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Click rate of 32 million, Sichuan tourism micro-film burst strength

Posted: May 19, 2012

This is how ingenuity and taken for granted in Sichuan tourism "image videos"!

May 12, love the Fantastic Art Network, Youku and other popular video websites, the one called "Love, click-through rate of the micro-film in the Sichuan - Wenchuan articles neonatal kept rising. Towers in Wenchuan, Beichuan, the Lovers' Bridge, Qiang embroidered mother and newborn smile ... a bundle of vivid lens of the micro-film, become a fan window to show the elements in Sichuan, Sichuan tourism infinite charm to be fully demonstrated.

"Wenchuan newborn Provincial Tourism Bureau of innovative network marketing, the launch of the" love, in Sichuan, "one of the series of tourism micro-film. Aggressively in the network from early February first "Gourmet Food" May "Wenchuan" touched by the global Internet, "Love, Sichuan series of tourism micro-film hits major sites in the world rate of over 32 million, access to community acclaim.

The Youku person in charge of praise on behalf of industry experts affirmed: "the promotion and marketing of the brand through micro-film business a few, but through micro-film marketing, a province of Sichuan, which is an 'eat crab'. But also through a few in the present Ministry of micro-film can be seen, the effect is very good. "

Users commented that the Sichuan tourism network marketing methods must be called one, micro-film series, so that foreign tourists to remember Sichuan tourism truly network marketing and the world.

Micro-film fast Sichuan tourism network marketing to break new ground

A "Cape" the Kenting bursting with popularity, a "You Are the One" Hokkaido became popular in the Chinese tourism market, recently re-mapped 3d "Titanic" and even with the heat this year's cruise ship tourism products ... in the tourism promotion film great, however, too numerous to mention "a film driven by a local travel stories" has just serendipitously style unexpected effect.

In 2012, micro-film popular in the world. Sichuan tourism sights handy in the network marketing opportunity, determined to grow the micro-film of this new art form of fashion, publicity Sichuan. Provincial Tourism Bureau and the China National Tourism effort to build products "Love in Sichuan" series of micro-film, leading the audience to experience the unique charm of the "Tianfu Sichuan Panda home" experience filled with "love" in Sichuan.

Sichuan tourism promotion, micro film is a successful breakthrough of the Provincial Tourism Bureau in the network marketing campaign. Today is sweeping the networks love Sichuan food articles, Panda articles and Wenchuan articles, interesting, humorous story, the film language to demonstrate Sichuan delicious fun, culture, history and natural beauty. By virtue of the amazing micro-film network CTR, Sichuan tourism brand image and the effects are hugely magnified.

"Micro-era" the advent of the Sichuan tourism marketing action

Well-known travel expert Wei Xiaoan said: "the rapid rise and popularity of microblogging as the representative of a 'micro-era' has come."

The country as the first one to eat crab, micro-film marketing tourism areas in Sichuan in this micro-era "to maximize the effectiveness of the micro-film? Sichuan tourism innovation in active planning.

Innovation, the Provincial Tourism Bureau tourism image publicity and visitors to participate in the interaction of organic combination. Forward with the micro-film release, the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Bureau by forward interactive activities on the official microblogging prizes, setting off a "see micro-film, Sichuan tourism to Sichuan tourism boom, the government and corporate official microblogging, personal plus v certification microblogging grassroots microblogging micro-Bardon people competing to be forwarded.

Take the initiative to plan, the Provincial Tourism Bureau of multimedia and multi-platform marketing of organic integration. Early April to meet with the audience, "Love in Sichuan - Panda articles on the choice of inside and outside of the major video, social networking platforms on micro film first released at the same time at home and abroad. Outside, the protagonist of "Panda articles giant panda chon not only landed a mainstream video site youtube-known social networking sites such as facebook, twitter. The chon find a happy story, not only to allow foreign tourists to enjoy watching, and more willing to forward it to friends, and potentially expand the influence of Sichuan's tourism image. In the territory, "Love in the Sichuan - Wenchuan articles freshmen not only released in 12 domestic mainstream video site on May 12, Youku, love Fantastic Art Network Home recommended, the first travel sites, Lotto , Phoenix, CCTV Network, Youth Net and other large-scale portal was set up for the area recommended.

Sichuan tourism micro film made ​​a huge impact not only confined to the network. More recently, Sichuan Airlines took the initiative to "Gourmet Food" Download of the micro-film played in passenger aircraft. In addition, Air China, Chengdu TV mobile bus channel also took the initiative to inquire about micro-film sequel to the Provincial Tourism Bureau. Wu Mian, deputy director of of the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Bureau, said, "In the past, a tourism promotion piece of paper on the plane, we must charge."

Sichuan tourism network marketing with the world of tourism micro-film

Sichuan tourism promotion and marketing shoulders to deepen the connotation of "Tianfu Sichuan, Panda hometown" brand image, enhance the visibility and influence in Sichuan mission. Gave the industry people a headache, how to Sichuan tourism as a whole image of the popular proposition in several movies this year, tourism micro "eating stock", a giant panda, a couple through the ancient and modern, and five self-improvement The Sichuanese easily resolved.

Abandon the traditional promotion publicity and advertising image mode of propaganda, low cost, short cycle, the media application of the high micro-film is this year's Sichuan tourism marketing powerful new weapons, set off a wave of ratings, the more the Sichuan Tourism pocketed the popular. The statistics show that as of May 17, "Love, in Sichuan, four series of tourism micro-film in the world's major sites click rate of over 32 million.

Sichuan tourism micro film behind the wind and water, the source region of Sichuan tourism marketing channels to open up a very impressive. It is learned that love, in Sichuan - food articles in the first month of the network hit, "look at the micro-film, Sichuan tourism to Sichuan tourism activities in the major microblogging forwarding total more than 20000 times, more than 800 comments . Professor, Peking University, China Regional Tourism Development Research Association, Wu Bihu evaluation: "Sichuan destination marketing based on micro-film will be a rookie in a multimedia way." "Love and network heat in Sichuan tourism micro-film broadcast also attracted the attention of all levels of government, the State Council Information Office of China Intercontinental Communication Center "to see the Chinese net" official microblogging, Sichuan Provincial People's Government Information Office official microblogging the Tianfu microblogging focus of Sichuan, Chengdu, People's Government Information Office official microblogging micro Chengdu, have forwarded.

"Love in Sichuan:

① February 7, "Love, just in the popular video site Youku, Tudou, 56 network premiere in Sichuan - Gourmet Food and aroused great interest of the users. Eat goods "through the digital experience, displayed Sichuan snacks, hot pot, Sichuan, Sichuan cuisine, as well as Kam, the width of the alley, Chengdu beauty, so many users to Sichuan tourism is full of great longing.

② May 12, love, love the Fantastic Art and other large video sites released in Sichuan Province - Wenchuan articles neonatal Youku. The lens takes the audience to see a newborn Wenchuan, Beichuan, the nascent concern given to the "5.12" Wenchuan earthquake disaster area, dedication of the people to pay tribute. Film has been launched by numerous Internet users concern, have to forward the film to express the province's blessing.

③ "love, launched in Sichuan - Panda articles upon naive giant panda chon Meng turned global Internet users love called" Meng main ". Numerous users chon "spike" in the message of the major video sites, said "sure to go to the giant pandas in Sichuan.

Source: Sichuan Daily

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