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Sichuan Tourism Strategy

Sichuan Province travel weather and the weather in cities around the country

Published: January 31, 2011

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Do not forget the next 3 days out umbrella

3 days, the province did not significantly disturb the cold air, the temperature will slowly rise. However, by the high altitude weather fluctuations, local or prone to rain. These two days, we go out to carry an umbrella, wearing rain shoes. People marching to the western Sichuan plateau to note that the plateau although the sun is good, local, or a rain and snow to see the snow at the same time, you need insulation and anti-skid.

Today, Ya'an, Leshan, Zigong, Neijiang, Yibin, Luzhou City, part 6, where there is scattered light rain or drizzle, overcast cloudy the rest basin, localized sporadic light rain overnight. Ganzi and Liangshan Prefecture, south-east northeast cloudy cloudy, local areas have showers (snow), the rest of western Sichuan Plateau PARTLY CLOUDY.

Tomorrow, Zigong, Yibin, Luzhou City, sporadic light rain to cloudy 3, the basin rest PARTLY CLOUDY. Liangshan Prefecture in eastern and northern part where cloudy cloudy with showers (snow), the rest of the western Sichuan plateau cloudy to sunny weather. Beginning the day after tomorrow, the province cities and prefectures are sunny to cloudy weather.

Last night and today, the western part of the night in Chengdu where sporadic light rain, cloudy in the morning turning into a nether world, the western part of the night, where sporadic light rain, temperature 1-7 ℃; tonight through tomorrow, is still sporadic light rain to cloudy, temperature 2 -8 ℃; combined with the weather situation across the province, the weather turned cloudy tomorrow night between the sunny, maximum temperature is rising to 9 ℃, easy to prepare us dinner.

This is 3 days away from home not check the internet, you can hit 96121 in Sichuan Province Bureau of Meteorology weather service calls. Not only the detailed forecast for 48 hours, and the next 7 days the daily weather forecast. Key scenic province of weather forecasts, the domestic focus of weather forecasts, weather highway in the province, heavy fog forecasts and live and so can check for them.

Different places you visit any of the spring

Yesterday was "Wujiu" the first 4 days, with the New Year before the last round of the end of a wide range of rain and snow, most of the temperature began to rise in China.

The next few days, due to cold air, short-term "absence", around the warming continues unabated, the situation of low pre temperatures continue to be a difference. Yesterday, most of Northwest China, Inner Mongolia, North West and other places have emerged temperature rise of temperature, generally lower than the day before yesterday, an increase of 2-3 ℃. However, due to lower pre-temperature, temperature increase is limited, around the weather is still cold. Spring Festival going home, travel or pay attention to buying new clothes when warm.

New Year's Eve a few days ago, we began to step the pace of home, fast. Central Meteorological Observatory predicted in recent days, in addition to Southwest, the scarcity of rain and snow in most areas, the temperature rose gradually from north to south. Meanwhile, North China, Huang-Huai region is difficult to see traces of snow, the southern suburbs of Beijing Observatory has been a continuous record of 98 days without rain, breaking the record rainfall in 60 years at the latest. It is noteworthy that, these days, rainfall mainly concentrated in the province where the southwest.

We selected all winter travel like the "south and the north" line, as we offer the capital city weather forecasts for the coming days and week, the multi-band clothes, the multi-band sunscreen, and the mood is ready, walking quickly.


Hong Kong:

January 31: sunny, 16 ℃ -10 ℃, northeasterly 4-5

February 1: Cloudy, 17 ℃ -12 ℃, northeasterly 3-4

February 2: Cloudy ,18-14 ℃, northeasterly 3-4

Next 7 days, although the sun's rays are often covered by clouds, but the sun would still like to see no problem. Warm weather, temperature difference, the feeling of a spring, jacket can be assured to bring play. Due to strong marine influence, the wind and sometimes larger, beautiful women wearing sunglasses recommended, stylish and wind.


January 31: sunny, 16 ℃ -8 ℃, northeasterly 4-5

February 1: Clear, 15 ℃ -11 ℃, northeasterly 3-4

February 2: Cloudy ,18-13 ℃, northeasterly 3-4

Next 7 days the sun is good, warm daytime temperatures, day and night temperature difference, wind gradually decreased.


January 31: cloudy, 25 ℃ -18 ℃, the north wind 3-4

February 1: Cloudy, 26 ℃ -19 ℃, northeasterly 3-4

February 2: Cloudy, 26 ℃ -20 ℃, northeasterly 3-4

The sun the next 7 days carefully, because here the sun is too to capacity. Feeling the summer blowing, beautiful women can Xiushen Cai was. For friends to watch the sunrise, or to wear more, because there are powerful winds.


January 31: cloudy, 13 ℃ -3 ℃, wind

February 1: Cloudy, 14 ℃ -3 ℃, wind

February 2: cloudy to sunny, 16 ℃ -3 ℃, wind

Next 7 days, cloudy and sunny days each half of the large temperature difference between day and night, the breeze, attention sooner or later, add the cold clothes.


January 31: cloudy, 13 ℃ -6 ℃, wind

February 1: Cloudy, 15 ℃ -8 ℃, wind

February 2: Cloudy, 17 ℃ -10 ℃, the breeze

Next 7 days are cloudy, breezy night, the temperature will not fall below 6 ℃, suitable for everyone to play.


January 31: Cloudy, 11 ℃ -8 ℃, wind

February 1: cloudy to overcast, 14 ℃ -9 ℃, wind

February 2: Cloudy, 14 ℃ -8 ℃, wind

Next 7 days are cloudy, temperature difference, the feeling of spring is entirely suitable for travel.



January 31: Partly cloudy, 4 ℃ -6 ℃, wind

February 1: Cloudy, 5 ℃ -5 ℃, the breeze the next 7 days, God's face will not be greatly changed, mostly sunny, sunny. Sometimes a little overcast, they would quickly became fine. Chengdu, the highest in recent days about a moderate day, at night, is the genuine subzero temperature, remember to wear more going out at night.


January 31: Partly cloudy, 7 ℃ -2 ℃, the north wind 3-4 grade, 3-4 grade northwest wind at night.

February 1: Cloudy, 9 ℃ -1 ℃, southerly 3-4

Next 7 days are cloudy days, the minimum temperature above 0 ℃ and more, at small temperature change.


January 31: sunny, -8 ℃ -14 ℃, southwest breeze

February 1: Clear, -5 ℃ -15 ℃, southwesterly breeze

Next 7 days, the weather mostly sunny, cloudy when the temperature has remained below zero. Blessed are those who want to play the Snow, February 4 with snow.


January 31: sunny, -8 ℃ -18 ℃, southwest wind 3-4, southwest breeze at night

February 1: Partly cloudy, -5 ℃ -14 ℃, southwest wind 3-4, southwest breeze at night

More common in the next 7 days, sunny, unusual clouds will block the sun, little change in daily temperature. Source: Huaxi Dushi Bao

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