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Jiuzhaigou Valley
China Youth Travel Service: China | Sichuan | Jiuzhaigou Valley Tour Guidebook
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Jiuzhaigou Valley
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Welcome to Jiuzhaigou Valley
3D2N Jiuzhaigou Valley Tour

4D3N Jiuzhaigou Valley - Huanglong (Yellow Dragon) Individual Tour

5D4N Wolong Panda Base - Jiuzhaigou Valley - Huanglong Tour

5D4N Dujiangyang Irrigation System - Qingcheng Mountain - Jiuzhaigou Valley - Huanglong 5 Days Tour

6D5N Jiuzhaigou Valley - Huanglong - Mountain Emeishan - Leshan Giant Buddha Tour

10D9N Jiuzhaigou Valley - Huanglong - Mountain Emeishan - Leshan Giant Buddha - Yangtze River Cruise

A Real Fairyland in Sichuan - Spots in Jiuzhaigou Valley

Jiuzhaigou Map
Guide Map

Landscape of Jiuzhaigou Valley - Brief Introduction & its best Seasons
Shuzheng Gully 1:Shuzheng Lakes, Treasure Mirror Cliff, Potted Landscape Lake, Reed Lake, Shuanglonghai Lake.
Shuzheng Gully 2:Huohuahai Lake, Wolong Hai (Sleeping Dragon Lake), Shuzheng Falls, Tiger Lake, Rhinoceros Lake.
Rize Gully 1: Nuorilang Waterfall, Mirror Lake, Pearl Shoal, Golden Bell Lake
Rize Gully 2: Five Flower Lake, Panda Lake, Arrow Bamboo Lake, Swan Lake, Grass Lake, Jianyan (Sword Cliff).
Zechawa Gully:Upper Season Lake and Lower season Lake, Multi-color Lake, Long Lake.

Photo Gallery of Jiuzhaigou Valley

When the passing of time crushed the annual rings of old-fashioned memories and the earth became more and more unproductive, people have begun to return to Nature, looking for a green and blue dreamy world,a fantastic fairyland. If we say there is really a fairyland,it is Jiuzhaigou Valley......


Travel Handbook of Jiuzhaigou Valley

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