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Sichuan Tourism Strategy

Metro Line 4 docking Wenjiang proposed to create the "West Chengdu CBD"

Published: February 20, 2011

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Chengdu Metro Line 4 a construction project during the first half of this year, opened in 2015 to run. Chengdu Chinese Commercial News reporters Zuo Ricong and Wen Jiangqu learned Wenjiang Guang Hua Metro subway construction will focus on the seamless docking with a total investment of 33.0 billion, according to Metro Line 4 traffic planning and design and construction, to create the "West Chengdu cbd".

According to Metro Line 4 in the planning, design units of Wenjiang invited to Metro Line 4 along the development and utilization of underground space in the preparation of the Kwong Wah Plaza development and utilization of special plan. The program will be integrated through the rational use of underground space, the underground business, traffic, parking, municipal and other cities elements and integrated pipeline buried underground construction, play integration effect, and the liberation of urban public space. Source: Sichuan News Network

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