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Shangri-La: In the whole world, what other places have such scenery, waiting photographers and explorers! ---- United States botanist, explorer, Joseph. Locke, 1928. Aden, never let you down 2005-4-9 15:29:14

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Aden 3 Kamiyama

Aden Nature Reserve

Driven by the wide grasslands Daocheng heading south and then entered by the mountains, meadows, streams merged into the embrace of nature. Peaks continuous, so that you are often getting into a hopeless situation, but winding paths, an enchanting surprise. Your emotions surging through time and time again, and finally to the county seat of about 83 kilometers away from the nature reserve core area of Aden - Nian Qing Song Gongbu Kamiyama Gongga day.
To Kamiyama ago, we have to first go to the foot of the tribute Kamiyama Ridge Temple (Temple of Gongga Lang Darjeeling short), to accept gangoh Buddha's blessing. Nian-Qing Gong Ling temple by the name Gongga Day Song Gongbu Kamiyama. The magnificent temple architecture, exquisite frescoes, precious cultural relics.
By Gong Ling Monastery by Jiva, there are two core areas leading to Aden nature reserve. Mengzi into a gorge, after the fire to know tie Lang (Kamiyama gate) into the Gongga silver ditch the red ancient lamasery, worship Kamiyama. Insurance must strange and beautiful scenery along the way, so that a visual mess. The other one up to the hall, no entry "shining mountain" in Russia Hatsuyama. Russia Hatsuyama covered with vast forests, whenever the sun rose, the whole mountain suffused with golden light. Standing Peak, overlooking Gonggar Day Song Gongbu Kamiyama, scenery is spectacular. Russia Hatsuyama is its most beautiful season of autumn, it is simply a natural self into a color, a huge thick canvas.
Across Russia Hatsuyama luxuriant virgin forest ecological system, down into the narrow and steep, turbulent waterfalls east-yi Valley, down near the Cass village, a path winding stretch from here to get a piece of virgin forest, here called Cass ditch, mentioned in the Buddhist books of Eight Han Lin (dead forest), one of the Hell Valley of human flesh from any sector, the only way to enter heaven. Kamiyama sight, through the 18 layers hell, you have reached to heaven: Nian-Qing Song Gongbu Gongga day.
Nian-Qing Gonggar Day Song Gongbu (Aden Nature Reserve) radius of more than a thousand square kilometers, the main part of the three totally separated, but not far, was "goods"-shaped arrangement of the peaks. Feng Xian Nairi 6032 meters north, the southern peak Yang Maiyong 5958 meters, 5958 meters Higashimine Xianuoduoji. 3 Xuefeng white Qiaoba, like sword-line clouds. Xian Nairi like the Buddha, proudly side lotus seat; Yang Maiyong like girls, demure modesty,冰清玉洁; Xianuoduoji like a teenager, vigorous fortitude, God color Olympus. Feng Lin Xuefeng around the corner, large and small, a total of more than 30 seats, is both varied and magnificent. Peaks before the inlaid with jade, blue lakes and meadows. Under the glacier snow line straight green forests. Snow-capped mountains, cliffs, cliffs, Haizi, glaciers, grasslands, forests, streams, give us to create a quiet and peace throughout the world outside.
This three snow-capped mountains Buddha were three presume the main snow-capped mountains. Buddhist holy sites in the world 24 ranked 11th place. "Are creatures of God Jide towards the holy shrine." According to historical records, the Year the eighth century, Padmasambhava greatly Gonggar sombreros opening day light and Buddhist masters, in addition to the trinity of Bodhisattvas V: Kuanyin, Manjusri, Diamond hand were three peaks named blessing, Xian Nairi of Guanyin Bodhisattva , Yang Maiyong for the Manjusri Bodhisattva, Xianuoduoji for Vajrapani. Gonggar Day Song Gongbu from renowned Tibet.
According to "3 presume the main snow-capped mountains Chi" record "religious king had praised the Karmapa here: 24 the two holy places sacred to all three of the Lord is presume the main snow-capped mountains; 3 presume the main snow-capped mountains sacred sites, to protect the warriors of God guarding, Padmasambhava masters have also had praise poem reads: hills hills presume the main snow-capped mountains such as the mandala, and countless treasures to build immeasurable palace. Fazuo holy lotus sun and the moon, and air lines extend France Kamimori mother. has the fate of all living creatures worship of Buddhist devotees worship 3 presume the main snow-capped mountains, to achieve the afterlife of the cause of this life. turn three three presume the main snow-capped mountains, killing eight Sagittarius eliminate the evil. transfer an equivalent of 100 million Mani read the virtue of turning 15 at the foot of Chonggu Si is equivalent to read Kamiyama 100 million Mani of merit. Tibetan Year of the Rooster worship, merit-fold increase. " Therefore, the late 19th century to the mid-20th century, there were bandits plate, according to their burning and looting surrounding area, and then continue to turn Temple of Mt redeem the sins they have committed.
"A lifetime at least once a day Song Gongbu Gongga Mt pilgrimage is a long-cherished wish of every Tibetan." In the past long years, the three main mountain presume the number of infiltrating the hopes and dreams of Tibetans, that is their ultimate goal of the soul of the land. In a new world coming when the earth becomes more crowded, less and less time cleaning, then sat on Song Gongbu Gongga the sky, soaring more precious and fascination.
To Gonggar Day Song Gongbu, well-being will naturally come.
To Gonggar Day Song Gongbu, retaining not only Qijue your natural beauty, the mysterious religious culture, as well as newly discovered yourself.

Attractions in protected areas:
Russia Hatsuyama Tibetan means "shining mountain" Russian Hatsuyama Lamugelin District is the largest forest Daocheng. Russia Hatsuyama Yamagata flat, vast forests, mountains unpredictable situation. Fall, Russia Hatsuyama row of trees to make dye, Wanshan popular in, as it is a beautiful name, glittering in the sun, beginning in Russia on the Peak overlooking Gongga Xuefeng Song Gongbu scenery is spectacular. Fire tie Lang know in Tibetan means "shouted the irrepressible." It is a great rock, the door god for the Songun Gongga day. Gongga Silver ditch water in this import terracotta River will be the local Tibetans as a god Gongga Milky Way river, the river with the film than the rubble into a pile of Mani are both present a splendid sight. Legend Gonggar Day Song Gongbu There are many hidden treasures. But one day, demons, then all covered with dark clouds, rain-soaked earth was moving, a time, gold and silver treasure Shun Gongga Milky Way shed, knowing the fire door God despite every possible effort to tie Lang, still unable to block a river, they reluctantly " shouted, can not stop the "named. Saga Da baby every year (the Tibetan calendar, April 15, the Buddha was born, Cheng Road days) Tibetans who have to turn around the stone mountain, bathed in the river changing.

Know that the fire from the west off the cattle farm tie Lang start walking up the hill along the Gonggar silver, one and a half hour or so off the cattle arrived in the West (3100 meters). Here saw the rise of God Gongga Day Song Gongbu first peak Xiannai Ri (6032 meters). Blue sky, the Xian Nairi white peaks towering forest stands in the vast sea, silver flashes. Continue up 2 hours to Zazo pro-Yu (horn ditch), here, thick forests, streams murmur. Gonggar Galaxy arrived shortly before uplink Reza East Faso (Shenxian Dong). In this rest, throwing stones and hitting Shenxian Dong Shiyan, issued ringing like echo, it is also known as the stone bell rock. Half an hour later arrived in Aden Village (3700 meters), Xian Nairi panoramic view of the south of 1000 climbed cliffs. Going to go up one hour to reach Chonggu Si.

Chonggu Si (3880 meters) is located in Xian Nairi foot peaks. Severe destruction of the monastery, a devastated, no study to construct a temple era. Chonggu Si Lang Darjeeling under the Gonggar Temple, Buddha sent there zaba gangoh chanting in this song the Buddha, through the halls for people in a small clay sculpture Buddha. Legend, the monk was a mistake as the Jie Gong Jue life dedicated to Kamiyama, Buddha's teaching in this building temples, digging stone for the ground-breaking risk the wrath of the gods, and points around the disaster befall the people, leprosy epidemic. They feel a mistake all day long chanting Jie Gong Yu Buddha, cast magic, begging the gods down disaster on their own to relieve the people of the disaster. His message of compassion move touched the gods, and the people safe, he passed away while suffering from leprosy. Now, they feel a mistake Jie Gong spiritual bones still buried in his own temple built within the temple daily incense chanting monks, to commemorate his great merit Dade.
Nian-Qing Song Gongbu Gonggar day starting from Chong Gusi left turn right before the trip to Los velvet around the ranch. Nian-Qing Luo velvet pasture Gongga Day Song Gongbu three peaks around. Xuefeng, forests, grasslands, streams, lakes, waterfalls and pasture huts exist side by side. Where three peaks are collected in the eye, the North Peak Xiannai Ri (6032 meters), Xiang Yizun Buddha sitting serenely Lotus throne. South Peak Yangmai Yong (5958 meters), steep peaks, beautiful lines, Jian Ren's peak towards the sky. Dongfeng crystal-like peaks Xianuoduoji proudly Song Zhi. This three Xuefeng has always been a symbol of Tibetan sacred hearts, read Green Day Song Gongbu Gonggar Tibetan means "the snow is not the 3 expansion of the Holy Land Act Kamiyama," was intended. The eighth century AD, Guru Padmasambhava as the three peaks to open light, and to presume the main Buddhism 3: Guanyin (Xiannai Ri), Manjusri (Yangmai Yong) and King Kong hand (Xianuoduoji) named blessing, it is called three presume the main snow-capped mountains. From Luorongniuchang starting line up, arriving Qu 9 Reza Shinsen, we can see Yang Maiyong the snow line in northern Tibet, the Kingdom of God, laid-off cypress Shambhala. God can wash away this spring the personal store of the dirty thing, begging the gods song 9 Xi ugly law-enforcement protection. Continue upward, turn right, you can watch the sea of milk (for hot or wrongly), pearl sea (wood at the end of mistake), etc. holy lakes. Climb of 4476 meters above sea level is Soma (Vajrayogini) Yamaguchi, down for an hour to the foot of the holy lakes Mra Xian Nairi fault (elevation 3960 meters), and then half an hour back to Chonggu Si.

Temple Lang Darjeeling Gonggar county's largest Yellow Sect monasteries, Litang Monastery is a Temple Evergreen Cole. Nian-Qing Gongga day because of Songun Kamiyama name. Gongga Lang Darjeeling magnificent temple architecture, exquisite frescoes, the temple there is a gift from the Dalai Lama V, Maitreya bronze Xiang Yizun for the precious cultural relics.

Hell Valley Taniguchi altitude of 3,800 meters, 2,500 meters, the bottom, the valley wind moving away clouds, mist Meng Meng, magnificent mountains and disappeared the strange now, right before our eyes, it is gripped with horror. Hell narrow valley deep, dense jungle, towering rocks, flies the spring waterfall, deafening roar.

Russia Hatsuyama
"Flash Mountain" - Russia Hatsuyama
Xian Nairi peak (Guan Yin) - 6032 meters above sea level
Yangmai Yong-feng (Manjusri Bodhisattva) - 5958 meters above sea level
Xianuoduoji peak
Xianuoduoji peak (King Bodhisattva) - 5968 meters above sea level
Aden River
Aden River
Hai Zi - Plateau Lake
Beautiful Haizi (highland lakes)
West off the ranch
West off the ranch
Nian Da-jing
Nian Da-jing
Gongga Temple
Glorified temple hall Gongga

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