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Sichuan China Youth Travel Service (Head Office) - the latest tourism in Chengdu, Chengdu tours, Chengdu tour price quotes, Chengdu tourist attractions, Chengdu tours, Chengdu tourism offer, Chengdu travel notes, Chengdu travel guide, Chengdu Tourist Guide, Chengdu air ticket booking, hotel reservation services, Chengdu hotel, conference tourism in Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou, Emei Shan Tourism, Qingcheng Mountain, Dujiangyan tourism, Panda Travel.

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Liaoning Province, Liaoning Province, customs travel guide
All cities in Liaoning Province
Dalian Anshan Fushun Benxi Dandong Jinzhou Yingkou Panjin Huludao Liaoyang
Tieling Chaoyang Fuxin Shenyang
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All attractions in Liaoning Province
"Incident" Exhibition Hall 203 Highland Bo Spa Anshan Anshan Olympic Plaza August Park Baishilazi Nature Reserve Baishilazi Nature Reserve Yushan Bai
Baiyun Mountain Baiyun Mountain Hundred waterfall gorge Bangchuidao Po Lam House North Bridge North Sea tide Beiling Park North Tower Forest of Stone Tablets Shell Museum
Benxi Benxi Benxi Grand Canyon Benxi close Reservoir The Lake The Lake Benxi Benxi Water Cave Scenic Area Beacon Hill Clear Water, Blue Hill
Coastal Road Animal Paradise Glacier Bing Yugou Bingyu Resort Buyun Mountain Spa Chang Temple Changhai Changxing Island Chong Hing Temple Towers Jionji
Big Beacon Hill Great Long Island Great Mountain Forest Park, Chaoyang Lu Dagushan Big Guangji Japan Hotel Site Big Montenegro Big Montenegro Dalian Dalian Bo ski
Dalian Fu Hui Spa Dalian Port Dalian Radio & TV Tower + Shell Museum Kashima leisure and tourism resort in Dalian Dalian Bay Fort Dalian Bay Fort Dalian Modern Museum Tai Shek Wu Daya River rafting Dandong
Dandong Qingshan Lake Di Shuidong Ding Xiang Wei crab Beach Northeast Liberation Monument (Peace Square) East China Sea Park East Jiguanshan site of Russo-Japanese War East Jiguanshan site of Russo-Japanese War Tanglin Park Dongshan Scenic Spot Russian Street
Two hundred and nineteen Park Erlongshan field camp Two hundred and nineteen Park Kingdom of Discovery Waterfall Stream Greater Phoenix Phoenix Mountains Phoenix Mountain National Forest Park Feng Temple Fuling Fushun
Fushun Royal Polar Ocean World Management of Fushun War Criminals Fujiazhuang Fujiazhuang area Harbour Plaza Clam Island Strange Slope Kanto movie Close mountains Close mountains
Guanyinge Guangyou Si Country parks Naval Ordnance Museum Begonia Mountain Scenic Area Three Pagodas ditch Begonia Hill Nine Island Sea King Sea Island Sea Yun Park Sea Rhyme Square
Peace Theatre Estuary area Nuclear partner channel Early Qing City Site Black Island Resort Black Ditch Reservoir Heishijiao Heishijiao area Yokoyama College Red River Valley
Red River Valley Scenic rafting Red River Gorge Rafting Monkey Rock Hill Lakeside Park Huludao Hills Hoist Tiger Mountain Great Wall Tiger Mountain Great Wall Tiger Beach Paradise Flower Neck Hill
Mystery Valley Huaguoshan Huayansi Ash Cave Huan Lake Huang Temple Yellow Sea boundary Gold Coast Gold Coast Hui Mountain Hun River Park
Polar Marine Animal Museum Jinlong Temple National Forest Park Jinsha floor area Stone Wax, Stones Museum Golden Pebble Beach Golden Pebble Beach National Holiday Resort Golden Pebble Beach Blue Center Golden Pebble Beach Green Center Sculpture Park, Golden Pebble Beach god Golden Pebble Beach Ecological Tourist Zone
Golden Pebble Beach Flower World Golden Pebble Beach Silver Center Stone edge of the park JJ Hill Park Jinzhou Jinzhou North Putuo Mountain Jingdong Water Park Incident "Museum Nine iron brake Hill Nine iron brake Hill
Nine Citylink Jiumenkou Great Wall Chrysanthemum Island Korean War Memorial Korean Martyrs Labor Park Labor Park Polar Tiger Beach Ocean Park Old Mo Shan Laotieshan
Old bald Laoye Lei Feng Memorial Hall Shurangama Temple Hot and cold in the park Liao Liao Bin Bin city and the tower Liaoning TV Tower Liaoning Provincial Museum Liaoning-Shenyang Campaign Memorial Liaoyang Gongchangling Spa
Liaoyang Palace Spa Longtan Grand Canyon Longwan Haibin Kashima Leisure Resort Port Arthur Museum Port Arthur Naval Base Snake Island Port Arthur Green Park Ski pony Manchu history and culture corridor Rose Garden and the Bonsai Garden area
South Tower Nanchang South Gate Catholic Church South Lake Park Nantianmen South Canal Park strip Southern bullet Library Bird Paradise Panjin Red Beach Scenic valley splitting
Pingdingshan Massacre Memorial Site Pushihe Qipanshan Ski board Qianshan Qianshan Buddha Qianshan Spa Youth Park Qingshan Gou Castle Lake
Green Temple area Green Temple Waibo mother Early four-tower Ling Fung Qingquan Temple People's Square People's Stadium Japan-Russia Prison Site Russia River Battle Monument Sal Hu Scenic Spot
Three stone Sanshandao Resort Sanshandao Resort Forest Zoo Snake Museum Snake Island Natural History Museum Snakes Ecological Museum Goddess Peak Shenyang Shenyang Qing Chai White Ski Resort
Ski Shenyang in Northeast Asia Shenyang Zoo Shenyang Imperial Palace Chinese Food Culture Museum in Shenyang Shenyang, South Mosque Shenyang Bird Island Shenyang Botanical Garden Museum of the mystery of life Victory Square Rita wins
Water Temple wins Sun Asia the end of the world Temple Real win World Peace Park First Hill Abundance of lake water Abundance of water reservoirs Four-dimensional cinema Soviet martyrs cemetery Soviet Red Army Memorial Monument
Peace River Scenic Belt Peace Temple Pacific Bay area Taiqing Palace Tanggangzi Spa Tom ditch Tin Mountain Days Longdong Ditch bridge National Forest Park flyover ditch
Armored Reservoir Tieling Museum Wafangdian Dragon Spa Wafangdian Million temple caves Tomb Wanzhong Tomb Wanzhong Mount Hope children Holes to heaven Hope Creek Park
Temple Spa Temple Spa Wolong Lake Paradise barren stupa Regardless of the ancient city of Wu Wulongbei Spa Wulong Wunushan Villa and five women Western suburbs Resort
Xiliu Laoshuan Zoo Forest Xi-Ping Ximu City dolmen Water World Summer Palace Xianlv Villa Fairy Lake Immortal Island Forest Park Houxianyu Bay Sin Bath Bay Scenic Area Ring Water View
Ivory Mountain Long Island small Island Xie Wei sub-tunnel New music site Xinmin Little Lake Xingcheng city Xingcheng Beach (Sea Park) Xingcheng Beach area Xingcheng Spa
Xinghai Park Xinghai Square Xinghai Bay Beach Magnolia flowers Show on peak Show on peak area Show on peak area Snow cap mountains Yalu River Yalu River Bridge
Yalu River Bridge end Yalu River Broken Bridge Yalu River Park Nest ra Nest ra Yang sets of beach Crocodile Park Ocean letter Mountain medicine Ye Mao Liao tombs Taiwan Yiwulushan
Art Gallery Silver Pebble Beach Mural Tomb Yingchengzi Yingkou West Barracks site in Yingkou Wing Bridge Yongling Friendship Square Emerald Court Emerald Court
Dragon Lake Crescent Bay Aerolite Hill Park Chang Island Deer island Zhangzidao Zhaoling (North Tomb) The former residence of Zhao Di Steam locomotive museum Zheng Jia Wa sub-site
Site of the CPC Provincial Committee of Manchuria Zhongshan Park Zhongshan Square Zhongshan Square Sino-Soviet Friendship Tower Zhou Enlai, the former site of juvenile reading Crape Myrtle Villa
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Regional Overview

Liaoning Province, referred to Liao, located in the southern part of Northeast China, is China's northeast economic zone and the Bohai Economic Zone of the important junction. Geographic coordinates in longitude 118 ° 53 'to 125 ° 46', latitude 38 ° 43 'to 43 ° 26' between the east and west side line width of 550 km from the north and south end of straight-line distance of about 550 km. Land area of ​​Liaoning Province 145900 square kilometers, accounting for 1.5% of China's land area. Land area, the mountainous area of ​​87200 square kilometers, accounting for 59.8%; flat area of ​​48700 square kilometers, accounting for 33.4%; water area of ​​10000 square kilometers, accounting for 6.8%.
Sea area of ​​150200 square kilometers. Some 78300 square kilometers of which the Bohai Sea, the North Yellow Sea 71900 square kilometers.
Yalu River east coast, west Shanhaiguan old leader, the mainland coastline of 2178 kilometers, accounting for 12% of the mainland coastline, 622 kilometers of island coastline accounting for 4.4% of the island coastline. Distribution of 506 small islands offshore, the island area of ​​187.7 square kilometers. The main islands along the Yellow Sea Islands Foreign Minister Hill, in the long island chains, fortress islands and large and small Kashima, etc.; along the Bohai Sea Island Chrysanthemum main islands, the size of Beacon Hill, Changxing Island, Fengming Island, west of the island, something Ant Island Tiger Flat Island, pigs Island and Snake Island and so on.
Liaoning Province, Jilin Province, which borders the northeast, northwest and adjacent to Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Hebei Province, adjacent to the southwest and to the Yalu River as the boundary rivers, and the Democratic People's Republic across the river, south of the Bohai Sea and Yellow Sea vast.
Liaoning Province has a long history and cultural history, ancient culture and long history. Back in ancient times, the Liaoning region have human labor, reproduction, interest-bearing activities. Jinniushan in Yingkou Shi Qiaonan Jinniushan human fossils found in its ruins, dating back over 28 years, is so far discovered in Liaoning, one of the most ancient human habitat. Chaoyang City, Kazuo Xian found in pigeon holes, and excavated ruins of stone, belonging to Middle Paleolithic hominid sites, which is some 5 million years or so.
About 7000 years ago, entered the Neolithic Age in Liaoning Province, Shenyang new music site and unearthed a large number of objects, indicating the end of Liaoning in the primitive society of prosperity. Shan Liang, Chaoyang beef cultural sites, dating back some 5000 years, excavated from the altar, the stone tomb, the temple and the goddess of colorful picture, jade pig dragon, pottery and other important cultural draw, where there is a prototype of the original state of civilization begun to take community, marking the Liaoning region is one of the origin of Chinese civilization.
Wedding day in eastern China, Liaoning Provincial Tourism temperate - warm, humid - humid - semi-arid continental monsoon climate. Warm summer and cold winter, rainfall concentration, short and windy spring. Northeast is the strongest solar radiation, heat up, the wind's largest region. The annual average temperature 4 ~ 10 ℃, 1 月 -17 ~ -5 ℃, 7 月 21 ~ 25 ℃, can be divided into low-northeast, southwest high. Free period of about 150 to 180 days. Average annual rainfall of 450 to 1150 mm, mainly concentrated in the summer, is the most northeastern province of precipitation. Liaodong abundant rainfall and mountainous areas, in order to humid areas. About 6 to 8 monthly precipitation over 60% of the annual precipitation. Northwestern border province of precipitation less prone to drought.
Air Traffic Information:
Liaoning Province has six civil airports: Shenyang, Dalian, Dandong, Jinzhou, Liaoyang and sun, which, Shenyang Tao Xian airport and the airport in Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport.
Liaoning has the highest density of railway network in the country, with Shenyang as the center, and the radioactive-like extension to the East and West, is to communicate the three northeastern provinces and Inner Mongolia and off the bond and bridge. Route of Beijing-Harbin, Shenyang-Dalian, Shen Ji, Shen Dan and other lines, there are some regional contact outside the province.
Line south from the Beijing-Harbin, Beijing, north to Harbin, in Liaoning Province via Suizhong, Xingcheng, Huludao, Jinzhou, Linghai, Montenegro, Xinmin, Shenyang, Tieling, open the original, Changtu other cities and counties.
Line north from Shenyang-Dalian, Shenyang, Dalian, south to the total length of 400 kilometers, running through the lighthouse, Liaoyang, Anshan, Haicheng, a large stone bridge, Gaizhou, Wafangdian, Pulandian other cities.
Shen Ji line west of Shenyang, Jilin City, east to the total length of 446 kilometers, passing through Fushun in Liaoning Province, Qingyuan and other cities and counties.
Shen Dan, Shenyang, north line, south to Dandong, a total length 277 km, running through the Benxi, Greater Phoenix and other cities.
Jinzhou Jin Cheng lines east, west to the Hebei Chengde, Yixian Formation in Liaoning Province via the North votes, Chaoyang, Jianping, Lingyuan other cities and counties.
New meaning line east of Shenyang Xinmin City, west to the Jinzhou City Yixian, through Fuxin City. T