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Address: Chengdu, People's South Road, Sec 65 [CYTS headquarters building] Sichuan CYTS Headquarters Address

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Tourist Information I see the leaflets written in the Western Sichuan, Gul ditch, red prairie, nine pure play day tour ... Feng Lin
Thank you for visiting this site, the line Saturday sends the group, only to Bipenggou Qiang, this group in the collection of the White Lotus Hotel, Simon station.
Tourist Information Would like to participate in Leshan Emeishan platinum day tour, which is at their own expense the possibility of not to participate, and the other would like to ask 2 ... Shio-Jean Lin
Thank you for visiting this site, the price 520 yuan / person, children 160 yuan / person (child-free tickets not accounted for at their own expense the bedspace produce any other), full of forced consumption, in addition to ...
Tourist Information Row of three independent packet group eight days from 17/6 (Sun) to 24/6 ... Hong Kong residents
Thanks for visit this site, the group regarding about your order, please call the deliberations, thank you!
Tourist Information Should be reported to the Japanese group in advance how long Cai Miss

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