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Sichuan Travel News list

[6/23] Dragon Boat Festival Ani "new media Art Exhibition [6/23 Dragon Boat Festival a small holiday entertainment summer tour
[6/23] up to the ancient iceberg upgrade travel from two days to 4, pierce large the Jiuzhaigou new Shuadian [6/23] Dragon Boat Festival Sichuan to cloudy during the main morning and evening, more showers
[6/23] a small holiday on the first day welcoming flow peak rail additional trip EMU [6/23] inventory of the Dragon Boat Festival to travel the high-speed road traffic police recommended to avoid "hot" line
[6/23] Chengdu direct flights to Vancouver departure, forwarding microblogging to win the million round-trip ticket [6/22] 2012 • The Fourth China Dujiangyan (Hongkou) international rafting festival grand opening
[6/22] Sichuan measures simultaneously Dragon Boat Festival, the Tourism duty phone on 22 [6/22] Sichuan taken various measures to ensure water traffic safety Dragon Boat Festival
[6/22] Sichuan jointly enhance the capacity of tourism meteorological services to promote tourism development [6/22] the Emeishan construction of a Buddhist cultural center, enhance the international influence pushing Buddhism brigade interaction
[6/22] Sichuan to Hong Kong and Macao push "great beauty autumn classic tourist routes" five [6/21] Lantern testified: Chengdu to attract the eyes of the world
[6/21] Du Fu Thatched Cottage Maintenance portraits of Du Fu " [6/21] Dujiangyan Dragon Boat Festival activities and the "dumplings",
[6/21] summer travel up the hill into the water [6/21] to enhance the image of Mianyang effort to create a tourism standardization demonstration city
[6/21] implementation of the strategy of tourism will promote the Tibetan areas across development [6/20] As far as dumplings is love
[6/20] 3 acres of beautiful flowers of deep red of the original [6/20] Ancient Town Cultural Tourism commercial real estate to break through
[6/20] Chengdu north of Area will become the "international tourism and shopping area [6/20] Dade Pan Dragon Boat sea of waves, such as positive look at Jing Lake
[6/20] Sichuan Treasure Museum settle down in Hong Kong Ocean Park Hong Kong people love giant pandas, Chengdu people love Bruce Lee [6/19] Sino-Japanese friendship Walking held in Dujiangyan
Departmental interaction [6/19] Build tourism safety net [6/19] construction of the concept of "making the city" about immortals through the open area in Southern District
[6/19] Deyang restore the Dragon Boat Festival activities [6/19] Chengdu Giant Panda Base was selected cross-strait exchanges base
[6/19] all-round exchanges and cooperation in promoting Xinjiang provinces of Sichuan [6/18] Mount Emei scenic ticket price adjustment program came up 35 yuan or 37.5 per
[6/18] Mexican artist Double Exhibition Opening [6/18] entrance examination students Dragon Boat Festival free night tour to Dujiangyan
[6/18] the temperature get on the "roller coaster" tomorrow became fine. [6/18] Fengqi Mountain scenic spot ticket 50 yuan / person times
[6/18] China to build the highest elevation highway tunnel through [6/17] Xiling Xiling Snow Mountain, free of charge Tour Summer Summer Festival June 16 wonderful struck
[6/17] the Hailuogou 2012 Summer Student vacation travel incentives [6/17 Dragon Boat Festival travel boom lead to lower ticket prices peak shifting travel costs
[6/17] then owned motorway interchange across Sichuan Expressway traffic control 18 [6/17] "Father's Day" travel group the amount of less than 1/3 of the Mother's Day
[6/17] The province released geological disasters this year, four regional disaster plans need to focus on prevention [6/16] jointly Singapore Chengdu International Travel Expo in November
[6/16] Koh Samui, Thailand Roadshow to promote the preferred Chengdu [6/16] one thousand kinds of flavors dumplings debut Dragon Boat Festival Food Fair
[6/16] Huaying 10 million mu of wasteland variable cornucopia [6/16] up to the hot baked ancient iceberg scenic spots, incentives
[6/16] Mount Emei, Leshan, Sichuan strict control three travel hotline, order changed by the affirmative [6/15] Caesar tourism into the Chengdu tourism market
Summer Study Tour " [6/15] Mount Emei lead to heat every day received visitors thousands of students [6/15] national colors Township water park opened in park Saturday
[6/15 Hong Kong and Sichuan Universities to examine the eco-tourism in Jiuzhaigou, then scenic construction [6/15] Sichuan in the earthquake stricken areas newly established seven provincial-level development zones
[6/15] Sichuan to Hong Kong Secretary for Office Map of tourism material tourism than the earthquake before more prosperous [6/14] to create the Southeast quality travel routes
[6/14] Chengdu Happy Valley shortlisted the top 20 theme parks in the Asia-Pacific region [6/14] "Chengdu Week" activities unveiled in Paris, France
[6/14] Poland - Chengdu Lantern Culture and Tourism Festival will be held in Warsaw [6/14] concerted efforts at efforts to promote the normal nine yellow airport flight
[6/14] the establishment of tourism and coordination mechanism, a free open day system [6/13 the Sanya summer tourism products (Chengdu) conference and Cooperation Fair was held in Chengdu
[6/13] Yao dam Ancient Street was rated "Chinese historical and cultural street" [6/13] Chengdu Happy Valley Caribbean Water Park, the park opened soda fountain Guinness Book of World Records was born
[6/13] Sichuan Tourism Ordinance Revision be implemented next month [6/13] Sichuan Lu County, the first Dragon Culture and Tourism Festival opened on the 21st
[6/13] Neijiang City build quality cultural tourism villages [6/12] Chengdu, located outside the tourist experience in Paris
[6/12] the heritage of Beichuan embroidered mother dreams [6/12] the Beichuan drug Wang Gujing area two works start
[6/12] limited edition of 3000 panda gold coins commemorative coins issued in Chengdu [6/12] Sichuan Emei hot spring leisure center open to visitors in 2013 before the Spring Festival
[6/12] masters focusing on new Wenchuan pick cherries activities to start [6/11] the next four days basins weather
[6/11] Wen Ma Lu Qi shed tunnel collapse is expected today to restore access [6/11] to meet the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Cultural Heritage Day Sichuan handmade boutique collective debut Wenshufang
[6/11] Xiangjiaba Reservoir area of archaeological been a major breakthrough in Sichuan or save the ancient Ba and Shu outside culture [6/11] direct flights between Chengdu and Jakarta, opened during the year
[6/11] concept of the dragon boat races visiting the ancient town of Lao Cai goods town cuisine - Chinese Kawaminami first niufozhen Dragon Boat Cultural Festival [6/10] Chengdu to build mountain flood prediction and warning system
[6/10] Foreign Affairs Office to remind: to pay attention to safety in Senegal [6/10] executive interference tourism market caused by soaring scenic fares
[6/10] State Road 317 line management within the county Xuecheng the implementation of traffic control [6/10] 2012 Sichuan Taiwan Trade Fair: Taiwan Excellence Pavilion to build science and technology event
[6/10] Summer rail travel safety tips to achieve "5" a safer journey [6/9] go the Qiang Township recorded folk songs to find the singing of the gratitude of all things
[6/9] give full play to the role as a link we should promote exchanges and cooperation in Sichuan Taiwan [6/9] Ani museum town: the museum to become a "life"
[6/9] Inagi Aden airport started in Sichuan to create the world's highest scenic spot [6/9] The new version of Sichuan tourism Ordinance shall come into force July 1, the scenic area will be built to a free open day
[6/9] to build a world-class tourist destination [6/8] Sichuan treasure in the tourism and second hand in hand up to the ancient iceberg - Opens new model of the county tourism marketing
[6/8] summer camp features popular summer tourist market [6/8] the Bohai Sea Tourism Federation and his entourage visited the Mianyang Tourism
[6/8] Jiuzhaigou Chong City signing of regional economic cooperation agreement [6/8] is more beautiful nine Central West line
[6/8 multi-pronged development of full-force in our province tourism star hotel into the fast lane [6/7] rural tourism has brought a prosperous happy life
[6/7] tourism enterprises in Mianyang City, the full implementation of standardized building [6/7] Kwong District travel agencies have launched a summer tourism products
[6/7] Qionglai Tiantai Mountain Scenic season tickets to be raised from 50 yuan to 65 yuan. [6/7] Emei Buddhist shrine reputation worship group of Thailand "100" a steady stream of
[6/7] Interpretation: international "fast city" pleasant Chengdu "slow life" [6/6] Emeishan ticket price adjustment in July hearing visitors: To improve service levels
[6/6] Seoul, Korea enterprises, Sichuan enterprises signed five billion hand in electronic information field [6/6] Sichuan Foreign Affairs Office to remind to go to the Maldives visitors to beware of fraud
[6/6] Sichuan introduced star hotel exit way [6/6] Du Fu Thatched Cottage will transform the four-star toilet invested 500 million yuan
[6/6] Sichuan start the 2012 tour guide contest winners into the excellent talent pool [6/5] foster care field more than four years of the Wolong Giant Panda home this year
[6/5] Sichuan tourism last year, "suck money" 244 915 000 000 an increase of 29.9% [6/5] Sichuan Leshan Mount Emei scenic ticket price adjustment hearing held on July
[6/5] Hailuogou million prize collecting marketing slogan and scenic LOGO [6/5] "2012 Happy Healthy Country Tour" the Meishan tour start
[6/5] of the start line camera 365. painting said first Sichuan, Sichuan - China Dead Sea Cup International Photography Exhibition [6/4] new base of the Wolong Giant Panda in September to move out of the giant panda is about to go home and put into use after the earthquake
[6/4] Huanglongxi passenger transportation center charges were approved [6/4] be completed next year Wuhouci heritage maintenance total investment of 8.6343 million yuan
[6/4] Chengdu will add 600 electronic eyes of the little streets of the electronic eye monitoring illegal [6/4] new five parking Street South in Chengdu increased 250 parking spaces
[6/4] The giant panda taxi on the road the first day of London. "brother" laugh Huan earn tens of pounds a day [6/3], Chengdu, Sichuan, China Giant Panda Taxi "debut in London
[6/3] Chengdu: Tianfu Avenue, South Extension open to traffic on the end of next year is expected [6/3] weekend basin rainfall cool the evening of 2 cities with showers or thunderstorms
[6/3] "travel on the tongue sought after experts called for: tourism required by Dongfeng [6/3] tomorrow Chengdu Metro Line 3 1 Bridge station construction road traffic adjustment
[6/3] Chengdu Metro Line 3 Bridge Station No. 1 construction of the East, West import ban left [6/2] up to the ancient icebergs network Photography Contest is officially launched
[6/2] the 30 cuckoo species Guangwushan, Manshan Geneking [6/2] A tip Nao sites in Jiuzhaigou secret
[6/2] Sichuan, Chongqing, painting and calligraphy write rapidly Bashanshushui [6/2] Nanchong: sprinkle a beautiful puppet card
[6/2] the first "Museum Month" feature marketing [6/1] Sichuan Tourist Commodity 4 awarded the "2012 China Tourism Product Competition Award
[6/1] Mount Emei Leshan Giant Buddha introduced the rave reviews of the recipes on the wall to tourists [6/1] Xiling cuckoo open car joy with
[6/1] Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Zhuhai joint Lairong the promotion of tourism products [6/1] wonderful "61" Happy Valley fashionable cultural quarter Haoxiliantai
[5/31] the Shuangliu · Batang cultural exchange activities week opening [5/31] travel agency to unilaterally change the itinerary Sichuan proposed maximum penalty of 500000 yuan
[5/31 tourism development projects will be allowed to "destroying the ancient" relocation [5/31] Qingcheng Mountain - Dujiangyan scenic innovative digital construction
[5/31 Sichuan intends to announce an important tourist routes at cost The province the most important tourist star hotel exit mechanism [5/31]
[5/30] spend millions Puppet "from China, three legends of this world premiere [5/30] Yue Ya high speed during the year completed will be connected Chengdu-Chongqing high-speed Link
[5/30] 2012 First China (Chengdu) micro film festival starts Go to the Panda base to look at the most appropriate bus animal photography in June [5/30]
[5/30] International Puppet Festival to testify: Chengdu to attract the eyes of the world [5/29] Mianyang PINGWU start the fourth giant panda census
[5/29] Jintang County was awarded "the hometown of the Chinese Dragon Boat" title "Dragon Boat economy" to create a new pattern of Tianfu Watertown [5/29] 21 Puppet Festival opens in Chengdu
[5/29 Sichuan railway corps museums trial run heritage railway corps hard spirit [5/29] "tongue" in Sichuan taste buds pepper go-between retired chef coming out
[5/29 Sichuan breakthrough series of reports: from industry to industry to promote the [5/27] Anthropology of Tourism expert on the Road Ani
[5/27] away from the city hustle and bustle of the weekend to "breathe" Swallow ditch [5/27] this year's "61" Family Fun popular "1 +2" mode
[5/27 Sichuan mud mountain giant panda corridor officially opened the construction of 29 giant pandas free stopping [5/27] Chengdu, 18 cities in the country wisdom tourism pilot
[5/27] Xiaoping hometown "red" the most beautiful [5/26 Sichuan-Yunnan cooperation to protect the Lugu Lake Ministry of Finance has issued 40 million yuan of special funds
Sichuan before the tourism revenue of 93.363 billion in April Mount Emei Scenic Area [5/26] won the first Aden airport in 2013 [5/26] navigation will build three brand scenic
[5/26] Leshan City, Sichuan Province, standardize the order of the swim team full access to the tourist season [5/26 Sichuan Jingyan 40 children left free tour Leshan Giant Buddha
Leshan Giant Buddha [5/26] Rongxian Big Buddha together to build the Buddhist culture quality tourist line [5/25] kamae: "small" cherry "changes
[5/25] Yanyuan expect to get through the Lugu Lake shortcut channel [5/25 Sichuan Yibin airport reconstruction approved will be named as "Wuliangye airport
[5/25] Dragon Boat Festival to Jintang to see the dragon boat race [5/25] Iasi high-speed opening of Panzhihua is not now the surprise of the visitors blowout
[5/25] in Sichuan to create a Shangri-La International boutique tourist areas [5/24] drumming Endeavor Happiness xinjin open to the bold new journey
[5/24] take the fine development of the road construction in accordance with the "five-star quality," "Five New Qingyang [5/24] Year of the Dragon the Longyou Mount Emei, Year of the Dragon board Jinding pray released
[5/24 Sichuan Jiuzhaigou latest personalized eco-tourism circuit ushered in the first off [5/24 Sichuan organized by the China Tourism Day activities colorful city linkage push promotions
[5/23] Inagi Aden overall planning review [5/23 flood season the advent of the business of the Pengzhou prohibited danger zone farmhouse
[5/23] Chengdu is expected to open direct flights Maldives scheduled passenger flights [5/23] post-disaster reconstruction miracles tourism revenue doubled 6 Fan
[5/23 Sichuan-Yunnan-Guizhou MICE tourism seminar on the 25th of this month, climbing [5/23] "Walking Sichuan feel the changes - the Sichuan-Yunnan line was launched in May 22
[5/22] Chengdu to Taiwan personal travel quota ceiling adjustment for 1000 [5/22] into a self-Lu red high-speed intends to open the opening of the Chengdu six hours at the end of July to Guiyang
[5/22] started in the airport by the end of rehabilitation prove safety of international leisure and tourism city [5/22] scientists the About Longxihongkou protected areas wishing to uncover the giant panda to frequent the city secret
[5/22] the Dujiangyan Millennium Guanxian ancient city officially opened the City welcome [5/21] tomorrow to see the annular eclipse Chengdu 21 airline passengers a treat
[5/21] 2012 loquat picking experience an opening input encoding to be investigated loquat "identity information" [5/21] China painting city of Chengdu, doing my part
[5/21] in 2012, Sichuan Science and Technology Week opening of the National Science and Technology in Mianyang City [5/21] 1.3 million users to vote your favorite flowers to the 30 participating scenic spots into the second round of contention
[5/21] the Guanxian the ancient city of Kaesong Welcome ancient Dujiangyan has a third business cards [5/20] China Tourism Day Sichuan scenic ticket discounts
[5/20] the ancient city of Dujiangyan City area today opened its doors [5/20] 100 painter into the baishuihe protected areas
[5/20] Chengdu fans fitness section double station opening [5/20] to battle so that visitors to the museum to take home

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