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China Youth Travel Service | Sichuan Province, China Youth Travel Service - Travel specializes in Sichuan, Tibet travel services. Including the Jiuzhaigou Valley (on the 4th Jiuzhaigou bus tour, Jiuzhaigou Flying day tour, Jiuzhaigou Jiuzhaigou tourist routes on the 5th tours, etc.), Huanglong, Emei, Leshan, Tibet, Inagi Aden, the Yangtze River Three Gorges Siguniangshan, Hailuogou travel services.
Three Gorges, Yangtze River is a magnificent landscape of the Grand Canyon, one of China's top ten scenic spots. It Fengjie County, Sichuan Province, west Baidicheng east of Yichang City, Hubei Province Nanjinguan from Qutang, Wu Gorge, Xiling Gorge composition, length of 192 kilometers. It is the essence of the Yangtze River scenery, mountains and rivers in the Shenzhou treasure through the ages, shines with charming glory. 2005-4-9 15:29:14
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Yangtze River Three Gorges
Attractions in relation to the whole Yangtze River Three Gorges
Chongqing Fengdu Ghost Town
Shibaozhai Zhang Feimiao
Baidicheng Qutangxia
Small Three Gorges Gorge
Shennongxi Xiling
Three Gorges Project Yichang
Yueyang Wuhan

2002年十强2003年全国百强2004年四川旅行社双十强 Chengdu tour leader: 2001 Sichuan Travel pairs of the top ten 2002 top ten 2003 National hundred in 2004, Sichuan Travel pairs of the top ten