotels throughout the island. In particular, Haikou, Sanya, the most prosperous three-intensive, accommodation standards are relatively good. Because of intense competition, Hainan hotel is the quality of service-oriented, and the price is very low. Different depending on the season, but also often introduce preferential action in the off-season, discounts and even lower to 6 fold.
Size of more than 80 existing hotels in Haikou, a range of hotels is endless, is to stay the first choice of Hainan. Walk the main street in Haikou, the ten steps inside, there must be the hotel. Even in the "Spring Festival", "eleven" and the tourist season, overwhelmed the rest of the time, you can still easily find satisfaction in the home here.
Hotels in Haikou, the grade is very full. Five-star hotels around the island in the Thai devaluation was the leader, Gold Coast; four-star hotel comes as Po Seaview, Thailand and China, Haikou hotel. If you're just working-class, two stars of the "Civil Aviation Hotel" is a good choice. Many government enterprises, the local subsidiary of the hostel, health and safety, and cheap, perhaps you are more willing to lodging.
Sanya, with nearly 90 hotels, most of them built by the sea, the scenery very beautiful, the hotel structure itself are often unique, different styles, the formation of another landscape. Located in known as "the world Bay" Bay next to the world famous hotel management group under the Gloria Gloria, cactus. East China Sea near the hotel where the most concentrated, "Hawaii, the East China Sea, the East Garden, Pearl of the Sea, South China Hotel," to do this together. Among them, the South China Hotel, Sanya is the most traditional hotels, Jiang Zemin, Hu Yaobang and other national leaders have in this room. Southern Hotel, adjacent to the "ends of the earth" scenic area, equipped with 18-hole golf course, is the best choice for golf enthusiasts. If you want to stay away from the city, and lived a leisurely weekend, Wuzhizhou resort is you're looking for paradise.
Entertainment industry developed rapidly in Hainan entertainment, nightlife, the main entertainment venues with bars, cafes, discos, nightclubs, massage parlors, etc., most elegant environment and complete facilities.
In addition, numerous hot springs resort area in Hainan is also important to entertainment, the whole of Hainan Discovery of hot springs have been many more than 300 points, most of a therapeutic spa, including million Ning Xinglong Hot Springs, Hot Springs, Kwun Tong, Qionghai, Danzhou Blue ocean hot springs, hot springs Baoting seven refers to the ridge, the resort area has a wide variety of recreational activities, including spa bath, solarium, various massages, golf, tennis, fitness equipment, etc. as well as national folk customs show.
Tips: Do not call three-wheeled motorcycle to the evening entertainment, or is likely to spend a lot of pocket money wasted.
Shopping and tourist souvenirs Hainan process begin with the resources, local materials, made ​​of a unique talent to share, marine atmosphere, country style, national characteristics, coupled with the rest of the foreign country crafts and souvenirs of excellent, all the more variety and state, and colorful. At present, more than a dozen categories, hundreds of varieties, such as carved coconut products, shell products, crystal products, pearl products, ethnic handicrafts and so on. Especially noteworthy is the rich variety of tropical fruits in Hainan Four Seasons, a real treat for visitors, as well as seafood, dry goods are also attracted many visitors stopped a long time.
Shopping in different parts of Hainan. As the commercial center of Hainan, Haikou brought together goods across the island.
Haikou, not many large shopping malls, and only Music & Poor hygiene, Wang Hai, Xerox, life and several department stores. However, you can drop in on traditional folk country markets, the way you can experience the local customs. Road show is the sea mouth of a commercial street in the downtown hotel near the mouth of the lot, gathered a lot of tourist souvenir shops. Which are generally well decorated jewelry shop, the main specialty of pearl sold in Hainan, crystal, tortoise shell; there are many specialty shops, you can buy in this booming coffee, pepper, palm sugar, horn carving, coconut carving, etc. Hainan specialty. They are generally factory outlets, so the price is not high. East Gate market is dried seafood distribution center, you can bring back the people of Hainan from eating the redfish, squid.
Do not forget to take a trip to the sea of ​​fruit wholesale market, one in the mouth of the Newport side, and the other in Qiuhai Avenue South Luoniushan wholesale fruit market. Hainan, mango, pineapple, jackfruit, coconut, star fruit ... ..., but you can not taste the delicious elsewhere. If you have the courage, then, may wish to try the king of tropical fruits - durian. Although it is very exciting smell the smell, but taste really good!
Sanya sea on three sides, there are many gentle beach, it is highly conducive to the accumulation of marine materials, marine biological specimens such as shells, conch and other very rich. Local craftsmen's location, made many beautiful crafts. Sanya, pearl farming industry also developed, produced pearl of great renown. Sanya, the north, is the fold minerals through mutations, is the best gift to lovers.
Sanya, shopping, mainly concentrated in the East China Sea, and other scenic spots around the ends of the earth, and the city of Sanya Jiefang Road area. There were famous Jing Run Pearl, the fold crystal handicraft factory, Tian Dunan sea turtle shop, ODEON, shopping street corners of the earth.
And to pass even, a native of any store, any small paving, any small village is the best place for your purchase. Articles by Li Miaomin ethnic arts and crafts and many treasures of the main mountain. Tunchang rich crystal, pure and shiny, with modern craftsmanship, Tunchang crystal products is rare souvenirs. Limiao Min Li and Miao ethnic textile handicrafts, root carving, bamboo carving, silver, copper, shellfish.
The most famous is Li textiles, Li Jin, Li screen, Li skirt, bag, scarf, with flowers, etc., design division in nature, and abstract shape. Production of compact, some of them decorated with gold and silver inlay, mica, shells, wearing beads, copper wire, etc., color, style, just folks, full of decorative. Miao textiles, and Li as fine textiles, especially the batik, rustic disclosed in the scenery, the condensate overflow was beautiful, its own characteristics.

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