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Olivia Anna No. Olivia Anna No. Stadium White Cloud Temple Hundred Buddha Park Riverside Boulevard Riverside Forest Park Riverside Forest Park Step Gowrie Caoxi Park
Changfeng Ocean Underwater World Changfeng Park Changfeng Ocean World Longevity Park Hengsha Island and Changxing Island Changxing Island citrus orchard 潮音 Um Incense House Incense House Chen Yi Square
Chen Yi Square Former Residence of Chen Yun Advocates of the tomb Chongming Xuegong Maglev train Grand View Garden Daning Lingshi Green World World entertainment city Large corporations Taoyuan
Wild Insect Museum of Nature Dianshan Oriental Land Pearl of the Orient Film Park East China Sea Dongping National Forest Park East Sheshan Park Dongtan migratory birds Dongtan birds Dongtan Bird Protection Area
Madame Tussauds Doran Road Culture Street France and China Tower Square Tower Tayuan Bridge release Feng Jing Town Fengxin Beach Fuquanshan Fuxing Park
Oasis Park Park workers and peasants Gongqing Forest Park City park Furuto Park Gu Yi Park Sightseeing Tunnel Alley Park tube Light Temple KPS Park
Guangfulin cultural sites Guilin Park International Conference Center International Church Peace Park Mountain Park Hengshan Red Garden Hongqiao Park Hongqiao Development Zone
Care Pearl Tower (Tower of Pisa) Hu Tai Park Huacao Park Huating people • Mao Qiaocun World Financial Center World Garden Royal Cruise Club Huangpu River Huang Xing Park Department of Longtan
South Sanmin Culture Village Traffic Park Gold Aoshan Jin Ao Hill Jinmao Tower Golden beach Jinshan Beach Kanazawa Town Jinjiang Park Jing Dong Park
Jing'an Park Jing'an Temple Science and Technology Museum Confucian temple Old Temple Lee Towers Riverside Park Volley Agricultural Grand View Garden Liuhe Island Scenic Liuhe Island Village Tour
Longhua Martyrs Cemetery Longhua Temple Longhua Pagoda Luchaogang Lu Xun Park Former Residence of Lu Xun Tomb of Lu Xun Lujiazui Central Green Mao Tower, Meichuan Park
American Dream Park Minhang Sports Park Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street Nan Pu Bridge Nanxiang pagoda Europa Park Europa World theme park Penglai Park River Cruise River Cruise
River Tour - Dragon Boat Putuo Park Qinciyangdian Green Travel World Qiu-Xia Pu Qushui Park Tropical Storm Water Park People's Park People's Square The top three in Hong Kong
The top three in Hong Kong Waterfront Forest Park Sanin Road Shanghai Binhai Nongjiale Shanghai Binhai Forest Park Shanghai Museum Shanghai Grand Theatre Shanghai Great World Shanghai Museum of earthquake science Shanghai Science Museum of Geology
Shanghai East Temple Wind Power Shanghai Science Museum Shanghai Fengxian Bay Tourism Area Shanghai Public Security Museum Shanghai International Circuit Shanghai Happy Valley Shanghai Jiading city Shanghai Old Street Shanghai Old House Shanghai volley agronomic
Shanghai Circus - Intersection of Time Shanghai Art Museum Shanghai Nanxiang Town Shanghai Meteorological Science Museum Shanghai Shikumen Shanghai World Expo Shanghai History Museum Shanghai Aquarium Shanghai Tunnel Museum Shanghai Wild Animal Park
Shanghai Film Park Shanghai Botanical Garden Shanghai Botanical Garden Shanghai Botanical Garden Shanghai Botanical Garden Sheshan National Forest Park West Sheshan Park Sheshan sliding cable Sheshan Catholic Church Sheshan on the lake Full Moon Garden Art Park, Sheshan
Shen Long Ecological Park Century Boulevard Century Park Century Plaza Shou An Temple Water Sports Water Sports Article Four Seasons Orchard 泗塘 Park Songhe Park
Songjiang Square Tower Songjiang Ming carved screen wall Songjiang Mosque Songjiang Mosque Tang Jing Zhuang Songjiang Tang Jing Zhuang Songjiang Pine County Jiufeng Former Residence of Soong Ching Ling Song Qingling Mausoleum Suzhou River
Sun Yat-sen Former Residence Sun Island Golf Resort Spa Sun Island Resort Taoyuan Folk Village Tianma Tianshan Park Days of the original park Site of the Central Committee Bund Bund "Valentine Wall"
Bund City sculpture Future Island Park Confucian Temple Wu Jing Park Wu Temple Xilin Ta Hsia Lake Flower Port Xiangyang Park Xinzhuang Park
New International Expo Centre New International Exhibition Center Xintiandi Xu Tomb Xu cemetery Xujiahui Catholic Church Yangpu Bridge Yangpu Park Yichuan Park Yiyuan
Ski Silver Seven Jade Buddha Temple Yuyuan Garden Zhabei Park Wentian House Securities Building Communist China "a great" venue A major site of CPC Chinese farmer paintings Village (Jinshan peasant paintings Village) Chinese Grand View Garden
Residence Week Residence Week Residence Week Zhujiajiao Purple sea romantic manor edge Herons Museum of Natural History Museum of Natural History Museum of Natural History Drunk white pool Drunk white pool
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Regional Overview
Shanghai, Hu for short. Located in the middle of China's eastern coast, river estuaries. Since ancient times, the seaside fishing village, when the Spring and Autumn Chunshen Chu fief, a town of Song, said before Shanghai. A city in 1927. China is now one of the three municipalities under its jurisdiction seven districts and 3 counties. Opening up one of the cities of our country. The city area of ​​5800 square kilometers, is one of the world's cities. Shanghai is located in the eastern plain of the Yangtze River Delta, with an average elevation of four meters, only a small number of residual Songjiang District, West Hill, Tianmashan the highest altitude of 98.2 meters. Chongming Island, Yangtze River estuary area of ​​over 1083 square kilometers, second only to Taiwan and Hainan in China's third largest island.
Shanghai, China's largest city; one of the four central municipalities; is mainland China's economic, financial, trade and shipping center. Shanghai to create and break the world record of China Association for the most number of world, China the most. Shanghai is located in central China's mainland coastline of Yangtze River estuary, with China's largest foreign trade port, the largest industrial base. More than 2000 million people live, and live in the Shanghai area, most of the people are Han Chinese, Department of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, access Wu Shanghai dialect. Shanghai is an emerging tourist destination, has a profound modern urban culture and many historical monuments. Today, Shanghai has developed into a glittering world of international metropolis, and is committed to in 2020 into an international financial center and shipping center. Shanghai is the host city for the 2010 World Expo.
Shanghai has a subtropical marine monsoon climate, mild and humid with four distinct seasons. Average annual temperature is 15-16 degrees Celsius, the average January temperature of 3.5 degrees Celsius, 27.8 degrees Celsius in July. Annual frost-free period more than 8 months. Average annual rainfall of 1125 mm. Spring and summer rainy season and the weather station at the turn of summer precipitation more. The main rivers are from the Taihu Lake, Yangtze River into the Huangpu River and its tributaries Wusong River, Qingpu Dianshan. Free period of 250 days.
Shanghai is China's largest industrial city, the history of modern industrial development more than 100 years. But the old Shanghai is a stronghold of the imperialist press of the Chinese people, known as "paradise for adventurers." Since the founding of the Shanghai textile industry to adjust its transformation to further develop the chemical fiber, plastics, household chemicals, consumer durables, electronics and other sectors. And heavy industry, metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery, electronics and other sector is growing, aviation, aerospace, automotive industry is on the rise, has become able to produce sophisticated products integrated industrial base. Industrial output value and taxes paid and accounted for about one-tenth of one-fifth. Chemical, computer, camera and other production accounts for more than 50%. Shanghai is China's largest commercial and financial center, inside and outside the trade center trade volume ranking first in the country, retail sales of commodities is also the country ranks first in the three municipalities. Clothing, woolen cloth, shoes, cosmetics, children's toys, gold and silver jewelry, traditional crafts, food, variety complete, is known far and wide shopping at home and abroad. Foreign trade accounts for about a quarter of total exports. The rapid development of Shanghai in recent years, financial services, financial exchanges at home and abroad occupy an important position, in London, Paris, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong and other international financial center with LaSalle.
Spring and Autumn Period of ancient historical and cultural environment is Wu Guodong, late spring and into the Vietnam, war is a state of Chu, who is the rest of the letters Chunshenjun Huang Chu-eup, through modern Shanghai's Huangpu River, also known as Chunshenjiang, it is not known as the Shanghai "Shen." Year four or five centuries of the Jin dynasty, Songjiang (now known as Suzhou Creek) and the coastal area of ​​Shanghai City, marked many people fish for a living, they created a bamboo fishing tool called "Hu", and because river into the sea at that time called "trouble", so, Songjiang River area is known as "Hu Du", and later changed, "Hu" for the "Shanghai." Being located in Songjiang Shanghai (Wusong River) downstream tributary of the "Shanghai Pudong" named after. Huating County home before the eighth century, the position in today's Songjiang District, Shanghai is the beginning of construction of the county. Song home town of Shanghai. In 1292, China established the Yuan Dynasty Shanghai County, the county along the Huangpu River in the center of Shanghai today, is generally regarded as the true starting point of Shanghai history. Ming Dynasty, Shanghai gradually flourished, 1553, built for the pirates arrived in Shanghai City (in the original south downtown, now merged with the Huangpu District), attributable to the jurisdiction of Songjiang Prefecture South Zhili. Songjiang government jurisdiction throughout the country's largest cotton textile center, in addition Huating County, there were Qingpu County (now Qingpu District), Jinshan Wei (now Jinshan District) and so on. Qing Dynasty followed the prescribed system, attributable to southern province of Songjiang Prefecture, located Jiang Customs.
① modern Shanghai port to 1912, after the first Opium War, according to 1842 signed the "Sino-British Treaty of Nanking", Shanghai, China in 1843 opened one of the five external port, the United Kingdom, the United States and France after another in Shanghai set up a settlement. During the war in the Heavenly Kingdom, in 1855 knife will Cantonese Liu Lichuan, June 1860 Lai Wenguang Taiping, Taiping Li Xiucheng early 1862 a total of three occupied part of the Battle of Shanghai. 1854 Shanghai Municipal Council was set up autonomous institutions, in fact, evolved into an independent local government administration in the Qing and beyond the jurisdiction of the concessions. Since then, the Shanghai foreign concessions and the formation of two separate management of China's Bureau of Local Government downtown Puxi
Today Shanghai's Huangpu, Jing'an, Hongkou and Yangpu of Shanghai International Settlement, the four main areas (in Anglo-American-based); Luwan, Xuhui District, the two main French Concession in Shanghai; Changning Shanghai International Settlement is a cross-border road area; the Zhabei two pieces of the original south downtown area and regional management in China (Chinese community) were split into disconnected concession of two. Modern Shanghai after Opening the Far East quickly became the most prosperous economy and finance, commerce and trade, culture, and shipping center, is Asia's most prosperous modern international metropolis, known as the "ten foreign field", "Oriental Magic City", "Adventure home of the Paradise "," Far East Finance Centre. " Since the existence of settlements makes the core of the hinterland of Shanghai was not affected by the war, and enjoy real independence and the full international links, but also for the continued prosperity of Shanghai today laid a very solid foundation.
② the Northern Government was established in 1912 after the Republic of China, the Qing forces have not completely remove the old, the new forces of the Republic of China Shangqie immature, from central to local warlords in power, the government nearly paralyzed, showing a disorder of social chaos. Yet at the same time, Shanghai's foreign concessions, such as state within a state there, with a special exclusive peaceful.
Charming night concessions in the economic, demographic and other aspects to further accelerate the speed of its development from 1912 to 1936 can be described as a highly prosperous Shanghai Concession stage. Early Republic, other than concessions and Nanshi Zhabei (Chinese community) is of Jiangsu Province, the ROC government in 1927 set in the concession area outside the city of Shanghai in particular, directly under the Executive Yuan attribution. At this point, an official from Shanghai, Jiangsu from the law jurisdiction, while in Shanghai into Jiangsu Province, County, Baoshan City, County, Township 17. July 1930, renamed Shanghai.
Early 20th century, a series of one after another in Shanghai, affecting the fate of China's political events. July 1921, the first time the Chinese Communist Party National Congress of Industrial Road in Huangpu District, Shanghai, held No. 76, followed in July 1922 and January 1925, and the CPC were held two major and four. May 30, 1925, the cotton plant inside and outside the factory owner in Japan shooting of striking workers (Gu is red), Shanghai students, members of the public gathered in Shanghai's bustling Nanjing Road shopping street of the old gate house arrest to protest in front of the British policeman shot , resulting in Thirtieth Incident, which triggered a nationwide anti-British movement. April 12, 1927, in Shanghai Zhabei incident took place four hundred and twelve, the National Revolutionary Army, 26th Army of the workers Jiu Chadui Jiangxing disarm, causing large-scale bloodshed, the KMT began to split.
③ National Government April 1, 1928, the Nationalist government in Nanjing, capital of the establishment of Shanghai because of geographical advantages, then become the country's economic and financial center.
Ferris buildings today. September 18, 1931, the Japanese manufacturer in the Northeast after the Mukden Incident, also in Shanghai, in the pretext of five Japanese monks Yangshupu cited in Cheung Kong's three friends of Industrial Society (now Shuangyang Changyang Road junction) beaten in front of the Chinese workers, and provoked one hundred twenty-eight Incident, China and Japan in Shanghai Zhabei District intense month-long military conflict in the duration of that National Government has temporarily moved to Luoyang. August 13, 1937, Chiang Kai-shek of China mobilized about 700000 troops (including his most elite troops), near Shanghai and the Japanese 3-month-long Battle of Shanghai, while China paid a great cost to the military (killed 33 million people, the Air Force lost more than half. about one-third of the army troops were), but in the end strength of the dominance of the Japanese army still defeated the Chinese army, military occupation of Shanghai addition to all the areas outside the concession, the anti-Japanese organizations, anti-espionage group Jagged also for the traitors, the Japanese, launched a series of epic, blood surging War. During the Battle of Shanghai, the Shanghai International Settlement of the North and East (now Hongkou and Yangpu two districts) as a Japanese sphere of influence zone and Japan, and China has been hit hard as world. French Concession in Shanghai and Suzhou Creek to the south of Shanghai International Settlement in Central and Western District, has begun the long island during more than four years. December 7, 1941 after the outbreak of the Pacific War, Japan declared war against Britain, then scored the Japanese Concession in Shanghai by the Japanese throughout the occupation. Japan after concession "return" to its support of the Wang Jingwei puppet regime. In early 1943 the Nationalist government in Chongqing United States and Britain set a new reform treaty, to give up concessions in China, marking a century of history has a concession in law disappeared. 1945 Shanghai recovery, then to May 1949, Shanghai has been ruled by the KMT government took over.
In 1946, the national government and the military command of the Republic of China Communist Party of China led a large-scale civil war erupted between the People's Liberation Army (see Civil War). May 28, 1949, after the military control of the PLA defeated the whole territory of Shanghai, during this period, many national governments and international organizations related to personnel, property and institutions following the withdrawal of the Kuomintang in Shanghai.
Shanghai Travel wedding day is the wind climate. The main climatic characteristics are: a warm spring, hot summer, cool autumn, winter cold, the annual rainfall, seasonal distribution uniform. General is mild and humid with four distinct seasons.
Shanghai is the highest temperature of 7-8 two months, more and more of these hot summer in Shanghai, more than 35 ℃ high temperature days 10 days; winter in late January to early February (usually during the Spring Festival) The most cold, cold storms Although the small number of days (usually for 3 days), but the wet south are shouting too much for even the northerners, often biting northerly wind blowing, do not wear some warm clothing and not thick, gloves, scarves, hats and also heavily armed. Snow days are numbered, and sometimes no snow all year round. March to May is spring, when is the best tourist season. Need to remind that in mid-June to early July is the rainy season, the rain suddenly suddenly sunny, 20 days of rainfall throughout the year about the 1 / 4, this time should not travel. The end of August to mid September is the typhoon season, often heavy rain. These two periods have to travel to Shanghai with a good umbrella, but fortunately this time the hot weather, sunny days can also be used to avoid the sun.
Shanghai sunrise and sunset time: 6:49 winter solstice sunrise, sunset 16:57 point, the summer solstice sunrise 4:50, sunset 19:01.
Transportation through the territory of Shanghai maglev railway train There are two major passenger railway lines - the north end of the Shanghai-Nanjing Line (Beijing section of the line) and the southern end of the Shanghai-Hangzhou line. Most of the Shanghai-Nanjing Line trains stop Shanghai Railway Station, Shanghai South Railway Station Shanghai-Hangzhou railway line stops. In addition, Shanghai West Railway Station and Shanghai South Railway Station completed Meilong stop standing in the passenger business. Shanghai West Railway Station renovation has been completed and on July 1, 2010 put into use, the new Shanghai West Railway Station and Shanghai Railway Station together with the Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Railway to become the main site. Shanghai Railway Station will take Hongqiao Shanghai high-speed railway, Shanghai-Hangzhou Passenger (Passenger Shanghai Shanghai-Kunming), the Shanghai-Hangzhou maglev, Shanghai and Guangzhou high-speed railway, the planned inter-city rail Shanghai end of the lake and the Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Railway Shanghai Another section of the end. The future will be built in Pudong Railway Station.
Urban public transport in Shanghai is well developed transportation system. More than 1000 the number of bus routes, operating vehicles over 18000 vehicles, about 7.8 million daily passenger trips, are responsible for 65% of the city public passenger domain, is the world's largest cities on the line. Taxi is the city an important part of public transport. Shanghai has more than 270 taxi companies, employing nearly 10 million people, nearly 43000 taxis, chartered buses and rental vehicles traveling more than 7000 vehicles. Industry-wide average daily passenger traffic of over 300 million people, accounting for 25% of Shanghai's total passenger traffic.
In addition, Shanghai also has the longest mileage of the total thirteen rail transit system, including subway, elevated light rail and maglev lines, mileage more than 400 kilometers, ranking first in the country, has formed a preliminary network structure. Daily average of about 500 million passengers, accounting for City in the majority of public passenger transport volume. Rail traffic by 2010, Shanghai Metro Operation total mileage of about 410 km, 266 stations put into operation, the first scale of its operations. Early in the 19th century, Shanghai was the concession stand has been designated account in the Shanghai Hongqiao Shanghai subway systems in Tokyo, Shanghai could have at least 20 years earlier in Asia first with rail transportation, but because Shanghai is the beach of the geological conditions, land sediment content is too high and too soft to do the technical conditions were difficult to resolve, which also led to the construction of Shanghai Metro had to temporarily give up the plan, did not realize that this delay is a century. Shanghai Rail Transit in the 20th century the formal operation of the early 90s, is the Chinese mainland after Beijing, Tianjin subway opened to traffic after the construction of the third city rail transit system, the first Metro Line 1 to 9 January 1993 the opening of trial plans to train the new first Longhua (now the Shanghai South Railway Station) bound Xujiahui, the train by a diesel locomotive shunting to the new Longhua station. Since the first time in history, no experience, leading to uplink transmission power OCS can not, ultimately, the train depot shunting back Meilong. The second day of January 10, 1993, the first column of the history of Shanghai subway train in the new range of Longhua conducted to test the opening of Xujiahui. Between April 1995 and put into trial operation. December 31, 2009 daily traffic was 5272500 passengers. Short and long term planning is to reach 510 km and 970 km. At present, the Shanghai Metro extended to more than 400 kilometers, ranking first in the world.
Welcome to Wikipedia Dining Shanghai is the city, almost all of the dishes are gathering in Shanghai, with Chinese cuisine is known. Exotic flavors from around the world but also in Shanghai procure the trail, not only that, all kinds of style fast food is always first in Shanghai debut.
In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, the requirements of the people of Shanghai for food from a simple color, smell, taste, taste sensation to the development of self-cultivation, disease prevention, fitness, beauty, health diet, therefore, all kinds of medicated , "green" Vegetarian dishes and some traditional dish is its unique charm of Chinese and foreign guests are welcome.
Shanghai's food and beverage market is always the climax after another. You can go to food street Do not miss a good opportunity to taste the delicious food.
Tips for eating food in Shanghai, there are tips, such as the choice depends on the size of the hotel, a big kitchen to the guests according to Gubuguolai; too small, missing kitchen ingredients easily. Depends on the traffic, the food fresh is very important, few people expected to remain fresh and hard vegetables. So, pick the best medium-sized restaurant, 500 square meters. Select the first condition of the restaurant is to look at its health, and even see it in the kitchen, bathroom, great relationship between health, at least between the freshness of the food. Many things can not overnight, such as fish, bad day is different. Depends on the attitude of many side dishes to the guests at the first time, neglect a little different. Into the restaurant is not afraid of you, I'm afraid you can not, dishes have to be refined a little bit less, not necessarily expensive; Shanghai people generally do not point a large table, like taste, but to even the dinner, in general 8 a dish has enough. Western food to pay attention to rhythm, each in front of a food or a glass of wine after the water to a net mouth, so to enjoy food is meant to be. Chinese food should do the best dish on every 10-15 minutes. To Shanghai, Shanghai cuisine is to eat well. Vegetables play or move to a brand of restaurants as well, 28 per pound of rhubarb snake, grass shrimp 28 per pound, not superstition.
I suggest you stay in a hotel breakfast in the food, many hotels offer free breakfast buffet. Noon meal usually in the vicinity of tourist attractions, a la carte try not marked "current price" of the dishes, ask units, and some restaurants in the "two", "only" to make arms and legs chopped off. Dinner does not have to eat in the hotel, and high cost. The main business center of Shanghai, many food court area, cheap, service is good, usually 15-25 yuan per capita consumption.
Shanghai in recent years, new leisure and entertainment a lot of theme parks, park. Modern facilities and natural scenery, can people be put aside worries and fatigue, to breathe the fresh air of nature. In addition, the birthplace of Shanghai as China and the World Film Festival will be held to nine, with many first-class audio-visual equipment, movie theater, so you unparalleled viewing experience. There are a series of world-class arts venues and theaters. If you are a groupie, enthusiast, then in Shanghai, you will be able feast for the eyes. When you're tired, get tired after, gotta find a place to sit and rest a while, all over Shanghai Tea House, the book market is the best choice. Tea House is a 24-hour, some of it is 24 hours unlimited drinks for. About a couple of friends or friends, in which playing cards, chat, and the taste you can personally experience. With more than entertainment, of course, ultimately, sports and fitness needs, so that busy people or run around all day the day and the visitors to relax and exercise body. Nowadays, fashion play by the young family favorite. Because stimulation, because they can challenge themselves, so they never bored. When night comes, the night of debauchery in Shanghai to do in the play time to the opening. Nightclubs, karaoke OK, disco, bars, cafes, and so a variety of entertainment, with guests from all sides, and began another of their life. Here they can enjoy singing, dancing, taking one day to the fatigue. In short, the Shanghai variety of entertainment venues abound, new entertainment projects are often pushed out of the new layer, so that you forget being in this city.
Shopping because of the special geographical location and historical background of the modern history of Shanghai in the near fu JIA has been a gathering place for foreigners, a variety of high-grade imported and domestic goods variety, known as "shopping paradise" reputation; now, with the Shanghai metropolis The Establishment, "shopping" Shanghai has become the indispensable travel content to a.
With the commercial development has long been the gradual formation of the Shanghai famous "Fourth Street Fourth City": whether to shopping, China Business First Street, Nanjing Road are foreign tourists will visit a street, not to mention in one of the shops, overlooking the old shop in Shanghai in the characteristics of goods can be alone, along the way, as if into the shop from the historical to the modern evolution of the museum; elegant Huaihai Road, shops and stores gathered, where you can see the cutting edge of fashion , walking in the road make you feel young men and women walked into a living, "Elle"; civilians in North Sichuan Road Commercial Street, shops, row upon row array of goods, inexpensive, has been the Shanghai people's favorite; National Yuyuan rich features, the new rise of Xujiahui Mall, Pudong New Shanghai Commercial City and the "land-based gateway to Shanghai" - Kerry Everbright City, work together to build the image of Shanghai's business, where row upon row of shops, merchandise assortment, a hundred years old street , specialty shops, famous Monopoly the leading position.
If you want to buy quality, open the map you will see a place most worth visiting are two subway lines running through it. Subway: From the Xujiahui, Huaihai Road shopping to the preferred line. Particular, Huaihai Zhong Road, said "Shanghai Huaihai Zhong Road, in beauty," because self-evident, and even shopping network features, but also spread it to start coming around. Metro Line: the main line is the Nanjing West Road, the main point is to Westgate, Citic Pacific and Hang Lung Plaza. In one second line intersecting the people there are in Hong Kong Plaza Shoppes Street and IndyMac, had a reputation; If you want to buy inexpensive commodity, went to Temple Fuyou Road, where would you never knew; if You want to buy nice fashionable clothes, but some "empty pockets", you can go to Xiangyang clothing market test your own eyes; As for the purchase of home appliances, the best place is the United States, State or Quyang appliances through the city, they launched "purchase price" sales and genuine.
Daily living, buying cheap goods, the best place to supermarkets in Shanghai, such as: Carrefour, Metro, RT-Mart, Tesco Lotus, Hualian GMS, etc., most of the traffic outside the ring, including the distribution thoroughfares and residential clusters, in addition, there are over hundreds of Shanghai Hualian, Lianhua, NGS and other supermarket chains and 24-hour convenience stores, shopping is very convenient.
Shanghai Shopping Tips list the main features of street
1. Malls generally open at 9:00-21:00 or 10:00-22:00, weekends and holidays be extended, individual exceptions.
2. Shopping center was given commodity, do not take over, to avoid entanglement.
3. Season, festivals, business anniversary is a discount when shopping, do not leave empty-handed, so sorry.
4. The implementation of commercial buildings in Shanghai, part of the "three color" price check system: blue - clearly label; yellow - price-cutting label; Red - bargain labels.

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