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Welcome to [Sichuan China Youth Travel] Travel News section! This section provides you over 24 hours of travel news. China Youth Travel Service is committed to providing every guest the best service. Offered either travel, including group travel, organizing meetings, car rental, reservation, we will provide you with useful and accurate information. Our services cover the whole country, Sichuan, Tibet, the brand line. Agency for the Chengdu tour leader: 2001 Sichuan travel double top ten top ten 2002 2004 2003 National hundred travel agencies in Sichuan double top ten. Jiuzhaigou Huanglong Tibet Emeishan Leshan Giant Buddha of the Three Gorges Daocheng Aden Siguniangshan Hailuogou Xiling Snow Mountain in Dujiangyan Qingchengshan Chengdu tourism .
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Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong Flying day tour
Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong, the 4th tour
Back to Lhasa on the 4th tour
Exploration on the 6th after Tibet Tour
Emei Mountain, Leshan Giant Buddha Day Tour
Hailuogou day tour
Siguniangshan day tour
Inagi, Aden on the 7th Tour
Qingcheng Mountain, Dujiangyan Tour
Three Gorges day tour
* Jiuzhaigou * Huanglong
* Mount Emei * Leshan Giant Buddha
* Tibet * Three Gorges
* Daocheng * Hailuogou
* Aden * Siguniangshan
* Dujiangyan * Xiling Snow Mountain
* Chengdu tourism · Qingchengshan
Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong Flying day tour
Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong, the 4th tour
Jiuzhaigou Huanglong day tour
Emei Mountain, Leshan Giant Buddha Day Tour
Hailuogou day tour
Siguniangshan day tour
Tibet on the 4th Tour - Back to Lhasa ...
Tibet on the 6th visit - after the Tibetan scenery ...
Inagi, Aden on the 7th Tour
Xiling Snow Mountain Skiing Spa Deluxe ...
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Jiuzhaigou Waterfall: the cleanest of falls "Fairy World" in Jiuzhaigou
Cursory Jiuzhaigou Link Winter to the beautiful Jiuzhaigou
June Dream Trip Travel Jiuzhaigou ass line The four major Buddhist mountains in China Emeishan
A feeling of experimental tourism Forget the North Sea [3] North Sea Baita
Walking down the mountain in Saishiteng By car of the recommended: Guilin Yangshuo Longsheng ... Delightful line!
About Namtso New Year Tour - day tour paradise (5)
Finally to the Jiangxi Province of the The last fairy tale (Jiuzhaigou)
Jiuzhaigou Diexi Lake tragic story of the hidden Siguniangshan forever change the lover of my life
Zhangjiajie Tour, the beautiful Miss unforgettable tour Lijiang, a fish do
Seeking Le Plateau drag racing insurance To Vietnam to enjoy French style
Hungary Central European style depth of experience Rain Dujiangyan
Hand Dujiangyan couples hugged you fated bridge Where authentic Sichuan town on
Thousand Island Lake "by car" re-discovery Trekking in Nepal "simple rules"
Chenzhou travel two days by car, easy straightforward Yunnan-Guizhou Tour perception [2] - King of the reverie Camellia
Yongling the name of the origin of Cultural and Natural Heritage: Mount Emei - Leshan Giant Buddha
Pity for Thailand's beautiful body cheap water Novelty Munigou
- Zhangjiajie shopping too sweet - Memorable Zhangjiajie Tour
Yunnan-Guizhou Tour perception [3] - 3 tea taste Yunnan-Guizhou Tour perception [2] - King of the reverie Camellia
Yunnan-Guizhou Tour perception [1] - Unforgettable Dream Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Huangshan: Wait for the joy of reunion
Hawaii: Diving Surfing play the romantic Lugu Lake - Backpack Trip
Indus Rising Sun: 4:00 Amidst the clouds Mid-level Tinian to explore the deepest sea
Spring flowers, the temptation village fireworks "Shangri-La" Nu Travelogue
Innocent trip to Phoenix Ruoergai grassland: jump over the summer
Dynasty back of my Baby Innocent first love: the pure West Lake water shield Cangzhou smiling and sweet
Random Notes in Canada Innocent trip to Phoenix
Southern Travels Pure New Zealand Tour
Hainan snacks - Summer clearing tonic Land of plenty impression of the South China Sea
Jinxi Town: sleeping girls Teng Temple Street overnight
Dehang Miao Village Travels Angela heaven thorough Qiushui
Botan distressing to town New Year Tour: Love in Lijiang
Macau Tour: Let me "degenerate" one it! Jinxi Town: sleeping girls
51 we fly away from home feeling Coral forest - Pattaya Coral Island
Southbound for keeps in mind: on the 8th friendship Tibet: I dream of paradise
Lost feeling in Dali Pleasures of the day in the North Sea
Went out Thousand Island Lake Macau Tour: Let me "degenerate" one it!
Jinggangshan Zuiwo cuckoo bundle Every day is spring in Tengchong
Macau: my happiness here 2005 Tourism: Cooperation within the four suspect outreach
New Year Tour: Love in Lijiang Chengdu: let the whole world intoxicated
Wuyuan generations of villagers Millennium Watch Random Notes in Canada
Xiamen: A pro-Sea Hozawa Barcelona Travels
Russia have not seen dead corpse "killing Lake" My Temptation Saibei Skiing
I am filled with Four Seasons Travel Coral forest - Pattaya Coral Island
West Lake trip Sidelight Nangang yaozhai of the long
Tour of three European sister, let me experience the realm of life "Polygamy" height of the local purchase of the bride when the deposit
Let love into Longsheng I take a taxi in London
Tour of three European sister, let me experience the realm of life For "run away" of heaven
South Korea's surprise trip to beautiful coffee with the bath water The third single visit Qingyang Taoist Temple 3 sigh startled laughter 3
Finnish sauna charm Yunnan white light snow, "valley of death" heaven
Interest abundant winter snow Emei Hot Spring Wash Creamy Hailuogou - go to romantic about glaciers
Old carnival seasons in Chengdu Hongcun, sealed my two and half days of love
Autumn in Korea there are no fairy tale Wife lovers love thick Hongcun Amidst drunk
West Lake trip Sidelight River Travelogue: If you have the opportunity to revisit
The red sky full of American romantic encounters the beautiful mountain city of fate Winter Sonata of the three walking diary
Donkey Notes: Tomorrow, I will be westbound Walks Raiders a taste of winter, the beauty of Huangshan in southern Anhui
Different Dali different kind of gentle, gentle enough to the magnificent Know more customary taboos D:
New comet against meteor 6 tryst "Seven Fairies" Splendid Hanoi, Vietnam, Love in Ecstasy provoke a glance
Half of Myanmar and I quarrel Hainan Island, the embodiment of beautiful and colorful coral mermaid hug
Analysis of the Indian Ocean tsunami and tourism destination Tsunami death toll more than 80000 United Nations launched the largest relief
Qingming Festival Palace lost a donkey was deleted as "disabled" New Year's Day good leisure travel programs to recommend three fun
Instinct to live in Chengdu Soul Mountain Island Tour Sea resort feel the joy of fishing 1000
Chengdu, Teahouse of the reasons people love Sichuan tourism event in the "fairy tale world," the opening Jiuzhaigou
Pilgrimage of Wang Mian Gongga Mountain Shushan How a West Lake West Lake Qiushui U.S. Zile Ying Ying
Chengdu's leisure Itsushi taste the original lazy so wonderful You lost the soul of Lijiang Snow still holds partly concealed beauty
Love in Tibet from acquaintance to Farewell Tibet Tour shy blush "green female flowers male" in a room
Sentimental walk through the streets in the rain You are comfortable Huanglongxi Shunan Bamboo "A Bigger Bang" to find martial arts maze Tips
Tease tease Moso men and women bath together "slippery" Chengdu Hi every Thatched Cottage of Du Fu The autumn winds have begun to taste the love songs broken
Jiuzhaigou Autumn Beauty: lingering enchanting poetic dream Qingcheng color Dielianhua clouds have yo of her deep
You know autumn sweetness can be intoxicating in Chengdu? Chengdu to enjoy the gentle beauty fall into the double temptation of food
Random Notes Saibei Skiing Chengdu, the beautiful encounter exquisite journey finding love "four girls"
Hand Dujiangyan couples hugged you fated bridge White-collar Beauty "walking marriage" I heart men adventure Mosuo
Tibet witnessed a mysterious celestial burial ground sacred, but not terror Heart children Daocheng leaves were gone flying Chazi Fang Hua Muqiu wind
Thailand to see double "yellow" sensual temptation, every night is not Sigui Merry Close Colorful Pakistani girls feelings and cleaned up the snow-capped plateau
Yunnan custom tour Moso girl asked me to turn away a bold marriage Dujiangyan to enjoy sitting in the river a few stars, mountains
One foot can be unforgettable Walker A mosquito cried three times in Tibet times / map
Resort to the simple life Siguniangshan Travels - Tour rookie to break the myth
Morning Chunxi Road March Tibetan wild peach
Dunhuang My Eyes Paris Metro is not beautiful Aventure
Everest moment Lugu Lake's emotions
The color of heaven in Inagi Chengdu Sunshine unconscious life
Beautiful "Mu Gecuo" Food exotic woman - Xichang
Chengdu, tonight you have me forget Interesting: In order to lose weight Emei Monkey
Walking in the mountains northwest Sichuan Just want a hint of Lugu Lake
Millennium Dujiangyan, Cheng teaser years Lugu Lake's emotions
Man life most go to 49 places Shigatse --- no brave new world
Eat in Lhasa Our days in Tibet
Travel section: tsunami affected geometry? Staying in an inn, a new choice of self-help tourists
To Lhasa - the winter sun is still bright Tibet, my love do not stray
Tibetan village in the morning The most memorable night in Tibet
Forest land across the valley in Tibet Burial customs and types of
Authentic in town on West Bank (1)
Idle free to visit Chengdu: eat, drink from the early morning start My Tokyo Love Story [change]
Snack of Chengdu, Sichuan Yi Tai Fei Chang powder --- Winter story [change]
Find Zada [drive in Tibet] Shen Garden memory & nbs ...
Leisure Travel - Meng Tuen - miyaluo through Notes (3) Tuen approached Bangladesh - Bangladesh Tuen - miyaluo through Notes (2)
Ready to go - Meng Tuen - miyaluo through Notes (1)
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