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Sichuan Province, China Youth Travel Service (Head Office) - to provide you with Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel quotes, Jiuzhaigou conference tourism, Jiuzhaigou tour bus groups, Jiuzhaigou Flying missions, Jiuzhaigou Guide Jiuzhaigou weather, Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhaigou tourist routes such as meeting planners and service . Another multi-lines include: Chengdu tourism, Tibet travel, Hailuogou tourism, Inagi tourism, Aden tourism, Lijiang tourism, Siguniangshan travel, Sanya Tourism, Hainan Travel, Sanya free high-quality tourist routes, etc. Jiuzhaigou Travel Introduction
Jiuzhaigou is located in the northwest of Sichuan Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Jiuzhaigou County, located in the southern section of Ga Thurner Minshan Mountains northern foot peak, is the source of the Yangtze River Jialing a Zhigou, 2000-4300 m above sea level. Jiuzhaigou available all year round tourism, still the best tour to Jiuzhaigou autumn season ......
Sichuan Province, China Youth Travel Service (Head Office) - to provide you with Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel quotes, Jiuzhaigou conference tourism, Jiuzhaigou tour bus groups, Jiuzhaigou Flying missions, Jiuzhaigou Guide Jiuzhaigou weather, Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhaigou tourist routes such as meeting planners and service . Another multi-lines include: Chengdu tourism, Tibet travel, Hailuogou tourism, Inagi tourism, Aden tourism, Lijiang tourism, Siguniangshan travel, Sanya Tourism, Hainan Travel, Sanya free high-quality tourist routes, etc. Jiuzhaigou scenic spot to enjoy more Gonglue + Mito
Jiuzhaigou scenic spots: tree is groove (A. Mizoguchi B. Heye Walled C. Bonsai Beach D. Reed E. Ssangyong Hoi Hoi Hoi) F. Sparks
Sichuan Province, China Youth Travel Service (Head Office) - to provide you with Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel quotes, Jiuzhaigou conference tourism, Jiuzhaigou tour bus groups, Jiuzhaigou Flying missions, Jiuzhaigou Guide Jiuzhaigou weather, Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhaigou tourist routes such as meeting planners and service . Another multi-lines include: Chengdu tourism, Tibet travel, Hailuogou tourism, Inagi tourism, Aden tourism, Lijiang tourism, Siguniangshan travel, Sanya Tourism, Hainan Travel, Sanya free high-quality tourist routes, etc. Jiuzhaigou Attractions: Japan will ditch (A Snow Day Snow Day Long Long Falls B group C. Jing-hai hai D. Pearl Beach Pearl Beach Waterfall E.)
Sichuan Province, China Youth Travel Service (Head Office) - to provide you with Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel quotes, Jiuzhaigou conference tourism, Jiuzhaigou tour bus groups, Jiuzhaigou Flying missions, Jiuzhaigou Guide Jiuzhaigou weather, Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhaigou tourist routes such as meeting planners and service . Another multi-lines include: Chengdu tourism, Tibet travel, Hailuogou tourism, Inagi tourism, Aden tourism, Lijiang tourism, Siguniangshan travel, Sanya Tourism, Hainan Travel, Sanya free high-quality tourist routes, etc. Jiuzhaigou Attractions: Zechawagou (A. and down season, the sea B. Wucaiche C. Chang-Hai)

Jiuzhaigou tourist routes (travel agencies issued a day regiment)

Sichuan Province, China Youth Travel Service (Head Office) - to provide you with Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel quotes, Jiuzhaigou conference tourism, Jiuzhaigou tour bus groups, Jiuzhaigou Flying missions, Jiuzhaigou Guide Jiuzhaigou weather, Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhaigou tourist routes such as meeting planners and service . Another multi-lines include: Chengdu tourism, Tibet travel, Hailuogou tourism, Inagi tourism, Aden tourism, Lijiang tourism, Siguniangshan travel, Sanya Tourism, Hainan Travel, Sanya free high-quality tourist routes, etc. Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong Flying day tour
Features: This line is particularly suitable Jiuzhaigou business travel, relatively tense time, those who fly into the Jiuzhaigou just 45 minutes, compared to 9 hours by car so need to be relaxed, but the costs are much higher ... [more] 9
Sichuan Province, China Youth Travel Service (Head Office) - to provide you with Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel quotes, Jiuzhaigou conference tourism, Jiuzhaigou tour bus groups, Jiuzhaigou Flying missions, Jiuzhaigou Guide Jiuzhaigou weather, Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhaigou tourist routes such as meeting planners and service . Another multi-lines include: Chengdu tourism, Tibet travel, Hailuogou tourism, Inagi tourism, Aden tourism, Lijiang tourism, Siguniangshan travel, Sanya Tourism, Hainan Travel, Sanya free high-quality tourist routes, etc. Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong, the quality on the 4th tour
Features: This line remains the first choice for many tourists Jiuzhaigou, although the road is hard enough, but the scenery is absolutely Minjiang River along the way is a very good compensation, other prices affordable ... [more]
Mercedes-Benz in the golden Xinjiang
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Chi in the Golden Xinjiang

Time: September 20, 2002 to October 8, 2002

First day: September 21, Saturday, cloudy to overcast

Shanghai - Urumqi

Me and Xiao Xu, Xiao Ni is directly on the 20th arrived at Shanghai Railway Station after work, sitting in T52 plays 18:20 train from Shanghai to Urumqi, and got on we lost in the middle of a group of big voice in Zhejiang, which Zhejiang is to a group on the map a familiar city - Almaty reconstruction of a project, they are really powerful, but ah, ever eat, could not help chatting, playing cards tirelessly, every person with a lot of luggage, and our backpacks on the beds had to go under, but fortunately these Zhejiang would be delighted friendly, so we have also inverted the long journey easier. Our companion Xiao-shu is a girl Changzhou, Changzhou, on her tour of our car, she took a lot of food to our cars and talk with us, though we did not know before, but soon there will be no strangeness.

The next day: September 22, Sundays, sunny day

Shanghai - Urumqi

After two nights and one day of the Mercedes-Benz, the train in the misty early morning into the same hour last year had visited the station of Jiayuguan, I lie on the bed, looking at the snow-capped Qilian Shan mountain range, has launched mobile phone text messages out , greeting about last year and I had together Jiayuguan Lily, Xiao Yao, Xiao Zhou, but this time they must still enjoying Sunday's Lanjue, it is estimated will not be back to my message.
Train non-stop Mercedes-Benz, Dunhuang, Hami, Turpan one-stop passing a station, and finally at 21:00 we conclude our 52-hour long journey to reach Urumqi. Travel agency guy pick up we will send us to the western Grand Hotel, who on the phone and our contact CTS Society Mr.Liu in the hotel lobby waiting for us, very young manager, glowing, and one to see that live quite moisture, but the body shape and dress from the Dao Shi Xinjiang people can see the style. We settled into the accommodation, the hotel lobby and Mr.Liu to discuss tomorrow's Xinjiang travel. At this juncture, I received an SMS, is a small-week recovery, so I am surprised that he actually said that last year and several friends went to Jiayuguan, but also described to me Jiayuguan scenery. I immediately wrote back and asked him know who I am? Not half a minute, he returns to come, wrote: "You're not with me young lady to play it?" Hey! Really burned me mad, I actually became a young lady and he actually even I do not know, and I immediately dialed his phone, he said by telephone immediately wake up, explained to me that the original 51 when the and we go Inagi Miss Lee also visited Beijing, Xinjiang, he thought it was Ms. Li sent his message. I immediately call the telephone Ms. Li, but Miss Lee still did not easily answer the phone, in order not to leave a roaming call records, she responded to my message and told me that she has ended Ka Nasi's travel, arrived at Urho Mo Guicheng, it appears this is not the chance to meet the.

Day: September 23, Monday, sunny day

Urumqi - Fire Mountain - Karameh inside protected areas - Altay - burqin

9:00 am, we are set in the hotel lobby, pay the costs of travel agents, on the train departure is 10:00 and we started the Jinbei vans carrying us on a journey in Xinjiang.
The car quickly into the Junggar Basin, the roadside is gurban pass the desert, the desert there are many weeds, not the impression of the desert looks like, 12 o'clock, when our car to the famous burning mountain, fire The mountains are part of Wucaiwan, there are even more well-known colorful city, we do not have a chance to, because we have arrived at night Burqin, say that this is a pity, and perhaps have regrets that I can only come once in Xinjiang . After a red fire mountain, they begin to enter the Karameh, there are hoofed animals Nature Reserve, opening their eyes, I would like to find wild animals, unfortunately nothing more than two hours inside, on the occasion of disappointment and reappeared with a group of Mustang, we immediately stop, and raised the camera, is at this time, parking in the two protected areas not far from the staff came to us to stop filming, the original group of wild horses is the artificial stocking, and Do they regard us as The Horse Thief it?
Do not shoot worth mentioning, we continue the road, Fuyun, Beitun have been, on-street there are many white birch, poplar, and large areas of reed, the color is more concentrated, more saturated, very good-looking, here are building green corridor, I believe that with the latter definitely more beautiful. In just over a roadside Beitun, greets a large reservoir, the reservoir is the golden grass, revealing thick autumn, an old man to catch a flock of sheep grazing in the reservoir, beautiful scenery, this is already dusk, and the setting sun and the golden reed grass dyed red gold red gold, it is a good time to photography.
Twilight will soon drive a red and a large sun, Altay suburbs into the night, our car for nearly 22 o'clock arrived Burqin, in the hotel stay there, we went to the river bank with five of the night market, to solve our The dinner, though the North border, but the price is not cheap, in the howling wind, we drank kawa Qi, eating dog fish, snakehead fish and lamb --

Day Four: September 24, Tuesday, sunny day

Burqin - Kana Si - White Haba - Kana Si

Morning, I Komago walked the streets of Burqin to myself what the most northern county in Xinjiang Regrettably, we found that there really is a good stroll, it is only heard behind him loudly: "Boss -" look back you'll see that a small ni already had a person shopping. Xiao Ni, but a powerful travel enthusiasts, has gone through the Qinghai-Tibet Railway and the Yunnan-Tibet line.
We ate breakfast on the road, he drove more than an hour entered the Altai mountains, the roadside is a another one of the Kazakhs of the ranch, but now have yellow grass, and soon there a lot of birch and roadside Larch, golden golden, like a painting. Road below, a river winding down, the river is a green milk, but also some milk blue, very pretty. This is the friendship between the peak flow down from the snow, flows through the Kana Si lake, stream down is the Irtysh, the only river flows to the Arctic Ocean.
Scenic thing you see after entering Kana Si is the Wolong Bay, the water of the remote islands like the dinosaurs, will be separated by the river, a small island with a long colored plants, river water is still so immature green milk. Truck continued up that is Moon Bay, and Moon Bay is a symbol of tourism in Xinjiang, a person familiar with her, but Zhayi see the remains are so intoxicating, a perfect arc, sketched out the perfect scenery, the mountains of plants a green, a golden yellow, is really full of all sorts are. Beyond that Bay Village is a god, then the tender green river as smooth as silk, elegant, slowly towards Moon Bay Gone, I really have the mood of the Moon!
Tour guide decided to take us first go to white-Haba, after consulting and management personnel, we left the car from the west side of Lake Kana Si entered the White Haba village, along the way are the thick birch, large tracts of golden yellow, is really marvelous , we are along the streams, into the Tuva people's villages, and all the houses are built of logs, and
A seat huts, cattle and sheep grazing leisurely, easy trot the horse mask hidden in the golden birch, the beautiful paintings! Village outside of Kazakhstan, and northwest of the village is really worthy of the name first.
After reading the white Haba, we returned to Kana Si came to cruise ship terminals, the sky was late back to our lives the Red Cross ambulance station to eat dinner, we went to a performing arts center looked at the Kazakh song and dance performances, in the darkness, head forward sky of the stars, the dry foot of horse manure, cow dung, returned to the room. The evening, the horse came out of the window from time to time of Ti Sheng is really a very touching voice!

Day Five: September 25, Wednesday, overcast to cloudy

Kana Si - Burqin - Urho - baijiantan (Karamay)

Today, a bit like snow before the winter weather, Kana Si winter comes early, in mid-September have been under the snow, reportedly in mid-October to seal off the snow.
We went early cruise ship terminal, it was expensive price to 100 yuan a person, let's upper at the pier for nearly an hour until finally it has a roof of the boat, departure, and soon to the three Bay. To tell the truth Kana Si Tao Bay 1:00 of the first three were not good-looking, with a good travel Xiao Xu inquire about how long to six Bay, the old Brigade of Friends of Beijing Ms. Li will also be in six Bay way and send text messages to me. So we set sail to discuss the driver, asking him to open until 6 Bay, and that black-hearted driver actually asking price 600 yuan. Forget, it is important to play, and we paid the money, and who wish to go the six withered Bay Beach, because it is cloudy, distant mountain shrouded in mist, the dried tree Bay Beach Road, will naturally be compared with the first three should play, However, each of us of a 220 per withered Beach have come to see the kind of view, it should be said that some worth. Of course, regret is not necessary, the lifetime also look at this one, how much money and why not?
We did not go back to the pier Guan Yu Ting, perhaps because Kana Si Lake has a little disappointment, do not want to based on a few hours, out of a sweat, go to a beach which had a green lake.
Chiba Lunch is at 3 pm, and legendary Chinese Vice Premier to visit Da Jia, we got the message early departure of it, our car to leave the Kana Si, channels Burqin, headed Mo Guicheng, along the way are the Gobi desert, we have Xi Chen watched the sunset, straining to catch up, but the time has arrived Urho Mo Guicheng 9:00 at night, and bought a ticket has been completely dark days, we had decided to come back early tomorrow morning. Karamay had to live, and now had to live Urho, and did not realize that actually the whole Urho District hotels were packed, we had to move on 110 km to the Baijiantan stay there.

On the sixth day: September 26, Thursday, sunny day

White Base Beach (Karamay) - Urho - Karamay - Kuitun - Jinghe

Mo Guicheng to watch the sunrise, we have 6:30 minutes to start it, it is equivalent to Shanghai's 4:00, but ah, we backtrack Mo Guicheng, by Mo Guicheng days also daybreak, but the tourists have been already watch the sun rise, and so on for half an hour proposed projects, a red sun rising from afar, Mo Guicheng immediately covered with a layer of red color, the sun slowly climbing, then the soil magnificent Red Fort more and more color Yan.
Mo Guicheng we backtrack to leave before the line, along the way after a Karamay oil, countless kowtow kowtow machine Gobi Desert, a spectacular extremely! After Karamay later, at last, the way we do not want to see, from the Karamay to Kuytun the roads are under repair. Braved the dust and keep the bumps, all the way to the Kuytun is 13:00 more, eat a good hand to eat pilaf Mercedes-Benz continues to the west. Road or that kind of bumps, 312 National Highway in repair, no way, tired, sleep, woke up a chat. I do not know how, we chatted about the burial in the Gansu Langmusi, this did not want to talk, but no feeling on the chat, and I did not realize had just finished chatting, thrilling scene occurred. Only to hear soon as Menxiang, body suddenly shocked, less than, and back to God, he saw the window, a tire fly to the Gobi Desert and the left side of the highway, the driver stopped and Amy is busy, we Jinbei vehicle rear fly out of, it seems that we talked that we should not talk to. Helping drivers and road in the desert area on the back of the tires and bolts, we can only wait for the reinforcements of the driver to find Amy.
About an hour later, reinforcements arrived, the driver's friend Young drove his car with a master repairman arrived, leaving behind a mechanic, let's ride back to the front of the Jinghe town, which is a part of Bo state counties.
Our car was repaired at night, eating, when Wang came to feel that the driver let us frightened, and bought a juice invites us to drink, let's declined, it seems quite Dao Shi Xinjiang were real.

Seventh day: September 27, Friday, sunny day

Jinghe - Sailimuhu - guozigou - Horgos - Yining

An early start toward Sailimuhu began to open to go around 10 o'clock went to the Sailimuhu, lake big lake is very blue, but it can not be considered beautiful, and to a golden lake of grass, more so than those from Cameroon Sri Lanka out of the way to see beautiful brown grass and more grass and the lake was in sharp contrast to the color, very good looking. In addition to this there is no other reading. To leave the plug Satoki is guozigou, and autumn guozigou have been a season, on-street did not see any scenery to enjoy. Changhe Town in water to eat lunch, we went to the Horgos Port, but there feels a little Kengren goods is not worth it to buy things.
At about two hours drive on to the Yining, hurry over the past few days, every day, rare today, then the leisure, washed in a hotel bath, wash clothes, give a call home to see Xinjiang, TV shows, 6 am, starting with the Yili River Bridge to the Uighurs look at the legendary wedding.
To the bridge and saw a lot of children, including two boys dressed in costumes, we wonder, do the bride and groom? Accompanied by Komago ask the child to take photos of a man, the man can not speak Chinese, but features a move that "reform of the force" a "reform efforts", Komago asked me what that meant, as I would like to suddenly react, "circumcision", the original Uighur boy's circumcision, on the bridge more than a dozen tourists in the men's time only to react. But the ladies still very confused, they asked me, what is circumcision? Oh, how should I answer?
I can only say go back to ask your husband to go, so they no longer ask.
In fact, here to talk about might, many people to the boys after the age of 78, have to do genital circumcision, in order to grow up sexual health, called circumcision, circumcision in the Islamic nations and the wedding is just as important, the Therefore, that two children the same as the groom Chutiao ah!
Yili river sunset gradually fall, just as we are ready to leave, a team rookie of the floats come, a mighty new team, the couple's friends seemed to have come, but added not seen his family, it seems to bridge The wedding was friends thing, probably there is a farewell to single life and young partners like it, flowers and music, along with newcomers, the marriage's emotional and romantic. In the melodious accordion melodies, we like the paparazzi that more than a dozen tourists, followed by newcomers kept flashing the spotlight, recording the most beautiful moment of Uygur new.
Again a pair of couples and their friends in a team.
The sun goes down, we decided to solve our dinner, we came to People's Square in the vicinity, but only Uighur restaurant, casually picked up a cake called Huizar Office of shops, went to the heart can not help but a tight, nearly a hundred people and there were no stores a Han Chinese, the waiter she was already for us to give up his seat, we are sorry and then quit, and good store atmosphere is very calm, mostly, Ms. Uygur and children. Therefore, we also sit down at ease, and our food came, and good taste, the small-shu right next door became interested in table food, Uygur girl next door is a 89, the small-Shu asked the name of their food, Uighur girl They actually bent a little with their food to our taste, they also tell us a while there are self-entertainment such as dance, so we will wait and see Uighur guy and girl dancing.
Music sounded, a Uygur guy on the stage to sing on top shells Uygur songs, and that melody is so tactful musical, nicely, really nicely! Ge Bizhuo girl who invited us to join them danced a Uighur dance,
Oh! Restaurant was filled with an atmosphere of great national unity, ah! Who ah chaos in Xinjiang, Xinjiang can be really a good place, ah!

Eighth day: September 28, Saturday, sunny day

Yining - narat - kunas - Bayinbuluke

Left Yining, we continue to work towards it towards a new hope, not only because we will leave the northern into the Tianshan Mountains, but also the front will have a completely different style of scenery before. Our car bumps along the way moved into narat grassland, prairie grass do not know what species, than most other pasture grasses to Gaoyao long, and our imagination is different is that grass has not yet withered and yellow, but the grass had just beaten to reveal a little yellow root. This is a long and narrow grassland, north-south mountain ranges separated out of this one two grasslands, although small, due to undulating terrain, looking down is also a very unique flavor. We do not do narat stay, took a few photos, ate lunch, we listened to the driver of another vehicle, the master Yang proposed to continue to look at Sheung go kunas Forest.
Young Master to kunas Forest portrayed as Jiuzhaigou, our "Tibetan antelope" also to give it a poetic description, but as our car all the way deep ravine, we would have more and more feel disappointed, not that it's not beautiful scenery , but our expectations are too high. In fact, a turbulent river wandering in the valley, river, green grass, tall straight pine and the unknown tree has yellow, as well as herdsmen white yurts and shear wool lens, it is really a good scene.
The front left is what we dreamed of kunas Bayinbuluke, and Bayinbuluke very large, there are five and a half in Shanghai, we drove for quite a long time, crossed the Tianshan Mountains daban only down to the grasslands, grasslands both on the open river meandering flow, in the sunset reflecting in bright golden light, has withered and yellow grass and blue sky, blue water, the formation of beautiful contrast colors, and finally before sunset, we reached the town of Bayan , although the standard rooms that it is not standard, but a chance to settle down, it is interesting that our little tour guides and drivers of small He actually Amy for our stay Naoqi of awkward.
Prairie night deep, very dark, very quiet, the stars a lot of Milky Way is clearly marked, but the feeling is still the largest cold, this is our first day trip to Xinjiang, the plateau of the night, only 2700 meters, it is not too high and . ,

9th day: September 29, Sundays, sunny day

Bayinbuluke - Baron Taiwan - Korla

6:00 the next morning, tour guides brings us wake up, tour guides for us in an old package of Beijing Jeep, to Swan Lake to watch the sunrise, then the driver but it also really black-hearted, asking price is too high. But the day so early, even the first-line dawn did not, where do look for other cars but to recognize slaughter.
Our broken jeep opened 40 minutes, and finally left the road, moved into a grassland, cars on the grass along the left wheels of Indian people groping forward. Well, the vehicle suddenly caught in a pit, but fortunately the driver has his unique skill, and soon we will open out from the pits in the. However, as it is still dark, dark days, we almost could not find the direction of Swan Lake. Naive cold, I wonder how many degrees below zero, anyway, dew grassland immediately spent in the ice-buildup on the windows. To the lake and I Komago out of the car and immediately felt as if into the ice-cold, three girls in the car were not down for fear of nipped. We see the driver pointing to the distant swan, although the weather has been a little daybreak, but my vision on how a reader had not found swans, swan Fortunately, I listened carefully to the sounds, feeling the Swan is really not far away from us ah!
3 girl finally could not resist the temptation to swan out of the car, when days have been bright, distant hills, the clouds had been dyed red, and soon a red leaping out of the hills from the east, the whole Swan Lake dye on the gold. What a beautiful lake, how beautiful marsh, swans also immediately cheers up. Perhaps they have been to see us, and far wandering in the deeper lake, a small swan fly up hard, it needs to exercise more of its wings, because it will immediately leap Pamirs, to the distant Indian Ocean and the Red Sea.
We have decided to slaughter the driver once again, plus the money we want drivers to take us to the famous 9 18 bend. Continue to break the grassland Jeep Mercedes-Benz, and finally we see the magnificent scenery, which is indeed an elegant curved round after round, until the morning of 90 points, then unfortunately we do not see that Kim Guang Cancan to 9 18 bent.
Back to town, we immediately RBI luggage to the road, we will be through Bayinbuluke, climb the Tianshan Mountains, arriving in southern Xinjiang Korla Metro. Originally, we had to go alone library should be direct road to Kuqa, but this summer, this road was completely washed away.
Korla is indeed a very clean and modern city, feeling more prosperous than in Urumqi, and perhaps the future of southern Xinjiang's oil industry will make it more prosperous.

10th day: September 30, Monday, sunny day

Korla - Wheel sets - Taklamakan Desert - Kuqa

Korla early morning departure, we have embarked on the Gold towards the Taklimakan Desert, desert highway monuments, desert highway monument zero kilometers, the Tarim River Bridge, we have finally seen the vast Taklimakan desert, endless, walking barefoot in the desert, the soles of his feet was soon played a Tangde bubble. Xiao-Shu, Xiao Ni and Xiao Xu 3 girls, however conscientious, they are in the desert to pick up someone else discarded mineral water bottles. I did not expect, in the desert went so far as there are so many plastic bottles, it seems really need a good awareness of environmental protection advocacy ah. We picked up several large boxes of bottles, our Gold Cup cars bristle.
Driving out of the desert on the way, we appreciate the perseverance of Populus euphratica from the desert to die and to be dead Populus euphratica, and Populus euphratica Tarim lush side to you perform a different story, and demonstrates it is a different character and destiny, give you a different frame of mind and ideas. Populus euphratica, a worthy you feel for, slowly thinking about the place, worthy of your wandering once again.
In the Tarim River is a side we call the Uygur New Dragon Gate Inn hotel, we ate a memorable meal for lunch, the reason for memorable, because we are hanging next to all the sheep in the table, big chunks to Chi Yang , Dakoudakou to chewing Nang, bowl bowl to drink tea, a good enjoyable ah!
To leave the Tarim River edge, we continue to Kuqa forward, in the round of the South in the vicinity, we are able to drive on the road trying to fix the car sharp bumps up and sudden "bang" is heard, our car has broken, the original due to turbulence the car's front axle shock absorbers shot off, and we can only lie on the tires of vehicles on the road, vehicles can only be slowly forward, Lao Bantian it to a place called the 28 stations, roadside there Xiuju Pu, we Here on the repair had had. Welding of the broken pole, took it by Lao Bantian driver will go up, when the sky is already dark, and we resumed. Car was just pulling out a few hundred meters, but also a bumpy, "bang" is heard again before the bridge broken shock absorber rod. We can only continue to crawl, the driver side in front of the other drivers linked to rescue more than two hours after they were hired the Jiubing, another coach drivers finally at 23:30 we received empty stomach windlass's library county vehicle. Wang came to our truck drivers may suffer, he needed a man driving a snail-like crawl to his car, to get repaired car repair shop overnight.

11th day: October 1, Tuesday, sunny

Kuqa - Tianshan Grand Canyon - Kizil Thousand Buddha Caves - Korla

Wake up one morning, we will take an interest in our car, drivers, repair the night Amy's car, because that part is only in Urumqi have only the first welding, such as a driver in Urumqi can be sent to replace the parts. For security purposes, Amy driver for us to find the two Santana to take us to play, he and the truck continued in a hotel waiting for parts, but also can get more rest for a while.
We sat Santana to open Grand Canyon to the Tianshan Mountains to the roadside scenery is very strange, dry red clay has been eroded into the hills of various shapes, there is no green life, bright red, but a silence, stretching boundless, it is the spectacular. Car to the Tianshan Mysterious Grand Canyon, where the hills higher than that seen on the road, we have entered the deep red clay valleys, under the oblique sun in the morning you see waves of red and yellow colors are really nice. Those weird hills, some as a variety of animals, some like the devil gods, Chuchudongren get enough. Valley of the road in a slightly difficult, and often need to jump on and down with each other need to cultivate the one, that road is sand, and also some water flowing. Because it is October 1 National Day, visitors, or Man Duo, and it is nothing compared to the mainland.
To leave the Tianshan Mysterious Grand Canyon, the taxi companies is about less than an hour, they arrive at Kizil Caves. That was before the seventh century, Xinjiang, when our ancestors left behind Buddhist, and the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes same, but small-scale than the Mogao Grottoes, while the bigger difference is that the Kizil Thousand-Buddha Grottoes has been destroyed or less , and hardly see a full mural. Since the tenth century AD, after the residents of Xinjiang began to believe in Islam, as a pagan Buddhist culture is naturally reduced to the status of being eliminated, so if not a professional scholar, Kizil Thousand-Buddha is not necessary to see the.
Way back, we saw a group of unattended camels, wild camels are often said to occur in this zone, but we see seems to be domesticated ah, since they are all bimodal. Back to the Kuqa county, we need to send us the driver "Tibetan Antelope" on the referral of a Uighur restaurant, it seems that the local Han Chinese Uighur living conditions of the drivers are not familiar with, actually sent us the wrong place, the wrong bar , we have to solve in a fast-food restaurant Uygur today's lunch and dinner. Han compatriots, there is no restaurant, the waiter on our service attitude can not be considered cold, but not warm, when compared with the treatment in Yining much worse will happen. Most unacceptable is that we sat for over an hour, we want that only 45 foods come in half, Amy and guides the driver He drove a small car we have to pick our Gold Cup, and the driver so that We feel reluctant to ghettos in the Uygur stays, we have an empty stomach to continue the road, okay paid off before 23 yuan, Uighur compatriots did not slaughter us.
We are part of the Gold Cup cars are not delivered, is still a sick car, car parts sent from Urumqi, is still on the road, we must first road, the road round. Fortunately all goes well, Kuqa out soon, and we will send parts of the car was, and we hung heart to put down, anyway, car still open, we will continue to open the first bar, after six hours of Mercedes-Benz, and finally at the zero time back to our very favorite cities in Korla, in Bo Christensen hotel stay there, I wonder if the travel agents Mr.Liu know the pain of our history of the past few days, interested in the arrangement or is it the hotel service was in Yes, do a very good restaurant for us to eat hot meals, hotels for our free laundry, and we almost most of the clothes given to them to wash.

12th day: October 2, Wednesday, sunny to cloudy

Korla - Bosten Lake - Turpan

Just a bed, the waiter will come to knock on the door, and only six hours they have to wash our clothes dried well, and truly warm service, ah, really needs to make to thank Bo Christensen hotels! This service may be more than three-star ah.
Our previous stop Bosten noon, less than the time we went to the lake, lake lot, and perhaps especially sunny days, when you can see the edge but do not see today, the lake's color is blue, like the sea, like , the lake is a golden sandy beaches, tropical scene of faction. We sat chatting on the lake's beach chair, basking in the genial sunshine, feeling that the temperature and winter is very similar to Sanya, dressed in summer, warm do not feel hot. The lake there are jet skis, there are yachts, but also diving, but we really is not much to these spirits, to swim I'm afraid not, Xinjiang, big temperature difference between day and night, the water is cold.
The driver and the tour guide insisted on treating us to dinner, in fact, although the small He guides the operational capacity of badly, but this short trip travel for drivers and tour guides really very good, for others it is, in fact, we have from the bottom of my heart is still quite like them, especially in Xiao Wang is the driver, the road is to eat a lot of pain. We are not far away from the Bo Christensen ate a small town, very delicious meal, so that we want the next few days, kept trained on extra dishes.
Ate the first phase of our journey on the end, we will also bid farewell to our driver guide. Motors for more than three hours after 16:00, we're a gas station in the Toksun time, right there a taxi to go to Turpan, so me and Xiao Sun, Xiao Ni, Xiao-shu 4 rush a farewell tour guides and drivers, Retention Xiao Xu a person guides the driver along with the back to Urumqi, because Xiao Xu had been to Turpan. We gave Xiao Xu two important tasks, one to help us purchase items to take home the second is to organize our next stage of Kashgar journey.
Our taxi towards Turpan opening to go on the road a sudden wind comes up, as if to change the weather, in fact, the next day we learned that the Turpan in the earthquake at that time ye!
To Turpan, settled accommodation, and we went to the Grape Valley, and the imagination of almost, the best is to look at the grapes on the vine, the only and imagination is different is that grape trellis under all shops, doing all kinds of small business, indeed quite brake landscape.

13th Day: October 3, Thursday, sunny day

Turpan - Urumqi - Kashgar

Today, we have chosen first stop was Ancient City of Gaochang, four of us into the Old City Tourist Road along aimlessly walking Gaochang so there are not many spots in the city, and explain the card, do not find a tour guide, really do not see what the whatever, just to see which Zuozuo similar to the cave sites in northern Shaanxi mound. Therefore, we are huge in a circle around the city, ready to leave, next to a guide explain attracted us, it seems rather academic style guides, an inquire only know that he was invited to study Turpan Turpan area of Cultural Heritage archaeological scholar, he teams with which tourists are some of the leading comrades, it was specifically asked him to do to explain. We decided that followed behind them to listen to Gaochang history.
We learned to explain the ancient inhabitants of Gaochang car division of people know that the car division's history and development, and marvel at the layout and construction of the sophisticated Old City and reasonable, the history of the Anxi Frontier Command so that we can vaguely recall the high school history records, the baby of various archaeological tomb assumptions enable us to understand the ancients thought and culture as well as the consistent rise and fall of the nation, and we followed the scholars in the Ancient City of Gaochang, he also spared lap and sigh, this trip has come true value!
The four of us is a package of a Xiali taxi, really quite in the value of 120 yuan a day, that the driver is the last driver to send us to Turpan, happened again today, one to go out on the encounter, and a taxi will pull the Soviet Union we public tower, let us appreciate the Islamic-style buildings. Sugong reading the tower, went to Huoyanshan, no feeling of how the landscape, to the feeling when the temperature of Turpan, the sun tan arm burning, the temperature about Si Shiduo bar, sat in the car on the sense of smell of the heat wave, but and Shanghai in the summer heat is different from the body will not get a little sweat, I drank about five bottles a day of water, do not spend a toilet. Think of The Xinjiang tour, from the coldest to the hottest place to place, just 10 days, the feeling of 50-degree temperature difference, really very interesting things.
We are to get back to Urumqi in 7:00 before, hastily bought some raisins and fresh grapes, we will go to Urumqi on the car, Mercedes-Benz cars on the highway, the car stood rich Xinjiang Uygur-style song and dance VCD, although did not understand, but extremely good-looking, so I very much take a VCD back to Shanghai to see, but later found out it is just wishful thinking, because you even think about operating in the Han people to buy authentic audio and video store Uighur song and dance of the VCD. Eating the way Turpan grapes, so I do not want to stop, is also extremely delicious. Along the way the snow-capped Bogda Peak, a spectacular Dabancheng windmill wind power plants, from the car window a little before, is really tasty also nicely the way they look good ah!
Back to Urumqi, Xiao Xu has been at the station waiting for us, and she was going, not only completed all the tasks given to her, but also a man went on the 1st Glacier. Five of us drove together to the airport in Urumqi, Xinjiang Airlines fly the aircraft to fly has always been fascinating in Kashi Heart relaxation

14th day: October 4, Friday, sunny day

Kashgar - Karakul Lake - Taxkorgan

Our tour guides in Kashi is a college students, drivers age 50 or so. After this the border card has been fast 11:00, and we began the road, more than an hour later, we saw the snow-capped mountains, we have on the Pamirs, which is kongur nine other peaks, it seemed to have in our heads, big There Taishanyading trend. Saw a water front of the vehicle, the driver said it was Journey to the West where fishing in Shahe Shang Liu Shahe,
Sure enough, thin sand in the flowing water, but is clearly distinguished and water flow, water is still so clear, not at all independent of each other is really a sigh of their concept! The distant hills covered with a thick layer of sand on the clothing, because the wind causes the wind blown sand hills in the water, so that mountain into a white sand hills. Liu Shahe water is quiet, Jingde like a mirror reflection of the white sand hills, the blue water, the reflection is so transparent, almost impossible to separate what is really quick, that is false, indeed a beautiful picture!
After a flow of Shahe, circumventing a mountain, is the famous Karakul Lake, small lake, blue lake is also a quiet, snow-capped mountains on the left kongur reflection in the lake, the right to vote Muztag reflected in the in the water, eagles children in this beautiful picture of free flying, the United States was stirring!
Lake ate lunch on the card move on, and soon the car on the slope, we will climb the slopes under Muztag, the father of glaciers Muztag getting closer. Climb Daban, we get off camera, is indeed a very high altitude ah, walking uphill would be great breath. Muztag away from us very close to 5 Bingfeng such as Lotus in full bloom, very magnificent!
Down the Daban, is continuous along the alpine meadows, roadside from time to time to see a wolf, after two hours of journey, we finally arrived at around 7:00 Taxkorgan, on the Stone City hotel stay there under the Pamir .

15th day: October 5, Saturday, sunny day

Taxkorgan - Carla Curry Lake - Kashgar

Early days yet to light we will wake up, we are going to watch the sunrise Stone. The morning to go early, Stone has no tickets, wore Hanlie wind, we climbed the Stone, when days began bright. Suddenly a distant Muztag coated with a layer of golden light, we finally saw the sunshine Jinshan. Soon all of the snow-capped mountains are covered with gold, exceptionally good-looking, the sun began to shine into the Stone, the ancient capital of the Western Regions ancient Puli, suddenly a golden, at this time Muztag is shed in Gold clothing, put on a Silver Art, goshawks in the Stone on Fighting the sky, and the loudspeakers within the county to draw together a new day Tajiks carefree life.
According to our travel process, we should go Khunjerab border, but because of the National Day period, the Central Military Commission ordered the closure of the border, our run-length but to abandon. However, travel agency Urumqi Mr.Liu promised us that will allow us to oytag avalanche Scenic Area, and is pretty flat in our hearts regret.
We Taxkorgan along the same route back, Taxkorgan County side of the grasslands are also beautiful, snow-capped mountains faction grassland scenery, the scenery along the way we will be re-read it yesterday, still constantly raise their cameras, do not feel tired.
After a card lake, we have a regret that news, drivers are unwilling to open us to oytag avalanche scenic areas, because the driver said his car to drive do not, we feel have been fooled one back, if the car no access to , that is should have known, that clearly is ramming paste. But we have been on the car thief, and this place all day no mobile phone signal, only to follow the car back to Kashgar.

16th Day: October 6, Sundays, sunny day

Kashgar - Urumqi

Morning we first went to Xiangfei Mu, a Qiong Yao TV will be a household name Xiang Fei's story is right, indeed, not only Xiangfei its people, and okapi in the family or the religious leaders of Kashgar, okapi There is also a family tomb Manchu people do, so national unity has historical ah.
In Xiangfei Mu, the tour guide told us that a century ago, British troops invaded Kashgar, the Xiangfei Mu snatched in a fast carved wooden doors, and now also the British Museum. We know that the edge of a group of people, I do not know Cantonese or Hong Kong people actually sang a hymn for the British invaders, sadly, ah, we really want to beat them!
Out Xiangfei Mu, and we stroll into the Grand Bazaar, bought a scarf, bongo, Pakistan, bronze, Yingjisha knife, also bought the sheets, returned to Shanghai and think about it, should really buy more sheets, screens ah, That pattern is really good-looking style呀.
The afternoon the famous Id Kah Mosque, the small-shu at the handicraft shops planted in the street gathered to buy musical instruments, I also bought a copper pot, we went to post office to buy things of today were all mailed back, then go to Kashi Old Town home visits, Uighur girl danced a dance for us is really a natural at singing and dancing. In the home visits, we encountered a Shanghai girl, she is actually from Lhasa alone, after Ali walk-Tibet Highway to Kashgar, let's play a few can not help but look forward to next year's trip to Ali last night we went to eat it House & Deli Museum of Sichuan, it knows where to know, that store was opened today, yesterday or the trial operation, the boss met with repeat customers, very polite, we are also doing a good job of saying. Hei hei! Yes, some trace festive bar.
Kashgar is finally over, and I can for them is the end of four tours in Xinjiang.

17th Day: October 7, Monday, sunny day

Urumqi - Tianshan Heavenly Lake - Urumqi

1:00 we landed in Urumqi airport, travel agencies Mr.Liu personally to the airport to receive us back to our hotel. For our trip in Kashi regret Mr.Liu fairly straightforward, money back! Mr.Liu feeling really good co-operation of people, looks are also quite good, quite lovely. Yes, the case of Xinjiang people are good.
We stayed to sleep almost three, six more mobile phone alarm to ring, they must catch an early flight today, four go back to Shanghai.
My task today is to make their own arrangements to leave for the tour Tianchi process, Quzuo Tianchi tourism through train to the natural scenery is indeed bad, mountain high, a seat arranged in a structured manner on both sides of Tianchi the distance is the famous Bo Geda peak, lake blue, but because it is backlighting, it seems, greatly reduced the transparency of the lake air. Tianchi do not need more of time to read, because she spotted two hours of beauty is enough, coaches before returning to 18 o'clock, but I had nothing to do, when three of the. So I decide their own return to Urumqi, get on to the Fukang car, sub-Urumqi car, returned to Urumqi. A friend in Shanghai to Urumqi, I introduced a friend of awareness, a very enthusiastic young man, for I have arranged in Urumqi Last Supper and the Run-length, let me feel the scenery of the city of Urumqi.

18th day: October 8, Tuesday, sunny day

Urumqi - Xi'an - Shanghai

Alarm sounded, I went to the back to Shanghai and Xinjiang really big ah, I've been out of the 18 days.
Pull curtains days also just daybreak, in Xinjiang more than 10 days to see the sunrise in Shanghai than I see the sunrise is more than three decades. The whole a good pack, I have to go home.
In order to save costs, I chose to fly from Urumqi, Xian, in Xi'an, fly to Shanghai, so you can save more than 500 yuan. Stay in Xi'an, one and a half hour later, I returned to Shanghai, Hongqiao Airport Gangchu Before long, the dark sky, and the last day of the journey, I felt the time difference, less than nine hours a day, China is really big呀!
Xinjiang really big ah, ah, Xinjiang was beautiful! I will come to appreciate her!
China really big ah, ah China was beautiful! I will always love her!
Author: willryun

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