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Inagi - Shangri-La: In the whole world, what other places have such scenery, waiting photographers and explorers! ---- United States botanist, explorer, Joseph. Locke, 1928. Inagi tourism, as tourism in Sichuan another trump card 2005-4-9 15:29:14

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Inagi - Aden Scenic Area Profile

Inagi Aden Tourist Area Guide Map Shangri-La - the Most Excellent place on earth.
Shangri-La, which means "ideal world." Daocheng Aden was first discovered an American missionary, Joseph 1928. Locke starting from Lijiang, Yunnan, Sichuan, Muli County arrived by Inagi, and to the photo shoot published in the United States "" National Geographic Magazine "" on the caused a tremendous sensation.
Yunnan Diqing the earliest, said: Shangri-La in Zhongdian; Shortly afterward, the Nu River, Lijiang and other places competing that the real Shangri-La, where they; Recently, Sichuan, it came to a message, the last Shangri-La in Inagi. We can cite the strongest evidence around to prove that idyllic Shangri-La on in their area. How this world there is no Shangri-La? Hilton's Shangri-La is, as described by Tao Yuan-ming retreat from the world described by the same, but an ideal world? If so, then where is Shangri-La -----?

Inagi, said: last "Shangri-La" in I have here. War in various places on the speculation, "Shangri-La", the recent Sichuan Daocheng County, it came to a message, the last "Shangri-La" in I have here. According La , Said here peaks, canyons, grasslands, lakes, temples, there are quiet villages like Hilton described by human Taoyuan. Is located within Daocheng "God snowy peak" small Gongga mountain, blue sky-line. Peak Sane head, meaning that Guanyin Bodhisattva, elevation 6032 meters for the fifth peak in Sichuan Province; Yang Maiyong Peak south, Italy is Manjusri, elevation 5958 meters; Higashimine Xianuoduoji, meaning King Bodhisattva, elevation 5978 meters, V is said to peak names are sealed by the Dalai Lama Ngawang Lobsang Gyatso. 3 year-round snow-capped peaks, spotless, quiet and clear way, so breathtaking. Xuefeng on the intertwining roads lead to glaciers, peaks in the growth of a lush forest, the growth peaks, under the plump prairie. In the Sane Day and Yang Maiyong between the two peaks, there is a flashing colorful light rhyme, the beauty of infinite color changing lake, carved jade crystal clear like a Bidai and like a crescent moon in the sky Ya Er embedded in the snow between the peaks charming lakes and mountains, it is like in exposure to fairyland. Here is the village in Sichuan there was peaceful coexistence of people, the colorful customs, like paradise. Inagi within the "Shangri-La", a sacred place for modern people dream.

Inagi sleeping in the days of melting glaciers, radius of 7323 square kilometers of land retained the memory of the earth's oldest and truest of nature's most pure hearts and minds. It was time forgotten, and thousands of years, Sunrise Sunset, quietly guarding their own.

It is the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau north of the largest ruins of ancient ice (Inagi the ancient ice cap) - Haizi Shan Nature Reserve, the natural landscape Kuang Yuan, primitive, chaotic. It is the middle open valleys, grasslands, lush grass, flowers fragrance. It stretches south constantly, strange things of the peaks, deep valleys You He, turbulence cascades throughout the meantime. Is particularly well-known is the concept of well-known Tibetan Youth Day Song Gongbu Gongga Xuefeng and its mysterious legends.