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Chengdu, Sichuan China Youth Travel Service, to provide Sichuan Jiuzhaigou tourism, Jiuzhaigou bus tour, Jiuzhaigou Flying tourism, conference tourism Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel quotes, weather forecasts Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel guide Raiders, Jiuzhaigou air tickets booking, hotel reservation services Jiuzhaigou Hotel

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Chengdu, Sichuan China Youth Travel Service, to provide Sichuan Jiuzhaigou tourism, Jiuzhaigou bus tour, Jiuzhaigou Flying tourism, conference tourism Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel quotes, weather forecasts Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel guide Raiders, Jiuzhaigou air tickets booking, hotel reservation services Jiuzhaigou Hotel
Chengdu, Sichuan China Youth Travel Service, to provide Sichuan Jiuzhaigou tourism, Jiuzhaigou bus tour, Jiuzhaigou Flying tourism, conference tourism Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel quotes, weather forecasts Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel guide Raiders, Jiuzhaigou air tickets booking, hotel reservation services Jiuzhaigou Hotel
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Chengdu, Sichuan China Youth Travel Service, to provide Sichuan Jiuzhaigou tourism, Jiuzhaigou bus tour, Jiuzhaigou Flying tourism, conference tourism Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel quotes, weather forecasts Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel guide Raiders, Jiuzhaigou air tickets booking, hotel reservation services Jiuzhaigou Hotel
Chengdu, Sichuan China Youth Travel Service, to provide Sichuan Jiuzhaigou tourism, Jiuzhaigou bus tour, Jiuzhaigou Flying tourism, conference tourism Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel quotes, weather forecasts Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel guide Raiders, Jiuzhaigou air tickets booking, hotel reservation services Jiuzhaigou Hotel Chengdu, Sichuan China Youth Travel Service, to provide Sichuan Jiuzhaigou tourism, Jiuzhaigou bus tour, Jiuzhaigou Flying tourism, conference tourism Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel quotes, weather forecasts Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel guide Raiders, Jiuzhaigou air tickets booking, hotel reservation services Jiuzhaigou Hotel
Chengdu, Sichuan China Youth Travel Service, to provide Sichuan Jiuzhaigou tourism, Jiuzhaigou bus tour, Jiuzhaigou Flying tourism, conference tourism Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel quotes, weather forecasts Jiuzhaigou, Jiuzhaigou travel guide Raiders, Jiuzhaigou air tickets booking, hotel reservation services Jiuzhaigou Hotel
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2006 autumn Jiuzhaigou Travels (Picture 5)

Author: Willie Mail Received November 2006

Autumn Jiuzhaigou Travels 1 - Departure
October 29, 2006 Beijing: sunny, 15 * ~ 23
Chengdu: Qingzhuan Yin, there is light rain, 16 * ~ 22 *

This long-awaited day has finally arrived, they could be playing to another! This is pure self-help, Jiuzhaigou tour, but Oh.
5:50 to get up early morning the sky is already daybreak, and usually did not played so early too. Pull curtains east a look, hey, this is pretty early Xia, people have looked at appetite, good weather, good weather, ah. Hurriedly washed finished, eat breakfast, finishing a good luggage, and went by car to go out Beitaipingzhuang Airport Terminal. 15 money, a ticket, bought a good car to make money, hey, they're also help me, 9 o'clock flight, thinking it to be too late.
Speaking of this ticket, but toss me a lot. Air China started at the site investigation to Chengdu votes, the lowest in the morning for a 8:10 flight, 4 folding 580 yuan, was on its bar. Little did I take care of the set at night to go online and look, ah? ! How to become the lowest of the five off 720? Quickly to fight the global booking hotline, but fortunately, the same day a vote could also receive the 4 fold out, if only out of five the next day off of啦. Ticket delivery came in the evening, take someone else's credit card out of designated e-ticket is called the one chic. Took a few people back to house a ticket to consult in order to avoid hitches due to long, we simply return ticket from Chengdu has also got booked. At that time the price of return tickets not show buddies a few days after you shir all right on the last Air website, finally gave it to cover their out. You look closely, Kao, and how the lowest 45-fold, and quickly reported to the leaders, the leaders heard the message, but also access to view, ah? ! How false military! Well obviously four folded. Let me refresh the look really really really Jian Legui of. A few people chatted a few words, they readily Shuishui a brush, relying on public opposition to head it into a 45-fold under the stare of a. After a day of testing, the final proof of the data on this site off the mark. Too, or bar and then call. Ticket delivery back again, this time buddies, their own point of money to pay Oh, that in addition to 580 yuan and 100 fuel surcharge and 50-dollar airport construction fees it is to collect more than enough ah. Shier has also bought a ticket is not finished, starting the day before the tour looked at a Friends of the Internet again, Huh? ! Flight canceled? ! Then calls up en en en? Oo Oh, the original Air with no ass put three flights were all put together to 9:10 of that trip, just being played up early to catch an overcast night that we set ah. Later, until the starting and we have not received notification, forget forget, I speak in this man, OKOK, to spare their time, let alone to the uncle of Air China plane in me.
To the airport, handling boarding passes. Over security checks kinda find that a careful, jackets off the do not say, over the door security tick of a ring, even the purse had to turn over to see. Companion bag's insulation has been the Ambassador's Cup is like a cordial treatment. Check exhausted were made by bus equipped with the most edges of the parking bays boarding. Check-in on the button, roll off, slip啦me in Beijing. Along the way, then, flying more than two hours after the plane landed safely at once pit jack Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport.
A companion friends to pick up directly send us to Yongfeng Overpass located next to the Ibis hotel, a good environment, 138 a day. Later, Bo briefed me on the rental division, 11 in Chengdu after entering off-season, three-star hotel is 200 yuan less than 300 yuan, but also five-star, or else became no value. Local friends first went to acting appointment with them the night Jiefeng dinner, we first break of the rest in the hotel and then went to the prime minister ancestral temple, ready to find someone to cushion children chanting something snacks, makeshift meal, walk around the way . To ground children, the art of Jin, the ancient style of a side street, but also the net are selling snacks, but how to see how like the Mongolian foreign visitors, there is no taste. Casually in the vicinity found a Kodate, eating a bowl of hot and sour powder, later to find and eat a Ti Hua, stewing nice. Prime minister ancestral tickets 60 at the door Tantoutannao the Miaoliao Miao, which seems not to children, watching the little meaning, there is no entry, direct poem to remember of it: Where to look for ancestral prime minister, Jin officer outside the city Bo Sensen. Ying-order Bicao from Spring, every other leaf oriole good sound empty. 3 Gu frequent the world total, two hearts into the open economy veteran. Apprenticeship is not the first dead body Jie, Cheung Man-lapel to make heroes of tears. (If coincidence, purely identical)
After this and other local friends finally settle the matter, first, then we go to tea. Restaurant on the second floor, along the river a big row of sidewalk cafes, after the sea than the more lavish. Men a cup of Trimeresurus stejnegeri, woman drinking tea and began Shenkan. Dark clouds piled up on unknowingly, an unknown birds soon as Qing Ming, Yi Lue and before, looked around a tranquil. An atmosphere of air filled building, blowing cool breeze, and sipped tea and far apart, no wonder people do not cloud a small Sichuan is too comfortable. There are not many beat the rain snapping down, we fought indoors, they talk about for a while, to see if the hour is late, then went out straight away this evening theme.
Dinner arrangements of a splendid new style Szechuan Restaurant is held, looked at the menus, color range, a top-side restaurant in Beijing two so thick, but the price is cheap, mostly more than 10 more than 20 blocks dishes. Dishes had flavors, Li Jue is worthy of the title the land of abundance, is worthy of Sichuan famous spicy delicious, plus dining environment, legislation is simply a sense of Chengdu, I was waiting diners paradise.
Would also like to hurry because the next day, we finished on the loose, and back to the hotel before we purchase a number of feeding items to prepare to come and go on the road or in Jiuzhaigou in Jiuzhaigou eat while playing. Local friends have given as early as 8:00 the next day bought a long-distance tickets, we early rest to prepare for tomorrow trip.

Note: air tickets, hotels, long-distance tickets, purchase food, a ready Less.

Autumn Jiuzhaigou Travels 2 - to arrive
October 30, 2006, Chengdu: overcast with rain in 16 * ~ 22 *
Jiuzhaigou: sunny, 3 ~ 15

5:45 am on the up and down and put their bag and then be fitted well, boiling water steep a big bottle on the way to drink tea, ready to Retention. 6:30 downstairs to eat breakfast, check-out. This is the first one, I eat breakfast guests, the hotel's breakfast not ready to do the whole, but fortunately, hot milk, colored staple foods, fruits, and other key points should have come up. Chiba a hasty breakfast, go out, went straight to the north chadianzi Terminal. Because it is Monday, the road has been quite lively, but fortunately, not be as early as the Beijing summit parking lot. Dealers smooth, soon to chadianzi terminal, on the long-distance car, took out his ticket to see, 100, target Jiuzhaigou, the first row of seats, Chou Chou seats to children between the kinda spacious, ah, Yes.
By 8 o'clock start time, buses on the filling into the high-speed, soon to Dujiangyan City. String over the urban area, on the national highway 213, all the way north. Then gradually enrich the roadside scenery up the winding roads have changed, ups and downs, with the river walk along the mountain up. River Road, the river, water rapids, lush vegetation shore, and in this golden season of autumn, the mountains flowing water, eyeful of these are green. Around a dam, the water suddenly see the light, fog, and even have drifted across the mountains of Mongolia and Mongolia can not see any real. After a this piece of the reservoir area, highway drifting high, the width is only enough for two carts will be side by side and the line, sometimes chuanshan by. Road, close to the water right is a large slope, the car turned a sharp bend and then another chicane, look down the river's rocks dangerous shoals, feel that this road repair or pretty miserable person. Into the Aba boundaries, both sides also high up the mountain road even more dangerous. Road, water on both sides there are many places, and from the carts often stopped, one to the brake pads splashing water cooling solution is based on two passengers transmigration of the urgent. Local villagers Daoshi will do business, regardless of the how the quality of public toilets in the building, the next guests were both young and old, all fifty cents a, fair trade.
Around noon, the car arrived at the designated point of return to hotel rest are more Daguo Cai, a copies of selling, Britain all the way, they improvise eaten on the day before brought from Chengdu halogen buck or bad. After a half-hour break, continue on the train ahead. This is essentially the road behind the plate full of mountain, and turned over a mountain pass after another pass, then Highway D where the net was the first word as a continuous hairpin Waner, sitting behind him is enough to choke yo Akira.
Into the hill, you feel the temperature decrease in the hill into the woods has become a piece of yellow, and sometimes seen near the top of the mountain there are a lot of snow. Sleepy passengers flew on board had come to the spiritual, have taken out the camera take pictures. Passing through a village, to bid farewell to a sudden white flash showing a head of yak, fertilizer fat very cute. These cows are all pictures taken for a pedestrian in the past, but unfortunately our vehicles are not specifically tourism, in this does not stop, Ke Hao Zhang a souvenir photo in the car to rush.
15:30, the car after a road junction Munigou difference. Then, after more than 30 minutes, arrived at Songpan. Going forward for a while, at 16:30 pm, arriving in Chuanzhusi. In a fork in the road and saw the traffic tips card: go to Huanglong 38 km. Here is a highland plain Chuanzhusi surrounded by rolling mountains surrounded by flying from Chengdu to Jiuzhaigou flight landed here, nine yellow airport, where I from Jiuzhaigou, there are still more than an hour's drive.
Near Jiuzhaigou, we are told in advance the driver's hotel division Bo to be the name of the car in front of the hotel passed through to us when paused. Out of the car, look around, on-street is a river, sound of roaring water, flow kinda a daunting. River on the bridge, cross the bridge is a hotel. Are the high mountains on both sides, we have this is a valley in the sky, or blue, but the sun has already meet again, and take a look at the table, probably around 6 o'clock.
We are staying is a three-star hotel Lun Cheung source. Jiuzhaigou is Tibet, where the flight attendants were essentially Tibetan. Tourist attractions Hotel, star is discounted, not as urban Samsung, but the environment is a pretty good dinner package as early as day 80.
Opened the room to eat dinner first, designated tourist catering, basically vegetarian, no how dirty Jian Zhao Xing, taste more and Chengdu Mo Fabi, it is not accustomed to.
Hastily wrapped up the Dayton dinner, I'd go to, by the way familiar with familiar with the environment. We are ready to first go to see performing arts tickets. Performing arts venues in the Gaoyuanhong performing arts center, away from the hotel we stayed very close to stroll with on the line tap. We did not go out walking a few steps, you find that the temperature here is not imagined so cold, just replace the quasi-winter in the hotel is simply redundant, deep enough to have fall clothing. At this time the sky is already dark enough, the distant saw Gaoyuanhong the flashing neon, coming and going all of which are sent to the guests to see the show tours the cart, admission slip the door stood two small group of Tibetan singing Welcome song, it is a lively bustling. Avoid the flow of people, walked along the road will be able to see the ticket go down to the small door. Into a question, here also you can buy today's votes, but has no good seats in the. Sell tickets told us about them this is one of the performing groups, in order to enjoy the best performance, we should sit in zone A layer of three or four rows 13,14,15 the middle of such a number, or A two-story area first, second and the middle row is also doubtful. Tomorrow or the day the votes are not here to sell, get the blue sky the next day to go Mizoguchi three-story parking lot to buy, as early as 8 am to 6 pm for sale. A few people together, then the next day and buy, anyway, to stay three nights in this, and when it all lines, subsequently turned out Mizoguchi direction stroll tap.
Out the front of the hotel front desk asked, saying it was 2.5 km away from Mizoguchi. We have been walking for 40 minutes, or not seen trace of Mizoguchi, it seems the hotel attendants in order to highlight them to the convenience of Mizoguchi, no less to the distance shrink. Fortunately, a lot of lights here, or else black Baji, and it can help people scared to death. Were tired, just look at the bustling street showing a place, in the past stroll. Find someone in a stall to drink a bowl of Tian Sisi children improved version of yak butter tea, a bit like oil-fried noodles in Beijing is also Dai Dianer hint of chocolate flavor. Bowl go belly nice and warm, the people have the spirit. 1 inquiries, emotions are here to Mizoguchi 2.5 km, and our line all the way from the hotel, just a half is 2.5 km. A, um, a few people walking the mood is gone, just dinner without food is good, just looking for a restaurant and then rub meal at home. Picked a popular children compare the busy restaurants, into sat down, both hands and the menu a look, good heavens! ! Compared with a reference value of two dishes: green pepper pork, 32 dollar a plate, sweet and sour fillet, 46 dollar a plate, this is not just being treated us as a Sheep Mody. So that they can use inexpensive menu on the locals, they also argue plausibly that this dish is shipped in Chengdu, are these prices, I Jiubu Xin, and who head into the feces in accordance with the price of food, strike Chiba eat out a taxi back to the hotel. To the hotel, into a small restaurant across the road, looked at the price fairly appropriate point of the extra dishes, highland barley wine bought in the supermarket, brought out in Chengdu halogen buck, ah, spicy good, five-spice of No. This calculation also improvise a meal.
Dayton finished this supplementary feeding, and quickly back to the hotel wash sleep. Here is not a 24-hour hot water supply, starting at 6 pm to 12 pm after the no. Washing of the Tang Chuangshang here do not get something warm air at night, some cold, has been, and something very tightly. Hurry to sleep, get up early-morrow into the ditch.
Preparation of living: long-haul trucks will be open 10 hours or so, compare Akira, motion sickness pills ready. The former half of the landscape, mainly in the right car, the latter half of the landscape, mainly in the left side of car, it does not really matter which side to sit. Not used to them that would bring their own lunch some dry food, bring drinking water on the road. The car takes place every 23 hours would take a rest, if it Biebu Zhu, and also with the driver of the division Bo say hello, he would be trying to find parking. In the approaching Bo ahead of time with the teacher to say which hotel to stay, anyway, Jiuzhaigou was just as a way, he would stop the car to the nearest place to let you off. Return journey ticket at the 9 yard pass to buy hotels in the Bianbian across the street, not far from Mizoguchi. Parking tickets at the blue sky three sales position in Mizoguchi's on the other side, remember to Area A middle seat. Living in a hotel a few began to say hello hot water supply, try the house water pressure is adequate, if not wash bath can be really nice, sad thing. Taxis here are many to go out at night need not worry about Dabu Zhao cars, are generally 4,5 dollars off, as well as some new cars are starting 6 yuan per kilometer of a money. Drivers are generally enthusiastic, you can tell them about some of the local situation.

Autumn Jiuzhaigou Travels 3 - Open playing啦
October 31, 2006 Jiuzhaigou: sunny, 5 ~ 17

6:30 am onwards, but also boil tea. Full-empty bag inside, bring cameras, shelves, battery, digital companion, a little eating and drinking items. 7 o'clock start breakfast, one for an egg, ate a steamed bread, drinking bowls of gruel, sweeping movements sweeping movements mouth, starting.
Shangougou up in the morning is still pretty cool inside, but wearing pants and Zhuarong Yi, do not feel the cold. Ben hit a car Mizoguchi, the driver Shi Bo said something into the ditch, but our count early enough. When the meter Bengdao 10 yuan a whole, we have come to Jiuzhaigou mouth.
The car, warm up surrounded by the hawkers, gloves, hats, decorative mark, we bought a tourist map. Mizoguchi ticket in the left-hand side, fruit such as netizens said, the two cash-out ticket counters, four-line ticket booking counters. Now fairly periods of peak demand, 220 a ticket, what if a student card, you can buy discount tickets to 170. Sightseeing tickets 90 a trench. After buying tickets to a small door next to the second run into the ditch, the waiter to see that we are together, directly photographed a group photo, so good, unnecessary for them to go back to play in the face on the photo looked like a wanted criminal now. Now all tickets and tickets can be re-use and has a 2 for each ticket above the bar code scanner to use. Tickets Tickets to all branded on the back of the photo, this guy suddenly get's kinda commemorative significance.
Take tickets door, the right hand side is a park tourist bus station, the car had just been into the park, stopped a large, and relatively so visitors only two dozen cars. Came a car, go up after the teacher asked Bo, sea stations are there in the mirror stop, well, we have come so early is to catch the wind is rising before the mirror to appreciate the beauty of the sea.
First briefly describe the situation groove, Jiuzhaigou there are three ditch, showing Ah (Note: sound ya, Ah Ah Ting's, but also can be used as personal pronouns. Hmmm, I just do not have Y.:) Word order, Mizoguchi Ah the word on the bottom. Ah Kin is a tree is obscured behind the ditch, Center on the left of this point is the word head Zechawagou, Center of this point is the word on the right side of his head while ditch. Zechawagou innermost attraction is a long sea and 3040 meters above sea level, Japan and the ditch at the end of the attraction is the forests, elevation 3060 meters, in order to ditch the highest point above sea level scenic spots. Interchange is a three groove Snow Day Long, there is promise Nichiro Center station, if want to go long the sea, it is necessary in this transfer, otherwise the car up from Mizoguchi's most forests are to go Ben. Said trench nine Tibetan villages, Jiuzhaigou is also its name, there are three Tibetan villages outside world, namely, lotus, tree is, Connaught Day Long. General Tours are from trench to trench to go outside, so that Plank Road is basically downhill, compare to save strength. Trench There are many road map and signs, the above indicate the current location, the distance to other attractions and routes, from top to bottom-line stations, viewing platform and toilets and other information. Here's toilets are environmentally friendly water-based, and would like to wash their hands, and Connaught Nichiro service station, or bring their own wet paper towels啦. Basically do not line up and down next to the station, the distance between the kinda far, pay attention to distinguish.
We want to go to sea on the mirror while in Japan Mizoguchi, not far from Connaught Nichiro Shui in the past. Way car dealers, car, tour guide for us to introduce the beauty of the groove along the tree is. Kazakhstan steam train windows, the sun only shines in the distance of the jian, head fog or cloud I do not know, anyway, is not outside what is to look at real, anyway, back to even go back to look at, the simply concentrate on finishing the first photographic equipment. Sat next to a pair of husband and wife, men quite enthusiastic, self-introduction worked in Beijing, they are also their own play, and today is the second into the ditch, but also to mirror the sea for the Bupai photos. He introduced me to look at how to take better spots, three spots distribution ditch day, ample daylight for only 8,9 points, 3,4 points of the afternoon a number of key tourist guide information, which is equal to those of us ready to do not eat adequate assurance of a big, really very grateful.
To mirror the sea station, get off at the water's edge is a repair platform in front of. Everywhere wait, smooth surface without a trace of waves, clearly reflected on the other side of the mountain forests, reflected on the distance shrouded in mist disclosed golden peaks. Empty Plank Road through the forest from the other side. Everyone who talk down their own voice, no one is willing to break the tranquility here. Standing on water's edge, Jiaopang is crystal-clear lakes, from the shore to the lake water, the color gradually changed from transparent pale blue-green, can clearly see the bottom of the lake's aquatic plants, rocks and fallen trees. The water people feel unreal, like out of the glass shop, and too quiet. Zhe Xiang people around have shelves of Changqiangduanpao, shutter sound one after the flash. We also quickly picked up the camera, but also another photo shoot, busy as a good meal. Stay here for almost half an hour or less the same scene to shoot them, and to discuss the first straight virgin forest, from jungle tour down the ditch on the beauty.
Sit up from a mirror sea station, bus, car dealers more than 20 minutes, to a virgin forest. In the car felt a bit hot, put the Zhuarong Yi given off, and immediately felt the coolness of this off. The rise you can see the towering snow-capped mountains, which will shine the sun has just halfway up the mountain. The surrounding ground, the branches are full of white frost knot, Plank Road capped with a slip of the metal mesh. Now this time visitors can reach here is still relatively small, more and more explicit here, cold. Heard that an elevation of 3,000 meters the following year where the trees have been felled away, and only about 3,000 meters above the forest still preserved original. Along the Plank Road into the virgin forest, the net is to encircle trees thick, dense, called is crowded in upon. Is said here, in high concentrations of negative oxygen ions can make people relaxed and happy is riddled with non-invaded, so vigor breathing bar. Turn full circle in the forest, did not feel the legendary altitude sickness, you may have to do huge feeling of intense activity in order to bar, but added that no one try.
Out of the jungle, go into a road side down Plank Road, we are prepared to go all the way Grass in the sea. Plank Road basically no people, accompanied by streams all the way down, look around, stop-go. This is the self-tour of the benefits of it, leisurely tour Zai, leisurely. Unconsciously on the right appeared in a large white straw, a thick spread on the water, the green plants out of a pretty embroidered lace. The water trickle out of the vague shapes of convergence of the valley the sun shines, snow-white peaks aside the veil of exposing its true face, good scenery, blunt Kacha another meal. But this season seems to look less than what the herb, and Bacillus but many in the water there are two wild ducks, are combing the feathers. Looked for a while staring at them, I could not help to think of breakfast, those who warm side of the bread then placed in front of me, I will certainly not hesitate to do her three or four, yeah ~ ~ ~
After a Grass sea, is a rapids, Plank Road piercing the woods and returned to the road, in front of the sea is a swan. Here is a clip of two-phase mountain valley, close to the foot of the Swan Sea, open water, the water there is a piece of straw verdant. The mountain yellow-green leaves have all the sun a photo, reflected in the water, colorful very nice. Personal feeling here, this moment should be the most beautiful scenery, and if too much direct sunlight such as water, and certainly do not see such a fascinating reflection. Grass miles down the station here, the next attraction Jian Zhuhai about 8 km from here, we have to go by car.
By Jian Zhuhai station, where relatively wide, the sun was completely out, drying the body warm. Here slight rest, drink water, eat beef jerky points. Looked at the signs, we decided to still go at large in the forest, not along the highway, and although there are elements of such a camera backlight, but the forest landscape may be more interesting, but also to avoid the big pull flow.
Jian Zhuhai has two parts, one is upstream long with a large reed-like aquatic plants, surface to the crowded, leaving only a narrow, one downstream, is the hero of that Paiwai Jing. Let us first with the berm around the turn above the half-circle Haizi. Water Akigusa luxuriant, Plank Road side also often be able to see so many strange rocks tree. Side of the mountains the trees are green, a yellow one to compare with autumn layering. Along the path for a while, we saw the movie to show off Jian Zhuhai panorama. Green water looked green, carefully take a look at one, the original is the bottom vague shapes up against the color of the sun. Here the water is very clear, 10 meters outside the lake to see everything under the clear-cut. And from here, tourists began to cluster Na Na are being photographed in the crowd. String over the crowd came to the end of Jianzhu Hai lake from here flowed into a large bush in front of the sound of roaring water, Jian Zhuhai waterfall is located there. Waterfalls are not high, also 34 meters look like, but quite wide, there are tens of meters long, Plank Road on the cross in the waterfall ahead, stay in the close, splash, mist dashing. This is our way to see the first line of a large waterfall, people are excited, have a souvenir photo.
Jian Zhuhai downstream is Xiongmao Hai, reportedly so named, one does have giant pandas love to come here to drink water, and second, shallow water and exposed when the stone like a panda. Along the way I observe a moment Xiong Maohai more moderate side of the hill slope, but also set aside several animal drinking water access. Think that David Lane is simple-minded, knock knock on weekdays, and you really want to come here Zouxue mountains of water, steep something from another child is also not a land slide Gendou washed directly off into the water bath, but also the non-impossible here. But we have not seen the pandas, but added that only the large tail weasels from the front of channeling the past, probably we have to disturb others in Wong Tai Sin Kiyonaga the bar. Now this season Xiongmao Hai where the water is also a lot of stones exposed not come out, but this Haizi line is that we've seen the way the color of the most abundant. A variety of green, and a variety of blue, in the water layers of rolled out with the naked eye clearly visible.
And then go forward to the Xiongmao Hai waterfall. Japan have when afternoon, we can say is ah became exhausted, but having heard the rushing water, the valley came the sound of a wait or a bridge railing on his palms down on the sidelines. The Bridge on the repair is at the top of the waterfall, a white dragon from the foot of the water gushing out of a crash, such as injection, 10 meters deep into the valley, a huge sound rises from the valley, was deafening. The spray Tengqi shining in the sun, showing the beautiful rainbow, people were hooked. Stimulation of temptation in this beauty, we go to Connaught Nichiro canceled plans for lunch and decided to rely on spiritual food to arm themselves, to overcome all kinds of hardships, and resolutely move forward. A few people sit on the bridge, like elimination of clean sweep brought two bags of biscuits, a few packs of dried meat, drank a few saliva, you excited to travel again into the road went.
Along the stairs down, go around to the front of the Xiong Maohai waterfall. The waterfall, though not wide, but the picture may look up in order list Cai Xing. Water from such a high place will fall into throwing down the valley of the wind was scattered splash, the camera has cast a water spray immediately, good thing I added a UV mirror, or else even if playing the finished lens. This section of the high drop rapidly, the white water waves rolled all the way down the Pentium has to be considered Wu Huahai calm. Is one to stimulate my appetite names ah, people think at a time when pork barbecue restaurant bites. Swallowed pharyngeal Tu Mo, Jin Lejin belt, get rid of these big brake the idea of landscape and move on.
Xiong Maohai down from the start gradually and large forces are converging, and the Wu Huahai such a well-known attractions, is Yourenruzhi. However, our focus was not because the Wu Huahai side viewing, we have to detour to the Lao Huzui, from the heights overlooking the Wu Huahai picture. Plank Road from the forest to the road, the way forward to the slope side, to a large S-shaped winding bends, we really do not want to go along the road went directly to short cut, climbed up along the road slope protection. This is another steep slippery slope is another really good go, but fortunately, the top covered with metal mesh, clutch pedal, and finally is up the. Flip over the highway guardrail, that is, short of the Plank Road toward Lao Huzui, where the road finally slowed a bit. To the Lao Huzui viewing platform, presented in front is a child of the light blue rimmed Haizi, some say like peacock, so they call it peacock sea, but to be honest I think the ability to be seen Leng Shimo . From here a passing bus, the tourists do not live in the shooting with the camera, and some chartered a special stop to let passengers to shoot your fill, but there are no stations can not get off. To be properly played Kangezixi, must be personally affected by tired to climb to a good point.
From the Lao Huzui down, we have around the back of the Plank Road on the forest. All the way through the Kongquehe Road, Jin Ling Hai, go to Pearl Beach. This road is an increasingly wide waterway large slope, until Pearl Beach here, the expansion has become a big fan of the look. Spray and capsules like pearls, rolled down, I think this is the origin of the name is.
We feel that this play has been consumed by almost physical, and time has not earlier, there is no further along the Plank Road to the sea down to the mirror direction, but from cars Zhanshang Ju, teach you Snow Day Long Falls. Snow Day Long Lane Jiuzhaigou waterfall should be one of the largest waterfall, and tall and wide, looked very imposing. In the waterfall shower for a while before the another, according to a few, like, we have decided to close today's play, ride down a ditch. Around 5 o'clock, we came out from Mizoguchi.
Out an inquire, turn right is Bianbian Street, where we urgently need a small cloth snack bar, left to go is the Blue parking lot, where the performance we need today to buy tickets. We had to first go to buy a ticket, but the passing of a market, I enjoy the various species through consumption of beef jerky first chance of the pad bar pad bar, ah, or spicy to my taste. To parking lot, just up to the three-story, just come across the situation presented to us yesterday, that small group ticket Qiang, a-ho live with us one to go buy a ticket. He initially did not recognize us, but also looking for an excuse for shoddy, unfortunately, we help to restore the memory of the previous day. Finally, we get the performance the next day the middle of the second row A district a few seats.
After buying tickets at, we learned that a return long-haul tickets sold nine hotels are also Bianbian Street, pass in that direction, should carry a car first went to bought a ticket, and then stroll stroll the walk to the tap tap a small cloth snacks. Would like to say a small snack shop is also a good fabric, the price be at the local fair, in our self-reported information from the Internet to see, after admiring, but also one who sent half a glass of brewed for highland barley wine. Come here to eat a lot of friends like us are the self-help tour who soon will sit a full Cheng Cheng. Jin Er, but I am hungry, and a good meal Meng Chi, rice eating, also dark days.
After dinner we are back to the hotel to rest for a day the drying sun, mountain breeze blowing one day, his face has been red burst forth, hot, until the bath was better. May be a lot of physical exertion that day, Tang Chuangshang quite feel the cold, built a two blankets, and sleeping.
Note: by car into the ditch, we should pay attention to certain car is a range, only to the tree is chai, there has not yet uplink stations, we must continue to be rhino ride up the sea, while the clear morning traffic stop by here, is also very little on the front of the vehicle must say hello. Eat breakfast good, scenic spots, only Snow Day Long a shopping area. Note the signs and instructions and reasonable allocation of physical strength. Ditch of the relatively short duration of sunshine, and have a 15 o'clock there will be no direct sunlight more than a. Food and water, remains the most important. Cameras up and basically did not stop, can be a lot of photos of the scene, with good cards and digital companion, the battery consumption is also fast to prepare in advance. Strong sunshine, pay attention to sun protection.

Autumn Jiuzhaigou Travels 4 - the second into the groove
November 1, 2006 Jiuzhaigou: sunny, 3 ~ 15

Jin Er one is the second into the ditch, do not catch an early child, began around 7:30 for breakfast. One on the table, I immediately thought of yesterday's desire, appetite surge, and it would get rid of the three buns. Ate eggs and drank a bowl of gruel, I picked up a fourth buns, hesitate hesitate to lay down again, and eating too stays of no good is not.
More than half an hour later than yesterday into the ditch, to the uplink station, people feel a lot more than yesterday, and advised on a crowded rush the wrong car, originally intended to go directly to Snow Day Long in exchange for long-sea vehicles, results on the shuttle bus only to Walled tree is. Mei Zhe, walking chant, to the sea rhinoceros uplink station and then went on to sit chanting.
To the tree is chai, I got almost the tree is the local group of the sea, along the Highway upstream side of Plank Road. Waterside cottage built some, some turning cylinder, festooned with Tibetan decoration. Comparison of the dark side of the valley the morning, seemed quite deserted. Water is also Xi Xi shiny, clear showing dense underwater plants and odd-shaped rocks. We have slightly adjusted his plans, both to the security of, or busy hurry, and the way view of the scenery, shining like a slowly moving forward, not how far to the tree is on the waterfall. This moment the sun is still the other side of mountain, there is no sunlight, waterfalls, water potential appears to be more magnificent. Bai Lian-like splashing water poured down from above, but also rolled the waves ran downstream, the momentum of a basketball.
Climbed dozens of first-order steps, we went to have a tiger by the sea, this place has not heard the roaring water below, the quiet surface of the water the vague shapes of the mountains, people relaxed and happy. Tiger coast there are some reeds, swaying aquatic plants in the water flow gently stroked the next dance. Hard to imagine that the former Tigers mountain trails, there is some kind of scene.
After a Tiger sea, there is an upstream station on the road, we are here waiting for 10 minutes, but each vehicle is passing a hurry. In some curse, some people complained, it was like to be hailed Sheung when sightseeing buses finally stopped the car, we quickly packed up, up to the promise Nichiro Central Station Shiyou hurry down the fork in the road just to see the other side of a vehicle go a long sea vehicles are being launched, three-step two-step jump up, call again ~ ~ finally back on track according to plan will come up.
To long sea for a 20-minute drive all the way to view Mountain View and found the check and scenery wow ditch the day before the day is very different from that ditch. There is no galloping along the rapids along the way last season, the sea, the sea and the next season in the season are basically dried up the sea, the tour guide said that it has entered the dry season, these Haizi of water have been infiltrated into the underground river gone. The way to see flickering shadows of large in no one think of is, then wow ditch check only at the end of a long sea and Wucaiche two spots with the station, or else have to walk tens of miles down to the Snow Hill Road Nichiro to go, it is estimated that only pure Mix will have this Masaoki bar.
Car to a long sea, where elevation of 3040, although no high-elevation forests there, but the win in the forest scarcity, a large platform exposed in the vast waterfront, large sun people dizzy. Platform, a lot of people photography, and we overheard a while, after the exchange of people's skills on the stairs down to the lake along the Plank Road.长海的水比较混浊,但附近的几座雪山很不错,据说其中还有一座是什么神山的,问了问摆摊的藏民,也没搞清楚是哪一个。个人感觉,如果沿着长海能逆流而上,应该还是有好的景色的,有待开发啊。在长海边逛完后,我们准备回到公路上下行去五彩池,上台阶时我猛蹿了几下,然后没走几步就觉得后脑海隐隐作痛,难道这就是久负盛名的高原反应?还好,又过了几分钟,就没什么难受的感觉了,看来在这高原环境,行动还是保守些的好。





秋末九寨沟游记7-后记 <br />  这么多年了,第一次在出去玩后发自真心的想写点什么,真写起来了,又发觉自己文化功底的馈乏。写点东西还真是难啊,看来作家们还是与我这样的坐家有所不同。
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