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Sichuan Treasure Museum settle down Ocean Park Hong Kong "Hong Kong people love pandas, Chengdu people love Bruce Lee"

Published: June 20, 2012

The voyage of the Star Ferry across Victoria Harbour is world-renowned.

Relevant person in charge of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, accepted the interview of the reporter. Xinhua News Agency reporters Yao Dawei She

Sichuan Treasure Museum settle the Hong Kong Ocean Park.

Ocean Park Hong Kong Park for a visit.

Bird's eye view of Hong Kong's political and commercial center ring.

May 31, the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars, a few tourists to imitate the moves of Bruce Lee. Xinhua News Agency reporters Yao Dawei She

Giant pandas settle in Hong Kong

Chengdu reporter in the eyes of Hong Kong: full of Sichuan elements, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology will be an additional interview in Chengdu for the first time point to facilitate the western candidates

Hong Kong people in the eyes of Chengdu: Sichuan Treasure Museum settled in Hong Kong Ocean Park, Hong Kong people are aware, the most popular giant panda from Chengdu, Sichuan

Today Keywords: speed



The Sichuan elements to bring the people of Hong Kong

In 1999, as a friendly envoy of the Mainland and Hong Kong exchanges, "Ann", "Jia Jia" from the province of Wolong Nature Reserve moved to Hong Kong. 10th anniversary in 2007, also from the Wolong giant pandas "Le Le" and "Ying Ying" for the first time to meet with the public in Hong Kong, also received a warm welcome.

10 years, "Ann", "Jia Jia" and "Le Le" and "Ying Ying" These two beautiful messenger, not only at all times so that Hong Kong compatriots feel the care of the people of the motherland, but also the Hong Kong compatriots on their hometown - Sichuan, generate more interest.

Sichuan Treasure Museum built the giant panda and the Sichuan snub-nosed monkey is very popular, and brought us a lot of tourists. "Ocean Park Hong Kong director of public affairs, Liu Yumin, told the West China City Daily Reporter.

The tourists favorite pair of giant pandas, also contributed to the Hong Kong Ocean Park launched more entertainment, such as collecting children when care workers of the giant panda. In this activity, the zoo's full-time care workers will take the children to see the behind the scenes of the giant panda care to explain to them how to take care of giant pandas, as well as

Opportunity to help care workers to wash bamboo, do buns, posed for pictures and the giant panda.

To participate in such activities, visitors need to pay to the Ocean Park 980 Hong Kong dollars, almost four times the price of park tickets, and a daily limit of four people. Liu Yumin said, the vast majority of the time, the number of applications were tested at full status.

Giant panda "voluntary blood method returns the Sichuan

The arrival of giant pandas, also continue to strengthen Hong Kong and Sichuan.

"Giant pandas do a medical examination must be blood in the Mainland in the past, we must fight them anesthetic, but this is very dangerous." Said Liu Yumin, giant pandas to Hong Kong, the care workers to think of a new approach: training giant pandas to the palm of your hand sticking out, then something to eat to feed it to show encouragement, and then blood, so that you do not have to anesthesia.

"Now we have this method returns Sichuan." Liu Yumin said, this is a big step forward, the panda Every time I see the trainers know that bad things happen, it will affect their feelings, so they need so to train them, volunteered to blood, volunteered to blood pressure.

"In addition, each year we also care workers and experts and the Mainland have a lot of opportunity to exchange ideas, learn from each other." Liu Yumin said.

The giant pandas "Le Le" and "Ying Ying" While this year's mating success, but Liu Yumin said, their chances of success next year will be relatively large. "We are all looking forward to 'Lele', 'Angela' can bring a giant panda."

Now, Hong Kong Ocean Park has been prepared related facilities, once the mating is successful, there will be a sufficient condition to take care of new born baby panda.

Marked oil Wonton sell into the Hong Kong Ocean Park

Other details, may also reflect the link between Hong Kong and the Mainland are increasing. "In the opposite side of the Panda, a panda restaurant, sale of marked oil Wonton noodles in Sichuan, in addition, there are some other Sichuan." Liu Yumin said.

Chengdu is very famous in Hong Kong, now Hong Kong people mentioned in Chengdu, know that this is the hometown of giant pandas. "Apricot-ni, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, West China City Daily reporter said.

"Hong Kong's reputation in the eyes of Chengdu, in addition to the shopping paradise, there are martial arts movies and Bruce Lee" Bruce Lee statue in Tsim Sha Tsui Avenue of Stars, a Chengdu tourists told reporters.

Educational exchanges

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology on the 27th for the first time to interview candidates in Chengdu

Chengdu in late May, the weather is already getting hot, but this did not affect the mood of the high school student Li Lin. Different from the other candidates, Li Lin is going to go to Hong Kong to study.

With international standards of education, Li Lin's optimistic about the University of Hong Kong and many important reasons, in this cosmopolitan city of Hong Kong, more access to the international forefront of things.

Coincidentally, while Li Lin intend to apply for the University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is brewing in the new admissions interview point in Chengdu.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to HKUST) admissions interview will be held June 25 to 28 in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou. This year, HKUST, Hong Kong Special additional interview point in Chengdu, more conducive to the interview of the candidates of the western region. By then, the general arrangements in Hong Kong Branch of Sichuan, Shaanxi, Chongqing, Yunnan,

Candidates of Guizhou, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, to Chengdu for an interview.

Select three cities finally settled down in Chengdu

May 31, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Undergraduate Admissions and Placement Center manager Chen Xing Ni Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter said that this year the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Sichuan to add a new interview point, the interview will be held on the 27th of this month. "It's in the past, prior to enrollment, HKUST, Hong Kong in the Mainland, only Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou interview point, Sichuan students to apply for HKUST, we will invite them to go to the interview in Shanghai."

Apricot Ni Chen, HKUST, Hong Kong, initially between the three cities of Xi'an, Chongqing, Chengdu choice, but ultimately chose Chengdu. "The reason for this decision, because in the past few years, Hong Kong Science and Technology Institute of China in Chengdu enrollment quality , Sichuan apply for the number. "In addition to the HKUST students studying in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, mostly, but the schools want students to come to other provinces, allows students at the school to recognize friends in different places."

Apricot Ni Chen also said that through mutual learning, but also allows our students in learning and ability has improved. "

Chengdu top student fell in love with the school life in Hong Kong, Wei Qi, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology sophomore from Chengdu, Sichuan.

Why choose to go to school? Wei Qi said, because the mother of a bank in Hong Kong and the Hong Kong city more international and development opportunities for more "and Mainland students are almost always the top student, the competition between the top student on the ability the corporate ladder faster. "

"Local students are also very willing to communicate and mainland students, they are very friendly." Said Wei Qi, in peacetime, the students will also organize some gatherings, customs, food and culture of the students from different countries and regions to share a home. enhance mutual understanding.

The only obstacle to the exchange of Cantonese, the local students in Hong Kong almost had Cantonese, "Wei Qi, through the mutual exchange of nearly a year, he can gradually came to understand some Cantonese.

I heard that new interview point of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Institute of China in Chengdu, Wei Qi is very pleased, "A lot of mainland students from Beijing, Shanghai and other eastern region from the west." According to the understanding of the Wei Qi, currently in Hong Kong The HKUST Chengdu students to study only four or five.

CHEN En-crown opinion of the local students, students from the Mainland, regardless of the specialty of learning, sports, or music is very powerful.

CHEN En the coronal said, some misunderstanding of the Mainland, through exposure to more mainland students, we gradually mutual understanding and misunderstanding of the mainland are slowly eliminated.

You do not know Hong Kong up to mobile phone and mobile phone users in Hong Kong is more than the population, the penetration rate of more than 171%, is one of the most popular mobile phone users in the world.

Bruce Lee and kung fu movies

Hong Kong is the birthplace of kung fu films. Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and so in Hong Kong set foot on stardom, the Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui, the Bruce Lee statue is by Mainland visitors alike.


Rolls-Royce has a per capita basis, Hong Kong have more than the rest of the world

Healthy Cities

The length of the average life expectancy of the people of Hong Kong, ranking the forefront of the world. In 2009, the men in Hong Kong about 80 years old, women over 86 years of age

The heart of Asia

About half of the world's population live within five hours flight of Hong Kong Aircraft

Gourmet paradise

Every 600 people in Hong Kong has a restaurant, a per capita basis, has the world's largest restaurants and restaurant

Leading ferry

Hong Kong Star Ferry across Victoria Harbour, a range of world-renowned, eight minutes of flight passengers must visit project

People in Hong Kong and Mandarin

The younger generation from the "no need" to "must"

Mainland tourists, whether it is playing in Hong Kong tourist attractions, or go shopping, always usher in the warm greeting of the Hong Kong compatriots, smiling faces and one is not fluent in Mandarin.

"My Mandarin is not very good." Although the pronunciation is not very standard, tend to speak slower, but pretty good young Hong Kong SAR Government officials, Huang Zonghuan standard of Putonghua in Hong Kong compatriots.

Exchanges with the West China City Daily reporter, he frankly stated that he is a high school began to learn Mandarin, "At that time, we also think, to learn Cantonese and English."

Mainlanders to Hong Kong's reunification with the mainland exchanges continue to strengthen Hong Kong is also growing - The Huang Zonghuan think learning Mandarin is no longer a "must unnecessary", but "must learn", or their own carry out the work very difficult.

Even if Mandarin is still an arduous task, but in front of the mainland tourists, Huang Zonghuan been trying to communicate in Putonghua with.

Chief Executive Donald Tsang 45-year-old doctrine of Mandarin

Incumbent chief executive, Donald Tsang, in the central and local media interview team nearly two-hour interview, has been insisting to speak Mandarin.

"Excuse me, I started to learn Mandarin is 45 years old, you laugh at me I'm not afraid, I am never satisfied with Mandarin-speaking level." During the interview, because the Mandarin is not standard, Mr Tsang also expressed to the presence of reporters apologize.

"I do not speak Mandarin, the vast majority of the people of Hong Kong will not." Hong Kong's tourism industry procedure of the Director-General, Mr Joseph Tung, said later, mainland tourists is gradually increasing, almost a salesperson in all shopping malls and taxi drivers will speak Mandarin , "and my Mandarin is from them that school over."

Since its return, a small change. The Liaison Office Director Mr Peng believes that this reflects from the side, closer personnel exchanges between the two places since the handover, all aspects of exchange is increasing.

Source: WCC

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