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Sichuan to Hong Kong and Macao to push the "big autumn classic tourist routes five

Published: June 22, 2012

"Pearl of the Orient to offer a great love panda hometown sense of affectionate". The reporter learned from relevant departments in Sichuan was informed that showcase the achievements of post-quake reconstruction and tourism development by the return of Hong Kong 15 anniversary, to the general public in Hong Kong to promote the products of Sichuan tourist routes in order to attract Hong Kong and Macao media and tourists alike, in order to further lift up Sichuan tourism boom, recently co-sponsored by the Sichuan Provincial Tourism Bureau and other units, Sichuan, the most beautiful places large tourist photography exhibition "at the Hong Kong International Convention and Exhibition Center was held.

Exhibition to the great beauty of Sichuan and love Sichuan , more than three hundred pictures, fully demonstrated the Sichuan customs, natural scenery and reconstruction, all-round show Sichuan is rich in tourist resources and the wonderful tours. China National Tourism Administration Shao Qiwei made a special trip to visit the exhibition site, the exhibition will continue until the 17th.

It is reported that the event through the great beauty of Sichuan, love Sichuan, "the two main themes , selection of 300 images show the Sichuan natural beauty, thick historical and cultural rich folk customs, by a picture of your favorite pictures, the audience a better understanding of the new Sichuan in Sichuan. Sichuan natural scenery in the "Great America in Sichuan - the great mountains and rivers, like the invisible" theme , will allow the people of Hong Kong, and Emei Mountain , Leshan Giant Buddha , Qingcheng Mountain , Gongga Hill beautifully restored to an in-depth contact. The theme of "love Sichuan - reconstruction brilliant rise" Hong Kong people will fully understand the post-disaster new look of Beichuan, Ya'an, Guangyuan, highlight the Wolong the development aided by the Hong Kong compatriots.

Particularly worth mentioning that the specially introduced for Hong Kong and Macao, Sichuan Province, the five "great beauty autumn classic tourist routes. They are: Jiuzhai tour, Panda hometown journey, the journey of pilgrims asked, southern Sichuan ring eco-tours, and the display of the Three Kingdoms culture, Tea-Horse Road, north-south thoroughfare of the South Silk Road trip. In the exhibition, the organizers also invited the Hong Kong traveling salesman set up a sales area of tourism products, the high cost of the Sichuan tourism products readily available, and daily sent out 500 copies of exquisite Sichuan tourist souvenirs.
Source: China Network

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