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Sichuan China Youth Travel Service (Head Office) - the latest tourism in Chengdu, Chengdu tours, Chengdu tour price quotes, Chengdu tourist attractions, Chengdu tours, Chengdu tourism offer, Chengdu travel notes, Chengdu travel guide, Chengdu Tourist Guide, Chengdu air ticket booking, hotel reservation services, Chengdu hotel, conference tourism in Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou, Emei Shan Tourism, Qingcheng Mountain, Dujiangyan tourism, Panda Travel.

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Regional Overview

Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, referred to as the "new", is located in central Asia and Europe, is located in the northwest border of China, with a total area of 1664900 square kilometers, accounting for the total land area of the sixth, around Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan Stein, Pakistan, Mongolia, India, Afghanistan and other countries bordering 8; land over 5600 km long border line, accounting for a quarter of China's land border, is the largest and longest land border, adjacent countries.
Silk Road is a historic and cultural history of international channels, it is this ancient road to the ancient Chinese culture, Indian culture, Persian and Arabic cultures and ancient Greek and Roman culture, linking, promoting the exchange of Eastern and Western civilizations . This ancient capital of east China, Chang'an (now Xi'an), west of the ancient Silk Road, the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea, half in Xinjiang, the Xinjiang is a blend of East and West blend of land, leaving many historical sites.
Stretches of the Silk Road in Xinjiang, the legacy of many world-famous pass, the castle, cave temples, tombs and beacon towers and so on. Is the best preserved ruins in Turpan Basin to the number of cross-river ancient city of Gao and. In addition, more Foku Xinjiang, the larger are the Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves, Tula Kumu Thousand Buddha Caves, Ga Kazakhstan Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves, forest wood and Bezeklik terra Sam Thousand Buddha Caves holes, etc. 5. Ancient Silk Road to the most fascinating than the ancient city of Loulan. It is in the northwest corner of Lop Nur, the throat of the Silk Road, there was the history of business travel between the very popular, and today only ruins of the ancient city inundated by sand.
Travel wedding day

The best time to travel to Xinjiang in August or September, when the weather has begun to cool, fruits are ripe, for the visitors from afar, what is more important than what these two points.
Xinjiang, far from the sea, the temperature changes, long sunshine hours (annual sunshine time of 2500-3500 hours), less rainfall, air drying, the average annual precipitation is 150 mm. In general, winter temperatures than northern southern, northern than southern summer temperatures. As in most parts of Xinjiang at the turn of spring, summer and winter maximum daily temperature, it has always been "early afternoon, wearing a fur coat to wear gauze, Weizhehuolu eating watermelon," said.
Xinjiang developed transportation traffic information, the formation of air, rail, road as the center of Urumqi City, the surrounding three-dimensional radiation transport hub.
Airlines Xinjiang is the longest air route, terminal one of the largest province, Urumqi, Kashi, Hotan, Aksu, Kuqa, Korla, Qiemo, Yining, Altay, Karamay, Tacheng and Fuyun have built the airport.
Xinjiang has built three rail railway length of 1892 km, respectively of the Lan-Xin Railway (Lanzhou - Urumqi), total length of 1446 km of the Southern Xinjiang Railway (Turpan - Korla - Kashgar), total length of 460 km of the western part of Lan-Xin Railway (Urumqi - Alashankou), in particular, Lan-Xin Railway connects the western part of mainland China and Europe railroad, formed from a Jiangsu Lianyungang, east, west traffic route Rotterdam, the Netherlands, to promote Xinjiang and the CIS, Eastern Europe, Western Europe Middle East and other countries economic and trade exchanges and international tourism development.
Highway Xinjiang highway network extending in all directions, the region of 86 counties and cities all through the highway, the main public Lu Wuyi Road, Wu Ka Road, Portland Road, the western part of the new CMB Road, Tianshan Road alone library, libraries, roads in Iraq; 1995 , across the Taklimakan Desert, 520 km long road has opened to traffic. Lanzhou, green new, three provincial-Tibet Highway, Xinjiang and the neighboring provinces of transport corridors. In addition, Xinjiang and Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, among other neighboring countries also opened 25 international passenger and cargo transport routes. Tourism is usually first in Urumqi in Xinjiang, and then by road to other modes of transport professionals of the destination. Please refer to the Urumqi City traffic.
Tips: Xinjiang is China's largest province is sparsely populated, and other travel in different areas of transport is the lifeblood of tourism in Xinjiang. As shuttle flights in some areas is limited, so in terms of the individual Walks in the local rental car is a wise move to various spots.
Dining Xinjiang's staple food is noodles, beef and mutton Nang and their main dishes to hot and sour taste, onions, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, top with garlic and vegetables are commonly used ingredients, and ultimately, cumin, chili powder, vinegar, seasoning Therefore, food is always tasty Xinjiang, sour and spicy, especially the appetizers. In general, people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang have preferred to eat pasta, dairy products, beef and mutton and various fruits.
Uighur people eat Nang, pilaf, pasta, roast lamb, blue lamb stew, vegetables like carrots and onions to eat, drink tea and brick tea mainly.
Kazakh people eat cows, sheep, horse meat, drink mare's milk, but also eating pilaf, very rarely eat fruits and vegetables; Tajik people have to eat horse meat, milk does not water the horses, the other basic and eating habits of other ethnic groups generally the same.
Tips: In addition to Mongolia, Xinjiang, the basic of all ethnic groups do not eat pork, you go to Xinjiang or Romans, being the first to give up the habit of eating pork, it will convenient to everywhere.
Xinjiang leisure entertainment, in addition to Urumqi, Turpan, Yining City, and other autonomous cities and inland almost the same entertainment, the other recreational activities rich local color and more to dance, horse racing, grasslands and other national event focusing on the activities . Xinjiang ancient times, "Dance of the town" reputation, living in the music here Uygur, Kazak, Kirgiz, Tajik, Mongolian, Xibe, full, Ozbek, Tatar and other ethnic groups are singing and dancing, to add unlimited recreational activities in Xinjiang charm. If you catch up with the local ethnic festival or just starting out in recent years, various tourism festival, Id al-Adha, such as Uygur, Mongolian "race of wood", Turpan grape festival, people of all ethnic groups dressed in costumes, singing and dancing, especially rich festive atmosphere.
SHOPPING Shopping in Urumqi, Xinjiang-based ethnic crafts and local specialty products, which has a long history, wide variety, has a unique national style, by Chinese and foreign travelers alike. Hada, medals, Mongolian clothing and accessories, clothing and accessories Kazakh, Uygur clothing and accessories, wood (wooden bowls, wooden spoon, wooden vases, etc.), jade products, gold and silver jewelry, Xibe sachets (pipe), " Naadam "leather pot of wine, Kazak carpets, tapestries and so are worth buying souvenirs. To the Xinjiang is the most tempting fruits Western, folk, said: "The Grapes in Turpan Hami melon, all boast Korla fragrant pear, pomegranate Yecheng TKK", as well as pomegranate, almond, fig, peach, apple Ili etc., dried fruit is a gift to share friends, raisins, melons, dried, bright color, the flesh soft and easy to carry storage. Some specialty brief: carpet, Yingjisha knife, Ed Royce silk, flowers hat, wooden model of color prints, earthenware, jewelry, musical instruments, fruits and so on.

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