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Turkey, Egypt travel information


In most parts of Turkey is a Mediterranean-type climate, a gradual transition from coastal to inland subtropical semi-arid steppe climate. Turkey's four seasons, like China. Egypt's peculiar geographical position, giving it its peculiar climatic characteristics. Main climate types are divided into a tropical desert climate, the Mediterranean-type climate two broad categories. Egypt, the only summer and winter throughout the year: Summer :4-10 months; Winter :11-March.

Natural landscape
Turkey's style summary of Europe, Asia, Africa, all the characteristics of three continents. Turkey has a diverse ecosystem, and is in the same line at 40 degrees north latitude and in other countries is extremely rare, this variety of the coexistence of the ecological situation and now scattered in all continents of the animal and plant species, in the geological process, continental plates have not been cut before the survival of ancient times is to focus on this land.
From east to west through the line, can be realized that a long cool winter cold, to see everything has a year-round mountain snow Phi silver hanging area, high ground white birch in spring bloom; also appreciate the long, cool summer, the roads lead to the river murmur had to be aborted. While in the dry steppe zone stretches connecting the bare hills and endless fields of wheat. Then there is like a dream country chimney-like stone forest, and that Neanderthals lived in ancient times people living legacy of ruins and caves everywhere some beveled slightly hilly areas. Through the exploitation of the valley from the spread of its height, the warmth extended to the fertile plains, rustic charm infinite.
From north to south, began in the mountains as a barrier in stretches along the Black Sea coast, warm green, rich in hazelnuts, corn and tea. Into the highlands, where the slopes covered with grass, open grassland areas, unlimited Kong and Asia steppes, then take over the Toros Mountains Shu-Lin Ye, gradually edge closer to the Mediterranean Sea, they can watch the Onam genus, laurel, and the Thyme (musk forage) and other plants, which are telling tourists to the Mediterranean Sea, thus starting the east, across the banana fields and cotton fields, we reach the wilderness areas in Turkey. Close to the border with northern Syria, then showing the original colors of nature - that does not belong to civilization, brown multi-color department.
To sum up, if traveling by car in Turkey, in two to three hours of time, will be able to experience a different style, different temperatures, different elevation, humidity and plant with a completely alien situation.
Cherry, apricot, large almonds, figs and other fruits we are familiar with the country of origin is Turkey. It is said that humanity's common ancestor most likely lived in Africa. Even so, the Bible records that Adam and Eve used fig leaves modesty the story, he confirmed that Turkey is the ancient fairyland on earth. A long history and splendid culture
Where there were all kinds of ethnic history, incoming, local exchange of mixed indigenous peoples to produce a new race, from 2000 BC to AD 1500 the land between the center of world civilization.
Before in the modern technology (which is Turkey's large-scale road construction in 1950 at the same time), Turkey for thousands of years has maintained the original characteristics of the style. When you are in Ankara Anatolian Civilizations Museum, to see the world around 7000 BC, one of the earliest farming communities in the replication scene, you will find, this is the way to the museum can see how much houses alike. Other ancient civilizations in the world can see that the same regions where localized phenomenon, namely, the traditional architecture has been inherited from generation to generation so far, and always being followed.
The Romans built a magnificent aqueduct, made the city more concentrated. By Heenan (SINAN) and other bridges built by the Ottoman architect scattered, in the countryside, after hundreds of years, there are still passing vehicles from using it. Back history to the 11th century Selcuk (SELCUK) Age of Empires, business travelers who rely on the stack is accommodated in the lifting tired place. Now, these hotels are also a number of companies have been turned into high-level hotels, welcome tourists from various countries.
In addition, as in Troyer (TRUVA), Boerjiama (BERGAMA), Prinet (PRIENE), Love Feisuo Si (EFES), Mileto (MILET), Didim (DIDIM), A Fuluo Curtis (APHRODISIAS), Hera curia (HERACLIA), plus bird is Sri Lanka (CAUNOS), Bergen (PERGE), Aspen Vides (ASPENDOS) and other pieces too numerous to cite the importance of the archaeological ruins shown in the ancient buildings, in the coastal zone can be seen in the outskirts of many towns with the characteristics of the ruins of Anatolia.
In the Anatolian interior, you can see others such as Hatti (HATTI), Xi Taite (HITIT), Urartu (URARTU), Lydia (LIDYA) and other ancient civilizations. These regions have many of the same civilization, the legend: Lidya rich kingdom Croesus, point objects into gold king Meadows and the famous Alexander Wang.
In that flat, slightly inclined seen in the land of ancient Tutao films and has a long history the cornerstone of the ancient castle. Children frolic among the ancient ruins, sheep leisurely Nie goods brought by the grass. Not long ago, people in Cappadocia where Zia is also found to have been said? Quot; the gods of the cave, "the cave, the villagers, where storage of goods or storage of wine.
In Turkey, the protection of ancient monuments is a challenging task, in order to protect the most important relics, and to make it retained as it was, the Turkish government continues to carry out excavation work, the preparation of directories, and keep a large number of relics, and their number continuously increased. Meanwhile, the Turkish government has strict regulations to prohibit the export of antiquities.

Turkey's most compelling of the three cities are: Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, the three cities because of the historical opportunity to become the center of Turkey's major cities, college, music, art school, theater, concert halls and other facilities . Jewish and Christian communities, with a variety from different parts of the Ottoman Empire, the immigrants made the city more diversified. Is the? Quot; human mosaic "Let's Anatolian more features.
For tourists, these cities have the charm lies in its numerous museums, monuments, sites, pubs and selling of silver, copper, blankets and a myriad of gold and other grocery goods market, which Istanbul can be said to possess all aspects of a good place full of charm.
Turks are good at and enjoy meals, their hands and side glass, while eating an assortment of cold basin, the happy talk about the topic, sometimes enjoy poetry Yuet Wing sentence carefully to enjoy the Turkish cuisine with its wide variety of dishes, delicious longevity, and the French, the Chinese world's top three food dishes at the same time side by side.
Most of the visitors are from the city in hopes to gain experience. Based on traditional concepts, markets in each lane or each one in the atrium are the operators of specialized industries and trading activities, in line with the concept of the past, trade unions and mutual aid.
Ottoman Turkish Empire in the heyday of the territory has been the most played in Belgrade, stop in Damascus, and across Europe, Asia, Africa and three continents. The territory of the city in the Empire, the various ethnic nationalities in order to maintain the inherent characteristics of their own faith-based organizations together to form a small community. These small communities with local service agencies, such as fire, police stations and schools combine to form a city. Since ancient times, the heart of the city at all, there are prayer rooms, municipal rooms, business, entertainment and other facilities, the citizens of their own nation's culture and habits, while the full enjoyment of the country's power to protect. Christian churches, Jewish, mosques, seminaries and Islamic schools are still shoulder to shoulder stand in the ancient city center.
Turkey, whether size is really very safe, low crime rate makes it at night can also rest assured that no scruples of the free exercise of walking. Whether he is OK mold ??Ne brother so look ?soliciting male ?Zheng ?Meaning Angeles Department of glue squeeze light qian H Rao frame? / P>

Ancient history
Turkey's cities are generally built on the history of trade routes, especially in the delivery of silk and spices, spices, etc. on the way the ancient Silk Road. In those not suitable for farming land, the ancient city of Turkey, the traditional performance of the localization of rare architectural style reflects the region, urbanization, and complexity of the construction of habit. Here in the ancient capital of the construction form, with specific environmental conditions suitable for the unique construction method. Although each city has its own characteristics, but there are some common characteristics, that is, they have a castle, one or more of the mosques and Islamic schools, all public construction, an equivalent of the traditional Western Market Square, but also there are a large number of baths, as well as the Turks can be found living in a traditional America.
Has a long history of the ancient capital, inheritance perfect unique cultural essence of Turkey's traditional building arts, folklore, traditional arts, craft techniques, dishes have developed chat to the best level.
The rapid development of industrialization from the highway side-lined plant to be confirmed. The Government of the Republic was first established several decades has been actively promoting industrial modernization. Its main industries such as mining, manufacturing, textiles, and other majority of the financial industries are State-run. Etiquette:
Greeting approach is to first say "Welcome" at the same time shook hands and embraced, kissed each other posted cheek, after the greeting such as "Body okay?", "The children all right?", "Success in your work it?" And so on.
In the meeting place between friends, talk prior to the first hello to the person sitting opposite. Religious programs (BAYRAM) when such a greeting chatted even more important. Young people called on the elderly, we should kiss the elderly in the arm. Call attention to the mutual visits between relatives and friends, membership in a more deep friendship.
Happy to gift a child pocket money for poor people are willing pleaded for money, such a scenario can be seen everywhere. It is worth emphasizing that this program is the traditional celebration of religious activities as part of the excessive noise is not good. During the holiday season of the social, everyone gathered in a room, has just started is limited to women, between men and between men talking to each other, talk about keen interest, they treat men and women without distinction, we enjoy it together happy moment.
As standing up to talk like a buffet in a manner that is not outside the big cities are so used to.
Even after dinner to his guest, when the homes, even a short time and then the visit, the master will come up with coffee, tea, cake, pastry, fruit, etc. to entertain guests. Therefore, time-consuming, so preferably before admission to determine their own actions.
The power of parents in the family is paramount, so for the child at home with their parents to bargain on the house rules, etc., as well as senior citizens are all arguments have been that everyone is despicable behavior. On the other hand the parents as much as possible so that children can do what they want to do, as well as to meet their reasonable demands. Among the Turks, even less the same age, older people also want to be juniors respect. At the same time look forward to for himself, his family members, housing, children's words of praise. When you are invited to the Turks to accept hospitality meals at home, such as when refuses to do so, it is a kind of harm to each other's behavior. The owner will be meal time and again in the three places, and even make people feel that some of the excessive action to persuade guests to eat, which is the traditional Turkish hospitality means. Because the master is believed that after repeated persuasion, guests are always acceptable. Of course, after the end of the meal, the host invited guests to the living room table before they leave the practice is impolite.
Also, at the farewell meeting, chatted time speech occupies a very important position.
Must be understood is that, even when shopping in their daily lives, between the customer and the staff had a brief conversation after began the selection of goods and bargaining of words, but that does not mean that the buyer and the seller in the opposing position, only the But is engaged in a discussion with each other and prices of the goodwill of words.


Cairo, Aswan, 900 kilometers south of the east coast of the Nile is Egypt's southern gateway. Aswan city is not, the surging waters of the Nile flows north, adding to it a lot of scenery. That is built here, the ancient Inn and barracks, but also neighbors of trade with the South to stand. Existing textile, sugar, chemical, leather and other industries. It is dry and mild winter, it is good to convalescence and browse.
City museums, botanical gardens and other attractions. In the vicinity of the Nile on the building of the Aswan High Dam, one of the world's seven major dams. It is cross-sectional Nile river water, Gao Xia out of Pinghu, board standing on the bank of the dam monument, circular arch-type dam, such as Changhong, resplendent across the Nile into the mesh.

Vertex is located south of Cairo, the Nile Delta, 14 kilometers, is the national political, economic and cultural center and transportation hub, Africa's largest city, an important international Air Station. The famous Al-Azhar University, Cairo University, Ain Shams University, Cairo sit falls.
Cairo became the capital in 1801, is a monument over the city. Cairo is the ancient culture and modern civilization, the Oriental style and Western style blend city. The city has more than 250 mosques, Al-Azhar mosque, the most famous. Egyptian museum has more than 63,000 pieces of cultural relics, is the world's pearl museum. Pyramids of Giza southwest of Cairo and the Sphinx is known as one of the seven wonders of the world.
Cairo Mukatamu eastern slope, there is a majestic and impressive Saladin Castle. Was built in 1176, is King's crusade against Saladin's ancient architecture. Castle on Mohammed Ali Mosque, built in 1840, with the Turkish architectural style.

In central and southern city of Luxor in Egypt, located in more than 670 km south of Cairo in Egypt at the Nile River, is located in the ancient Egyptian kingdom and the new capital of the Kingdom of Thebes southern half of the site.
Thebes built in the Middle Kingdom 11th dynasty, Thebes was densely populated, Guangsha have thousands of gates there are 100, Homer's epic to here as "100 Capital", is the world's the largest city. In the past 700 years, the pharaohs were from this "pearl of Upper Egypt," calling the shots, so that ancient Egypt's political and economic reach the pinnacle of glory, territory south Sudan, north Syria, as across the eastern Mediterranean North Africa, West Asia, the first power. Here Pharaohs continued to expand their territory and the construction of numerous temples and a huge graves. 88 BC destroyed.
Ancient Egyptian Empire lasted 1500 years, ancient kings, pharaohs at Thebes built numerous temples, palaces and tombs. After several thousand years, the magnificent former palace of the temple ruins have become mutilated, but people still want to see that they were able to learn the majesty of the year, they are highly developed ancient Egyptian civilization, a witness. According to archaeologists estimate that about 500 tombs scattered in the Luxor area, only the West Nile Bank the famous "Valley of the Kings," there are 64 imperial tombs, the existing opening 17. Tomb is basically the same shape, slope is very steep ladder access through the mausoleum corridors, corridors pass the tomb room, an indoor that several graves, put granite sarcophagus mummy parked in the last one grave. Therefore, the Luxor has become the treasure house of ancient Egyptian monuments, is to visit Egypt's ancient civilization can not be less than a place.
Today, Luxor is the world's largest open-air museum, has a "palace of the city" in the world. Nile through cities, will be one in two. As the ancient Egyptians believed that man's life, like with the sun, since the rises in the east, the west, so the river's east bank is the magnificent temples and a vibrant neighborhoods, the river's West Bank, is the pharaohs, queens and nobles of the grave . "City of the Living" and "dead city" across the river to form two of the world's eternal cycle of the circle.
In today's Luxor's ancient architectural complex, the best preserved and largest is the Temple of Karnak. Its temple occupies an area of 5,000 square meters, there are 134 columns towering into the sky, the most middle of the 12 high 21 m, five people can not encircle displays run all over the exquisite relief. 400 years ago, the first one into the "Multi-Column Hall" of Europeans in the hot sun was shocked: "I went to go see the whole line of a huge cylindrical entire column, but also thought he dreaming!" Kanak God Temple and Luxor Temple less than one kilometer away, there are similarities stone road.

Alexandria is Egypt's main ports and the country's second largest city, population of 4 million. Unlike other regions is that a cool wet winter, the city of Alexandria, the Mediterranean in summer by the fresh sea breeze. BC 332 BC, the Greek Macedonian King Alexander I of domination, the establishment of the city, and in his name, will be as its capital. At that time it is the Mediterranean and Eastern countries in the center of trade and cultural exchanges, attracting over businessmen, scholars and poets. The city has a magnificent temple altar and the public the Royal Palace, the palace of the entire city area is l / 4 above, part of which is the history of the famous Alexander erudition garden, which consists of 70 rolls of collection libraries, zoological and botanical gardens, research institutes of several parts. 48 BC, Roman commander Julius Caesar shuaibing occupation of Alexandria, burned the library, the collection of books burned, causing a calamity in the history of human culture.
Alexander is now no longer have the ruins of ancient Greece and Rome have become the past, but still worth a visit value. A beacon of light past the port, the Islamic Army who have been damaged, but also with caving caused by earthquakes in the 11th century, now no trace of the. A small island where the lighthouse name for Ross Island (Pharos), then the term to represent the European way of Pharos lighthouse and beacon at the lighthouse can be seen just how well-known.

Climate: tropical desert climate, Mediterranean climate two broad categories.

Time Difference: GMT slower than in winter, when six hours, daylight saving time from early April to the end of October, slower than the 5 hours of Beijing.

Currency: Egyptian pound

Customs: Egyptians hi to eat sweets, banquet or family dinner is the last one sweet dish. Wedding in rural areas complicated the luxury scene, which lasted about 30 days, sustainable. West of Siwa oasis, There are strange marriage customs, 8-year-old girl betrothal, 14-year-old married, the dowry of 100 gown skirt. Women from birth, the family proceeds with its sewn gown skirt. A large number of devout Christians still adhere to five times a day of worship canons.