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In winter to the beautiful Jiuzhaigou

Sichuan's Aba Tibetan autonomous Island where there is now a high altitude airport --- 9 Huang airport and to the world-class --- the beautiful scenery in Jiuzhaigou will be very convenient.

If driving, from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou to take a 8-9 hour car, through the Dujiangyan - Wenchuan - Maoxian - Songpan - Chuanzhusi - Jiuzhaigou total length of more than 400 kilometers, and also turned several of about 3,000 meters above sea level big mountain, if it is in winter, 39 days driving a car to go mountain nightside there is ice on the road, make car skidding, it is test driver's skill. Coupled along the way are under construction

Hydropower, road conditions are very bad, because the establishment of a good future in hydropower, where the road will be below the waterline, so no need to repair this road, in the Mid-levels, the new highway is being established, will soon be opening a . Therefore, from Dujiangyan to Wenchuan is like this one on the road like a roller coaster bumps, can only move at 40 kilometers per hour may also encounter traffic jams, but fortunately, very few people in the winter since the driving to the Jiuzhaigou adventure.

In Maoxian passed after the start mountain climbing, when the mountain after the climb, we can see that a major earthquake in 1933 created a deep depressions - stacked West Haizi, Haizi here with an earthquake buried beneath a small town there are more than ten thousand of the population, have been an earthquake in that sink deep in the ground and was buried on both sides of the mountain collapsed, and then there was formed more than 60 meters depth attached to the three lakes, the ethnic minority areas This lake is called Haizi, this stacked together three Haizi storage capacity of large, because the deep water, is said to have taken place if the burst will be put here, all the submerged Chengdu Plain.

And then go forward to the Songpan county, where the Red Army who fought in places, Songpan County, the walls are very spectacular, almost with the Great Wall Bimei, so that the walls play defensive warfare is easily defensible in. Songpan County in the establishment of the Red Army Memorial Hall, the Red Army towers, and the Red Army as the stone base, shining in the sunlight, the Red Tower sparkling with gold wrapped in a luminous red star is said to travel the new project - "walked along the Red Army road "Red Tour launched soon, so that people could walk the road along the Red Army came to Aba and Songpan, see the snow-capped mountains grassland, the year when the Red Army march through the place where most of the territory in Sichuan.

After Songpan later, that is Chuanzhusi, and here is a small town, the KMT has a small easy airport here, a vast grassland in the above is that the new airport has established nine yellow.

9 Huang airport at an altitude of 3,500 meters high mountain plains, in the middle of a group of mountain living ripped a ground, the runway is only 3600 meters long, you can take off and land A320, 319 (Airbus), close off the mountains in the snow season you can sit aircraft to the Jiuzhaigou to travel by. The airport is to the state to declare the country a class of ports, if the declaration of success, you can become an international airport here has. To fly from Chengdu to the airport a total of nine yellow to 40-50 minutes.

From the airport to Jiuzhaigou and 70 km of high-grade highways, in the other seasons is a good walk, but in the winter snow this 70 km a snow accumulation of thick snow on the road, there is no capacity to deal with snow vehicles, vehicle only slowly open and maintain at 40 yards. Along the way, there is a monument with the inscription: "Minjiang source" as its headline.

The road on both sides of a thick white snow, in the darkness, we come to Jiuzhaigou's most luxurious hotel, is also a world-class luxury hotel ---- Jiuzhaigou Forest Resort paradise is 19:30 minutes. 8 am departure from Chengdu to 19:30, is about to take 11 hours. Of course, we are self-driving, walking and playing, if the middle do not stop so many places, they will not use so much time.

Jiuzhaigou, there are many hotels, four star also has a good few, there are other general, along the crowded hotels lined the road on both sides. However, fewer winter guests, close a lot, only a few open. Jiu Zhai Paradise was only last year opened a super five-star hotel, its luxurious, its imagination, and its incomparable harmony with nature, are any of the hotel can not be compared, in its lobby, there are many trees, all is already growing here. Lobby with the airport terminal as the large network structure to build into a translucent sun room, a lot of trees in the establishment of a time when there is no cut, all remain in the lobby of the. Lobby does not put heating, but the frame of 7-8 months a large oversized wok, as a roasted brazier, red burning charcoal inside, people standing on the edge of felt nice and warm, so that idea is really like a Kit Kat . In a hotel lobby, there are trees, there is water, there are ducks and black swans, and of course a lot of entertainment for guests of chairs, as well as the Qiang-style small building, which is the mood of the various small bars or restaurants, people in the here really feel will want to return the endless good intentions! In addition, there are hot spring bath, you can enjoy the Convention and Exhibition Center in Chengdu, all of luxury, where both, each have opened shelters in broadband networks for business customers for use at any time. This ultra-luxurious ultra-modern hardware, coupled with the beauty of Jiuzhaigou, the reason is called paradise, is really worthy of the title! I think the real heaven is also much better than ah! No wonder Mr. Jin Yonglao come here have repeatedly praised his old travel extensively, knowledgeable, but also felt that there is the world's two of his favorite places on Earth.

In the Jiu Zhai Paradise one kilometer, repaired and built a tourist city ---- A Fan ancient city, which is Jiu Zhai Paradise repair projects, all of the small building Qiang formed a street, which has colored the customs, living standards from 10 yuan ~ to 3 ten thousand dollars. There is a very wide halls, above, where the horse can really run Oh! Here in May 2005 can be opened, and is a very fun place yo!

Winter, 39 days in Jiuzhaigou scenery and taste some years while only two down the snow, to everywhere covered with white, in the filmed the movie "Journey to the West" and "since ancient times, a hero of Youth" places: Bonsai Beach, a small mill, etc. are all snow and ice all Xiongmao Hai-ri has been frozen, and the highest elevation of 3,500 meters long formed the sea is a thick ice, but others such as Jian Zhuhai, Pearl Beach, peacock sea, Wucaiche, but no icing, pearl beach waterfall on the following chunks of icicle and ice mushrooms, as well as if the same is true on Long waterfall ice water ice Lingjia very spectacular. Know that "If the Day Long" is the Tibetan language means? Shuai is the meaning of handsome young man to say, we can say you are "if Day Long"!

Not many tourists, occasionally one or two cars in Taiwan and Guangdong tourists snowman snowball fight in the laughter and accumulation in various photography sites no one bother, leaving the freedom of a group of amateur photographers take pictures, so that the landscape has been a few people enjoy my heart really can not tell the emotion and enjoyment in the meditation of these photographers capture the beautiful scenery and a record of their feelings, such a golden opportunity to really ah!

Jiuzhaigou Haizi there are still two seasons, one of the water this winter has also been said to much snow this year for several years without snow, of course, snow in winter, summer, ditch and sea-yard would have sufficient water. In some marsh, there are some yaks grazing in a free, which was originally home yak, but to the ecological environment, each home yak on the released free life are the same as the wild yak nobody, and these free Yak gives a good feeling, so that more natural beauty of natural scenery.

In addition, there's a ditch called Shenxian Chi, landscape extremely beautiful, very few people have visited, you can go in the summer.

Winter to Jiuzhaigou, the entire picture is you, you can in such a vast piece of land on the freedom of travel and photography, you can not stop shoot the beauty of your heart, there is no people's crowded, no one told you grab the local camera Do not you satisfied in order to shoot a picture without people who do not know wants to photo and non-stop to people say, "Excuse me, please let let ......"

The road back to Chengdu, auto open until Maoxian big hill was nearly 2 points, and we stacked the West side of Hai Zi Qiang people to find the one, where a meal break, where cold mountain wind last night, a big tub of water have end up with ice, by our crack with a hammer. Was an acute angle of the plate down the mountain (mountain people called the back plate), also 3,000 meters above sea level down to the more than 1000 meters, and at the outlet side of Mao County, bought a lot of the plateau cream played the Chinese cabbage, Chinese cabbage a car there are two 3 jin before selling 20 - to 30 yuan. Cold wind is blowing here, very high-handed, almost necessary to blow big hole in his face! Farmers on the hard stand by the roadside waiting for a buyer.

Home, had a 20 o'clock. When I came back home sitting in a warm and enjoy the snow in Jiuzhaigou scenery photos, memories of the tourists happy, even with the pursuit of work and life and fun, people need to walk around, they need to travel need to recharge for ourselves and regulation of mental state, only the people who will not rest is the work of people. (Author: Phoenix Lady)

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