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How to become World Heritage Site in Sichuan China inbound tourism trump card?

Published: August 3, 2011

July 27, "2011 World look Emei" discuss economic development and cultural tourism summit in the Emeishan Hong Zhu Shan organized, well-known experts, scholars and the world's top 500 international hotel industry representatives attended the meeting , the Emeishan future direction of the heated discussion .

July 31, the national mainstream media Emei summit also kicked off the country's 40 mainstream media collective visit Emei.

A clear discussion of topics from the two summit refraction: As the World Heritage area of Emei Mountain to have a greater impact in the international?

Currently, the province a total of Jiuzhaigou , Huanglong , Emei Mountain - Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area, Mount Qingcheng - Dujiangyan scenic spot and the Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries five world heritage area, accounting for the World Heritage 1 / 8. Tourism in the Provincial Tourism Bureau statistics, the World Heritage area has always been a huge magnet to attract foreign tourists.

With the transformation and upgrading of the tourism industry in our province, Sichuan World Heritage area on how to continue to seek a breakthrough, as well as Sichuan, China's inbound tourism trump card?

Leisure also need to avoid the homogenization of

In transition Sichuan tourism industry, attracting international tourists are the lack of product. From simple sightseeing to leisure travel changes, the province is the consensus of the World Heritage area. Under the consensus, how to take a different development path?

Mount Emei scenic area has the world's natural heritage and world cultural heritage two hats, and its distinctive path of exploration.

This year the Spring Festival , "Foguangpuzhao" sound and light show performances in Emei Mountain area for the first time staged. As Emei Shan Tourism Co., Ltd. performances of the test water for, "Foguangpuzhao" is Emei Shan Tourism Co., Ltd. Chairman Ma Yuan Zhu high hopes, "the tourism industry with real estate, television, toys, telecommunications and other industries combined, change a single profit model, to achieve diversification, in order to achieve restructuring, upgrading, integration development. "

Unlike Mount Emei , Mount Qingcheng - Dujiangyan scenic farmland in the opening piece of leisure time, to look into the area of the "outside" - the area where the Dujiangyan City to create an international tourist city.

Relying on the World Heritage recognition, Dujiangyan City, groups of rich high-end leisure travel products are formed: the rafting, adventure, rock climbing for the support Longchi - Hongkou - Zipingpu mountain sports complex, and a large area and Qingcheng Taoism culture as the core of creative and cultural complex, with golf, sports car for the support of sports complexes, etc.

Leisure travel also to avoid the homogenization of the development, Sichuan Normal University, Professor Li Xiaobo travel recommendations, Mount Emei , Mount Qingcheng and other summer resort area for development inherent advantages of the product can be casual combination of tourism and rural tourism; Jiuzhaigou , Huanglong scenic spots, etc. you can learn the Alps, the mountain resort area to create.

Powerful combination into an international

"2011 World look Emei," Tourism and Culture Summit of economic development discussion with a group of "high standard" of participants - 500 representatives of the international hotel industry. They are also looking for cooperation with the World Heritage area of ​​opportunity.

"World Heritage" flagship piece for the World Heritage area in the province of the road towards international not alone.

In May 2010, Howard Johnson International Hotel two Qingcheng officially completed enabled. Howard Johnson Hotel International Qingcheng management side is Xisi Man (China) Hotel Management Ltd., the Western management model, combination of Eastern culture landscape, "This cooperation can the depth of experience of Eastern and Western tourists Qingchengshan Taoist culture to provide better opportunities. "

Qingcheng Mountain - Dujiangyan scenic Authority Lu Hongbin told reporters that the area is full introduction of five-star Shangri-La Hotel and the Caesar Ritz and management of the brand, the main value of these hotels is the advanced management concept, thinking the operation with international standards.

Moment, covers more than 400 square kilometers of Mount Emei core area, currently only 1.54 million square kilometers development. How to fill in the blanks on the Emei Mountain 's future development is particularly important. Around the transition to the leisure tourism, Emei Shan Tourism Co., Ltd. plans to build an international tourist resort, Jiazhou picture, Mount Emei Scenic Area Travel Link, Hong Zhu Shan top ten international tourist resorts and other tourism projects.

"This project is a ten Emei scenic transformation end result is truly taking the internationalization of its promoter. "U.S. AECOM Asia Group Chief Operating Officer Asia, said Huang side, apart from the project itself, project to promote the process of cooperation will also be a highlight.

July 27, Emei Shan Tourism Co., Ltd. and Jinlin Real Estate Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly develop an international tourist resort construction Hongzhushan. Not only a strong partner, the future of the project will introduce the Marriott, Intercontinental, Hilton, Starwood, nira five top international brand hotels, the formation of the Emeishan ultra-high-end resort hotel cluster.

Clearly, capital, ideas, models, already a World Heritage area for partnership is the driving force.

Integration to create a tourism brand

To the international World Heritage area, technical support, human services is an important prerequisite.

The end of July, visitors from Hong Kong Huang Wanlin to Qingcheng - Dujiangyan scenic spot introduction of personalized service satisfaction. "Whether we are lost or in danger, just click this card sos key, there will be staff rushed to the scene."

Huang Wanlin is described Qingchengshan - Dujiangyan scenic Authority area in the country established the first "tourists perception system." The system can be tourist location, time diversion, track visitor behavior and statistical analysis.

Lu Hongbin introduction, Dujiangyan City will implement an integrated urban area, urban-oriented things together, connected and intelligent, with things, sensor networks and other new technologies for domestic and foreign tourists to provide the best personalized service. "The personalized service, the area is undoubtedly a subtle influence in the expansion." Lu Hongbin said.

Baoquan attack has become a world heritage area to carry out tourism marketing approach.

Reporters learned this year, Qingcheng Mountain - Dujiangyan , Jiuzhaigou , Huanglong , Emei Mountain - Leshan Giant Buddha and other attractions will work together to promote tourism, regional brand, marketing, tourism, law enforcement, information platform, training integration and build a "World Heritage" brand of tourism. Source: Sichuan Daily

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