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Huang ropeway

Time :2008-8-14 15:24:42

Huang Suo Introduction
Huanglong ropeway ropeway with the world's most advanced equipment. Delivery systems using the Austrian Doppelmayr company's products, the company is the world's most famous ropeway equipment manufacturers, one of Huang Hongyan Guan rope used is provided by the company's most advanced and most secure single-trailer van de tramway technology products. Ropeway equipment to meet China's "Passenger Ropeway Safety Code" (GB12352-1990) requirements;
Ropeway Frame visitors will pass a new perspective after the Huanglong Valley, overlooking the panoramic view. Whole ropeway height difference 487.8m, run the length of 994.1m, carrying 2,500 people per hour, with an average speed of 6m / s, only 3 minutes or so rows from the next station stop first.
Huang Hongyan Guan completion of rope, so visit Huanglong scenic routes increased field of vision increases, not only saved the visitors physical exertion, but also to save half the travel time: take the ropeway, a few minutes from the next station to the previous station, Long Ping impressive sight Huanglong Valley, snow-capped mountains beam panoramic picture, its magnificent potential. To stand along the sidewalk by a rope to walk 2.9km to the Huanglong Valley, at the end of Wucaiche tour, could be cis-groove down easy and pleasant to enjoy all the Huanglong travertine landscape, and then the source from the Fu River bridge out of ditch. Have the following itineraries to choose from:
1, rapid tour: Visitors Center - under the cableway station (by football vehicles) - ropeway on the station - parallel to Plank Road (walk 2900 meters) - Wucaiche - blooming pond - Mirror Pond - Body Wash-dong -- - Welcome Pool - visitors center;
2, medium-speed tour: Visitors Center - Welcome Pool - blooming pond - Wucaiche - Parallel Plank Road - cableway on the station (by football vehicles) - under the cableway station - visitors center.

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<br /> Huanglong Huanglong ropeway price the cost of the budget and the Authority through the comprehensive consideration relevant factors set the price Huanglong ropeway transport program, according to Sichuan Provincial Price Bureau, "Sichuan Province, Huanglong Scenic Area Bureau of Commodity Prices on Red Rock off the price of services approved ropeway" ( Chuan price letter [2006] 67) spirit of the document to develop ropeway service prices as follows:
Up 80 yuan / person,
Down 40 yuan / person;

In order to facilitate visitors purchase, the construction of the ropeway visitor center, where ticket hall on the amount of up to 2 million in ticket sales, the service center and other facilities can also provide visitors with convenient, comfortable and personalized services.
Attachment: Huanglong Tickets and prices:
Huang: Huanglong 200 yuan (from April to November 15); 80 (11 from 16 to the end of March);
Huang ropeway: up 80 yuan / person, down 40 yuan / person;
Tickets: students, servicemen, the elderly (60 years and over), the disabled, journalists and other valid documents, to implement a discount price: 150 yuan (Note: Student student ID, students need to demonstrate and prove that issued by the school must have a I hat photos, press With press cards);
Free admission: The State Department issued permits for retired cadres retired, disabled revolutionary soldiers, Yuan Zhao Chinese People's Volunteers soldiers, the driver (complete 3 card) free tickets with valid documents, fees, free tickets for children under 1.3 meters costs.

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