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Jiuzhaigou Waterfall: The most clean Waterfall

Jiuzhaigou Valley, the walk along the water flow is an extremely wonderful to enjoy. From Jian Zhuhai, Xiongmao Hai, Wu Huahai, Kongquehe to Pearl Beach, from the snow-capped to the murmuring of streams, from the chaos of the waterfall to keep quiet lakes, no matter how pure streams of major rivers such as the walk is also the same as the rocky road of life, water is exposed to luck and tragic on earth.

Jiuzhaigou most wide waterfall called Snow Day Long, height of about 30 meters wide and 100 meters, water from the Jinghai Chuan Lin Guo Beach leisurely flow, the volley down and Silver Flower scattered, the kind of pure color is really fascinating .

Into the tree is ditch, along with rhino sea, tree is waterfalls, sparks sea, sea, and Bonsai Beach reeds. Water is dense clusters of shrubs, trees turn divided into countless small streams, jump for joy down, sparks sea dragging just as a wide shallow dam, dam of trees varies, water or Qingyi to diffuse before, or if the ice-like walk through, all the The roots are in the habit of touching the water arbitrary.

All been to Jiuzhaigou people who have been in the clear water and a clean wash wash their own feelings and reason, to return to their hometown will be even more know how to reverence for nature, reverence for life.

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