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China Youth Travel Service | Sichuan Province, China Youth Travel Service - Travel specializes in Sichuan, Tibet travel services. Including the Jiuzhaigou Valley (on the 4th Jiuzhaigou bus tour, Jiuzhaigou Flying day tour, Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhaigou tourist routes on the 5th tours, etc.), Huanglong, Emei, Leshan, Tibet, Inagi Aden, the Yangtze River Three Gorges Siguniangshan, Hailuogou travel services.
Distinguished guests, and now that you no longer have to travel for the selection of a quality service and to sweat; Sichuan Province, China Youth Travel Service, will provide you with a variety of the best quality, perfect, low-cost travel services, will become your best travel best choice! special recommendation Jiuzhaigou, including Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong Flying day tour, Jiuzhaigou pairs of steam on the 4th tour, welcomed the group Friends of the Staff Committee. 2002年十强2003年全国百强2004年四川旅行社双十强我们的推荐的景点为: 九寨沟 黄龙 西藏 峨眉山 乐山大佛 长江三峡 稻城 亚丁 四姑娘山 海螺沟 西岭雪山 都江堰 青城山 成都旅游 My agency is a travel agency in Chengdu leader: 2001 Sichuan Travel pairs of the top ten 2002 top ten 2003 National hundred in 2004, Sichuan Travel pairs of the top ten of our recommended attractions are: Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Tibet Mount Emei and Leshan Giant Buddha of the Three Gorges Inagi Aden 4 girl mountain Hailuogou Xiling Snow Mountain Dujiangyan Qingcheng Chengdu Tour 2005-4-15 16:46:41 .

Golden Week Enrollment Information:
1, Labor Day period, the travel stress, registration confirmation, please required down payment, points, here for account options, early registration, as early as peace of mind!
2, a solemn promise: To get rid of the worries of applicants who have applied who, if prices fall, enjoy the price declines in case prices go up, then the price will not go up the first applicants.
3, the price Note: During the Labor Day prices, a group date to prevail in this table, detailed itinerary of the price, the date when the price for the flat season.
Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong Flying day tour
Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong tour on the 4th
Enrollment in the hot ~! April 28 to May 4 Application of hot ~!
29 April-4 May-fat group every day * April 28: 620
A four-star, etc.: 2580 yuan / person (tentative) * April 29: 680
* April 30: 780 yuan
* May 1 to 4: 880
Tibet, on the 4th tour (under application)
Lhasa and Shigatse tour on the 6th (under application)
30 April-3 May-fat group every day 30 April-3 May-fat group every day
Standards, etc.: 3550 yuan / person Standards, etc.: 3950 yuan / person
Deluxe, etc.: 3680 yuan / person Deluxe, etc.: 4100 yuan / person
Nyingchi on the 6th of Lhasa Tour (under application)
Mount Emei and Leshan Giant Buddha Two-Day Tour
Mount Emei, Leshan Two-Day Tour
30 April-3 May-fat group every day 51 every day during the application of hot-fat group ~!
Standards, etc.: 3550 yuan / person B-line standards: 410 yuan
Deluxe, etc.: 3680 yuan / person B-line luxury, etc.: 510元
Siguniangshan day tour
Siguniangshan day tour (under application)
Hailuogou day tour (under application)
April 30-May 5 30 April-3 May-fat group every day
Standards, etc.: 750 yuan 30: standards, etc., etc. 750 yuan Deluxe 500
Deluxe, etc.: 850 yuan 1 to 3 Day: standards, etc., etc. 820 yuan Deluxe 550
A four-star, etc.: 920
Note: The fixed-point set on the train
Inagi, Aden on the 6th tour (under application)
Inagi, Aden on the 7th Tour (under application)
Hair every day during the Golden Week Mission Hair every day during the Golden Week Mission
Standards, etc.: 1620 yuan / person Standards, etc.: 1680 yuan / person
Deluxe, etc.: 1800 yuan / person Deluxe, etc.: 1880 yuan / person
Flying on the 5th Sanya Tour (under application)
Hainan free people (under application)
51 during the daily fat 51 during the daily fat
Price: Samsung 1680 / person Prices in detail
Dujiangyan Qingcheng Mountain Day Tour
Yangtze River Three Gorges day tour (under application)
During the 51 daily fat (under application) 51 during the daily fat
Price: Samsung 220 / person Third-class cabin: 680
Second-class cabin: 880
First class: 1280 RMB
Flying on the 4th Zhangjiajie Tour (under application)
Flying on the 5th Zhangjiajie Tour (under application)
April 29: 1680 yuan April 28: 1620
April 30: RMB1980
May 2: 2080 yuan
Kangding Inagi Sun Valley on the 8th Tour
April 30-fat group (full)
Standards, etc.: 2180 yuan / person
Hailuogou Kangding Siguniangshan on the 6th Tour
May 1-fat group (full)
Deluxe, etc.: 2280 yuan / person

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Tired of cursory with the mission? Ben Wang designs for you to personalize the road, you just told me letters and telegrams from agency the following:
* The number of trips traveling time
* Plans to spend to visit scenic spots
Head tourist groups who have joined the guests can enjoy various value-added services:
* Free pick up in Chengdu airport
* Increases by a souvenir
* In order to offer special booking
* To buy return tickets at the lowest prices
Consulting / Registration Tel:
0086-28-AAAAAAAC (6 lines)
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