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Jiangxi Province, Jiangxi Province, local customs travel guide
All cities in Jiangxi Province
Nanchang Pingxiang Xinyu Jiujiang Yingtan Shangrao Yichun Fuzhou City Gian Jingdezhen
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All attractions in Jiangxi Province
Lotus Love Anyi Village Anyuan Anyuan Ba Da House August Park August Park August Nanchang Uprising Memorial Hall August Nanchang Uprising Monument Uprising Memorial
Porcelain White Tiger Bay site White Lotus Villa Park White Deer Hollow Academy Egret Island Egret Island Baihuazhou Bao Fang Temple Baofeng Temple Beacon Hill Bing-dong
Rainbow drift Rainbow Bridge Cheung Shu source canyon rafting Chuanshan Society Chunhua Temple Ciping Ciping area From the Gushan Dagushan Oi
Tai Kok Shan Large Zhang Shan Big Mountain peaks Dan spoon with no Taoist Holy Land Court Hill Soap Church Road, not to sit Ming Qing porcelain sculpture garden Village fishing source Stack Mountain College Steep Water Lake Scenic Area
Goose Lake College Goose Mountain Twenty military headquarters site Fang Zhimin Memorial Fang Zhimin Memorial Fang Zhimin Memorial Fang Zhimin Martyrs Feijian Tan Fei Court British Tower enjoys
Boiling 珠泉 Phoenix ditch Couples peak Recited a few verses area Fuliang ancient county government Kom Tong Hall Lake Gan River Citizen's Park Ganxi drugs are beautiful steel coal Ganzhou Confucian Temple Pity at
Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial 葛仙 Hill Ancient bridge Monuments and sites Ancient kiln sites of ancient streets Ruins of Ancient Porcelain streets Ancient Ceramic Exposition District Ancient Kilns Ecological Park Ridge rocks Guanyinqiao
Nature Reserve Officer Guifeng Guohong Ecological Park Temple of the sea will Han Pokou Han Pokou Hongta Hongta Hongyadanjing Hongyan Jing Wonderland
Hong Yang-dong Hongyuan Wonderland Hou Tian desert Hu Yaobang cemetery Shak Chung Shan Hukou Hutian porcelain kiln Hutian kiln site Hutan drift Flower diameter Park Into rock
Yellow Dragon Wong Nai Tau ancient kiln sites Wong Nai Tau porcelain Site Mongolian gazelle sector Yangjie Venue Gian Jizhou ancient kiln Gap rafting adventure passion scissors Architecture
Riverside Jiangxi jungle Jinggangshan live performance Jiangxi Lushan tail water Western style cowboy village in Jiangxi Jin Xiugu Jingdezhen Jingdezhen rock forest Jingdezhen Ceramics Museum Jingdezhen Ceramic History Museum
Alley houses set Jingdezhen Cheung Alley houses set Jingdezhen Cheung Jingdezhen kiln factory Net Home Temple Jiujiang Jiujiang Yangtze River Bridge Hunting Ridge Recreation Center September Kowloon drift A Forest drift Kowloon Jiuzhai Spa
Python out of the mountains Pagoda tower Education Officers Group Site Hakka Culture City Spa Hot Springs Park Mine Kuixing Court Leping ancient stage Lidu shochu workshop sites Hang Li Li Hang
Lotus not to wear Lian Jiang College Martyrs Memorial Spirit Cave Forest Park Peak area leaders 留侯 Family Temple Dragon Palace Cave Lung Fu Shan Dragon Rock with Dragon Lake Dragon Head Cliff
Longtan Waterfall Longtan Waterfall Longwan Spa Pearl Court Lushan Lushan Museum Lushan Donglin Grand Canyon Lushan venue Lushan Waterfall World Lushan Hot Springs
Lushan days Hegu Lushan Xiufeng Lushan Botanical Garden Lulin Lake Lulin Lake Luxi River Tomb Jiuyuan Memorial Square Law Conference Star off the pier Magu Hill
Mei Guan ancient post road Meiling Scenic Area Meiling Dragon God American Cowboy U.S. House Villa Ripple Pei Village Dream Mountain Moon Mountain National Forest Park Moon Mountain spring landscape Mushrooms may not
The Peony Pavilion Nanchang Ocean Park in Nanchang Nampo Pavilion Nampo Park Nampo Park South Cliff Buddhist Temple 孽龙 hole Pipa Pavilion
Poyang Lake Poyang Lake National Wetland Park Millennium Village pit flow Millennium Ancient Village - Liukeng Castle Lake scenic resort The original Green Mountain Youth of the original Temple Mount and net home Qingyunpu Badashanren Memorial Breeze in Wonderland People's Park
Ruzi Pavilion Ruijin revolutionary sites Hundred mountain International Ceramics Village Treasures Three Baoshu Sandiequan Three clear color waterfall San Qing Gong Three clear pines Sanqingshan idyllic
Sanqing SG Three-ring clouds clear Three clear Xiongfeng Forest Park Sanzhualun Supernatant town Shangrao concentration camp site Xiao from top to bottom Shen Nong source Fog Mountain of God Shengjin Tower
Shengjin Tower Shengjin Tower Cave Lion Rhododendron Gallery ten Stone carving Stone Temple Gong Shek Kwu not knock Dan Menjian Water Guanyin Pavilion Water Guanyin Pavilion
Outlet Division in spring goddess Sixi Extension of the village thinking Scenic River Song of ancient wall Tom Lake Spa Resort Three Village Peach Taohuaxi drift Utopia drift History Expo area porcelain
Poetic Teng Wang Ge Tin Fook Spa Day Spa Mu Natural Botanical Garden Fearless House Tongtian Lake Forest Extension Man On movie Bamboo cave Wanzai
Lakeview Pavilion Hot water town Wenfengta Wengong Hill Wen Tianxiang Memorial Hall Wen Tianxiang Memorial Hall Oolong Lake Mosquito-free village Wu city site Wu are Xun Memorial Hall
Wulaofeng Wulaofeng Fingers peak Fingers peak Wugongshan Martial arts Scenic Spot Wuyuan Wuyuan Museum Wuyuan Bay Wuyuan Ming and Qing architecture
Wang port village Wuyuan Wuyuan five Longyuan drift Wuyuan County Museum Tian Yan Wuyuan Guzhang Yuanyang Lake Wuyuan West Spa Xilin Ta Xishan Longevity Palace Xiangu Forum Fairy Cave
Fairy Cave Immortal Village Bristol can not eat Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi Revolutionary Memorial Hall Longevity Palace as Lake Scenic Area Xiangshan Forest Park Xiangshan Forest Park Xiaotianchi New Bayi Bridge New Bayi Bridge
Xin Gan Museum Bronze Site of the New Fourth Army Xing Hua Lou Xiufeng Xiufeng Xunyang Lou Extension of the village New green belt along the Yangtze River Sunshine Spa Yang Ling Forest Park
YANGQI Yang Wan Yangshan Yao in the Middle Kingdom Yichun Moon Mountain Spa Yichun Taiwan Yi Cave Yiyang area Guifeng Yingtan Cave springs
Yau Man Temple Yu-Jing Feng Jade not combed Hill Jade trunk Hill Jade trunk Yutian Lake Yugu Taiwan Moon Lake Mother-in tomb Yunjin not disclosed
Yunju Ze head temple Acropolis building site of camphor Zhelin Lake Botanical garden Botanical garden Centre of Chinese ceramics Zhu dong Bamboo Cave Scenic Area Island champion
Discretion Scenic River Discretion Scenic River cave group
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Regional Overview

Jiangxi (Jiangxi Province), referred to as Gan, located in the southeast, the south bank of the Yangtze River. 733 AD Emperor set for River Road, Southwest province name derived, because of the major rivers within the Gan River derived short. Since ancient times, abundant resources, cultural blend, known as the "Imperial Treasures, outstanding" reputation. The total area of ​​166900 square kilometers of Jiangxi, population 44321600 (end 2009), by the composition of the 11 prefecture-level cities, the provincial capital Nanchang.
Located in the Yangtze River in Jiangxi Province of southeastern China coast. East of Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, south, west Hunan, the North border of Hubei, Anhui and the Yangtze River were; the pass Wuhan cities, under the intersection of Nanjing, Shanghai, South Yang Mei Kwan, Lingnan, and up to Guangzhou.
The province's east, south and west is surrounded by mountains, north of Riverside. From outside to inside the terrain, sloping from south to north, forming a opening to the Yangtze River basin. The province's total land area of ​​166900 square kilometers, located in Nanchang, Jiujiang, Jingdezhen, Shangrao, Yingtan, Fuzhou, Ganzhou, Jian, Pingxiang, Yichun, Xinyu 11 municipalities and districts, the provincial capital Nanchang. The fifth national census in 2000, the province's population of 41.4 million.
"Imperial Treasures, outstanding" is the Tang Dynasty poet Wang Bo in the "Preface to King," the famous saying in praise of Jiangxi. Due to the geographical, climatic conditions, Jiangxi rich. As early as the Song Dynasty "Genpo class draft" and once recorded, Jiangxi and taxes turned over to the food court in the nation first. Tang and Song Dynasty, Jingdezhen porcelain, jade and famous known as false. Jiangxi tea has been known at that time, Tang Dynasty poet, "Pipa" have "to buy tea Fuliang month before," the poem, "Fu Liang," Ji Jin Jingdezhen City Fuliang County. Jiangxi talented people since ancient times. Tang and Song, Jiangxi has three: Ouyang Xiu, Zeng Gong, Wang. Song Dynasty poet Huang Ting also, Yang Wanli, Shu, Similarities, Wen Tianxiang, Jiang Kui, philosopher Zhu Xi, Jiuyuan; Ming the "Yongle Dadian" Editor Solutions Jin, Tang dramatists, scientists Sung. Represented are engineers of modern, revolutionary Fang Zhimin, a physicist Wu Xun, mathematicians, Wong Chi-Kun, and many academicians and the PLA generals.
Jiangxi is located near the Tropic of Cancer, the climate mild, the average temperature of 18 degrees Celsius; rainfall, average annual rainfall 1637.9 mm. Aspect more than 2400 rivers in the province to import China's largest freshwater lake - Lake and flows into the Yangtze River. The province's water resources total 141.6 billion cubic meters of water area of ​​1.67 million hectares, accounting for nearly 10% of the total area of ​​fresh water per capita amount of water has a higher than the national average. Jiangxi obvious characteristics of subtropical humid climate suitable for growing various crops. The province's grain, meat, aquatic products, cotton production ranks about tenth.
Different mountain peaks across the province borders the valley of waterfalls, clouds fog Lan, feeding the rare animals, is rich in minerals. Forest coverage rate of 60%, the highest forest coverage rate for the whole province of China. Distant landscape, beautiful natural style, so that a tempting tourist destination in Jiangxi. Lushan, Sanqingshan, Lung Fu Shan, Jinggangshan for the national scenic area. Lushan in 1996 was approved by UNESCO as "World cultural landscape" and the "World Heritage List." Sanqingshan, Lung Fu Shan is a famous Taoist mountain in China; Jinggangshan - the cradle of new China, Mao Zedong created the first rural revolutionary base in China. Jinggangmycin tour azaleas in spring to summer to Kuang seek cool, clear autumn adventure to the three peaks to the Pohu view migratory birds in winter. Jiangxi give people throughout the year to enjoy the beauty. Guests praise at home and abroad: the sky is blue Jiangxi, mountains are green, the water is clear, the air is sweet.
Jiangxi rich in mineral resources. In China has proven reserves of 220 kinds of mineral, Jiangxi has 101, to maintain reserves in the top ten in China and 54 species. Including copper, silver, Tanzania and other 10 first place, tungsten, gold, scandium and other 9 in second place, bismuth, general fluorite, wollastonite, etc. 6 ranks third. Copper, tungsten, silver, tantalum, niobium, uranium, gold, rare earth known as Jiangxi's "seven Golden Flower." Asia's largest copper mine and the largest copper smelting base in Jiangxi were Guixi Dexing Copper Mine and smelter. Marble, kaolin, granite, fluorite and other non-metallic mineral reserves are also very rich.
Tang Dynasty poet Wang Bo in the history and culture through the ages famous "Preface to King," said Jiangxi is one "Imperial Treasures, old times" of the land, indeed, a beautiful ancient Jiangxi is a culturally rich place, this magical scenery of red land many attractions, rich cultural heritage, Lushan, Jinggangshan, Sanqingshan, Lung Fu Shan and other state-level scenic spot is legendary, and here also the cradle of Chinese revolution - Jinggangshan.
Dream Lushan, Li Bai was in this chant the "waterfalls three thousand feet, the suspect is the Galaxy nine days," the eternal farewell; dignified Jingdezhen, the porcelain produced in the West will be here (China) as a synonym for Chinese; covered Tsui Jinggangshan bamboo, to the contemporary writer laments Guo "under Jinggangshan after Wanling do not think Tour" ... ...
Jiangxi tourism are the "Chinese Ceramics Archaeology Tour", "Culture Celebrities tour" and "revolutionary traditions, study tours," "Taoist pilgrimage tour," and so on.
Jiangxi Province in the north Nanling travel wedding day, the Yangtze River to the south of the low latitude, and not far from the sea. Volatile spring weather, spring and summer of cold and warm air meets in the territory of continuous rainy season; in summer controlled by the subtropical high, the prevailing southerly winds; summer and fall season, a single flow,
Thermal drying; winter by the Siberia often (or Mongolia) of cold high, the prevailing northerly wind, cold, low temperature, but the frost period is short. Jiangxi Province is a subtropical humid monsoon climate, the average temperature of 16 ~ 20 ° C, generally for the South than in the north, January 3 ~ 9 ° C, 七月 27 ~ 31 ° C, annual average rainfall of 1341.4 ~ 1934.4 mm.
In short, Jiangxi climate is characterized by: a cold spell in summer heat, autumn dry and cold winter, four seasons, but fall short in spring, summer and winter long. The province's warm climate, abundant rainfall, adequate lighting, a long frost-free period, a subtropical humid climate, appropriate for a variety of crops.
Air Transportation Air transportation has developed rapidly in Jiangxi. At present, the formation of a Nanchang axis, from north to south, to Jiujiang, camphor, Taihe, Jian, Jingdezhen, Ganzhou connecting the province and across the country and Hong Kong's air transport network, in addition to the airport in Nanchang, Jiujiang, Jiangxi also , Ganzhou, and Jingdezhen three civil airports.
Beijing-Kowloon Railway to the province's railways, Zhejiang and Jiangxi, Anhui and Jiangxi, Eagle House, Wu Kau 5 railway as the backbone, and another cross south, to the music, nothing, Yi Zhang, Zhang Tong, Zhang, Xintai such extension.
Jiangxi Highway highways to the capital city of Nanchang, Jiujiang, north, south, the highway has been opened to traffic camphor. Liwen expressway has been opened along State Road 320 into the can on the highway in Jiangxi Province, Nanchang City, and direct access to places such as Mount Lushan. In addition, the province there are six national highway, respectively, east-west State Road 316 (Fuzhou-Lanzhou), 319 State Road (Xiamen to Chengdu), 320 National Highway (Shanghai to Yunnan Ruili), 323 State Road, (Rego to Yunnan Lancang) and State Road 105 south to north (Beijing to Zhuhai), 206 State Road (Yantai to Shantou). State Road 105 and 206 which both longitudinal Jiangxi.
Jiangxi developed water transport water transportation, water two vertical and two horizontal lines to form the pattern: letter Jiang Gan River and the two vertical, two horizontal Yangtze River and the Changjiang to the province navigable mileage of 4937 kilometers.
Dining dish including Jiangxi Nanchang, Jiujiang, Jingdezhen and Jinggangshan areas specialty, general, and Jiangxi cuisine delicacies good game and fish cooking, dishes heavy concentration of color, like pepper, taste hypertrophy.
Nanchang, Jiujiang and so pay attention to color dishes, shape, and a variety of cooking methods, flavors are more abundant. The remote mountainous areas is particular about the cooking fire power, the amount of food simple enough, focus on flavor, especially the native system around the dishes, taste pure and honest, full of nostalgia. Jiangxi snacks and pasta varieties are also more diverse system of law, rather special.
Point of the famous cuisine and Jiangxi are: three cups chicken, smell the quality of meat, bamboo shoots, dried pork, fried bacon Artemisia arborescens, the original cage Ship meat, Xunyang fish, fried partridge, Xing car tofu, beef, rice, gold, hanging gourd , Xinfeng radish dumplings, camphor noodles, rice crackers, etc. Huang.
Entertainment city in Jiangxi as elsewhere, there are dance halls, recreation halls and other amusement activities. In addition to these, Jiangxi have more entertainment features are odd bird watching activities, Nanchang and other places have a special tour will be organized into Forest Park to bird-watching.
Shopping Jiangxi is China's tea since ancient times, tea production has a long history, wide variety. Ning the state of black tea, Wuyuan green tea as one of the two types of tea representative. Jingdezhen as early as the Han Dynasty 2000 years ago started making pottery, blue and white porcelain tableware is the representation of Indus products, traditional and art with Chinese national characteristics, to support dozens of components to 172. Delicate blue and white porcelain, bright and clean and transparent, do not fade, In the process, refined and elegant green transparent clear emerald blue and white blend together skillfully, known as "embedded glass" porcelain. There Komsomolsk feather handicrafts products, wood carvings Jiang Yu, Jian Zhang Muxiang, bamboo and other estuaries.
In addition, there are mouth-watering of the Concentration of Jiangxi, Guangchang White Lotus, Nam duck, Wushan Taihe Silkies, are chang whitebait, Anfu ham, chili sauce and other native Nam.

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