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Site of the Shang and Zhou Shifang Mianzhu suspected satellite Sanxingdui

Published: March 5, 2008

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"By Mianzhu and the Shang and Zhou Shifang two sites that may be the initial judge, Sanxingdui not exist in isolation, these two sites from the Shang and Zhou Sanxingdui radius of 25 kilometers far will they actually Sanxingdui 'city center '. "Recently, Deyang City, where the paper tubes for the third survey on cultural relics found in the pilot when the new Shang and Zhou dynasties two sites, consistent with the cultural aspect Sanxingdui for the study of radiation Sanxingdui provide new information. Two objects excavated from the site of Shang and Zhou were found with pottery Sanxingdui shape, texture, the same, showing the same cultural outlook.

Blue into the former oil pipeline repair

Two newly discovered site of the Shang and Zhou

Paper tube, director of Deyang Liu Zhang Ze said two sites are located in towns Mianzhu Ruan Ruan Village, 8 clubs sites, the distribution area of about 3000 square meters, is in good condition, another for the Matsu Shifang City Town, Village, Tang Tong Tang Tong six groups of sites, the distribution area of 2 square meters.

"National key project blue (state) into (all) oil pipeline section will Deyang Matsu after the town of Shifang City Deng six community through the village. According to the national cultural relics protection law, the former location of the line, the need for a heritage survey carried out by line . Thus, in this January 24 to February 3, archaeological expert on the proposed construction of oil pipelines along the 10-day archaeological. And we Deyang city-wide focus on issues that Shang and Zhou sites. "Liu Zhang Ze that, in the Shifang City Matsu town (the original intersection of the two towns) and Deng Tong Village, six Community for exploration holes, the experts found the north to south and 100 meters from east to west 200 meters, the distribution area of 20000 square meters of the site, the site was saved in good condition, and cultural accumulation thickness of only 30 to 50 cm. Exploration holes in the sand gray brown pottery unearthed pottery, the shape are small flat cans, bean seat, a small flat, etc.. According to the ceramic pottery, ceramic color and the shape type of the initial speculation about the business end of the age of the site weekly. Then, we in the new towns Ruan Village 8 Mianzhu community found 60 meters north to south and east-west width of 50 meters, the distribution area of about 3000 square meters of Ruan sites. This site and the Tang Shifang City in good condition through the same sites, and cultural accumulation of thick layer of 40 to 60 meters. When carrying out exploration holes, unearthed a lot of pottery, these are coarse reddish brown ceramic pottery, gray brown and Grey Pottery pottery, decorated with both the Jomon and convex ribs, the shape includes high handle beans, ring foot control , pots and so on. According to experts, ceramic pottery, ceramic colors and shapes inferred relative age of the site should be the late Shang Dynasty. Liu Zhang Ze, said the discovery of two sites of Shang and Zhou proved Sanxingdui a wide range of radiation: the Sanxingdui axis to a radius of 25 km Ruan site to Deng radius of 22 km through the site.

Tang Shifang site through site

The same period of pottery and pottery Sanxingdui

Yesterday afternoon, this reporter went to the site of the Shang and Zhou Shifang City Pass Village, Tang Town, 6 Matsu group interview, many people say, where underground, buried the ancient city of the Shang and Zhou 3000, some villagers are often in the Land Some picked up a lot of coarse gray brown pottery fragments, most of which have exquisite patterns, some image decoration is also very beautiful. "I've lived here 60 years, grew up hearing my grandparents that we have here is an old city. In the past I often pick them up inside the jar in the ground, and brought it to no avail, so he threw the ground. "Deng Tong Village 6 clubs Zhangshun An uncle told us. Provincial Archaeological Institute thunderstorms Sanxingdui station owners speculated that the Shang and Zhou Shifang City ruins of pottery and other items found with the pottery of the period of Sanxingdui is consistent.

Shifang City, said Yang Jian, director of paper tubes, initially speculated that Deng's business community through the village six weeks ago the site for the Shang and Zhou dynasties over 3000 years. This discovery of several sites of Shang and Zhou proved Sanxingdui a wide range of cultural radiation. "The 20000 square meters of the Shang and Zhou sites, the range of radiation Sanxingdui culture Longmen mountain range extends to the northwest 22 km for the study of the radiation Sanxingdui culture provide new information." Shu culture for many years in Shifang City History Committee of the CPPCC Master Ren Guohui map, and journalists came together yesterday, Deng-pass sites, he said, Shifang City and the pottery found in Mianzhu City, is the pottery found in the fourth Sanxingdui, the value significance of the discovery to Sanxingdui Longmen Mountains to the northwest direction of the center extends over 20 km.

So, really Shifang city found more than 3000 years? It Mianzhu Ruan sites and what kind of Sanxingdui links? Guo Hui figure that for many years, Sichuan culture, so that experts and scholars debated, and it is shrouded by the fog of the ancient Shu civilization thousands of years. From 1929 a peasant named Yan Daocheng found inside the ditch in his yard Sanxingdui so far, archaeologists have been trying to break through the ages in this dazzling puzzle. Shifang is the core area of Sanxingdui culture, remains so far a large number of people with the ancient Shu culture of ancient Shu culture-related sites, relics and artifacts, and various ecological oral history. Local villagers said the ancient city of the Shang and Zhou whether there is yet to be archaeologists, History-depth exploration and research experts.

Ruan site-site

Villagers at the foot of the site is only 30 cm from the ground

Yesterday afternoon, we came to town Mianzhu Ruan Ruan Village, 8 clubs ruins the scene, the eight clubs because most of the villagers have been engaged in the construction of new countryside, the family moved to the road on both sides, built a new building. 8 Club in Ruan Village, most of the villagers do not believe that the next step on their feet is the site of the Shang and Zhou. They said the farm, the dig will find on the ground floor of 30 cm soil is black, some black pottery. However, because each person has a mu of fertile land, has just built its own new building, so the site seems not very concerned about things. The Deputy Chief Justice of Mianzhu paper tubes found on the front of the Shang and Zhou in their own site showed protection concerns: Now, Ruan site off the ground recently, only 30 cm. They have hit the report to the provincial and municipal departments, want immediate protection or to explore the development program and as soon as possible. Deyang City paper tubes, said this year, will be part of Deyang, the excavation site to open a new found two sites with the intrinsic link Sanxingdui. Source: Huaxi Dushi Bao

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