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Sichuan China Youth Travel Service (Head Office) - the latest tourism in Chengdu, Chengdu tours, Chengdu tour price quotes, Chengdu tourist attractions, Chengdu tours, Chengdu tourism offer, Chengdu travel notes, Chengdu travel guide, Chengdu Tourist Guide, Chengdu air ticket booking, hotel reservation services, Chengdu hotel, conference tourism in Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou, Emei Shan Tourism, Qingcheng Mountain, Dujiangyan tourism, Panda Travel.

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Tianjin Tianjin customs travel guide
All cities in Tianjin
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All attractions in Tianjin
"Tianjin Eye" Ferris wheel Baita White Snake Valley Baita Beilin hundreds of ink Beilin will ink a hundred PCC Park rocks Baodi stone buildings Pagoda Temple North Canyon Park
Beitang fishing Chenier Century Plaza Marina Bohai Sea World of Children Former residence of Cao Kun Former residence of Cao Yu Chaoyin Si Great Mercy Temple Great Mercy Temple Taku Fort
Big respect for Court Dongli Lake Hot Spring Resort East beachhead Eastern Han Dynasty Independent Music Morning - Dule Temple Dule Temple SG Temple SG Temple Put water Xia - Hai Ancient Culture Street Quaint museum
Hometown Sites - Tianjin Ancient Culture Street Canton Center Canton Center Haimen Gousse - Dagu Fort West park Red Valley, base of military experience Wine Culture Museum of China Dream Yun Wah Museum Huangyaguan Wall Huang Ya Guan water
Fearless House Fearless House and cemetery Ji Hongchang House Thistle North Xiongguan - huangyaguan Wall Child protection area Jixian square table Jizhou cave Jizhou Confucian Temple Golden Helmet Ginko Gap Tranquil Garden Castle Jiulong Mountain National Forest Park
Kowloon Peak Natural Beauty Old style Juewu She site French public discussion of the old Methodist building in Tianjin The old guard of the Drum Tower in Tianjin Tianjin Wei of the old Bureau of Mines Building Kailuan Tianjin Lihua Building, the old guard of Guardian of the old Bell House in Tianjin Guardian of the Old Fort in Tianjin Guardian of the old Tianjin Tianjin Quangyechang
Church of the old Western Cape Li Chun shrine Li Jifu old home Former Residence of Liang Former Residence of Liang Warring States Forest Festival - these ancient cultural sites Longtan floating Tsui - Water Park Lvzu Tang Mao Zedong ink Beilin Former residence of the last emperor
Oyster Beach Nankai University Nankai District martyrs cemetery City Food Street City Food Street Nie Shicheng martyrs monument Ninghe 诺恩海德怡 Spa Winding Winding
Disk Ski Resort Tianjin Campaign Frontline Command Site Tianjin Campaign Headquarters Qilihai Thousands of stone like the temple Youth and Children Activity Center Qing Tombs Three Muyu - winding Three Stone Memorial Stone Courtyard
Stone Fun amusement park Shi Qu Yuan Twins Drunk month - Food Street, Hotel Street Water Park Four Martyrs Monument Sun Chuan-fang house Taipingzhai 汤玉麟 house King Street Tanggu Tanggu District
Tiancheng Temple stupa Tin Hau Temple Tin Hau Temple Tin Hau Temple Tianjin Royale Spa Tianjin Coastal Tourism Resort Tianjin Tropical Plant Garden Tour Tianjin Water Park Tower Lake Scenic Area in Tianjin Sky Tower
Sky Tower Xuan Yun - Tianjin TV Tower Senior's Club Mission Park Lake Hot Springs Holiday Manor Lung Shun Wan Yuan Zhan-yuan house Wang Zhong Shan House Wanghai church Five Road Xigu Chaoyin Si Fresh on the tomb of Juan
Yangcun "small world" Yangliuqing Forest Park Main Club UK Xiangyi Former residence in the Ark Martyrs cenotaph in the Ark Yulong ski Yulong ski Lin Proterozoic rocks Yuan House Former Residence of Zhang Xueliang
Zhang house Zhang Xueming old home Zhang Xun house , The Upper Proterozoic strata standard Central color line Zhou Deng Memorial Zhou Deng Memorial Zhou Gongci Zhuang Yuefeng old home Museum of Natural History
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Regional Overview

Tianjin is one of the four cities directly under the central authorities, is China's coastal open international port city. Because of its special geographical location, Tianjin in north China's largest economic trade center. Her beautiful, rich, cultural atmosphere, and also has a strong local folk customs of Tianjin, rich and vibrant historical sites modern times, is the seat input on the tourism value of the historic and cultural city, is also the seat is full of dynamism of the modern international port city.
Location of Tianjin is located in the northeast of the North China Plain, northwest of Yanshan back pillow, Southeast facing the Bohai Sea, the terrain gradually descending from the northwest to the southeast, forming a slope shaped like a dustpan. Tianjin is located in the geographical coordinates of latitude 38 ° 34 'to 40 ° 15', longitude 116 ° 42 'to 118 ° 04'. Five tributaries of the Haihe South Canal, the North Canal, Ziya River, Daqing, Yongding
Tianjin City are in the corner of River confluence, flows through the city into the Bohai Sea. Tianjin is about 186 km north-south east-west width of 101 km. Perimeter of about 900 km, of which about 133 km coastline. The total area of ​​11305 square kilometers. Tianjin is the gateway to the Chinese capital Beijing, is located a hundred kilometers southeast of Beijing, the two cities by rail connected, there Tanggu Expressway, an hour to a smooth arrival. Tianjin back north, northeast, northwest, facing the Northeast Asia region is the center of the Bohai Sea economic circle, the endpoints of the Eurasian Continental Bridge.
Topography downtown Tianjin today, in ancient times was once a vast sea. Is the first into the land along the Yanshan Mountains Jixian, due to the strong crustal movement, about 19.5 billion years ago, uplift of the mountains, the sea receded, and several times after the settlement and uplift. In the back 7500 years to the Neolithic settlement in the land after a violent, Tianjin, north and west of the land formation. During this period, the ancient three northern migration of the Yellow River into the sea in the Tianjin area. The earliest recorded time was 3400 years ago, the Xia and Shang Dynasty, the last one moved out of Tianjin is the diversion of the Southern Song Chun Xi ten year (ie 1184). A large number of ancient Yellow River sediment coerced into the sea from the Tianjin area, making land great capability, which is the formation of the alluvial plain of Tianjin played an important role. In the Han to Tang Dynasty, the Haihe River mouth onto today's Junliangcheng area, Tianjin, a large plain shape.
Tianjin belongs to warm temperate climate property sub-humid continental monsoon climate, four distinct seasons. Spring is windy and dry, hot summer, rainy, autumn air is crisp and pleasant, the winter cold and less snow. In addition to Ji County in the mountains, the annual average temperature of 11 degrees Celsius or more. The coldest year round average temperature in January to minus 4 degrees Celsius to 6 degrees. The average temperature of the hottest in July and down 26 degrees Celsius. One year, January and July temperatures of 30 degrees Celsius difference between the upper and lower general, diurnal temperature range is generally about 10 degrees.
Tianjin Spring shortest, 50 days; summer, about 100 days; fall 55 days or so; winter the longest, 160 days. Tianjin, a significant seasonal wind direction changes, more in spring and autumn winds blowing southwest, southeast wind blowing in summer or south wind, blowing northwest wind in winter and more or northerly winds. Tianjin, the average frost-free period was 204 calendar days. The average annual sunshine time 2600-2800 hours.
Sancha River in Tianjin Tianjin has rich natural resources. In addition to Jixian mountains and hills is a thin layer of soil and thick bone, the Tianjin rest of the land is developed on sediments in the deep soil, and variety. Rich in water resources in Tianjin. Haihe River tributaries upstream of many more than 10 kilometers in length more than 300 rivers. Tianjin area lakes, known Jingu earth.
Tianjin is also very rich in biological resources. Plant Resources of 1049 kinds of vascular plants, belonging to 149 families, 527 genera, mainly in the natural vegetation Jixian mountains. Animal resources, mainly deer, roe deer, wolves, foxes, yellow weasel, rabbits, rock squirrels, shrews, barefoot, etc., common in Jixian mountains. In the vast plains, more common is the grass rabbits, rodents, weasels and hedgehogs. Tianjin, there are 235 species of birds, belonging to 17 orders, 48 ​​families. Tianjin rich in aquaculture, coastal waters are octopus, small yellow croaker, yellow croaker, sea bass, shrimp, crab, shellfish and other 150 kinds; canals, freshwater fish ponds have carp, silver carp, crucian carp, grass carp, etc. 59. Tianjin has been proven mineral resources metal mining, non-metallic minerals and 20 kinds of mineral fuels. In addition, where abundant geothermal resources, has been found to have 10 geothermal anomalies, is now being developed.
National population and administrative divisions of Tianjin Han, Hui, Mongolian, Manchu, Zhuang and other 29 ethnic groups in 1992 to a total of 920.41 million resident population, the city's population density is 779 persons per square kilometer. The specific differences between the administration of Tianjin is: the 18 municipal districts and counties, including 13 municipal districts, namely, the city six areas: peace zone, east zone, Hexi District, Hebei District, Nankai District, Hongqiao District; coastal three areas: Tanggu District, Hangu District, Dagang District; new four areas: the West Green area, Jinnan District, Dongli District, North Star District. Municipality County 5: Jinghai County, Wuqing County, Baodi County, Jixian, Ninghe.
The convenience of modern transportation activities for various business conditions. Today, hundreds of thousands of dollars per year domestic and foreign tourists take the ferry arrived at Tianjin Port, Tanggu expressway shortens the time from Beijing to Tianjin, and a flight from Beijing to Tianjin, just 20 minutes. Because the superior investment environment in Tianjin and flexible policies in recent years, Tianjin engaged in economic activities, trade and investment negotiations sharp increase in overseas business, and its proportion of the total number of overseas tourists in Tianjin for more than half of foreign investment projects are sprouting everywhere. As history, there have been the same scene, Tianjin has become an attractive treasure, attracting foreign investment in the business travel desire, therefore, business travel, another feature of tourism in Tianjin.
Tianjin is a historical and cultural center of northern Mazu culture, it is "Matsu Meizhou south, north, Tianjin, Tin Hau Temple," said. Tianjin Mazu Culture is an important source of history and culture. "First, Goddess Temple, after the Tianjin Wei" folk proverbs, fully illustrated in Tianjin Mazu Culture important role in the history of civilization. To the temple as the center of the Ancient Culture Street has become a renowned Chinese and foreign tourist attraction and an important showcase city image "window." Cultural Street and Haihe to rely on, hold the first Mazu Culture Tourism Festival in Tianjin, Tianjin, conducive to the protection and excavation of historical relics and carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation; are conducive to enhancing the world with the Chinese, especially Hong Kong, Macao compatriots together emotional exchanges, and strengthen the friendly cross-strait exchanges and cooperation; will help improve the city's cultural taste and influence, promote culture, tourism and regional economy to accelerate development. Tianjin Municipal People's Government of Tianjin Mazu Culture Tourism Festival held in this city of 20 items included in the practical, has been widespread community support and a positive response at home and abroad. After initial contact, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao and Fujian and tourism sectors of civil society organizations will organize a one thousand to come to Tianjin to attend the meeting, join the festivities.
Wedding day tour in Tianjin is a warm sub-humid continental climate, the average temperature at 13 ℃ or more. July temperature is the highest, at 26 ℃ or more, in January the lowest temperature at -4 ℃ below, there are non-winter or summer view. Spring and autumn mild climate, the season is a great tour of Tianjin. Tianjin, the annual average precipitation is 550-680 mm.
Traffic information center 50 kilometers from the coast, 120 km from the capital, is the choke points at sea to Beijing, the capital has always been the gateway city Jifu. Tianjin is also connected three north - north, northeast, northwest China's transport hub, from Tianjin to Shenyang, northeast, northwest of Baotou, south to Xuzhou, Zhengzhou and other places, the straight-line distance of not more than 600 km.
Tianjin is located in the Haihe River, in Sea River, "briefly River Haihe hub," Home "Nine River under the tip", the territory of the Haihe River, Ziya New River, Duliujian River, Yongding New River, the tide of white New River and the Ji Canal and other wear flow sea. Around 900 km, of which the north coast Jianhe, south Qikou, about 133 km.
Tianjin Dining famous food culture, many people are traveling to Tianjin ran Chiqu's. Tianjin cuisine than three hundred years of history, thousands of varieties, cooking techniques to Xianxian main ingredient prominent, elegant ingredients, color and taste delicious, traditional dishes include fish heads roasted pork, fried leavened soft and hard birds, pork skins and so on.
In addition, the streets in Tianjin, but also you can taste cuisine from around the country. And Tianjin, snacks, more well-known head of the, in addition to the famous Tianjin Goubuli steamed, fried cake Erduo Yan, Gui Faxiang twist these three, there Cheung Kee nuts, Cao remember donkey, big blessing to crispy rice dishes stone threshold vegetarian dumplings, vegetarian cake Zhilan boil dry and the fish paste cake and other specialties.
Tianjin Food Street are the main features of City Food Street, Heping District, flavor food street food street in October. In addition, Tianjin and some old long history, such as Kwai Shun Zhai, Cheung Tak Chai, Ching Hing Tak tea, a fragrant bakery goods, bakery four much incense, Du amazing steamed food shop, well made German mutton Baozi Pu, from Shilin Xi restaurants.
Entertainment in Tianjin sea, the Haihe River goes through the city there are so blessed with resources to bring a very unique Tianjin entertainment. You can sail boats on the gallop in the Haihe River, listening ear, the wind howls, the pain of his own smallness and breadth of the universe; also drive sampan board and storm Bo hit, make a return to the real beach-goers; or even in the golden sun on the beach, carefree play, so that the sand valuables long way from the crevices oozing toes, to the time do not forget to catch a few crabs, the smell of the sea home.
Tianjin was also a cultural taste of the place is full, comic dialogues, Jingyuntaigu, Tianjin and other forms of everything Allegro. Like the military's friends, you can have a gun in the shooting of addiction, interested in architecture, you can go to see miniature landscape Yangcun small world, spend an afternoon, fly, each country representative in the building do fundus.
Tianjin famous art forms: comic, when the transfer of Tianjin, Tianjin, quick books, drama, cross-drums streamers, stilts, playing the Lions and so on.
Tianjin, a major entertainment are: China Theater, the first worker culture, peace palaces and so on.
Shopping Tianjin is a long history of commercial port, as only 120 kilometers from Beijing, a municipality, Tianjin is a lot of Beijing's first choice for holiday travel, because the price of Tianjin is much lower than in Beijing, so shopping has become a considerable tourist important part.
Tianjin, both modern, large-scale comprehensive range of commercial buildings category, but also features antique shops. Located in the Haihe River and the west side of Peace Road, Binjiang Road Business Street, Commercial Street is the most prosperous commercial district in Tianjin, there are two streets in this Quangyechang, Hua Lian, department stores, commercial buildings in Riverside, Geely buildings, shopping malls and other international large department stores, as well as Hendry watch shop, Guan Sheng Yuan food stores, Sheng Xifu old hat shops. Binjiang after night is to operate a night market in Tianjin-based snacks, coming and going, steady stream, but apart from busy, do not forget to look after their own belongings.
Large shopping malls and tourist shops with currency exchange point and can use credit cards, the best shopping in street markets well in advance convertible currency. Shops generally open from 9:00 am to 20:30, sometimes delayed until 21:00.
Specialty Commercial Street are: Binjiang Road Business Street, garment Street, Peace Road, Commercial Street, Gu Yi Street, Xiaobailou Commercial Street, Shenyang Road antiques market.
Featured Shopping: Tianjin Quangyechang, Tianjin Department Store, Tianjin shopping malls, commercial buildings, and so peaceful.

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