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Select Sichuan Province Youth Travel, tourism and quality is guaranteed! 2003 top ten travel agencies nationwide in 2003, an advanced unit in the province's tourism (Sichuan), Chengdu tourism industry pioneer! To use our services, to create your perfect trip!
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Sichuan Provincial Youth Travel: Exit the Ministry of Tourism to provide the following services: Overseas travel, charge d'affaires visas, travel to Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Macao tour, Phuket, Thailand Travel, Samui, European Travel, Australia, Australia and New Zealand tourism, Egypt, Turkey Seoul tourism, the Inter-American tourism, Customs knowledge, foreign exchange premiums, the global jet lag inquiry service.
Going through the departure (overseas) travel registration procedures
The selected tourist routes completed booking
No private passport Chengdu guests:
Apply for a passport to obtain the approval form and individual registration
Chengdu guests private passport holders
Fill out the application for approval of Chinese citizens going abroad to non-official seal table Note:

1, the file storage units: the cover Personnel, Security Department or the party chapter.
2, the file stored in the personnel, to the talent seal.
3, the file stored in the street, to the police station seal.
By the applicant himself to bring the following application materials to the Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration Department for processing passport:

1, identity cards, account of the original copy (with an A4 copy paper).
2,2 ZHANG 2-inch color passport photos (PSB photo).
3, meet the political stamped approval form after the application for foreign travel.
Passport issuance time of 15 working days.
Cross individual registration form, passport, visa Staff Committee materials and four 2-inch color passport photos
(Based on different lines, visas of different materials, see the Visa line.)
Passport and submit materials and conclude the day of the tour fare paid all in full travel contracts, agreements
The agency's unified visa and emigration procedures.

1, non-guests in Chengdu, the author line booking, this agency will promptly contact you to advise on how to register, you can call Head Office telephone consultation.
2, a group of about a week before by the agency's notice to open Pre-Council, and receive a swap procedures.
3, according to the agency's notice of time, to the airport to set out the mission.