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China's four Buddhist Emei Mountain

One of the four Buddhist mountains in China, state-level scenic spots. Is located in Sichuan Basin, southwest of Emeishan City, 7 km south-west. Winding due to the mountain, "such as the cicada in the first Emei, thin and long, the United States and Yan" and named the mountain extends north and south, stretching 23 km, an area of about 115 square kilometers. Steep slopes of the West slowly east, east slope of the reverse slope, and another fault scarp, the mountain steep. Wan Foding peak 3099 meters above sea level, 2600 meters above the plain of Dong Lu Emei.
Emei Mountain was formed in the late Neogene. Mountain mainly by carbonate rocks, granite, mysterious rocks and sand shale, etc., and strata mainly include Aurora University, Cambrian, Ordovician, Permian, Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. Fairly typical of the Triassic deposits, known as the natural geological museum, has been built more than one standard geological sections. Mountain plant and animal species, namely, more than 2,000 animal species, more than 3,000 kinds of plants, and the more rare types of animals, such as leaves and butterflies and butterfly-playing frogs, tree frogs, large earthworms etc. Emeishan unique. Plant leaves of plants in a third Noriko dove tree, Ginkgo biloba, Hong Chun, Alsophila spinulosa, are the province's animal and plant species up areas.

Mount Emei is located in subtropical monsoon climate region, the entire mountain clouds and more sunshine less rainfall, with the west and other regions constitute a small Liangshan famous Quartet's "West rain screen." While the distribution of climate factors are significant differences emerged in Yicheng to form a "mountain has four seasons, ten-mile different days" of the landscape characteristics, and thereby the Mount Emei scenic spots formed the characteristics of variable - the venue and Jing Shu, Yunfu mountains move, changing infinity.
Emei Shan is a famous tourist destination, with its hung, show, spectacular, magic known as known to the world, known as "Emei world show" reputation. Towering majestic, heavy mountains, peaks, ditch Shenhe dark, trees lush, misty, mountain mountain wonders, shli different days. Formed a pico Qingyun, Saint plot Evening Bell, Shuangqiao voiceless, Hongchunxiaoyu, Whitewater autumn, nine angel, House, like the pool of moonlight, Lingyan Emerald, Daping Ji snow, Jinding Yoshimitsu ten scenic spots. There are Buddhist, sea of clouds, sunrise, shengdeng four natural wonders. Main attractions are baoguosi, Fu Husi, years Temple, Qingyin Ge, Xianfeng Temple, washing like a pool, Hong Chunping,金顶so.
In February 1997, Mount Emei and the Leshan Giant Buddha was listed by UNESCO as "World Natural and Cultural Heritage List."

Emei vertical distribution of clear weather, the Peak and the foothills of Pingba large temperature difference, about a difference of 14 ℃, for every rise in elevation of 100 meters, the temperature will drop 0.5へ0.6 ℃.
Emei City coldest in January, monthly average temperature 4.3 ℃, minimum temperature of -4 ℃ or so. Emei top monthly average temperature from November to March next year are below 0 ℃, the coldest month in January, in order to -6 ℃, minimum temperature of -20 ℃ or so. July average temperature is 11.8 ℃, the maximum temperature is 20 ℃ or so. Emei Mountain region for more than 2,000 m above sea level of about half a year of snow-covered, generally from October to next April, Emei Mountain is snow-covered, there is no four seasons, only winter and spring of difference.
Go to Emei Mountain, Chengdu to Leshan may first play. Leshan in road transport network is perfect, Leshan to Emei Mountain are among the perennial tourist hot, the average car every 10 minutes intervals to issue a unilateral drive to less than 1 hour. Leshan to Wutongqiao, Sandy Bay, qianwei Rochester and other places by car are less than 2 hours. From Chengdu to the vehicle up to the station frequency is the new south gate of the tour bus passenger center. Leshan city road transportation hub is a Midwest Automotive Center Terminal (locally referred to as "Central Station"). From Chengdu to Leshan, fares usually 30 yuan per person (air-conditioned bus is about 36 yuan per person); Leshan to Emei Mountain, fare usually 10 yuan per person (minibus 5 yuan per person). Just 1.5 hours from Chengdu can be reached by car, excellent road conditions.
Mount Emei is famous for the Department of the middle and low tea, "Trimeresurus" and "e-er-core" of the main producing areas. Among them, Trimeresurus picking the vicinity of cemeteries ago, flat green, resembles Hangzhou Longjing, but they do have different flavors.
Chinese herbal medicines are sold year round scenic, variety, confusing. In addition to tea and herbs, the mountain there is a special flavor of food - snow konjac, which is the year the temple monks standing food. Millet through natural frozen taro, the expansion of porous, easy tasty, pure natural health food products.

* Wan Foding

Built Tongdian 1, Dian-side look into the light the four wonders of Taiwan considerable Jinding - sunrise, sea of clouds, Buddha, the Magic Lamp. Whenever the early morning, since under the golden dome look, we saw clouds like sea billows roll time as, Shiyou calm, really constantly changing, and marvelous. Sunny days in the absence of moonlight night, and sometimes there Yingying, the fire, one out of a dark, large and small, and this is Emei sight - the Magic Lamp. The most amazing was the "Buddha", whenever the wind on Long, 90 o'clock in the morning or afternoon after 23 o'clock, in the rocks leaned his life under the golden dome look, and sometimes see a halo of colorful clouds floating on the occasion of The figure placed in its own aura among the film with the people move, lose each other. No matter how many people, it is always seen his own shadow, called the "golden dome Yoshimitsu."

* Temple thousands of years

From the Jinding down by Huayan top, the beginning of Temple, the interest rate that the heart of the "White Water autumn wind" Temple of years. Years temple was built in Jin Dynasty, the temple whether the beam brick hall, hall with how high the bronze Yi Zhang Fugen Elephant Zuoxiang for Mount Emei's Zhenshanzhibao. Temple, can be down by the thousands of years to return Emeishan city.

* Qing Yinge

Here, about 15 km away from the baoguosi, is located in the rain in the bovine heart Heights. Court after the black and white dihydrate Meeting on Qingyin Ge, the confluence of a boulder, shaped like a cow heart, therefore called "cow heart stone." 2 water were built a stone bridge, water, wear a bridge out of stone impact beef heart, the spray flying, just as flyings Sui Yu. Deep Gap blowing waves, play a sweet Musical, Dubbed the "Shuangqiao voiceless." "And any wash-off heart flowing water, waving to hear what sounds do not labor," a poem, it is a portrayal of Shuangqiao voiceless, is Emeishan a major attraction.

* Hong Chunping

Gap winds straight down the clouds, namely, Hong Chunping 5 km upstream. Hong Chunping called "Buddhas Monastery" because there are Hongchun Teramae old trees, hence the name. Hong Chunping mountains, trees green and verdant, the air is fresh, is the best summer resort in the mountains. Lin Lan mountain floating summer rain started falling early morning fog, Su-called "Hongchunxiaoyu." "Mountain Line are no rain, and air Tsui wet people dress," is the description of this picture.

* Xianfeng Temple

By the Hong Chunping up by pole-Yan, Tang Shui that by 99 Xianfeng Temple. Xianfeng Temple, built in the Ming Wanli record. Temple and magnificent old trees, dense rich, sihou longevity rock high into clouds. Top Kegon head like a jade screen, when there are blossoming around the Baiyun Piao, looking like a cool mind a beautiful landscape. Sihou Ching there is a bamboo grove Kwu Tung, according to legend was in this Yellow Emperor Xuan Yuan Huang met nine immortal, hence the name the old nine holes. Guro-dong area rich in the world rare dove tree, spring and early summer, flower-decked.

* Xixiang Chi
Guo Longfeng bridge, after the event that the Xixiang Chi Sin Temple. According to legend, the ancient Buddhist ancestor of the great disciples of Sakyamuni Buddha Samantabhadra each wash in the pool must be passed through this place like. "Like Chi Ye Yue," that is well-known here, scenery, night, Haoyuedangkong, moonlight greet the pool, Shuitianyise, beautiful scenery. The monkeys often come and go with.

Main Attractions

* Baoguosi

In the Emei Shan Lu, is Mount Emei's largest temple, is also climbing the gate is a tour Emei starting point. Before the monastery built in the Ming Wanli, "baoguosi" plaque for the Kangxi Emperor pro-books. There are three treasure temple to serve the country, first, a huge porcelain Buddha hall Chilbulbong; two 7 meters high, 14-layer copper "Kegon Tower" (now moved to Fuhu Si); three 2.3 m high and weighs 25 tons of big brass bell.

* Fu Husi

Baoguosi left-1 km, cross hogye Bridge shall Fuhu Si. As the temple temples hidden in the jungle, so there are "hidden jungle tiger," said. Fu Husi built in Tang Dynasty, according to legend, "the forest more than the tiger, often out of harm, was built in measureless Zunsheng front of palace buildings to the town of, their suffering was thus extinguished, and therefore called Fuhu Si." Fu Husi Although forests into the roof was spotless, must be called a reign of Emperor Kangxi title of "Li Gou Park" plaque side.

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