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Regional Overview

Taiwan is located southeast area of ​​the east Pacific, west of the Taiwan and Fujian Province across the Taiwan Strait, the Bashi Channel to the south, bordering the Philippine Islands, north to the East China Sea. The total area of ​​35989.76 square km island is the largest island in China, including Taiwan Island, Penghu Islands, Diaoyu Islands, Akao Island, Orchid Island, Fire Island and other islands, a total of 88 subsidiaries, as China's "multi-island province" .
The island of Taiwan from north to south and narrow things. Up to 394 km north-south, 144 km wide, most things, was spindle. The island of Taiwan is a mountainous island, the Central Mountain Range, Yushan Mountain, Snow Mountain, Ali Mountain and Taitung mountain range (also known as the Coastal Mountain Range) is the island's five major mountain ranges. The most famous Alishan, Taiwan's beautiful scenery handsome symbol.
Taiwan is China's sacred territory since ancient times, in ancient Chinese literature, known as "Penglai", "loan-Yu", "member Qiao", "Chou", "Dao Yi", "barbarian state," "seek Okinawa "and so on. 1885 (eleven years the Qing dynasty) the formal establishment of provinces. The Taiwan Strait between North and South China sea transport hub, is famous for the Far East sea corridor. She and Temple Islands, Zhoushan Islands, Hainan Island, the sea constitutes a "Great Wall", as a natural barrier along the southeast coast of China, known as "lock and key Southeast", "seven provincial barriers," said.
Taiwan is a beautiful island, is also a fertile island. Pleasant climate, fertile land and rich resources, creating Taiwan's "Mountain and Sea Show Results of the District, Feng Yan Gaoyuzhide." The "rice warehouse", "Oriental sugar Library", "Shuiguozhixiang", "Forest of the Sea" and "South East Salt Library," "Orchid Kingdom", "Butterfly Kingdom", "Coral Kingdom", "fish warehouse", etc. reputation. The sea around Taiwan is surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers within the territory, full of green forests and fields covered by the abundant sunshine, spring. As a world famous tourist destination, the scenery of the island of Taiwan can be summarized as "high mountains, dense forests, waterfalls and more strange shore", and several other features.
A major feature of Taiwanese folk religion is prevalent. Taiwan's temples and more and more followers. The worship of the gods are Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and everything. One of the most popular incense Matsu.
Taiwan Overview:
Abbreviations: Taiwan Location: Located on the continental shelf along the southeast coast of China, Taiwan faces the Pacific, the Northeast neighborhood Ryukyu Islands, about 600 km apart; the southern boundary of the Bashi Channel, and the Philippines, about 300 km apart; west across the Taiwan Strait, Fujian, the most narrow at 130 km. China and the Pacific region to sea to contact major transport hub.
Area: total area of ​​36006 square kilometers, Taiwan, an area of ​​35873 square kilometers of the island.
Population: 22280000 Nationality: Chinese account for about 98% of the total population; ethnic minorities accounted for 2%. Minorities into the Ami, Atayal, Paiwan, Bunun, Puyuma, Rukai, Cao, Yami, and the summer season of 9 family, separated across the province.
Language: Most of the ancestral home of Taiwan residents in Guangdong and Fujian provinces, where Taiwanese people in Taiwan the main dialects, known as the "Taiwanese", but Beijing is still the common language of Taiwan language (Putonghua), the main person in Taiwan as "Mandarin."
Religion: Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Mount stuffy religion, Islam, Hinduism and so on.
Zoning: Taipei, Kaohsiung, two "municipality", Taichung, Tainan, Keelung, Hsinchu, Chiayi five "provincial cities", Taipei, Ilan, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Taichung, Changhua, Nantou, Yunlin, Chiayi , Tainan, Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Taitung, Hualien and Penghu sixteen counties.
View: Sun Moon Lake, Alishan, Yangmingshan, Beitou Hot Springs, Tainan Chi Qianlou, Pak temples and so on.
Ancient history and culture, Taiwan and the mainland, was a result of crustal movement, the part connected to sink into the sea, the formation of the Straits, there island.
Taiwan's early inhabitants, the majority are from mainland China directly or indirectly, moved to come. 1971 and 1974, two in Tainan County, Taiwan Zuojhen found so far the earliest human fossils, was named "left town people." Archaeologists believe that "left the town of Man" is in 3 million years ago from the mainland to Taiwan, and Fujian archaeological discovery of the "clean" and "Dongshan" belong to southern China late Paleolithic Homo sapiens, have a common origin, have inherited some characteristics of Homo erectus in China. Taiwan's early inhabitants, there are small number of ethnic belonging Nige Li Tuo dwarf species of black and are Okinawans Langchiao people. Taiwan's early inhabitants of the ethnic ancestors of today's Taiwan.
1644, Qingjunruguan, the Qing government in Beijing. April 1661, the Southern Ming dynasty, Zheng Chenggong to major general in the name of Zhao Tao, the rate of 25000 soldiers and hundreds of warships, from the Golden Gate to enter Taiwan. Zheng Chenggong march to Taiwan, the Dutch colonists that Taiwan "has always belonged to China," Taiwan and the Penghu these two "islands of the residents are Chinese, their ancient possession and cultivation of the land", Netherlands "self should be it returned to their owners. "After a fierce battle and siege, in February 1662, Zheng Chenggong signatures to force a surrender of the Dutch Premier Governor. Zheng recovered from the hands of the Dutch colonists of the Chinese territory of Taiwan, as a great national hero, admired by the majority of the people.
As Western powers to the Chinese border invasion force, the emergence of a border crisis. During the 1884-1885 Sino-French War years, the French military attack on Taiwan, Liu Ming-chuan led his army was hit hard, to June 1885, "French New Testament," signed, the French were forced to withdraw from Taiwan.
After the Sino-French War, the Qing government to strengthen the coastal defense, in 1885, designated as a single province of Taiwan, Taiwan became the 20th province of China. Liu Ming-chuan New Deal actively promote self-reliance, clean up the land tax, to increase revenue, purchase of ships, set up telegraph lines, the establishment of Posts and Telecommunications Administration, the construction of the railway; to buy warships, additional batteries, set up machine-made weapons from the Board; established Bureau of coal, installing new coal mining machinery; set Singshih company, making road construction Street; creation of the West Hall, telegraph schools and train construction personnel. Liu Ming-chuan of the many new business focused on one province, so that Taiwan became one of China's advanced provinces.
Sino Japan launched in 1894, the Qing government was defeated the following year, on April 17 was forced to sign humiliating "Treaty of Shimonoseki," ceded Taiwan to Japan. After the news, the whole country with anger against the cession of Taiwan; Taiwan province crying loudly, prompting strike. Associate Taiwan Military Affairs of the Qing army generals Liu same rate against the Japanese occupation, adhere to more than 5 months of fighting, after the size of hundreds of battles, the Japanese aggressors paid a heavy price, but in the end were defeated. From then on, Taiwan became a colony of Japan 50 years.
Never yield to the people of Taiwan in Japan's colonial rule, Japanese occupation in the early stage of the farmers were the main anti-Japanese armed struggle for 20 years. Later, cultural associations, the People's Party, the Communist Party and other organizations also led the resistance to Japanese colonial rule of the national resistance movement.
July 1937 in Japan "Marco Polo Bridge Incident," the Chinese people began the nation's Anti-Japanese War. In the Anti-Japanese War, many Taiwan compatriots to return to the motherland to participate in war, the victory of the war and contributed to Taiwan's recovery. December 1941 after the outbreak of the Pacific War, December 9, the Chinese government issued a "Notice of China declared war on Japan," clearly told to the foreign: "Everything treaties, agreements, contracts, involving relations between China and Japan who will be abrogated . "
August 1945, the Japanese defeat in World War II, August 15 announced its unconditional surrender. After 8 years the heroic Chinese people's Anti-Japanese War, and finally recovered Taiwan. Taiwan compatriots joy to celebrate the return to the motherland. October 25, the Allies surrender in Taiwan Province of China Theater ceremony was held in Taipei, the Chinese Government officers surrender announcement: From now on, Taiwan and the Penghu Islands has been formally re-enter the territory of China, all of all land, people, government affairs been placed China's sovereignty. So far, Taiwan, Penghu return to Chinese sovereignty under the jurisdiction.
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Taiwan has a subtropical climate, warm winters, hot summers, abundant rainfall, summer and autumn typhoons and storms and more. Suitable for a variety of plant growth. So much of the land on the island green of the forest cover, the "sea Cuiwei" reputation. Tropic of Cancer pass through the central island of Taiwan, north to subtropical climate, the south has a tropical climate, the average temperature (except mountains) is 22 ℃, annual precipitation more than 2000 mm.
Taiwan is a beautiful and fertile island country, excellent water and heat conditions. Taiwan is known as the "fruit kingdom" reputation, fruit variety. Flower production value is also considerable.
Air Traffic Information Airport and Kaohsiung Airport, Taoyuan International Airport; Taipei Songshan, Hualien, Taichung, Chiayi, Tainan, Taitung Airport airport for the province; Lishan, Ali for the heliport; Makung, Green Island, Orchid Island, Liouciou , Chimei Island, Wangan small airport for the islands above the airport in Taoyuan, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Hualien, the largest four airports.
Taiwan has to fly to Japan, the United States, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong and 93 international routes, a total of 25 airlines flights world's 56 major cities. In addition the island has to Taipei and Kaohsiung as the center, fly to Makung, Hualien, Taitung, Chiayi, Taichung, Tainan, Lishan, Sun Moon Lake, Hengchun, Green Island, the regular route. Since all of the island, inter-island air traffic and flight time are less than an hour, so the long-distance travel by plane is the most commonly used means of transport.
Taiwan's maritime shipping traffic developed, is to maintain the lifeline of its economy. Keelung, Kaohsiung, Hualien, the main ferry dock to the international port. Taiwan and the outlying islands of Kinmen and Matsu are very convenient transportation between been drawn mainly aircraft, passenger supplement.
Railway Taiwan Railway more than 4500 km total length (70% of narrow-gauge railway), there is the railway from Keelung to Kaohsiung, the main line (length 400 km), the railway network has been formed around the island.
Taiwan's railways can be divided into East and West Line:
Railway and the West, including longitudinal extension: A Longitudinal Railway from Keelung by Taipei, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Taichung, Changhua, Yunlin, Chiayi, Tainan to Kaohsiung, electrification has been achieved; extension are Yilan Line (Keelung - Su-ao), Pingtung Line (Kaohsiung - Fangliao), Chunan to Changhua longitudinal lines parallel to the sea and the mountain line, Danshui line, Hsinchu Line, Jiji Line, the Alishan Forest Line (Chiayi - marsh flat).
There are eastern and eastern Taiwan, the new construction of the North Link Railway: from Hualien to Taitung Taitung; North South rail line from the holy lake stations in Ilan, northeastern Taiwan coast along the south, the Su-ao to Hualien and Taiwan Eastern connection.
In addition, opened to traffic in 1991, the South Link Railway (Pingtung - Taitung), Taiwan has made the formation of island railway network. In recent years, Taipei, Taiwan, and in building the underground railway and Kaohsiung to Pingtung, double-track railway.
Taiwan's highway is well developed highway, road length of 17000 km, total length of 1031 km road around the island. Road network throughout the province, the line quite dense. Function according to the geographical situation and the road points in the highway, around the island roads, highways around the island, across the road, runs through the highway, the coastal highway, contact the Highway 6 systems, which intertwined, connected, provide visitors a great convenience.
If tourism in the island, around the island, easily accessible by road network and passenger buses are very convenient, very convenient tourists can appreciate the beauty of Taiwan.
Introduction to eat gourmet food, is a way of understanding of Taiwan, Taiwan's 319 townships across the province, over Jie You can of imported snacks. For full appetite can be made to taste various types of alcohol each pulling the food, smell the taste of Taiwan. More characteristics of the snacks are: wonton soup, beef noodle nine old Tian Lu, Keelung "Ding edge file", Changhua meatballs, tofu, coffin plates, meat and other flavors. Want to taste the food, can go to the following "food street" a real treat.
Keelung Temple snacks concentrated in the benevolence and love four three-way, into the L-type extension. Tongzhi temple here was built in twelve years (AD 1873), is now two to three hundred stalls. Many people to Keelung, want a taste of the file flavors tripod side, but I do not know how to address the problems, or where a tripod can eat authentic edge file and stop.
West of the Zhongshan Soccer Stadium in the national side, there is a regular full house, even a hard to find the Jiuquan Street. Jiuquan is located about a hundred meters Yumen Street corner, you can see a big bright signs ─ pill Linlu pilaf. Because of its cheap, very good business. Lu meat here for the main rice and chicken with rice, meat and rice Lu five dollars per bowl, chicken rice bowl of twenty dollars each. There are a variety of fresh and delicious soups: a sodium soup, braised pork ribs mushroom soup, fried pork ribs lily soup, bitter melon pork ribs soup, clam soup, pork ribs, leaving you food for thought.
Meinung, Kaohsiung County has many specialty snack bar along the countryside, cooking all kinds of game, including a Ming Yao called "mountains and rivers of flesh" (that is, large Shanshu meat), is a famous drinks cuisine.
A Japanese word for "fried bean curd," the transliteration, that was the staple of fresh water. A square is a pocket made of tofu, fried fans filled prior to the opening paste fish paste, and steamed, then topped with special sweet and spicy sauce Sato, mouth-watering.
Tainan City is not only a great variety of snacks, and a long history, has long been renowned in the province. Most important of which to the "degree Satsuki noodle" and "black bridge sausage", which are popular snacks at the local preference for diners.
Taiwan's rich variety of tropical and subtropical fruits, fruit stand on the street is full, so eat the fruit is a great enjoyment of the people of Taiwan.
Ting edge specialty snacks tofu noodle file degree Satsuki wonton soup flavor meat sausages bridge nine black coffin beef noodle pit temple old Tian Lu Changhua meatballs tofu balls
Entertainment Television and tourism is the most important in Taiwan's second largest leisure and entertainment. Taiwan has more than 90 television channels and program content is all-inclusive, and more to confusing. Travel in Taiwan, is a popular leisure activities of children. The annual winter vacation, summer vacation and Lunar New Year in Taiwan's three major tourist season.
In addition, the spa and night markets in Taiwan is a major feature.
Hot spring spa, sauna washing is a major highlight of the Taiwan travel throughout Taiwan's hot springs spa area so you can enjoy the fun. Enjoy stretching your limbs, in the spa under the influence of imagination. Taiwan's hot springs, some historic, some of the full game. Wash the skin will become pink and transparent, very comfortable. An average of about NT 200 round bubble.
Taiwan's hot spring spa is located four Datun Volcano Group, Jinshan fault, Taiwan's most famous hot springs for centuries.
Transport: Bus 216217218223266230 associates can take a bus to the new Beitou, but also take the MRT Beitou Station.
Yangmingshan hot springs in Taipei's Yangmingshan hot springs in Taiwan one of the four names.
Transportation: 1, take the 260 bus transit way, or from Park Road, Da Wang Jinshan, Taipei Taiwan Motor Transport bus, get off at Central Station Jidi teachers.
2, take the MRT Danshui Line to New Beitou Station, then take bus 230 or a small bus associates 9 Road to the teacher center.
Guanzihling Spa is located in Tainan County territory Guanzihling east, is the most famous spa town of Tainan.
Transportation: From the white town to take a new business passenger Kuantzuling.
Four River Hot Springs is located on the Hengchun Peninsula in Pingtung County, the Four River Hot Springs, with good spring water and tranquil rural scenery, and the Yangmingshan, Beitou, Taiwan tied Guanzihling four famous springs.
Transport: Car City Dawang by the Hengchun or peonies, Eastern, and other places Xuhai Kaohsiung Bus, get off at the Four River.
Road night market night market culture together colorful variety of desktop snack culture Road Night Market, began the mountain, culture, colorful fountain Road intersection. Busy during the day, many shops on both sides until 22:30, after closing one by one business, food stalls have to play This form vendors everywhere, the big night market crowds, hours of operation until midnight 34 point, and even dawn. Therefore, the main source of tourists, mostly night owls, night shift staff, the holidays, there are ways to Alishan sunrise here and enjoy the sea of ​​clouds of visitors.
Chueiyang Road Night Market Road extension from the culture out of Chueiyang Road Night Market, to seafood, lamb oven dishes. Store density is not high, but it also brings together the whole way more than 50 snack bar. When night comes, patrons gathered to operate until midnight 34 points.
Night market night market liquidity flows are from Tuesday to Sunday, place most of the focus on people's livelihood, South Road, Freedom, Chueiyang Road, Stadium, Golden Hill Road, Xinyi Road, inclusive of goods sold, including a variety of snacks, household items.
Kuni Road night market in Kaohsiung City's most famous night market street, Zhongshan Road all the way to self-reliance among. About 350 meters long section on; are filled with a lot of decorating style, affordable popular steak house, bright and spacious hot pot restaurants. Every evening, more food stands out as gathered, seafood, mountain products, local food, ice cream, etc. everything, diners through each of cries after another, great excitement.
Tonghua Night Market Tonghua night market mainly in Tonghua and Keelung Road between Riverside street, just unusual shopping street during the day, selling goods to fashion oriented. However, vendors will be gathered into the night, various food stalls, jewelry stands, fishing for goldfish, selling electronic toys, have emerged, lively market formation, not only hanging around with the crowd Mojiancazhong night markets, but also of people and vehicles even Tonghua contention Road, congestion state.
River Street Night Market is located near the Songshan train station Raohe Street Night Market, west of River Street, Bade Road junction, east of Songshan Salesian House. About 500 meters on the streets, people flocked to the night market tour, tasting of traditional snacks, buy popular items, great time.
Shopping shopping about Taiwan island is beautiful and rich country, as surrounded by the sea, coral, and rich resources, "Coral Kingdom". In addition, the local paper umbrella, umbrella, Chaozhou, Guangdong inherited characteristics, not only practical, but also on a good bamboo handicrafts. Among them, the Kaohsiung "Mino Canton Wing Hing-made" paper umbrella, the most representative.
Oolong tea and marble, jade products are more well-known specialty of Taiwan. Especially Oolong tea, taste is fragrant, is the visitor out to share. Oolong tea variety, a large gap between the price to buy the best of local friend.
Taiwan's other specialties are: coral shell art, Shihlin, Taipei Mito, glassware, pottery art of Yingge Township, Hsinchu citrus, Pingtung, pineapple, banana Qishan, Taitung citronella oil, Miaoli, Dahu strawberry, dried seafood were salt Crispy shrimp, chicken wings, torch, Angelica chicken, Newport yee Chiayi, Taichung sun cakes, cake kumquat Ilan, Hsinchu rice noodles and so on.
If you want to gift or as a souvenir, stone Hualien, Penghu four treasures, Mino specialty, popsicle, Okayama Sambo can be used as the preferred gift.
Mino Okayama specialty specialty stone treasures of Penghu, Hualien Sibao Yingge Ceramics popsicle

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