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Sichuan China Youth Travel Service (Head Office) - the latest tourism in Chengdu, Chengdu tours, Chengdu tour price quotes, Chengdu tourist attractions, Chengdu tours, Chengdu tourism offer, Chengdu travel notes, Chengdu travel guide, Chengdu Tourist Guide, Chengdu air ticket booking, hotel reservation services, Chengdu hotel, conference tourism in Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou, Emei Shan Tourism, Qingcheng Mountain, Dujiangyan tourism, Panda Travel.

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Qinghai Province, Qinghai Province, customs and travel guide
All cities in Qinghai Province
Xining Haidong Rambling Guoluo Hainan Hercynian Huangnan Yushu
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All attractions in Qinghai Province
Animaqing Mountain Animaqing Snow Arjun Sect Temple A Shigong Colorful Peaks Bayan Har White Horse Temple Bai Temple Baoguang Hall Detonation test site North Temple
North Mountain Park North Mountain National Forest Park Museum of Tibetan culture Chaka Salt Lake Salt Lake Qaidam Basin Yangtze River Daikin watts Temple Great Mosque Large pull-wave
Dongguan Mosque Dulan International Hunting Ground Multi-card Temple Eling Lake Second, military experience factory Jiro Sword (151 base) V Once the City Golmud Golmud Golmud Kunlun tourist area
Dragon Palace Lion King Gesar The bin Laden East Glacier Ancient Building Complex in the Ming and Qing Guide Spa Guide What day pagoda Guo Window-tower Rambling Haidong Tourism Zone in Hainan Tibetan Hercynian
Tiger archaeological site Style resort Tu Yellow stone Court Yellow River source Huangshui Huangyuan Gap Huangzhong County Museum Jishishan Potash Plant Prairie Gold Silver Beach
Nine Hall Gotama Temple Gautama temples Cayo cultural sites Cambra Kanbula National Forest Park Hoh Xil Nature Reserve Kunlun Pass Mountain Classic Lijiaxia
Liuwan tombs Willow Bay cemetery Longyangxia Longyangxia Longyangxia Reservoir Po Nature Reserve in Long Beach Long Country Hall Longwu Temple Ma Bufang Residence Raja Temple Maqin
Mengda Tianchi Nachitai springs Cool Tiger South Park Archaeological Site Nanshan Namsan Park Nianboyuze peak Mount Goddess Bird Island Tau Monument Lime Tower
Qilian Mountains Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Wildlife Qinghai Tibetan Cultural Center Qinghai Lake Qinghai Lake Natural Protection Willow Bay pottery museum in Qinghai Great Mosque Group results Tashi Beach Tombs of the Tibetan hot water Mountain
Mountain Daochanghe Wishful pagoda Race were Temple Scenic Spot Triangle City Milton On the Star Point Goddess Peak Tar Tangfangudao Tanggula
Natural Buddha Tongtianhe Palit Hebei forest landscape Bottomless salt bridge Han Wang Chuang Wang Luobin Music Museum Wang added Temple Princess Wen Cheng Temple Wufengshan Tu Folk Culture Village West
Hsi Lai Temple Xining Xining Xining Chaoyang Park Xining Children's Park Ning Huang Yue Park Xining People's Park Xining Botanical Garden Sin m Gap Fairy Bay
Flower Temple Oscar W Temple Xunhua tourist area Ya Danlin Salt Sea Yu-bo Syrup Beach Spa Wing city Yushu Atomic City Chelsea Hill
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Regional Overview

Qinghai Province, the "green" because the territory of China's largest inland saltwater lake is named. Qinghai Province is located in the northeast Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in western China, and Xinjiang, Gansu, Sichuan and Tibet provinces neighbor. Qinghai Province, the Yangtze River, Yellow River, the birthplace of the Lancang River, known as "the sources of rivers." Province area of ​​72 square kilometers, ranking the provinces (regions) fourth. Of which 31.6 million ha grassland, cultivated 589900 hectares, 250000 hectares of forest, the rest is mountains, lakes, deserts, Gobi, glaciers and so on. Jurisdiction of Xining City in Qinghai Province, Haidong Region, Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Golog and Autonomous Prefecture. Qinghai Province has a prefecture-level cities, six autonomous prefectures and two county-level cities, 30 counties and 7 autonomous counties. Xining is the capital of the province's political, economic and cultural center.
7 Xining county municipal administrative units: the east area, city area, west area, Seongbuk, and Tu Autonomous County, Huangzhong County, Huangyuan.
Haidong jurisdiction in six county administrative units: tranquil county, Ledu County, mutual aid Tu Autonomous County, Minhe Hui and Tu Autonomous County, Hualong Hui Autonomous County, Salar Autonomous County. Town House in tranquil county area safe.
Thoughts for county-level administrative units jurisdiction 8: Golmud City, city of Delhi, Ulan County, Dulan County, Tianjun, Mangya Executive Committee, Cold Lake Administrative Commission, Da Qaidam Executive Committee. In state capital city of Delhi.
4 county-level jurisdiction Haibei administrative units: Qilian county, Gangcha County, Haiyan County, The Hui Autonomous County. State capital in West Town, Haiyan County.
5 county-level jurisdiction in Hainan administrative units: Republic County, Guide County, Palit County, your County, Xinghai county. Qia Buqia state capital in the town of the county Republican.
Huangnan jurisdiction over four county administrative units: Tongren County, Jianzha County, Zeku County, Henan Mongolian Autonomous County. Long service state capital in the town of Tongren County.
Guoluo county-level administrative units jurisdiction 6: Machen County, Gander County, long rule county, Dari County, Banma county, Maduo County. Wu Maqin County state capital in the town.
Yushu county-level administrative units jurisdiction 6: Yushu County, Nangqian County, said the multi-county, multi-county government, heteropoly County Qumalai County. State capital in Yushu County Results town.
Colleagues in history and culture of Qinghai Province by the Ministry of Culture as the only state-level historical and cultural city,
Have to Longwu Temple, represented by 36 Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, where Long works on the Temple and the Temple of Wutun subsidiary, under the Temple of Wutun, almost all the year Temple What Guo Temple at Temple 5 as a national cultural relics protection units, Tibetan culture is very rich atmosphere is more complete retention of Qinghai Tibetan culture areas. Scattered within the Neolithic, Bronze and other periods are more than 170 ancient cultural sites, there are 19 ancient architectural and cultural sites to be included in the national, provincial and county-level key protection units. Is known as "hot tribute art" and the birthplace of the Amdo region of Tibet Culture Center, Tibetan culture has a long history, folk culture and arts rich in content. "Regong Art" is the art of Tibetan Buddhism is an important school of painting, sculpture, exquisite sophistication Duixiu other art, has a strong decorative and strong national style, is our national treasure of artistic treasures. Mysterious ancient Tibetan village "June", "Wutu" dance unique. In 2004, my colleagues in Qinghai Province by the Ministry of Culture as the only "Chinese Folk Culture Protection Project" pilot counties. June 2006, Tongren County arts and cultural village Regong the Ministry of Culture named the second batch of national cultural industry demonstration base. In 2006 the Ministry of Culture to Regong Art, Regong Tibetan village "June", Regong Tibetan, Regong Tu "Wutu" into the first batch of intangible cultural heritage protection, in order to present you the city, name Temple, famous scenery, unique celebrity as one of my colleagues in the tourism landscape.
Tour of Qinghai wedding day mean minimum winter temperature can reach -20 ℃, the maximum temperature of only -7 ℃, very cold, but in Xining and Golmud and other large cities tend to have indoor heating. The best season to travel for the summer of Qinghai, which is from May to October; July Qinghai lake has large areas of rape blossoms, yellow flowers and endless blue water, great scenery, the lake is the best visitors The camp ground, when the temperature does not exceed 18 ℃, the climate cool and pleasant.
Qinghai plateau continental climate, spring and fall of dust from the Gobi dust will form the weather and pollution. Especially the western Qaidam Basin in Qinghai, the two rainy seasons in spring winds prevailed, even worse, is here also often hurricanes, not only blowing gravel and pebbles the size of eggs can blow off the ground. Because of the western Kunlun Mountains by blocking the wind changes from here on wind direction, wind speed also lessened, so in this band a lot of regional deposition of sand and pebbles.
Traffic information by way of Qinghai, the best air, much safer than the railway. Lanzhou Railway is passing into Qinghai, a very long journey, but the marching of the Silk Road can also be clues to browse along the scenery.
Railways can take direct from Shanghai to Xining 375377 fast, takes about 41 hours. Express from Beijing to Xining 75 times, running about 33 hours in Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Urumqi, Wuhan, Xi'an, flights are arriving; Golmud is also navigable.
Dining in Qinghai since the ethnic minority areas, so the restaurants with national characteristics. Barley wine, tea, and halal food everywhere, and Xining, the hotel is also multi-ethnic flavor, halal food is very tasty. Han Chinese in Qinghai, Sichuan food is mostly flavor, flavor intensity, is quite vigorous.
Qinghai entertainment entertainment usually associated with ethnic entertainment-related, to sing the Tibetan "Rai" folk songs, look at the Amdo Tibetan opera, dance through the "fruit Zhuo", Bell encouraged, and then brothers and sisters and Tu Dance "An Zhao . " To see that living in harmony with the atmosphere of the campfire, you will also be true that loved, touched by the simplicity of the atmosphere. Some more exciting, you can go hunting and experience the meaning of man's ancient.
Qinghai is not a commercial shopping area is very prosperous, so as a tourist best ethnic customs in the market to buy goods, such as the Kunlun color stone, Kongque Ling, Tibetan daggers, copper jug.
Tu as unique ancient peoples in Qinghai, the fabric, handmade products are of high value for collection. Cultural exchanges with the mainland in ancient Qinghai left behind many relics of the market in Xining is also commercially available.

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