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June dreams donkey OK Travels trip to Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou, a long charmed me places, June 5, finally had time to realize their dreams, I started this journey.

Before going, I'll have to play on the network to Mix Jiuzhaigou's Travels as a whole has collected again (search engine is really a good Dongdong呀), also selected 23 more detailed and comprehensive written down as the accompanying printed reference, really benefited a lot Yeah, a sincere thank you to those who are dedicated Mix, I hope that my travels also enable all of this to gain something we go.

One day in advance of the new South Gate bus station Mailiaojupiao (9 Huang airport, expansion, until June 11 flight pass), 123 yuan fare (with 2 yuan insurance, and they have insurance, you can not buy), compared with their Mix said to be expensive. June 6 8 am start time.

I excitedly of carrying two bags arrived at the bus stop, car has been, and there are twice-are quite more than 30 new cars, according to seat sat down, my seat is on the 30th, just, and drivers ipsilateral. Originally thought that people would rarely, did not expect were all filled, and the two peers are mostly, to me everything without travel much, no way, for the convenience of all, I initiated a change of position, and another for lodging a friend to sit down together (or in the same side). This friend that I know this trip the first of a friend - colt.

Shandong colt is a typical small group, handsome cool, man of few words, very militaristic streak. Start on the two of us simply do not ride, then only to travel Gonglue I took out my point of view, he was only interested in the one to two, and we soon started to exchange opened.

He is a side business while traveling to Jiuzhaigou ago and has been to Xiamen, Gulangyu, Zhangjiajie and so on tourist attractions, sightseeing Jiuzhaigou is also preparing to go to Shaanxi to see high loess slope, it seems that he is the real Mix呀! The meantime, by circulation of information, but also recognized a pair of Wuhan to travel Kunan beauty ---- Lao Jia and Xiao Yang. They actually say that I Jiuzhaigou is so familiar with, certainly not the first time, they have to know where I had been on paper呀! Oh, lucky that in!

Out of Chengdu to Dujiangyan, is 56 kilometers along the highway, this section of track I am more familiar, it is open very comfortable. But out of Dujiangyan to Wenchuan, 90 km of the mountain but because of the reason is very difficult road to go, our car slowly, and no scenery, and good can chat with friends, new knowledge, but also the way to bring car early eat.

Out of Wenchuan to Maoxian, getting a good scenery along the way, and are transferred across from the hillside, and my eyes suddenly suddenly see the light heart, a smooth start to see from scenery. It is worth mentioning that in Chengdu this morning suddenly it began to rain, rain, let me really worried for a while, but fortunately car dealers here do not have the rain, the weather was overcast and not sink, fresh Shuang-ching very comfortable.

Che Xingzhi Maoxian, in a small restaurant next to the roadside to stop, here is the driver choice of free meal points, visitors can also dine on their own, but 12 a person, how kind of taste do not know, I am anyway, to bring their own enough to eat, something to eat on his own random things.

Out of Maoxian, ravine where there is a river of green greet our eyes, said this is the legendary Jialing River, excessive rainfall during the rainy season, when this river becomes brown, and perhaps the reason the last rainy season, bar , we see only the proximal stacked Haizi is aquamarine. Two in the afternoon, we reached the stacked Haizi, the car stopped adding water. Here, I not only see the emerald green as if stacked Haizi, but also for the first time saw the legendary yak, yak white hair was thick and dense and long, very docile, really cute, a lot of local farmers pull forward to their ride to the camera so that passers-by, five of money a few random photos, I can not help riding a yak photographed a few of the farmers also Big Brother label to pin to my head, really handsome stay啦! Ha ha!

Strongly suggest that you buy the local specialty here, Shigeru patterns on the road to eat apples, pure sweet and refreshing, to Jiuzhaigou want to buy are not so convenient.

Maoxian, Songpan 130 kilometers to the mountain, but the roads very well and beautiful scenery along the way, people forget that the journey Lawton. Weather gradually clearing up, the sun shining up gradually, but I would prefer to wipe some sunscreens are unwilling to lower the curtains, because that I do not see the beauty of the window.

Songpan away from Jiuzhaigou also 88 kilometers, all the main temple on this road is said to go to Huanglong a lot of tourists are here they spend the night at a small. From here more and more of the beautiful landscape together. The distant snow-capped mountains visible in the sun, I do not know clouds or fog in general a gentle leaning against a white ridge, as if sleeping on a couch is so leisurely Yau planting, the ridge is clearly a very open on it often there is a split off from sunlight to shadow, alternating light and dark, people would find it remarkable, I think this should be is a cloud shadow bar! It seems here at least an elevation of 2000 meters above.

Much can still be seen on the slopes of the housing, yaks and horses, people relaxed and happy. Lawton felt along the way too much value for the. Unfortunately, I took the three times the focal length of the digital cameras, according to true beauty is not down. Only the colt took the photo professional camera Kaka had several, it seems he is also in the praise of it!

6 pm, exactly 10 hours later, we turned a bend came nine Jiuzhaigou, the weather has had some gloomy. The car directly to your Feng Peng village located in Terminal, I got out is the legendary nine-pass hotels, when I came to consider well, first look here to talk. There are a lot of the same car were admitted here, including several beautiful babes as well, but unfortunately咱English well, or you can go to take the one with啦, hee hee!

Guangzhou is also a handsome guy with his wife, and we invite the partners together into nine pass, we saw the house, I feel pretty good, with the Samsung is almost normal, but it is the price of 100 yuan a how to say have a lot of the tone is still quite blunt, we have an angry and ready to leave their luggage, the waiter also advised us that multi-soliciting outside and how how fierce the! We also hesitated, looked at me. I said: "I see on the network, said Ling Yunge Mix the hotel environment is not bad. We go there let's see it!" Attendants see a wrong, we quickly agreed to 80 yuan on a price, He He, nnd, do not believe in killing You die! Opened a three room, and I live in a colt, a talent 40, and 6 am to 8 pm, 8 pm to 12 has its own hot water supply, I really value呀! To lay down their luggage directly Ben legendary "little cloth snacks" away!

9 pass out from the hotel, walk three minutes towards the direction of the door you can see the "small cloth snacks", and Mix do not know they should not store the bar! Unfortunately, I was not in a small cloth, It is said that when Grandpa, and rarely come Oh, Fortunately, there is a small Pange greeted us. Our point of 67 vegetables, eating more than a feeling is not a legendary so cheap, perhaps we will not Point Bar! Hot and sour powder that we are eating, and can be Zhengou acid呀! But it does quite good to eat. Mix with the car mostly to the food, and even those few babes are, it seems really gained an outstanding reputation呀!

Here we are all a bit self-introduction, and Guangzhou, a small husband and wife have the surname of ancient, handsome guy we call him A Tao, beauty we call her Melissa, Oh, Cantonese people love so called, said they are Hakka it!

An early break in preparation for tomorrow's trip, wordy so long, finally to start is the title!

We really did not deliberately election time, but after eating breakfast snacks out of small fabric, it is precisely 7 o'clock before 6 pm. Thus, at 6 o'clock on June 6, 2006 66 am, we are beginning to line 6 of our trip to Jiuzhaigou! Shun home is really a呀! Unfortunately, it seems days are jealous of our master a good mood, sparse flow of "tears", seems to think of mirror reflection of some of the difficulty of watching the sea! No matter啦,咱young mind is good, look at tomorrow is the big deal.

Along the Emerald River, the walk ten minutes to Mizoguchi the morning, visitors appeared to be little, ticket and service center, the construction of palatial, the gate attendant to tourists are also free photography, feeling, or quite cordial. Admission ticket plus a total of 330 yuan, (ticket 90) and colt Lao Jia Xiao Yang also have student ID, (Oh, Lao Jia has more than 30 points, posing as students have embarrassed and hid at the side called his wife to buy of the votes, really sweet, cute!) can be less 50! Strongly suggest that you do not intend regardless of preparing the second to go into the ditch should be according to one image, because the photo will be printed on tickets above, as we go hand in hand into the ditch, they can still tickets left in the photo, too commemorative value.

Into the ditch, and we start with the original plan under the groove to the upper tree is, and did not think that bonsai ditch Fortunately, parking guides refused to stop, and directly to carry us to the central station Snow Day Long along Although some unhappy, but the Soon we forget that, because the scenery along the way too beautiful, especially when the sea through the rhinoceros, the rain has been very small, and the water clear as a mirror, silhouetted against the hill and shadow coincides with,

Which is true hill is almost impossible to separate what is a rockery, and is really a superb view of human呀!

Now that day has come to Connaught Long, we discussed a bit, just off the sea directly to the mirror today, the first travel day trip is to change the ditch, then prove that our choice is more correct.

Mirror to reach the sea when it happened that the next big rain points, destroyed the mirror reflection of the sea, but still beautiful, and we left a few films, we continue along the road up from the ditch into the Plank Road Dan Chu! In the Plank Road entrance there is a small square, stand here, eyes suddenly see the light, the sun came out, from time to time according to the lush hills above the clouds have not yet dispersed, as to the mountains got entangled in a white hada, while the farther peaks was solemn and eye-catching, and the nearby mountains in sharp contrast, just as I, and ponies (*? ¥ #??! What kind of analogy呀? Oh, pony I am sorry, I have no sense of shame have dragged forward to your scapegoat Kazakhstan, see this I'll give you open the bath water's sake, blame me ha!)

To tell the way, I think to Jiuzhaigou really understand the true meaning of the word brilliant, all the scenery was so bright in the crisp, everything is so clear and is so fantastic, so real and so unbelievable, no body near the whose territory the person is indeed hard to imagine.

Closer to home, entered at large in the near future, we came to the Pearl Beach Waterfalls, perhaps with the group of tourists are the main act from top to bottom, but like us they FIT in this season of too few reasons it, along the way in addition to our 6 no other person, the whole package Jiuzhai as it was we had the feeling stayed cool! Because there is not the rainy season, the Pearl Beach Waterfall of water is not too large, but for us, is beautiful enough. Crystal beads of water gently from the foot across, plunged into a steep collections of pearls, the冰清玉洁more than girls, it really is a well-deserved reputation呀! The only regret is that here we have a film about brothers, even killed, and if not taken into account only just begun, may be "killed" more of the film fraternity.

Along the way line, Jin Ling Hai, Kongquehe Road, Wu Huahai are beautiful Yeah, until the Wuhua Hai, we see groups of tourists who travel in groups down, suddenly a noise. Wu Huahai probably take the meaning of the five Erhualian bar, sediment, therefore the bottom color will be more mottled, there is a relatively large photographic point of view is true, as well as ethnic costumes can be rented, we have a set of five money rented a three, three men who also bought one a cowboy-style suede hat-intentioned Tell me what might be asked, how is it three? Is not four? Is the drops are drops, pony actually want to buy, though, his head's bigger than the Wu's, wearing low-grade, had to do fills counter-offer after only 20 one, Mizoguchi's are much cheaper than the . (Mizoguchi 60) film brothers in a more heavy casualties, so we move on.

Unfortunately, because the water causes Xiongmao Hai Falls has been drying up, good news Xiongmao Hai son is still there to do a little rest, we continue to uplink from Plank Road, where pedestrians also brings a rare start, and for those of us Mix speaking, how a cool Zile De.

The afternoon, we arrived Jian Zhuhai, the sky from the sun, under rain, but fortunately, the rain is not too great, and we found a viewing platform, taking advantage of beautiful lakes and mountains, open the luggage, took the prepared foods are out of pain jolly lunch to eat something quick, there is Coke, there are mineral water, there is cooked food, with ham, it is quite rich ah, so beautiful, so Yoshitomo, we feel that although this simple meal to eat a point, but wins had his life to any meal luxury food, because at this time and the mood has been little difference in Wonderland.

Today's Jiuzhai already have fish ducks, but they still are in the majority of kindergarten age, is said here is the kinds of fish, particularly carp, other fish, it is not suitable for such a quality, A Tao seems particularly favorite of Health fillet, the less the way that he did not eat Xiangnong a desire, and made to fear us, chances are this kid on an impulse to get a slice, then let's sacrifice may not film brothers, innocent yuan brother dies a large.

Fortunately, we all came to a conscious, fully reflect the Mix of high-quality, in particular, should be commended is the pony, to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, he even have refrained from a no smoking is really remarkable. (Jiuzhaigou only Novo Nichiro a point to have the dedicated smoking, and other parts of smoking that are heavy penalty should be, and I hope people will pay attention to exercise restraint, it could not control himself, and we must be prepared in advance because as otherwise damage such a beauty may indeed sin it.)

Beyond that, the scenery is not much, so we give up on foot, by car directly on the forests. Out of the car, feeling the air a bit thin, and said there is already more than 3000 meters above sea level, and in this piece is full of negative ions are said to open, I would like to retain what was also very difficult to bar their minds! We were joking, no one will reach the primeval forest scenic spots, and then further go to not allow the. Here Sen ancient days, the air fresh, of course, is a school of jungle weather, incredible is that, in our time of photography actually found a wallet on the roots, so we have carried forward the spirit of Lubushiyi Mix who did not pick up (in fact, I gate-ching啦, what high-quality Well shit! mainly the non-deflated look shriveled like money啦, hee hee!)

Virgin forest air was very good, when we are down and went on an open space, could not help found a table and break up the table opposite the tree is said to be 800-year-old trees, old trees, unfortunately has passed away, leaving only a length stumps, how can I see how friendly, so he recognized it as Grandpa, This is just great, the brothers who all became my younger generation, and Shuang Ya! Then when we see it must be respected Oh!

By the way, I think time in time, then, here is a very enjoyable meal, but finished all the leftover garbage must be taken away Ha!

Virgin forest down, less than 3:30, we decided to ditch Zechawagou way to another swim. So catch a ride to Snow Day Long, and then a long ride to the sea, this time no one seemed to go a long sea, but dispatchers fairly good, helped us arrange a special zone in the bar car to take us up, let us think that this 90 points is worth the money there are so mean.

June's nothing quite Zechawagou mean, upper, middle and next season, Hai Zi do not have water, what is "Birds fly in the water, the fish upstream in the day," the scenery still fend for themselves to imagine. Chang-hai, as Jiuzhaigou Haizi is still the largest water, and wait for us up, stalls have been scattered, and the whole platform was empty, according to Miss guides said that if the distant snow-capped mountains as early as a month to see snow still do!

Quite lucky, Wucaiche still some water, but rarely looked while very beautiful, but there is always an unfulfilling feeling.

5:00 is, we are down to reach Mizoguchi, the basic end of today's trip, walk to the "small step for snacks," next to "Bian Bian Street" indiscriminately bought some jewelry, were down 20 yuan and feel the price is not expensive stuff is very general.

Brothers suggested that eating a good today, let's, get hold of Kaoquan Yang eat, I asked several still feel that "Xiao Pang cloth" (Oh,咱privately to a small cloth to take off the name) is the most open conditions , all sheep a spot slaughter, 300. We agreed. I can not bloody look at this man, only to see not dare eat more than Xiao Yang, and Americo not as good as their screams of Liangsheng at least, I would only dare to hide behind the head of A Tao just look at their blood-curdling scream!

"Xiao Pang cloth" is also a virgin seems to bake for the first time do this live, not very skilled, only to 9 pm, only make things right, we called a few bottles of beer and began to eat up the taste of meat or a pretty fragrance, that is, tenacity is too full, six individuals with no half-eaten sheep, we all came to a good mood while munching meat while drinking beer, while still blowing HU Kan sea, using their own native dialect singing the praises of each other, to the last women were evacuated, and Let's Ge Jige still drink, say what nonsense are not remember, anyway, very happy so cool it wants to finally, finally get rid of a total of 16 bottles of it, considered thoroughly enjoyed themselves, I think we have a sentence spell out their minds did not say it: "Damn it, this is the life呀!"

The next day, we were all still got up pretty early, but unfortunately weather forecasts are not allowed, not only did not sunny, rain is also bigger than yesterday!

Our "small cloth snacks" to eat yak meat, noodles, hot and sour powder, porridge呀what steamed buns呀! By the way, I think to Jiuzhaigou to eat and not to bring more, enough to eat on the road on the line, into the ditch can eat from the "small cloth snacks," buy some big meat buns and steamed bread, or the selling points of service delivery points at the door barley cake, corn呀enough to ditch what to eat.

I bought a piece at the store a one-time raincoat, 5 1, put on the set out. Today, our tour content is the tree is ditch, said ahead of the second can be off into the ditch, and so we get off the beach in the bonsai into the Plank Road began to tour together. Perhaps the day before the car has already read these views, perhaps the weather, perhaps the water is not enough, in short, we think that these views appear to be worse in a lot of the previous day, a bit mean dull mean barely walk tree is waterfall, we do not want to go up. All want to go take a look at Tibetan Village tree is custom, no way, although I feel a little sorry, but the majority bar! Thus, we crossed the berm, and then once again encountered a large number of tourists crossing of the road, we entered the tree is chai.

Walled in the tree is, we have seen a lot of arts and crafts stores, which offer accommodation in many places, than we imagined to be much cleaner, but if no hot water bath. Some craft stores have on-site production of knives and jewelry workshops, feeling really want a different number of process quality, the price also expensive, Lao Jia bought the knives, I bought a ring, are counter-offer to the 80 buy, and then is not down, that bosses do have enough cattle. All in all, the Tibetan village, worth a visit, but also to buy things here, I think some more features.

On the afternoon trip, I Lao Jia, A Tao they discussed for a long time, they heard that Huang is a dry period right now, there is no nice, they have not wanted to go, and Jiuzhaigou nor look too mean, So wanted to take the car back to Chengdu, 13:00, and by the way next to see other attractions, I'd does not matter, only the brothers do not want to separate, so with them on the back of Chengdu. The pony ride directly to the car the next day in Shaanxi, we had to this difference, we left a few one drop of "ma niu" to the colt on the road when the money for the journey! (Oh, it is impossible to drop)

Lunch we return to our specially designated restaurants - "a small cloth snack," Chile Dun "reunion dinner", left a few photo "Xiao Pang cloth" also specifically give us added several extra dishes, yesterday finished beef is also Hot Well, we finished eating, they prepared to leave, and did not expect, "Xiao Pang cloth" kinda reluctant to us, almost cried out, really is too cute! We all think that the next autumn, when the wet period Zaiqu Jiuzhai must also take a look at our beloved "Xiao Pang cloth" it!

The way back to Chengdu Dao Shi putting us off our pretty unpleasant, be properly 40 new vehicles, gratuitous change of used vehicles in Wenchuan, reportedly had the car to be examined and what is simply nonsense, and in Dujiangyan did not high-speed, walking into the Chengdu on ordinary roads, the tourists left in the outer ring of the chadianzi Terminal. Causing me to spend more than 30 yuan taxi fares go home.

Later, a chat with the taxi driver that I know, the original South Gate bus station and the new bus station has a car made chadianzi Jiuzhaigou, but chadianzi car to be more more, even in the chadianzi given season is not easy to buy cars to vote. The Return of the cars are mostly for the convenience of the chadianzi As to not take the high-speed, it is because terminal of these cars are mostly private contractors of the car, not the public sector, and can be a province of one does not take the high-speed can be Province, 80 of money. Anyway, back to the city the way you are nearing home, and not like the Gang Chu City, when you can ask to return, not to mention these acts are the terminal with the management By default, we only submit to humiliation's sake, think of our country even as the Jiuzhaigou this International tourist attraction is the case, the management of other attractions to what extent it can be confusing? We advise everyone able to do so try not to take the afternoon of that class issued from the Jiuzhaigou bus, preferably in advance asking China and Kazakhstan are back to the new south gate terminal, or chadianzi Terminal.

Jiuzhaigou trip over, but our friendship did not end their two pairs of A Tao, and Lao Jia couple nights I went to the Chengdu step, let along drink, bubble tea, watch the match, enjoying themselves, in this press do not Table啦.

Jiuzhaigou, is so worthy of desire, it is worth appreciation, but also memorable, as Mix to say: "People must always be ready to go to here, will definitely not regret it."

A Tao asked me: "When Zaiqu Jiuzhai?" I would like to use Qi Qin's that song, he replied: "Not at this time, do not know when, I think is a big date in the autumn!" (End) ( text / Immortal No Hero)

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