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Summer travel up the hill into the water

Published: June 21, 2012

Leap of April 1, this year's summer giving a feeling of late. In June, the weather finally began to heat up, no accidents, this year's summer tourism market, or inheritance forever, "the word mantra: up the hill into the water.

Unlike in previous years, visitors to suppress the Summer heat is more than tourism in January, enthusiasm, and for the summer high temperature Adds a fire, more violent than usual attitude, blowing.

Xiling Snow Mountain : Summer Summer Tourism Festival to open through the journey of the seasons

June 16, 2012 Xiling Snow Mountain Summer Summer Tourism Festival "opening ceremony was held in Yingxue Square. From June to August, Xiling Snow Mountain ski scene will arrange a variety of entertainment show every Saturday night, allowing visitors to enjoy the scenery, tour the landscape, Tingquan sound, the concept of natural and happy to enjoy the Xiling.

In mid-July, Xiling Snow Mountain will be held through the Xiling Mountain line Four Seasons "is the theme of climbing competitions. As long as you love life, longing for the forest, enjoy the sport, happy to be a Xiling Mountain Walker, you can work with your friends and family or individual to enroll in this competition.

Youyang: cool air leisure and culture section

Encounter the Peach Blossom Spring

"The heat of summer, where to go, so go to cool Youyang to be!" Meeting was informed that the reporters from the recently held Youyang tourism Chengdu marketing promotion, October 6, "the refreshing youyang summer paradise - Peach Blossom Spring Shiner cool leisure Cultural Festival "will be held.

Youyang Chongqing Wuling mountain travel center, with the "Millennium Town, Barry Gallery, Xanadu, Tujia customs, red classic" tourism brand. Peach Blossom Spring, the Shiner cool leisure and cultural festivals, Youyang will highlight the Quest the Fuxi hole, dreams of the Peach Blossom Spring, gongtan a dream, love drunk Millennium 10 theme . During the event, visitors can experience the agricultural life, feel the cool of the calamus prairie, boating Leaves River sang Leaves songs, but also Quest the Fuxi hole, enjoy the cuisine of unitary state, both enjoy to the full but also a real treat.

Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the treasure in the travel agencies will be opened Chengdu to Youyang trip tourist train. This summer, Sichuan tourists spend three days to Fun Youyang.

Hongkou: drifting section to bring fresh stimulus

June 20, the charm Dujiangyan , vitality new Hongkou "2012 · The 4th China Dujiangyan (Hongkou) drifting Festival in Hongkou drifting Center at. 5 rafting team from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, New Zealand, with nine teams from the Chinese mainland will drift competition. The opening ceremony, Water Sports Administration Center of State Sport General Administration will be granted to the Hongkou Township, Dujiangyan City, the first national rafting town "title.

It is understood that efforts to build Hongkou drifting boutique projects, and improve the reception capacity and popularity of Hongkou, the promotion of rafting this year, Hongkou Township will continue to invest 75 million yuan, the new Floating reception hall, the transformation of the parking lot, improve river rafting safety systems.

Happy Valley Carnival Festival:

Four major theme of carnival 58 days of wonderful uninterrupted

The annual Happy Valley Carnival kicked off the upcoming June 30. By then, Shenzhen, Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Wuhan and Happy Valley will be hot linked together to create the Chinese people's own carnival.

Carnival lasted 58 days, the Mask of Venice carnival, carnival world, Olympic Carnival, Water Arts Carnival 4 theme activities will be hot debut. Venice Mask Carnival will showcase the unique urban mask carnival show, do not need to go abroad, you can feel the most authentic Venice carnival atmosphere. Meanwhile, the Venice Queen trials, invite you to wear gorgeous, glamorous mask, join the most authentic mask rave. World carnival activities and colorful one, visitors can join the African encouraged by the band, the Russian clown parade. Cool summer summer travel, nature and ultimately, the "water theme ". During the carnival, visitors can experience large water Arts Carnival in Chengdu Happy Valley Caribbean Water Park. Chengdu Happy Valley portrait launch Olympic carnival, cheer for the London Olympics, visitors can not only water park in the Caribbean side of leisure to enjoy cool, while, together with other tourists, watched the London Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies as well as live matches, crowd share the Olympic joy.

Qiliping: romantic mountain bloom summer resort season

Recently, this reporter learned from the Emeishan Qiliping international tourism resort in early July, the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Bureau jointly to the resort area, co-sponsored the activities of the flowering season and the summer resort season series Qiliping romantic mountain.

It is reported that these two major events, wonderful theme . Series of activities of romantic mountain bloom photography competition, feast of flowers, the opening ceremony, the selection of the flower fairies, Qiliping big challenge, hammocks Festival activities; the summer resort season series of activities includes beer and food court, the Qili town block week activities, parent-child camp outdoor sports experience, the luxury goods exhibition, tents Festival theme . In September, the event will culminate - awards ceremony, the most beautiful flower fairy, outdoor sports, "the charm of the Mid-levels, lighting Qiliping" photography competition, everything, so dizzying.

Aba: the Aba cool for a summer tour

This summer, Aba launched a number of theme lines, including the boutique tour of the world natural heritage, prairie tours, Tibetan style, experience tour, custom tour of the Qiang ethnic culture, the culture and customs of Tibetan Nationality tour, leisure summer travel, outdoor paradise experience tour The snow-capped mountains, glaciers Flowers tours.

For the summer market, Aba major scenic spots are introduced preferential policies for a variety of tickets for students. "Champion free tour Aba" activities, the Municipality's arts and sciences college entrance exams to Aba travel, as long as proof of identity card by the local education sector (schools), you can free tickets.

Source: Sichuan Daily

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