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Enhance the image of Mianyang efforts to create a tourism standardization demonstration city

Published: June 21, 2012

Achieved good results since since May 18, Mianyang started to create a work of Sichuan Province, the second batch of travel standardized model city, to further enhance the overall image of the Mianyang Tourism, tourism product features, tourism service quality. Introduced a number of local characteristics of the tourism standards, Mianyang are striving to fill the blank of the province tourism local standards.

The start of the General Assembly held on March 1 this year, the province's implementation of the tourism standardized action plan, start, including Mianyang, including seven cities and prefectures to create a second batch of travel standardized model city. In recent years, the tourism sector in Mianyang City in accordance with the law of development of tourism industry and the market economy, tourism standardization as an important work, vigorously push forward to create a level scenic spots, star hotels, grade travel agencies as the core content, to create the characteristics of rural tourism demonstration counties, the demonstration of the township (town), model village, and the star farmhouse as the main content standardization of construction.

May 18, Mianyang Tourism officially move "standardization times". Objectives identified in accordance with the Mianyang city tourism standardized action plan (2012-2015), through the four years to enhance the image of the city of Mianyang City, Excellent Tourism City, promote tourism destinations to promote tourism enterprises to implement the national, industry, local standard significantly improved the quality of tourism services, foster a number of travel services brands. The end of 2015, the city gradually establish at all levels to effectively promote tourism standards to develop, implement, implementation, assessment, evaluation and supervision of the whole process of collaborative working mechanism.

The reporter learned that the end of this year, Mianyang will strive to create the province's second batch of tourism standardization demonstration city, thereby enhancing the Mianyang Tourism overall quality, specification Mianyang tourism market order, and continued to promote the formation of the Mianyang Tourism brand. Mianyang are efforts to build "It is reported that government guidance, the division of labor, enterprises, orderly, efficient and practical" travel standardized operating mechanism. This year, Mianyang will increase the city's Samsung and above hotels, 4a level scenic spots, grade travel agencies, Samsung and above farmhouse / country hotel and other tourism enterprises promotion and implementation of tourism national standards, industry standards and local standards efforts. In order to regulate the tourism service standards and service processes this year, Mianyang in the tourism enterprises to establish internal planning, construction, management, operation, service, all sectors of the working standard.

Tourism enterprises to create an opportunity to Mianyang in the tourist bus, tourist restaurants, excursion boats, amusement park, spa tourism has not yet carried out the certification standards or the achievement of national industry standards to accelerate the carrying out of relevant standards, thus expanding the city's tourism standards scope to broaden the field of tourism standardization work.

Source: Sichuan Online

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