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Published :2008-7-14 16:44:20

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Location <br /> is located in Songpan County, the Huanglong Township. Jiuzhaigou is about 100 away from the truth, away from the Songpan County, about 55 axioms, south elevation of 3658 meters from the Hope Township station, north ends of the Fu-Jiang river valley 3150 meters above sea level, length of 3.5 kilometers.

Huanglonggou the altitude from 3100-3500 m, in the way to Huanglong will pass through the snow top, its elevation of 4300 meters.
The name of the origin of the name Guan Huanglong there are two kinds of argument, one scene in Temple of the name, where there was a Huanglong Temple, Huanglong Temple, which has the name derived from the agency, the alleged flood control to Mao Yu's state and its negative Huanglong Zhou daojiang, descendants and thus Li Miao festival, so called Huanglong Temple. Water management success, Huanglong abandoned underwater, GAN beautify the earth here, creating this "Renjianyaochi" - Huanglong Temple Scenic Area.
Another argument is the Dragon King is a master comes from the top winding yellow travertine heap collective, layer upon layer upon layer above the pool and take a afar, resembles a colorful spot a false charge of the golden dragon from the snow white peaks, luxuriant jungle vacate the sky.

Tickets and Tour Time
Huanglong full time during the 3-4 hour tour, journey takes about three hours round-trip tickets 80. As Huang Longhai allocated higher (Huanglonggou the altitude from 3100-3500 m), the distance is longer, the whole line by human feet, so ordinary people will want to visit End Dragon King is quite difficult, especially the older the infirm, often will have breathing difficulties and the reaction to high altitudes, serious life-threatening.

From the Chengdu and Jiuzhaigou to Huanglong, are very convenient, in the Chuanzhusi off, and then change to a local car, but to pay attention every year in November to next March due to heavy snow closing hillsides to facilitate reasons, can not go.
Huanglong Chuanzhusi to 39 kilometers of paved road is now in full rectification of 9 meters wide and the whole secondary asphalt road and was opened in July 2001. There may be revised after the ropeway project, I think the road will be getting better and better Huanglong.

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Huang Accommodation
Existing local two hotels, one Hualong Villa, three-star, very good condition, FIT season price of about 600 yuan, and another is a Searle wrong hotel, is actually a guest house in poor conditions, prices are also cheaper.

Huanglong Temple Fair
Every year since June 15, according to legend the Dragon live on a religious immortality, we must hold a grand temple, after the place in Huanglong Temple Square Park a few hundred years the people of all nationalities gathered in the square, play songs afternoon and crowded.

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