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The Emeishan construction of a Buddhist cultural center, enhance the international influence pushing Buddhism brigade interaction

Published: June 22, 2012

June 20, Mount Emei Buddhist Cultural Center groundbreaking ceremony was held in Emei Mountain Giant Buddha Buddhist Temple. The Emeishan Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Ronin on behalf of the Emeishan four groups to extend my warm congratulations to the Emei Mountain Buddhist Association. Emei Municipal Committee, Municipal Federation of Trade Unions Chairman Wu Liping, the Emeishan Deputy Mayor Bian Qian, Emeishan City, Vice Chairman of the Municipal United Front Work Department Yang Tao and other leaders of relevant departments, Emei Mountain Buddhist Association Yongshou monk, the vice president of the heart Master, played Master of France, the macro to open Master, full lin Master and Buddhist believers, construction workers on behalf attended the ceremony.

It is reported that Mount Emei Buddhist Cultural Center (also known as Golden China Tibet), Emei Mountain Buddhist Association of self-financing the construction of a large social and cultural welfare projects, covering 120 acres, building area of approximately 60000 square meters, located in Mount Emei Buddha Statue Buddhist Temple west, including the World Buddhist Forum Conference Center, Buddhist culture, interpretation centers, Buddhist Heritage Museum, Mount Emei Buddhist Institute.

Mount Emei Buddhist cultural center set Buddhist Forum, Buddhism and cultural interpretation, display and research in one of Emeishan City to promote the development of Buddhist culture, in-depth to explore the Buddhist tourism resources to promote the interactive development of Buddhism and tourism initiatives. After the completion of the project, not only to promote the public welfare of the Emeishan City, social and cultural development to enhance the international influence of the Emei Buddhist culture, the main thing is, it will further enrich the Emeishan city tourism resources, promote the development of the city tourism industry, improve the shape of the city like and taste.

It is understood that the Emei Mountain Buddhist Association, to determine the "three center" concept, Mount Emei Buddhist, after 10 years of construction, "three centers" has begun to take shape, the start of the Emei Mountain Buddhist Cultural Center will make as an educational and cultural center Emei Mountain Giant Buddha monastery, and the functional system is further improved to become worshipers and overseas visitors of the ten most desirable places.

Day, the the Emeishan Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Ronin in his speech, especially hope that the project builders must be careful organization, well management, well construction, first-class construction quality, excellent construction speed and first-class building efficiency, to ensure that the project successfully completed in He asked that the Emeishan City departments and the towns and villages must support and provide the best quality service , Mount Emei Buddhist Cultural Center projects together to Mount Emei Buddhist Cultural Center into a new landmark in Emeishan City,.
Source: China Network

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