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Welcome to Sichuan Province, China Youth Travel Service website www.COTS.com.cnSichuan Province, China Youth Travel Service (Head Office) - to provide you with Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel quotes, Jiuzhaigou conference tourism, Jiuzhaigou tour bus groups, Jiuzhaigou Flying missions, Jiuzhaigou Guide Jiuzhaigou weather, Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhaigou tourist routes such as meeting planners and service . Another multi-lines include: Chengdu tourism, Tibet travel, Hailuogou tourism, Inagi tourism, Aden tourism, Lijiang tourism, Siguniangshan travel, Sanya Tourism, Hainan Travel, Sanya free high-quality tourist routes, etc.
Sichuan Province, China Youth Travel Service (Head Office) - to provide you with Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel quotes, Jiuzhaigou conference tourism, Jiuzhaigou tour bus groups, Jiuzhaigou Flying missions, Jiuzhaigou Guide Jiuzhaigou weather, Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhaigou tourist routes such as meeting planners and service . Another multi-lines include: Chengdu tourism, Tibet travel, Hailuogou tourism, Inagi tourism, Aden tourism, Lijiang tourism, Siguniangshan travel, Sanya Tourism, Hainan Travel, Sanya free high-quality tourist routes, etc. Jiuzhaigou Travel Introduction
Jiuzhaigou is located in the northwest of Sichuan Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Jiuzhaigou County, located in the southern section of Ga Thurner Minshan Mountains northern foot peak, is the source of the Yangtze River Jialing a Zhigou, 2000-4300 m above sea level. Jiuzhaigou available all year round tourism, still the best tour to Jiuzhaigou autumn season ......
Sichuan Province, China Youth Travel Service (Head Office) - to provide you with Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel quotes, Jiuzhaigou conference tourism, Jiuzhaigou tour bus groups, Jiuzhaigou Flying missions, Jiuzhaigou Guide Jiuzhaigou weather, Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhaigou tourist routes such as meeting planners and service . Another multi-lines include: Chengdu tourism, Tibet travel, Hailuogou tourism, Inagi tourism, Aden tourism, Lijiang tourism, Siguniangshan travel, Sanya Tourism, Hainan Travel, Sanya free high-quality tourist routes, etc. Jiuzhaigou scenic spot to enjoy more Gonglue + Mito
Jiuzhaigou scenic spots: tree is groove (A. Mizoguchi B. Heye Walled C. Bonsai Beach D. Reed E. Ssangyong Hoi Hoi Hoi) F. Sparks
Sichuan Province, China Youth Travel Service (Head Office) - to provide you with Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel quotes, Jiuzhaigou conference tourism, Jiuzhaigou tour bus groups, Jiuzhaigou Flying missions, Jiuzhaigou Guide Jiuzhaigou weather, Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhaigou tourist routes such as meeting planners and service . Another multi-lines include: Chengdu tourism, Tibet travel, Hailuogou tourism, Inagi tourism, Aden tourism, Lijiang tourism, Siguniangshan travel, Sanya Tourism, Hainan Travel, Sanya free high-quality tourist routes, etc. Jiuzhaigou Attractions: Japan will ditch (A Snow Day Snow Day Long Long Falls B group C. Jing-hai hai D. Pearl Beach Pearl Beach Waterfall E.)
Sichuan Province, China Youth Travel Service (Head Office) - to provide you with Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel quotes, Jiuzhaigou conference tourism, Jiuzhaigou tour bus groups, Jiuzhaigou Flying missions, Jiuzhaigou Guide Jiuzhaigou weather, Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhaigou tourist routes such as meeting planners and service . Another multi-lines include: Chengdu tourism, Tibet travel, Hailuogou tourism, Inagi tourism, Aden tourism, Lijiang tourism, Siguniangshan travel, Sanya Tourism, Hainan Travel, Sanya free high-quality tourist routes, etc. Jiuzhaigou Attractions: Zechawagou (A. and down season, the sea B. Wucaiche C. Chang-Hai)

Jiuzhaigou tourist routes (travel agencies issued a day regiment)

Sichuan Province, China Youth Travel Service (Head Office) - to provide you with Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel quotes, Jiuzhaigou conference tourism, Jiuzhaigou tour bus groups, Jiuzhaigou Flying missions, Jiuzhaigou Guide Jiuzhaigou weather, Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhaigou tourist routes such as meeting planners and service . Another multi-lines include: Chengdu tourism, Tibet travel, Hailuogou tourism, Inagi tourism, Aden tourism, Lijiang tourism, Siguniangshan travel, Sanya Tourism, Hainan Travel, Sanya free high-quality tourist routes, etc. Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong Flying day tour
Features: This line is particularly suitable Jiuzhaigou business travel, relatively tense time, those who fly into the Jiuzhaigou just 45 minutes, compared to 9 hours by car so need to be relaxed, but the costs are much higher ... [more] 9
Sichuan Province, China Youth Travel Service (Head Office) - to provide you with Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel quotes, Jiuzhaigou conference tourism, Jiuzhaigou tour bus groups, Jiuzhaigou Flying missions, Jiuzhaigou Guide Jiuzhaigou weather, Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhaigou tourist routes such as meeting planners and service . Another multi-lines include: Chengdu tourism, Tibet travel, Hailuogou tourism, Inagi tourism, Aden tourism, Lijiang tourism, Siguniangshan travel, Sanya Tourism, Hainan Travel, Sanya free high-quality tourist routes, etc. Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong, the quality on the 4th tour
Features: This line remains the first choice for many tourists Jiuzhaigou, although the road is hard enough, but the scenery along the way Minjiang River is definitely a very good compensation, other prices affordable ... [more]
There is a foot can be unforgettable
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There is a love of travel on foot can be engraved in our minds. Can be inadvertently on the road to know some interesting people, this can also proceed to the next section of the road. Jixian city blocks near the places where Dule Si tower, tower carved Buddhist Jiyu lap. Each column contains a "karma" word. In April between the Yellow River to know Taiyuan gecko. In June where he invited me to go with five. The atmosphere is being reckless guy. Post the schedule where there is no law-abiding, difficult weather conditions and equipment, net to some beautiful sunrise Long Yuet monk prostitution blending together like wine Zhaifan temptation to me. I have no reason not to agree peers. Would also have to give him orders shipped from Beijing to crush a car with me, just before departure may be only a dream phase followed by Ke got on. Later proved that she really put on a wise decision. K701 just hung up the two hard-seat. Drive after I turn full circle. Could not find the caterpillar with the team and individual to wear four forest guards and bike stations. At this time the phone rings all of them in the sleeper does. And Ke Meng said the gang people are really corrupt, 3:40 arrival would also like to lay on the six hours. Later we return the time to fill sleeper no drama. Ke dream is to travel a players, six hours sleep in a variety of positions in numerous small feel. I am on the front of the car because Chile Dun pot and full of energy, take this to write a novel of World War II saw the Arctic convoy along. Later, in the mountains think of it, if with this, "a steak" I want to sleep for a short while anyway. Sense of heavy responsibility in that pipe. Gecko arrived before midnight and the shadow of the platform at the station to meet us. Outbound Shi You saw the little lives, and leisurely, are qikou know Shanxi donkey. 17 people squeezed into a 17 pack of CMB. Hung the door began to rock in time. Taiyuan, the main force was 11 persons. Three of them on active duty with the Armed Police in camouflage; 2 Shanxi University, Department of Music of the freshman beautiful women, respectively, leisurely and small active life girlfriend; Shanxi ass celebrities brutal Prince Edward are among them. Datong is a shadow and Jane 2 Detachment of Women. There is also a Meimei gecko who is said to be recruited on the train, Zhejiang younger sister, but also from Beijing. Gecko dream for me and Ke night shouting that you pay close attention to rest sitting. I understand that today is something to be tired, sleep. Look at the sky gradually Minglang Ke Meng said the sunrise is gone. One at 5:00 on June 21 - 12 pm: Eastern Taiwan - Northern Taiwan 4:50 into the rock-hung doors. The car will feel cold. And in stark contrast to Beijing's muggy. Quickly pulls out Zhuarong Yi and two trouser legs. Such a frustrating start to a package falls on the last. Jingan a few steps begin to feel asthma. Felt the weight of a large package. Gecko is mildly to see your body that is the kind of endurance is also the line fast enough. Sentence reminded me. There is no straight cut Chengneng up with him. Himself slowly along the winding mountain drive. Large groups from time to time with the fog rolling across the road. Meadow flowers are scattered on the sometimes clear and sometimes vaguely. Truly does not get to see a black cow on a yellow two lying in the grass staring at each other affectionately. Occasionally exposed a little face among the clouds, the sun blush red, a joke of our late. A more severe asthma. Heart more and more virtual. Not only slept thought the night but had not entered Zaoshan. Even last night that Gordon boiled mutton out of the door are also watery diarrhea in a space. Finally the solid material which goes into the pharynx is a three berberine. Be regarded as doping. Obviously did not work. The first two weekends in Shanghai and Shirakawa wanton corruption, and have known for at least today, so bear this out first to wear a back Daigakuji Phoenix Ridge. Something urgent carry on. Click on the ring Ji Yong Ren. Efforts to slow down the pace and mix thoroughly to breathe for ourselves Hanqi the cadence Chuanjiang chant. Dongtai the top of the temple is suddenly emerge from the fog came. Look at the table to go for a whole hour. To see everybody that I picked to make it easy like saying that people all go to. 2 Taiyuan donkey before me 30 minutes. Under the package side of the side to help me say you was too slow, and weigh the weight of the package after no what to say. I quickly pulled out a shadow Ke Meng-burner gas cylinders greet coffee. Really is not a play mood, I took a full 5 liters of water, just on the road to wait for them all are collapsed. Open the box of self-heating rice took inside the hard tack to eat. Meimei, Zhejiang, Shanxi, were granted it a one-point taigu cake. I said to myself eat it every day all have a very deep memory. Are eating, gecko to greet us into early vegetarian. Turned into a Temple of the audience walked the narrow lane into the Heigulongdong a dark hut. 4 long table four rows square stool, the middle is the incense table. Men and women seated. There are strict rules to food, without a word. Do not like the breakfast inverted morning prayers. Is a meditation thank the Lord gave me the meaning of food. Trouble. I have just eaten, it so-so into a bowl of hot soup. Temple is home to two monks to the South the old nun. A very kind face. Fat is willing to go out throughout the four Foshan, had only a thin crescent. Own the carts and tents do not know the road. Budworm detailed StrategiesChinaInc said that he would send to them. Instructions from the Buddha's name them one by one on the package for the blessing of our departure. If my grandmother is very kind. 7:30 to return to the rock-hung doors. Gecko Say No to go cut a ridge road before. Northern Taiwan, there are more than 20 years the top. He specifically looked at me tell you that right away by pressing their own pace, you may want to do 6,7 hours. I Ke Meng-alpine meadow in the background with each other in order to flash a bit. At this juncture, the leeward mark at left end of the gecko to catch up, three to go along behind. An hour later, I pause. Their custom to take advantage of physical strength is also OK when the rest regularly, and so I really do not become truly want to bite the dead carry the. This gecko impatient for him to walk like a similar speed, with a few long gone. Ke Meng really knows how to speak, where the wind, it is not suited to stop. See, I paid no attention to the touch Zhigu breathing tobacco Zhuarong Yi Dangzhe ignition is no longer challenge. Said that the tent unloaded my back bar. A good man. I've been unable to charge a gentleman. She dealt the D I not fresh beef. To go before the. Removed a tent immediately feel relaxed a lot. Joyfully accelerated. Prince turned a corner to see where the breath is being distorted. Not far from Ko dream and shadow and Jane sit together. To see me coming phase to keep up on the rose. Was originally designed for such as me. Moved. There is not tired walking accompanied Meimei. Chatting gag his best showing off conflict. Sun Ming-up, shining on the slope Yan Yan, green, and one of the flowers and cow dung. Think of "Schindler's List" at the end of the group of the lens with a color. A beautiful day, and brief periods of time. Cut into the road. Many of the cars coming and going toward Taiwan. Car vehicle right to see. Mutual envy. Jane went to catch up. Prince Edward Ultra-passed. I am increasingly powerless. To tie them when he felt his legs tremble at the Dodo chaos. Trying to pull a shadow rub cars, rejected. And went for an hour, the second break. A smoke Bi. Got up and saw the rise of the "Northeast roof" in St. Paul. Ke Meng-Zhao straight cut after it. I did not walk a few steps Zuodao another butt. Chang has always been the shadow of the heart, straight mouth, I do not know why they shut the (then later, she said see my face has changed). That your body is already transparent. Inability to next package. Let her help and then take a hard tack wholeness swallowed, together with a small beef. God slowly. Barely longer follow. After a memorial arch on overcast days. No shadow of the former team early, only to see the same drop out of the Prince slowly moving. The third break, something began to fall. Shadow took out a box of cream soda, I eat one. Zamo a point just put away the taste she continued to hit the road. Rain more and more dense, and finally into Piaopo next. Ke Meng-pulls out poncho to me, can be immediately cross-winds blow one up. Become a decoration. Front fog back to see where the shadow of a classic called, I remember that shot. What could there, "Hamlet" where the poison that has been filling in Denmark wearing a green hat pharaoh? The sky has become a cloud on the ground fog, no penetration line of sight to five meters. Ears heard only the endless cold rain draw on the body. 2 with the crush at the front line when the fade out. Finally sounds are not. The last more than an hour I did not and can no longer rest. On the step by step, walk in the rain. Tens of meters away a while to stop breathing. Then follow the same track. Singing "sailor." Even a rise of the water wipe his face and found that if a group in front of Shadow. Often billed again, is a Yunshanwuzhao. Forward line was 10 meters, a large Buddhist temple startled eyes. Summit north Taiwan. Heavy rain in this moment screeching halt. Noon. 2 at 2:00 p.m. on June 21 - 19 Shi 30m: China-Taiwan - Taiwan gecko welcome out west. I went into the supply Zhaifan to a small room. Forgot to leave a photo peak in North China. Is rain-fed it from the spirit to the body all wet. No little appetite. Learn to take a corner of the shadow eat cake wipe the butter on the fold between the mouth cram, combined with tomatoes and eggplant fried with the chowder. Dull. Basically a bit leisurely journey back to the middle two hours, the West Taiwan plus a half hours. Gecko ordered to break 2:00 on time departure. I entered the room of that small budworm and Prince Edward had been accounted for half the kang. And the gecko Tuirang something he had increased. Shi Yi hanging in the kitchen to roast on the side. Came to an iron buckle Yi Men sit on the stove. Roast my wet pants. The first hop hop the pain. Think it is pouring rain's sake. Do not pray for his fever, so as not to go home may not be returned to the government and returned to Beijing Tim into trouble. Eat the last piece of hard tack. Package at the end of the piece is not viable. Hungry for more than a day or two it does not exist. Door, close to the sheet of paper. Beginning they thought it was normal at both the hostel door, not the kind of prostitution and the like considerations. Carefully to a take a look at the original language is based on the provisions of the monk of the temple hill mountain incense money collected should be unified revenue and expenditure shall not be the meaning of private small treasuries. 13:20 gecko greeted everyone up to the house to get up. I lie down grasping an empty stretch stretch out. Feel, and did not sleep, I can hear the gecko still say that the snoring, and has deferred to the 13:40 before calling me up. Northern Taiwan top of the wind. Manjuan the fog from the eyes too. After 10 minutes the wind stops fog lifted, my head did not hurt. All the way along the ridge-cut in the past. Foot deep shallow, stepped on cow dung, or flora depends on their luck. Ke Dream sneakers did not dried, barefoot in the change of pairs of sandals to go. Budworm responsible for acquiring team. Do not speak very serious look. As long as he was left behind must be stopped to look at you. Forcing you to move energetically drive. Is a concept and as a stick to outdoor life creed people. Great respect. Great respect. Every 20 minutes to eat a small beef. Eat a second time to see the seat in front of a small temple on that hill. In another one past a hilltop there. And it is time Zhe Liang Ke Meng-speaking middle and western Taiwan has it, Who should be in Taiwan for two hours, another 20 minutes to go. Staggered to the front of the temple was about the last one under the package. Gecko see me say that people are all to continue to go. Here is the original Monju the bathroom, in the northern half of Taiwan to China, and Taiwan on the road. That distance is the second Temple in Taiwan. Strange aggrieved heart. Resolutely sat down to rest. Then after the teams have a dream KE Prince and budworm. Jane in the last packet before the very thoughtful way my back all the way but still not had a chance to eat three fish-flavored pork with rice, as well as a box of cherry tomatoes installed in the past. Dream of my tent by the Ko transferred budworm. Here I finished the shadow boxes that cream soda. Mouth as if I may be a black hole eating the whole thing went the first several times I do not know that the feeling of space at all. (Later shadow told me it was seaweed soda, diet food!! I cried.) Prince Edward here falls on me from behind. And faster and faster. Budworm accompanied him. I was able to recover their rhythm. May be the feeling of soft body lasted one day, it has become increasingly intense. Shuffling walk. In the audience. Before the team left the road straight up. Is about 45 degrees rise. Would have nothing, you can go 89 hours after fasting has become almost insurmountable. I was under the spot to lie down slope. Killing you and I do not move house much meaning. Ke Meng-hand side of the warm words to console the first to go up. Budworm for the Prince's back to see down the package, before and after a 70 liters Fu is also asking for Prince to go. Summit earlier under the package gecko is back to pick Prince. The power of examples is endless. 16:45, I climb to the top middle. And Taiwan is the lamasery. Front of the streamer fly. Prince looking gray, crooked, where could not move. Budworm Let me hasten to burning hot pot. I am full of joy and immediately implemented, and can consume as part of a weight-bearing. Ke Meng asked me to coffee, the team agreed to respond to. We had also tired, and my heart a little balance a bit. Gecko murmured that I am corrupt, can not drink less coffee, he could not. A large flock near to come slowly. There Bing Gege get an Iftar in the mantra. Everyone says that sin can have sparkling eyes light up. Prince is no longer follow the. Jilin brands of cars stopped car to send him to step down pregnant. Gecko asked me if still capable of line No, I relied on coffee that I re-warming gas Huiguangfanzhao 1. Leisurely one-hour photo and then say you enough. I reckoned by their own state in the heart of a 2. 17:30 to go west Taiwan. What kind of bird was flying in line with the principles of the first line in front of me. 10 minutes after the lead disappear. My climbing shoes have a small toe and heel squeeze Mozhao, which would hurt trial of strength will come up. It will be just down the Ke-phase followed by a dream. We are also slowly down to rub the surface slope, the battalion had been cut in half in the opposite hill. 2 people have the Zouye Lu prepared headlights placed within reach position. I next to the road when the legs a soft, threw only fell over this trip. Right hand middle finger poke a bit, splitting the nail. Simply to sit down and work out in bits and pieces knife Haozhengyixia grinding mill, Ke Meng just in time from the descent from west to the ranger station, where cis to the one person Trekking Pole - this stuff is too useful, and is simply one more leg ah. Began to upgrade the. Beef Dingse the final one into the mouth. Bias is a block can chew the bars. Should be resting as early as usual vomit, and it would pull its weight, I also called, and a force on the teeth the next leg. Evening mist Shen Chen. Hazy fog up again, the wind Flurry. Ke dream has to go in front. I pulled too far away to see stopped. This girl really virtuous, I will have to catch up with a hug. I can wait a bit the past, she continues to go forward. This last trip I was holding the whole idea driving the legs to recover ah catch you. 19:30 I finally catch up with her. Taiwan also went to the West. Gecko said that the last speed that you really do not slow. I am on the West Taiwan is the most impressive piece of red fermented bean curd Zhaifan years. Gently bit off half, with the tongue wore slowly covered with the mouth, cheek teeth of Health incense, that endless aftertaste. Suddenly felt a sense of moving. Did not come today tens of miles people are unable to understand. On the other half I clean sweep to get rid of the two big bread bowl of chowder bowls of millet gruel and vegetables. West Taiwan temple overnight. Separately for men and women sleep. Cold call sign. Yanyanshishi the night sky was cloud cover. Saw a beautiful full moon camping what to do into virtual words. Gecko really can not bear to live up to the hard shoulder of the way of the tent, while Tao Gu a side of this trip leucorrhea many camped in the corner straight into the wind. We sleep no less than a Taikang 9 guy. Take the life of their own and little moisture pad, lay down in the doorway, next to a pile of potatoes, cabbage, zucchini lentils, sneaking into the sleeping bag. Hazy memories of this life or the first time in the temple overnight. Pondering over the temple complex and tortuous channel Heigulongdong the cellar of the Zhike Seng There are also several high-pitched voice, ranging from age living in monasteries, etc. Nvju Shi. Before falling asleep the last think of it, is that I have read three versions of the medieval monastery speaking murder book. "Name of the Rose." By UMBERTO ECO, Italian. 3 at 8:00 on June 22 - 15 Shi 30m: urd sleep is not practical. Wind blew the door bang bang ring. Wake up every two hours one back. Every time subconsciously to sleeping bags and then bind tightly bind tightly. 5 o'clock and then to sleep. Climbed up and wrapped in a fleece-point cigarette. Remember 62 years ago this time when German tanks had crossed the Soviet frontier in three columns. Ask yourself what would be the head today, Paul Ross, it was Zhukov. Try to look at the activities of all parts and joints, but fortunately, nothing stiff feeling of pain. In addition to backpack stove jacketed kettle and the folding shovel will have no heavy equipment. Can still be a battle. 5:30 monks chanting Amitabha came knocking at the door took more cabbage, squash to go for morning fasting. The wind came the melodious voice of the morning classes. Life stroking the small joints of the right knee, said some of recurrence of an old injury, I have to work out a sack of friction cream to him. Another Shanxi donkey have a bag over the shoulder and back rub waist, exaggerated. Ke Meng-crush on behalf of all wait until the North Korea I would like to turn his pockets when I have only had one sack overturned. A short hair young Nv Jushi would lead us to use as early as vegetarian. Face with a soft gentle smile, a perspective that she can be sincere and pious heart. Thin to tell us the rules, met the monk Lao Ni stood in the side to make way for more. We are brand-name climbing shoes which both Dengzhe feet also could not help but gentle rise. Early fast. Also saw the bright red fermented bean curd had. Distribution of food to monks misunderstood my gratitude gesture, turned away. Anxious, I eat in silence broken only discuss the doctrine to one. Steamed bread is the heart of sugar is the sugar just does not. I bite off two-thirds of it tasted sweet. After dinner most people went to the abbot of the Buddhist master please amulet or something. I did not. Remember reading a long time ago, forgot the name of the book, which said: Do not discuss business ethics and the Jewish people; Do not discuss the French woman virginity. On making an unworthy sequel 1: Do not discuss the so-called Buddhist monks in the temple. Meaning there is no blasphemy. I do not believe, but I respect. Just that, Buddhism and monks, two tranches of sub-things. Ready to start at the same time we asked the distance ahead. The whole argument is the equivalent of yesterday's four combined. Traversed by the old monk said 4 hours, middle-aged Nvju Shi said to be six hours, a young monk said about 8 hours. Halo. Now want to come is whether the difference is probably the need to kowtow weight-bearing as well as on the road. I stretched my hand grab toilet paper, saying that regardless of a few hours, most important thing is to minimize the weight-bearing. Leisurely life is to respond together. 1:00 Gaode berths pickled block, a few kind-hearted monk kept wandering outside in the toilet. Toilet back, saw the gecko budworm and a few young people are sitting around the pinch Nvju Shi lentils. Hand side of themselves do not understand Buddhism and their mad Kan, the effect is self-cultivation is the heart or the right line as well as the cultivation of social and personal significance and so on. A few word games keeps them all Kanfan, that a round face and short hair for girls is also nodded in agreement with his hands clasped together. I laughed. On the package out. Can not be said. Can not be said. Temple did not go out of ten steps, that high-pitched voice of Zhike Seng shouted to catch up to, saying that you live so many people came and how they do not give him something to eat meals. We all look at CFO leisurely. YO face puzzled. Said that the time to go into the donation box for a total of 200. That monk ease I will cover this under the terms of the outlaw did not ask that I have received bad. Inside and outside the temple wall of the original rules are the same. Hum in the temple, listening to the wind outside, and that will further the difficult road back a half step. After 5 minutes the wind did not want to stop fog lifted, a clear sky. How many food which goes to sleep for hours, coupled with good weather, have a good mood. Therefore, the state starting this section is particularly good. Slowly down the road, occasionally cut for some. I used the occasional trot trot. Have been walking in front. Only a few soldiers, brother and I par hand. How do I talk back suddenly, as Chile Yao rabbit. In fact, I was only accounted for the low weight, inertia together to want to accept this really struggling. Starting 40 minutes. The rise is gone. Suddenly ordered a halt to the back. Prince was originally pregnant with this great good man from Taiwan to the town hired a private car. A jubilant team. Plug up all the big pack. Ko dreams carefully to baggage and went to my bag sent cars, leaving dry food and water. I'm not a weight-bearing floating there was a gentleman of the capital charge on the back of her bag. Prince has always been very concerned about me yesterday, and his last one-two position of competing rivals. Questioned the need to accept. How could. Light pack finished. All are like Chile Yao, gecko lead singing military songs running forward. Approaching Kichijoji, and road on both sides of vast expanses verdant and luxuriant trees. Yes the first few units do not have. To stop a group photo. Eyeful lush green suddenly reminds me of last year and Guangzhou, with her sister traveled Kanas. A few days ago she came to Beijing a visa, I am OK with her photo, after the sea. She asked me the other when the longer meet. I say twenty years, perhaps decades, perhaps next year. In a strange but all are longing for a place will be very pleasantly surprised to meet again accidentally only too well. People are accustomed to travel, as well as a farewell to forget. Is also a collection of many beautiful people. Every road met a friend, in my eyes, is a landscape. I hope that they eyes, as well. After a streamer fluttering Kichijoji, very gentle upward away. They began to feel pain in his legs. This new pair of shoes it is only a mill, and once in the balcony wearing a Phoenix Mountain Ridge. I am now paying for their over-confidence with the price. KE dreams and shadows walk with me in the back for a while and then chase team. This brisk walking is indeed better than slow-moving traffic to labor-saving. I do do not care. Anyway, on this one road to go in the end. And the provision of adequate, in addition to carrying a pocket of what there is of Saqi Ma Ke dreams just issued 10 small beef. Nu barely a quarter of an hour to sit down on the grass at the roadside. Sitting ants, the climbing of one. Too busy to think of. Check off your shoes. Feet blisters each one. Inflamed with small toes. These do not start the morning. Check how kind can not be finished, and then put away. Regret their preparations before departure is not targeted, how do not think with pairs of straw sandals. Gaode is now a foot-binding of the Chick Huo Xiang, feeling strong and can only suffer Yibubuxiang ago. After a one nest Yellow Sect monasteries Lions 90-degree straight stretch of road right in front of the Yakou. To another straight stretch Yakou the next one. I know that this would come a lot of months. Hard not to think about the pain. Efforts to imagine a more intense pain, some of the itch. Effort to give himself suggested that pain is an integral part of life, can not escape, to get used to. Middle of the road stood a bunch of mountains and all of the golden poppy, poppy. Trekking Pole, or branches with the designated "refueling" word. Must be the shadow of the good woman. Sat on a rock. Stretch out. Cigarette. To eat a beef. Foot cool weather. Mist gently sway in the wind. Far and near the green line are free to ease the ups and downs. Physically and mentally could not help but want to make light wind and flat on top. Remember the first time five is 89 years in April. Mood is not good. Is also the car sat all night reading this talk about the so-called Lushan Conference reportage. Only remember some of the deserted mountains eternal sky water flowers of the class once they Temptress Moon Chan Yu, wandering in the mountains when the indiscriminate use at a stretch. Also remember that the book cited in a period of "Peach Blossom Fan", is now facing the eyeful of scenery, gently read out: God has a short, St., or lose, who is willing to foot / ground difficult to fill, difficult to make up days, good fortune, such as Si release done, ignore the worries, smiling Jiang Xinxin gravity, cloud since the volume, how can I suspect. During the period walked down the road only met two people, both monks. Dalian a first step a collapse coming, I really envy him at the foot of pair of shoes. Whether it has been asked to go along the path Nantai. He nodded almost half of the back can be more difficult to walk to the Golden Pavilion Temple Xie Yixia. See the table only 10 am, and very excited to up to 1:00 also summited. Daosheng Buddha turned himself a reward of beef. Being chewed beef under a bend in front of the time to see where there are objects in the creep. A few steps in time to see a young monk, the rules are very straight push-ups. Stretched neck stare swallow the meat quickly. Celi roadside waiting for him to knock in the past. In addition to robes, gloves, shoes see his knee no belongings. Scattershot look at before and after the end of the road. Wonder such a large amount of exercise do not drink do not even saliva. Tens of meters away to see a package alongside the Rengzhao. Mind about first reaction was slightly Deng little lives lost a leg injury recurrence team a rest. Can be surrounded by empty. Some people do shout at me. Looking the other way, see that the monk came back to take packages. Relieved. To ask him Nantai way. He said that it is far more than 30 years. Shun has always been right in the Golden Pavilion Temple Xie Yixia. More than 30 years? ! I do not respect the child also met at 6 pm. Fat legs look Gone with the Wind. Quickly walk up to divert attention. Both mentioned the Golden Pavilion Temple, which is a clear road signs. This is the name of a little Japanese flavor, think of a master Yaotouhuangnao off on singing loudly rang the bell Dangdang crows is called Cha Cha. More than 11 points. To the right of way. Fleet under the slope to the left of the Road sparse Natiao roll-out a dozen. There is absolutely no courage to look familiar phase can be identified. Until they were shouting at me down老米fast. Doubt, according to how the speed is also the in front of me an hour. More of an excitement. To leave the road down the slope on the cut any more. Forgot Detoxification. Thick meadow soft and flexible. I ran jumping or even to fall to play a roll children. Totally do not Guxi pairs of shoes stepping into the mud at Fei-full of fallen flowers. Guderian and Kleist's two tank columns finally joined forces in Kiev in the east, completing the encirclement of the Southwestern Front. Inserted into the team. Budworm off without any explanation of my package (over two hours, I will regret this incessantly). And always gentle smile, Jane to come along. Asked how they remembered from the left side of the road will come up. She said that we would like to cut corners, cut the cut with the fork, and stopped to eat something in taking the road back. I know that in the Buddhist site on the schadenfreude is not good. Can really not help but ah. Talk about talk. On the road to see a group of Buddhist monks are being unloaded from a vehicle down firewood, doors printed this car is somewhere in the monastery lay believers to worship. Very fresh. Kidding see the fight between the south came a lama - really, really a monk, coming from the direction of Southern Taiwan - hand - ah that through the barrel, turn while walking. Budworm ask people if approached from Tibet come away with me and Jane titter. 12 points in the Golden Pavilion Temple and leaned against the stone balustrades Zuodao platform. Legs flat. Loose shoelace. Beef eating two at a stretch. Bring water to drink light bottles Colombian soldiers to fight to the spring. Waiting to go to temple, Buddha's team-mate - I am not into the first one is really too lazy to rise, and the second I went to their knees, standing up was not proper. Looking at the long platform, the following steps is really a bit dizzy, I did not know this moment there are佛母hole that 1600 thing. Over two highway checkpoints. Puchu inscription in the arch of the film together before. Ben took the last 20 years Nantai mountain. See everyone a little tired, including the gecko. The leg has a little life straight. I am the first to go in front. 5 minutes later into a countdown to No. 1. Anxious to tie roller, the electric kind. "Adventures of Tintin" Ricardo Cruz, professor of the invention. Half an hour later two soldiers, brother and sister, Zhejiang, stopped to eat a big meal. Elements in these two days is really urgent, and I know that their sausage is not instant noodles hides out in his pocket. I overtake them. Mind quite proud this time will probably not want me to cry by the people are all up. Feel of much more aware of your feet differently in a bubble, particularly the left foot, there are foam bubble. Two small toe nails cover must have been bruising, that trip was to go down and I do not know whether they secure. It's that walked away. From time to time to stop smoking and eat a beef jerky. Wildflower meadow is far from the woods in front of the Castle Peak sequential spread. Ground Floor, with sporadic drizzle. Southern Taiwan This section of the road is indeed the most beautiful scenery. Two quick time out of the woods and saw the left side of the slope a housing. Exultation. That up. Endured pain and forcing their own speed. If it were not the old man I ran into a cattle went directly weather station gone. Northern Taiwan, there are 10 to li. Lu-yu 2 come to North Korea in Beijing Taiwan brand cars. People, speaking in the car and I accosted Jingqiang. Said that was not far away from the front of the team, also 20 minutes way. Tuiruan time began to feel flustered. Plain room the morning that Gordon had been exhausted. In addition to beef, and then around 3 There is no thing to eat. Emergency grain reserve has been installed in the bag with a down Huai Prince. That dream began to miss Ke bags filled with snacks, I am back in an embezzlement how no one remembered. Ko later told me that she had this dream to open package when the road was loot, eating into their own hands acquire a piece of the Saqi Ma. Turned around and saw much of that eating meal to catch up 3. Get a cross-Zuodao despair. This time again when the first set the countdown. Zhejiang sister, but cautious, realizing that I was hungry. Colombian soldiers open his bag. Team that only they can always load a few marching, all the way also for the crush carry bag. Deng north to Taiwan, even ahead of me nearly two hours. There is such a fighter to defend our country, I really worry. Mustard, I shook my head. Instant noodles, can not eat. Sausage? I suddenly felt sick a while. Frowned. He also put it back. It is only hard tack of. Two kind of loaded. I took out one, and the remaining ends up pocket wrap. The springs on the pot to the United States and the United States ate a great deal of stretch. The road once again, when I dealt the Zhejiang sister, a ginseng candy. I am a romantic, turn over the entire mouth. Cool sweet taste of slow seepage entire body. Thanks to this meal, so I have strength finished the rest of the way, but also mentally see the mountains, trees, grass flowers, watching the woods and meadows 2000 m above sea level at which veins connecting the perfect curve. 2:45. One old man from the shoulders of the wood out of the woods toward me discuss water to drink. I took off the waist LAKEN shake hand it over. He took to also shake very restraint sip a few mouthfuls of delivery back to me. Said that there are three miles Nantai top. I have repeatedly asked to confirm that li is not kilometers. And then shouted to tell in front of 200 meters race ahead of my companions. They also accelerated the pace. Turned to a foot, urd in front of the monastery, and separated the two hills. Is like 41 years, the winter of German scouts have seen from the telescope, the Kremlin spire. To stop and slowly smoked a cigarette. I left the road straight up when the team cut short wall sat act together in the monastery body waving his hands swinging. If you look at exchange place I would feel like a Jay Chou. But singing is their. They sang "A Hero Never Dies." I never think that song would be so exciting. I alpenstock forcefully inserted into the soil, marched straight into the well on its way. I have a Changba Napo on the half. They stuffed Kaichang September 9 new wine, and sing the sky of the road 9 1000 9 100 9 saw me sitting there, a straight butt breath quickly come to a halt. Shiba Mo leisurely suggested a change of singing. Touch? Ah ah heads on the touch you. Where I was still physically able. Shadow the best understanding of me, and cried a voice老米you up I want to hug you soon. Supports this statement, I climbed them all the last few tens of meters. At 15:30 on June 22, I climb to the top urd. 4 at 15:30 on June 22 - 18 Shi 30m: Goddess holes and shadow embrace I was pulled out when the gecko pregnant with mobile phones and in Taiwan, contact Prince on standby, let him bring the car to pick one. Finally Kujinganlai. Road side of the road I saw the cattle want to ride to go straight to hide their horror. Untreated wood, and the two budworm delivery to the hot water, heard the sad news release gecko. Vehicles can only be opened to the mountain after the佛母holes. If the last Nantai to pay 95 yuan per person into the mountains of the so-called fee. I have no strength to make a drastic response, and even if there is I do not want to waste. Gecko do ask you can go on. Crap I'm not going to spend can stay in this when the monk ah. To bite the post-molar Yiziyizi told him: I have go come, do not it does not go on. No one came down this section of track, leisurely asked the temple monks. Pointing the distance a hazy rain and fog on the Shiji Li Road, then Road ditch between the two mountains is the Goddess hole. I read Look at the monk's shaved head. The sudden sound of laughter 3. Praise Praise. I am a very inappropriate time for a very inappropriate place, I think of a very ancient scripts inappropriate. Admire themselves. Before pulling away in the Southern Taiwan Temple and photo manager, mouth full moon in the beautiful sunrise and whispers what Mazhuo prostitution wine, lie to me, the net left to walk. Road, which are mostly of grass in the pilgrimage trail. Steep. Stone was pouring rain, shining. Fortunately, non-slip performance of climbing shoes. Just stick to the sore feet. Moved slowly. All fall sporadically, it is inappropriate to think of walking in ice and snow, after Stalingrad, where the German prisoners. Brigade has been closed for nearly an hour. Quickly disappeared into the fog had gone away. I could see only leisurely, and his family leadership, both were dressed in white, such as mountain spirits. The back is a small life, Ban Zhao a leg is simply a step in the rub. Budworm stopped at the Road side of playing phone revenue teams. For him, a realm can I do is a kind of torture.这两日的行进我大部分时间都是一个人停停走走,独自感受和品味,如果忽略疼痛不计就真叫完美了。当然,如果脚不疼我也不会一个人落在后面。前面的人在雾里齐声喊我的名字。我当时正停下来看一窝雨中的蚂蚁万众一心抗洪抢险。嘴里哼哼着张楚那首同名老歌。就有腔有调地朗声回答老米没问题。前面悠悠两口子也是走走停停,采摘了一大把各色花朵。我唱路边的野花不要采,悠悠对曰不采白不采。被罚背领导走了几十米。我看见有一种花,一圈白色小花瓣簇拥着几丝紫蕊。 Liked.就摘一朵夹在耳边。平时夹烟的地方。并一路默诵关汉卿《一枝花不服老》的开篇若干遍。就是“攀出墙朵朵花折临路枝枝柳”那段。雨大起来。已经想不出什么其他分散注意力的方法,就咬紧牙关踩稳步子撑住了杖慢慢走下沟底。雾里有条土路在下面时隐时现。就把那里当成终点。把那块压缩饼干分成三份,每半小时进食一次。最后半小时吃掉了剩下的三粒牛肉干。我站在了路上。这才发现前路遥遥,还要沿着泥泞的土道向上不知走到哪里。骂了一句。接着走。然后这句骂人的话在每个转弯处都被我大声重复一遍。直到听见前面传来发动机的声音。壁虎从佛母洞花50元雇了一辆三轮蹦蹦回来接我们。壁虎托着我的后臀尖上车。悠悠托着他领导。青虫托着小生命。车厢里全是烂泥。我坐在一个鼓鼓囊囊的硬硬的编织袋上。悠悠的领导把另一个空袋子平铺了和青虫分坐。小生命蹲着。悠悠在一角抓住挡板练骑马蹲档式。壁虎坐司机边上。司机反复强调要靠左侧坐。右手是深谷。浓浓的雾气冒上来。路只能一车单行,可刚起步第一个拐迎头就顶上两辆同型车。这道上居然也塞车。在泥里退拱错了好一阵。山西蹦蹦开了20分钟。这是两天里最长的20分钟。紧贴着靠山的一侧行驶。不规则的岩壁擦身而过。偶有突出的大石迎面扑来总让我想起有一集《夺宝奇兵》里的那个镜头。坑洼不平的路面让每个人都东倒西歪前仰后合。挡板全是黄泥根本抓不住。悠悠命令他领导务必紧紧抱住我的大粗腿。而我坐下那个袋子里不知装的什么,咯得我几乎犯了痔疮。而从我这个角度看山谷,好象全车随时要腾空而起飞向深渊。我大骂壁虎怎么搞来这么一辆破车,连个BBS也没有装。至少,也应该带个无动力翼伞什么的。因为,那片山谷真的很美。雾笼青山。在山林与草地相接的平坦处,还有一栋木屋炊烟袅袅。我喊,我们到了瑞士。小生命则扒着厢板,对着这一切狂吼。到了。壁虎对准备停车的司机说再开近一点,到台阶边吧,1600级呢。今天走了很多路,能少点是点。 1600级! !我记得西方最后一根羽毛压塌骆驼背的谚语。可这1600级石阶可真不是轻如鸿毛随便说说的。悠悠豁出去挨宰护送领导坐滑竿了。青虫一溜烟下去没影了。剩我们三个一步一级,几步一歇。壁虎也露出疲态,原来他也早瘸了。说其实下台阶快跑比慢慢走要轻松。只要膝盖顶得住。我没话。痛苦使人喋喋不休,过度痛苦使人沉默。 98年春节我和梅雨结伴同走武当。她要烧香许愿坚持全程徒步。那四十里雪后的台阶路几乎砸了我一世英名。在三分之二处我大腿抽筋全靠她揉捏掐捶了好一阵才顶过去。下山的时候我干脆是坐着出溜下来的,毁了一条新裤子。新东方校训:从绝望中寻找希望,人生终将辉煌。我停住。抬起登山杖。深深吸口气。冲下去了。 Once the storm.又看见了蓝色碧空。我跑着。遇到台阶之间的平路就转身倒走。然后接着跑。甚至超过了前面的一名队友。祈祷着膝盖可千万别在这个时候背叛我。看见停在台阶终点的那辆亲爱的车了。看见太子端相机对着我。看见一群美眉站在那里,笑颜如花。高高举起登山杖。我来了,我看见了。我到地儿了。关于五台我14年前写过一篇东西。从故纸堆里翻出来把结尾搬到这里:昔日日未来时,你是你,我是我。今天来,我即是你,你便是我。现在走了,你依然是你,我却因你而更成了我自己。一宿夜车。清晨回家。倒头便睡。头一个小时里梦见了西式自助。翻个身再睡。第二个小时里梦见了日本料理。爬起来觉得委屈。为什么《老人与海》里那个桑提亚哥在一番苦斗后梦见的就是狮子呢。上网遇见鸬鹚。就约了去东方广场吃据说是全北京最好的批萨。用走那1600级台阶的节奏走下俺家的六层楼。 A taxi.雨后的长安街。行人与建筑在夕阳下都鲜明清爽,如洗过一般。京畿道。

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