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Sichuan China Youth Travel Service (Head Office) - the latest tourism in Chengdu, Chengdu tours, Chengdu tour price quotes, Chengdu tourist attractions, Chengdu tours, Chengdu tourism offer, Chengdu travel notes, Chengdu travel guide, Chengdu Tourist Guide, Chengdu air ticket booking, hotel reservation services, Chengdu hotel, conference tourism in Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou, Emei Shan Tourism, Qingcheng Mountain, Dujiangyan tourism, Panda Travel.

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Customs Heilongjiang Heilongjiang Travel Guide
All cities in Heilongjiang
Harbin Shuangyashan Hegang Jixi Qiqihar Mudanjiang Jiamusi Daqing Yichun Daxinganling
Heihe Qitaihe Suihua
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All attractions in Heilongjiang
"Unit 731" evidence gallery 731 site evidence Hui ancient city of love Aihui city Angangxi site Pat Lawrence Hill Eight women sculptures Eight women a river memorial Eight women a river memorial Leng Shan Ba
Baishilazi Mid-Lake Northern Forest Zoo Modern Urban Agriculture Demonstration Park in North Arctic Village North Springs Ice Lantern Garden Party Ice and Snow World Bohai style garden Bohai style garden
Thin and Road Old City Bokui Mosque Longevity National Forest Park Longevity National Forest Park Wall Lizi After the mountain site Chengzihe After the mountain site Chengzihe Site of the River Store Mahayana Temple Dagushan
Big Island Heihe Big Island Heihe Daqingshan site Daqing Children's Park in Daqing Science Museum of Daqing Oilfield Dashiqiao Size of the Mountains Daxinganling Daxinganling Resource Center
Animal and Plant Resources Center Dailing Animal and Plant Resources Center Dailing Dailing cold water When the wall of the town Taoist Mountain Underground lava cave Underground lava cave Underground Forest Hanging water floor waterfall Siberian Tiger Park
Northeast Martyrs Memorial Hall Dongshan Lake Dumont Shoushan folk Resort Children's Park Children's Park Two grams Hill Second Longquan Erlongshan Flood Control Monument Fenglin Nature Reserve
Windmill Hill Merry Island Dover Temple Fujin National Wetland Park Summit Forest Park Ancient tombs Temple Hada Creek Harbin Harbin
Modern Agricultural Park, Harbin Great Northern Wilderness Harbin Ice Lantern Garden Party Harbin Ice Hockey Hall Harbin Ice Hockey Hall Harbin Zoo Harbin Zoo Harbin Children's Paradise Harbin Polar Museum Harbin Architectural Art Harbin Architectural Art
Harbin Town Ski Resort Harbin Forest Botanical Garden Harbin Forest Botanical Garden Harbin Forest Botanical Garden Harbin Snow Expo Harbin Amusement Park Harbin Amusement Park Hala Hai Wetland The ancient city of good field Spengler Black Bear Park Po
Heihe Heihe Heilongjiang Museum Orchard Resort in Heilongjiang Hirayama Heilongjiang Provincial Museum National Museum of Heilongjiang Province Gantt ski Wang Tau Mountain National Forest Park Red Star Reservoir Resort TERRITORIAL
Phoenix Villa Hulunbeir HU Ji Tu Mo obo Tiger temple Steller wetlands Steller Fortress Steller to Site and Steller to Site and Steller Friendship Park Flower Paradise Hua-day ski and mysterious
Huoshaoshan Jixi WuJimi Ski Resort Kek Lok Si Temple Jiamusi River Park Street Tianjin Port Golden Summit Mountain National Forest Park Jin capital Huining Prefecture sites King Ski Resort
Kim to Beijing Museum of History Garden Park Camp sites Jingbian Camp sites Jingbian Jingpohu Kowloon Station Park Patron Prairie Dinosaur Museum School del Drifting Langxiang boulder Ski Resort
Langxiang Stone Forest 老鸹 Lizi Laoheishan Lao Jin ditch Lake chain Lotus Lake Lotus bubble Lindian Spa Dragon Bone Hill Dragon Bone Hill
Lonza Park Lonza Park Dragon Tower Second Dragon Pearl Ski Resort Far East Pearl International Ski / Ski Lake wau Luoguhe Mao Lan ditch River Region United States Dream Park Mishan points
Moon Island Scenic Moon Island Scenic Bolshoi Theatre Mohe Mohe Mudanfeng ski playground Mudanfeng Nature Reserve Mudanfeng Reserve / Ski Mudanjiang Mudanjiang
Mudanjiang City Nanquan Ningguta city site Ningguta city site Window of Eurasia Ski Eurasian window Deer Flat mountain ski resort Hirayama hunting Buddha tower seven Buddha tower seven
Qiqihar Qiqihar City Unicorn Mountain Pine pheasant hunting Mosque Mosque Sun and Moon Gorge Park Lava Tunnel Sanjiangkou Sanjiang Wetland
Sanjiang Wetland Sanjiang Natural Wetland Reserve Three fine Pharmaceutical Industrial Park Three hills grave Three hills grave Shangganling National Forest streams Huining Prefecture sites Huining Prefecture sites Longquan the Old City to Beijing Longquan the Old City to Beijing
Hisashi Beilin God peak Katsuyama hunting Katsuyama fortress St. Sofia church Hagia Sophia Rock Lighthouse Rock Lighthouse Stone Forest Natural Beauty Oil Cultural Park
Life Ancestral Hall Calligraphy Park Station Scenery Stalin Park Song Fengshan Songhua River Songhua River Songhua River Bridge Matsumoto Mitsui Suifenhe border trade market
Suifenhe National Forest Ski Resort Suifenhe National Forest Ski Resort Suifenhe Son of the city tower Pacific Island Sun Island Scenic Spot Sun Island Park Tang Dynasty, Longquan to Beijing Bohai State House site Peach Hill Park Momoyama international hunting ground
Momoyama tourist area Teng home ridge site Iron Man Museum Foshan million Wan Shan Temple Wang Zhen Monument The ancient city of Hoi Wang Tun Wangjianglou Hailin Forest Park, Hailin
Confucian Temple Reclining Buddha Ski Resort Wau Lake Ussuri River Wusu Town Wudalianchi Television exclusion of five bases in Rhode Island Wuying National Forest Park Wuying National Forest Park Camp Five
Seno Hill Former Residence of Xiao Hong Xiaogushan Xiaoxing'anling Botanical Garden Friendship Park, the new black Niigata Friendship Garden Xingkai Xingkai Xingkai Xinglong Temple
Xudong ski National Forest Park, Xue Xiang Daqing Yabuli Ski Resort Yabuli Ski Windmill Hill Yabuli Ski Resort Yabuli Ski Olympic Sports Center Yabuli Ski Resort Yabuli Ski Ya Vance Yun Ding Yabuli Ski Resort Rouge ditch
YAN Jia Gang Paleolithic site Yang Zirong martyrs cemetery Yang Zirong martyrs cemetery Drug Quanshan National Forest Park Slope side Yichun Plum Ski Resort Yichun Yichun District Yijimi drift River rafting by Lan Balan
Oil underground palace Yuquan International Hunting Field Skiing Yuquan Hunting Ground Moon Bay TV City Ski Moon Bay Yueyahu Zhalong Nature Reserve James River Rafting James River Rafting Zhaolin Park
Zhaolin Park Treasure Island Treasure Island Pearly Gates Central Avenue
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Regional Overview

Heilongjiang Province is China's most northeastern province, an area of ​​46 square kilometers, the provincial capital Harbin. As early as three to four million years ago during the Paleolithic, there is human activity here. Heilongjiang Province is located in east longitude 121 ° 11'-135 ° 05 ', latitude 43 ° 25'-53 ° 33'. The northern, eastern Heilongjiang, Ussuri River as the boundary, and the Russian River; adjacent to the western Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region; the southern border of Jilin Province.
Heilongjiang in China's northernmost territory, the highest latitude of the provinces in China, there used to be called "Great Northern Wilderness", and now has the earth-shaking changes. In this magical land, a large rolling, Xiaoxing'anling; have Woyeqianli Songnen plain; a magnificent Heilongjiang, Ussuri, Songhua, Nen waters; a scenic Lake, Wudalianchi ; There are lush natural pastures, these are all pieces of paint a beautiful picture. In this piece of over 450000 square kilometers of land, there are stretches over 2800 kilometers of the water sector and more than 200 kilometers of land border between China and Russia boundary line. Runs through the West Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Daxinganling and adjacent to each other to fall back on the southwest and Jilin Province. Heilongjiang Province is the Northern Wei Dynasty and the Liao, Jin, the birthplace of the Qing Dynasty. Over the years, at least, Hezhen, Oroqen, Ewenki and other ethnic minorities living in this northern area. Raw, rough, magic, it is Mother Nature created a spectacular style of Heilongjiang. Winter to Heilongjiang, the most attractive places of entertainment than many of the snow, visitors can choose their own skating, skiing, winter swimming, ice and other winter sports fan. For Heilongjiang, there is an ancient legend, long ago, the river a white dragon coiled, often stir up trouble, so that the river flooding, barren fields, making the sparsely populated northeast. With families at this time, gave birth to a child with a black dragon tail, found that he is a monster, get rid of the child, in the river, the child met a lonely old man, then living with him. Gradually, children grow up, know that the bank has to do mischief White Dragon, White Dragon requested to yield, after several days and nights of hard work, finally defeated the White Dragon, Black Dragon people are the end to thank the children, we put Heilongjiang River is called Article.
Extension of historical and cultural Wandashan in Heilongjiang, Songhua, Ussuri confluence of the place. Here, the rich forests, aquatic resources, to nurture a population of only four thousand, but in the long history, tough journey, and to create a unique cultural characteristics of fishing and hunting in North Hezhe.
Hoche live in Heilongjiang Province with the River City bacha, Street Tianjin port townships, nationality townships, and four rows of Jiamusi Raohe Xian suburbs Ao odd village. Along the Songhua River in Heilongjiang and then turned into the Ussuri River, mountains and rivers all the way north can enjoy the scenery, but also to explore and experience Hezhe people enjoy a long history and splendid culture.
"Hezhen" meaning "downstream" or "Oriental." Shows that the nation in Heilongjiang River, the eastern border of the indigenous historical homeland. They lived for generations along the Yangtze River in the Hezhen three fishermen, almost all year round with water as partners, to fish for a living. Hoche fishermen fishery production in difficult conditions, he learned a superb production technology and techniques. Boat tracking, fork fishing and fun. One of the traditional fishing techniques called Hezhe must.
Heilongjiang Province is located in the tourist wedding day latitude of the east coast of the Eurasian continent, is a continental monsoon climate, the province from south to north, according to the temperature indicator can be divided in the temperate and cold temperate; from east to west, according to aridity index can be divided into wet area, sub-humid and semi-arid areas.
Its main features are: the winter cold and dry, hot and rainy in summer, spring and autumn climate variability. Average annual rainfall 589.6 mm. The annual average temperature 1.3 ° C, annual range of temperature up to 38-48 ° C.
Spring (3 to 5 months) prone to drought and strong winds, temperatures rise faster and volatile, heating or cooling time of up to 10 ° C or so. 50-80 mm average rainfall season, only about 15% of the year.
Summer (6 to 8 months) hot and humid and rainy. July average temperature of 19-20 ° C, maximum temperature of 38 ° C. Average precipitation of 200 ~ 400 mm, accounting for 60% -70% year. Because rainfall concentrated between storms, prone to floods, therefore, need the summer flood control, waterlogging.
Fall (9 ~ 11 months) less rainfall on average 50-100 mm. Diurnal temperature amplitude larger. Average temperature in September is generally 10 ° C, 10 over North region has to 0 ° C, in the southern region 2-4 ° C. Prone to frost in autumn.
Winter (12 February the following year) long and cold and dry, snow covered the earth. January average temperature of minus 15 ° C-minus 30 ° C, minimum temperature was of minus 52.3 ° C. Seasonal precipitation is only 11-20 mm, representing about 5% of annual precipitation in winter should prevent wind and thunderstorms.
Air traffic information available in Heilongjiang Harbin, Qiqihar, Mudanjiang, Jiamusi four civilian airports, of which Harbin Taiping International Airport is one of eight civil airports, has become the second largest international airport in Northeast.
Harbin International Airport has regular flights to Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Nanjing, Qingdao, Wenzhou, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Dalian, Xi'an, more than thirty large, medium and tourist city. In addition, the Russian Far East, flying to Prague Weiss Tymoshenko, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Seoul, South Korea and Japan, Niigata flights.
Heilongjiang is China's construction of the railway province, one of the earliest railways, transport by rail as the backbone, Russia forces after the invasion of northeast China, in Heilongjiang Province in 1897 began to build the first railway - the North Manchurian Railway (now known as Bin Sui and Binzhou Railway).
26 of the province's railways, dry branch in Harbin, Qiqihar, Mudanjiang, Jiamusi four economic centers around the axis of the radiation, and through international and domestic trunk route add-Russia, North Korea, the United Jilin, Liaoning and Inner Mongolia.
Among them, Bin Sui, and Binzhou Railway and the Trans-Siberian railway connecting Russia, male (and Dan) Figure (s) Railway similarities with North Korea. Beijing-Harbin, pull Bin, flush, pass to, male Figure 5 railway lines connecting with the national railway. The province's railway mileage of 5121 kilometers, ranking the highest in the country.
Heilongjiang Province, the existing national highway highway 7, highway mileage 46617 km, ranking the fifth place. Highway has been completed "Daqing - Harbin - Mudanjiang - Suifenhe", "102 State Road provincial boundaries - Harbin - Jiamusi - Hegang" 2, Daqing - Qiqihar, Jiamusi - with the river, 102 State Road Province sector - the highway is under construction in Changchun. Then, from Harbin, Qiqihar, or take the highway by the same river can reach Beijing, the capital of Heilongjiang Province Water rich in water resources, ranking the highest in the three northeastern provinces, the province's inland navigable mileage of 4696 kilometers, the existing 9 Direct passenger flights to the Songhua River , Heilongjiang, Wusuli as the backbone to Harbin and Jiamusi Hong Kong as the hub of the waterway network throughout the whole territory.
Among them, the Songhua River in Heilongjiang province, water transportation routes Route navigable from May to November each year; route is located in the most northern part of Heilongjiang, in the same river, and Khabarovsk (Khabarovsk) and the Songhua and Ussuri phase; Wusu Sino-Russian border river in the river route to route, frozen in winter.
Dining is located in the northern Heilongjiang province, is the lowest climate provinces of Heilongjiang who develop eating salty flavor characteristics. Heilongjiang is the localization of traditional cuisine and innovative dishes dishes, flavor of the national cuisine and professional cooking meals consisting of large dishes, and with Feast, all the sheep seats, seats tofu, dumplings dinner, ice Banquet. Heilongjiang cuisine is characterized by "reclaiming wide variety of seasonings; salty sweet and sour, color Weixiang shape; soup double good, Sauvignon Kouzhong."
Heilongjiang dishes are perfect cooking techniques, to burst, fried, leavened, baked, rinse, stew, steam, boil for a short, good at cooking. Representative dishes include braised salmon, pickled vegetable powder, the four northeast stew (catfish stew of eggplant, pork stew vermicelli, pickled cabbage stew of white meat, chicken mushroom stew), braised Luk Mei, dragon soup. Harbin snacks relatively well-known sausage, pine nuts Tripe, old Dingfeng pastries.
Recreation major tourist cities in Heilongjiang Province for visitors to place a lot of fun, the provincial capital Harbin, known as "Oriental Paris", "Eastern Little Moscow", "North Little Shanghai" reputation, many of the city's cabaret, bowling Hall, beauty center, sauna offers a full range of entertainment can be good service. Comparison of Heilongjiang Province, famous places such as famous clubs, entertainment centers and other place for the East Bowling.
Heilongjiang winter snow and ice across the province have a lot of entertainment, visitors can skate, skiing, winter swimming, ice and other winter sports fan to choose for themselves in the sport.
In addition, the Tourism Bureau of Heilongjiang Province, Hegang predict, due to the Jewish customs and natural nude beach park built, the island will become the city's most famous tourist attractions the charm. Jewish style garden area of ​​1000 square meters, the park introduces the history and customs of the Jewish nation, as well as a variety of dance performances. Two sections of natural beach nude men and women separated, visitors can be naked in the bath and enjoy the fun back to nature.
SHOPPING major tourist cities in Heilongjiang Province for shopping malls, many shops, such as Harbin Qiulin company, the first department store in Harbin, Harbin commercial buildings, Songlei building, hang markets and so on. In these stores you can buy a lot of visitors inexpensive leather goods (leather, fur hats, shoes) and other local native products, the famous Northeast Specialty ginseng, deer horn and other treasures can be in these stores to be buy low price.

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