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Select Sichuan Province Youth Travel, tourism and quality is guaranteed! 2003 top ten travel agencies nationwide in 2003, an advanced unit in the province's tourism (Sichuan), Chengdu tourism industry pioneer! To use our services, to create your perfect trip!
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Sichuan Provincial Youth Travel: Exit the Ministry of Tourism to provide the following services: Overseas travel, charge d'affaires visas, travel to Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macao tour, Phuket, Thailand Travel, Samui, European Travel, Australia, Australia and New Zealand tourism, Egypt, Turkey Seoul tourism, the Inter-American tourism, Customs knowledge, foreign exchange premiums, the global jet lag inquiry service.
Southeast Asia Travel Information

Most countries in Southeast Asia is tropical marine and tropical monsoon climate, annual average temperature of 24-27 degrees. South-East Asia in winter, with light clothes (T-shirts, shorts, pants, do not forget the bathing suits and raincoats) can be.
Malaysia's Genting Highlands and Sabah Kamiyama slightly lower temperatures, night temperatures of 15 degrees. Go to Genting Highland or East Malaysia visitors need increases with warm clothing.
Should be placed on protective measures to avoid the sun sunburn. Can Daiding broad-brimmed hat, wearing a licensed sleeve shirt, or in the absence of clothing to cover skin painted over PH15 waterproof sunscreen.

Travel Products

Bring their own slippers, sandals (South East Asia some temples are not allowed to wear sandals entry); film, camera, battery life of your essential travel items in the local purchase price more expensive, so it is best to prepare enough before departure;
Baggage seeks simple, self-nylon rope, nylon pocket in order to boot on the road when problems arise in emergency use. Passengers should be prepared to own a small amount of drugs commonly used to prepare for much-needed use. Such as: anti-high blood pressure, heart disease, stomach or diabetes and so on drugs.


Thailand: Baht (Baht) Exchange rate: 1 U.S. dollars of about 40 baht.
Malaysia: Ringgit (Ringgit). Exchange rate: 1 U.S. dollars of about 3.8 ringgit.
Singapore: Singapore (Singapore Dollar). Exchange rate: 1 U.S. dollars of about 1.73 Singapore dollars.
Indonesia: Indonesian rupiah (Indionesian Rupiah). Exchange rate: 1 U.S. dollars at about 8400 shield
Cambodia: Riel (Riel). Exchange rate: from market regulation, one U.S. dollars at about 3900 riel
(This rate only reference to the price was announced, subject)

Voltage: are 200 - 240 volts.

Time Difference:
Malaysia, Singapore and Beijing consensus. Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia Beijing later than one hour.

Additional Notes
(1) tourists in Singapore must always pay attention to maintaining sanitation, spitting, is thrown away to be fined 1,000 yuan.
(2) Singapore-smoking advocates, in the buses, theaters, cinemas, restaurants and air-conditioned shops, government agencies and other no-smoking areas to smoke, be fined 500 yuan.
(3) In Singapore, pedestrians are required to take the sidewalks and crosswalks, a fine of 50 yuan across the railings, if no crosswalk, within 50 meters, across the road from the traffic light next.
(4) take the initiative to flush after using public toilets, or else is considered illegal, if convicted will be fined. For the first time offenders, a fine of up to 150 million; as another violation, the maximum fine will reach 500 in each subsequent violation of an additional fine of 1,000 yuan while.
(5) Gambling ban: In accordance with the relevant provisions of the Government of Singapore, in addition to charity lottery, TOTO, Singapore SWEEP lottery and handled through the Bukit Bay Club, horse racing, other forms of gambling activities are prohibited.
(6) If in Singapore, selling, manufacturing, entry and exit to carry more than 15 grams of heroin, 30 grams of morphine, 30 grams of cocaine, 500 grams of cannabis, 200 grams of cannabis resin, or 1200 grams of opium, once convicted, will be sentenced to death.