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Sichuan Tourism Strategy

Tour leader Chengdu Chengdu Chengdu Culture media, cultural industries

Published: November 4, 2010

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Chengdu is the second batch of cultural system reform pilot cities and major cities in the province's culture, through the deepening of the cultural system, showing a culture and prosperity, the great development of cultural industry a good situation. In recent years, Chengdu, according to the central principles and policies on the cultural system and the unified arrangements of the province in order to reshape the market players, improve the market system, improve macroeconomic management, and transformation of government functions as the key to reform of cultural institutions, the media as a breakthrough integration of resources and steadily push forward cultural restructuring. Among them, deepening the culture of institutional innovation, to capital as the link, and vigorously promote the cultural industries on the organic link and the associated downstream business optimization portfolio, the promotion of cultural mobility of production factors market, and promote cultural industries cluster, group development, respectively, of the media resources and cultural tourism resources of deep integration, has set the text of Chengdu Chengdu Travel Media Group and the Group, and actively explore the media industry and cultural tourism operators manage the new system, and achieved remarkable results.

Chengdu Media Group was established in November 2006, the former Chengdu Daily Newspaper Group and Chengdu, the merger of radio and television, as integration of the domestic big cities big media integration first of its kind. Group under the leadership of Party Committee of the editor, general manager responsibility system. More than 9200 employees, belongs first and second units 35, with more than 20 different forms of media, culture, and nearly 10 investment firms, with an integrated media group was cross-media features. Group nearly four years of exploration and practice, creating a regional media group development of a new pattern. Chengdu Media Group in order to restore the main target market, firmly rejected the cause of system defects, break the administrative level, the appointment of offices; to break the boundaries of identity, the implementation of full employment; break egalitarianism, the implementation of pay for performance, to promote media reform, causing the industry The high degree of attention and recognition.

Chengdu Culture Travel Group was established in March 2007, according to the Chengdu municipal government "and develop tourism, the formation of large industries, the formation of large group" of ideas, to deepen reform of cultural tourism, cultural tourism industry, enhance the management of Chengdu, and competition strength, promote the development of cultural tourism industry, established. Three years, the rapid development of Chengdu Culture Travel Group, as at the end of April 2010, the total assets of 1 billion yuan to 80 yuan, 19 wholly-owned subsidiary, holding, holding subsidiaries, as investment and financing platform for cultural tourism in Chengdu , marketing platform and major cultural tourism projects operating platform. Width of the alley, the Chinese Museum of the town, Nansi Road style town, Xiling Snow Mountain ... ... a picture of Chengdu tourist cocoon of the new card is born, the "big tourism drive big industry," the innovative ideas with remarkable results, in Chengdu Culture Travel Group to produce a satisfactory answer to society.

Reform media insist on promoting the integrated development of diversified industries

Chengdu Media Group to explore the development of successful new models

Two indicators of social and economic benefits from the performance evaluation perspective, Chengdu Media Group not only in the country have created a number of high profile brand, but also creation and production of a large number of outstanding works. As of the end of 2009, Chengdu Media Group total assets before consolidation from the Group of 37 billion yuan to 100 billion yuan, an increase of 170%; operating income increased from 1.996 billion yuan to 26.1 billion yuan, an increase of 30.8%. Media reform and development in the course of the group practice in their own unique media enriched the content and mode of development, currently appears to be achieved remarkable results.

Institutional innovation

And integrated development of media resources

Currently, the relationship between media group's assets gradually clear, deep structural reform push has basically met the conditions in place. "We will strengthen the resolve to fully complete the radio and television 'Zhibofenli' basis, nurture and build a market dominant position of the company, and ultimately from the whole establishment of modern enterprise system." Media Group leader's attitude is very firm . Media Group to promote advocacy and management "double separation", a comprehensive integration of resources, leading enterprises bigger and stronger, "Brilliant Investment Group." Capital as a link, according to market-oriented operation, stripping media resource into the business Brilliant Investment Group, to build leading enterprise groups. Brilliant Investment Group holding shares of DreamWorks online games business, Economic Daily News newspaper, mobile games business, outdoor advertising companies to achieve rapid expansion. As of May 31 this year, its market capitalization of its listed companies Brilliant spread increased by 280% within three years, show the power of integration of resources. Way of operating as a corporation, complete integration of all the administrative and logistics, property management resources to enhance the Group's overall operating efficiency and quality. Radio and television sector in the implementation of Taiwan and Taiwan combined, effectively promote Zhibofenli pilot. Film and Television Department of the strip, the implementation of state-controlled, private participation, the formation of film and television drama production companies to participate in Toupai film "Red Cliff" series of TV drama. The way the media shares the group, the formation of blue ocean economic information service company responsible for TV channels of non-current event program production and advertising resources, operations, rapid move up their business performance. Forward operating units of the Corporate Governance, according to the central requirements and vigorously promote the journal and book publishing units turn into enterprises. Journal of operations, exhibition, hotel and other business activities, from the cause of the mother to co-owned and private capital in the form of shares, the company established journals, exhibition companies, hotel management company. New expansion of digital music, metro media, business and other new media for the national issue of the "Daily Economic News", all registered as a company. Group institutions increased from 40% in the early days to 14% and greatly reduce the business impact of system defects.

Advantage in media convergence

Growing media influence

As the network and the increasing influence of mobile media, both means of communication or transmission media, media convergence is imperative. Between different types of media to break the old boundaries between old and new media of information resources in unimpeded flow has been achieved. From the perspective of the development of international media, whether News Corp. or Viacom, and both are forms of media, breaking the single integrated media organizations. An area newspaper and broadcasting convergence if today does not go, and may be moving toward integration. The group official said the municipal government after careful consideration, decided to consolidate Chengdu Daily Newspaper Group and Chengdu radio and television, Organizing Media Group, and requested the activation of the media Media Group to maximize productivity in the province to go ahead as soon as possible, the National forefront, eventually won a place in the international arena. From a policy perspective, the press and broadcasting are the mouthpiece of the party and government, are state-owned assets, and different forms of communication and expression only. Up and down the country to deepen cultural restructuring, vigorously develop the cultural industry in the context, any kind of media forms should be under the leadership of the party, without changing the mouthpiece of the function under the premise to the powerful combination of capital as the link, the depth of integration , to 1 +1 "2 results. Media Group the largest full advantage of the use of multimedia forms, the implementation of the group, the large-scale operations, in the Congress, "two sessions" to promote urban and rural areas and deepen the "test area" construction of a major publicity, the concentration of all forms of media organizations, editorial team with planning, with the interviews, with the creation, exchange ideas, fusion protein, co-ordinated, unified publishing, broadcasting, public information to update, the positive rate reported greater efforts to guide public opinion more. In addition, the media to break the barriers of different forms of media, in-depth to explore media convergence, which is the symbol of Chengdu Media Group, one of the characteristics. Media Group was established in Chengdu in Chengdu Commercial Daily experimental field at the core of media convergence, will be 7 different forms of media together, unified by the financial media, the deployment command center, the formation of the intensive development of information resources and use. In full swing "media interaction", the formation of publicity resonance effect. Group in accordance with the "Newspapers + Radio Frequency + TV channels + site" in the basic framework, the 12 media outlets linked to form three pairs, the municipal center and major incidents reported as the main object, network, radio highlights fast, TV highlight the scenes, highlighting the depth and background papers, multimedia integrated communication, complement each other, dislocation effects, with good results.

One hand and resources on the one hand the market

Chengdu Culture Travel Group to pioneer into the flagship

Chengdu Culture Travel Group was established 以来 implementation of "one hand and Zi Yuan, on the one hand market" strategy to have already been developed, integrating a large number of quality resources and reserves, whether it is to create a series of cultural, tourism projects, or form tourism products, innovative carrying out extensive marketing activities, and efficient operation of assets, state-owned assets have achieved remarkable results. Yin Jianhua, chairman of Chengdu Culture Travel Group that the Group benefited from the municipal government building in the urban and rural areas and rural cities in the world of modern urban development macro background, the text provides a very good tour group opportunities and development conditions.

Focus on innovation and brand building operating mechanism

According to the municipal government position on the text Brigade Group, in urban and rural areas and urban construction and development of play text, travel, body leading role in three major industries, through the cultural and creative to increase the text of the article Travel Group, travel, body three industry, market, international approach to maximize the integration and management of cultural tourism resources as the main direction. Requirements and positioning in this, the Chengdu Culture Travel Group size up the situation, the group was first established to put forward the "one hand and resources on the one hand the market," the first phase of development strategies. Yin Jianhua said that, under the development guidelines, Chengdu Culture Travel Group does not lose focus on the establishment of private enterprises operating mechanism. Both in personnel selection and appointment, or in the market-oriented business process, have always implement this idea. Also, always put the cause of Chengdu Culture Travel Group as a platform, into the historical context of urban development in Chengdu, inviting world of insight. Particularly worth mentioning is that the Group attached great importance to "Chengdu Culture Tour" brand in the very beginning of this brand to the Group's strategic development, implementation of the "Chengdu Culture Tour" brand strategy. "Although still in the cultivation of the brand, but it is very important that we have, but also incorporated into our overall development plan and the marketing." Yin Jianhua that, as a value brand business, we must shoulder the social responsibility Group is now on tourism, culture, sports, is a strategic investment, the investment is huge, long cycle, for general business or enter into the difficult and will is not strong. "We want the market, industry done to mobilize the market this social responsibility to play up. You will find some of the text brigade has done a lot of regional projects supporting infrastructure and public welfare projects with some culture, although a single project is no paper return trip, but for us this great industry and market, these must be first. but we need to do some of the text brigade benchmark demonstration projects, such as the width of the alley has been launched, the benchmark do a good job , matching well, easier access to social capital. will have some big investors pouring in, this market will be activated. "

Shoulder the responsibility of the marketing resources to change industry

Yin Jianhua said that Chengdu Culture Travel Group is not only to bear their own responsibility, but also bear the text of the municipal government entrusted the city tourism Travel Group is responsible for product marketing tasks. From the beginning of incorporation, the Group took place marketing, the plate was very heavy. "Chengdu has established an international destination for leisure tourism development of this targeting, marketing is very important, cultural tour group from the beginning to market-oriented approach, and formed a professional marketing team and the team person in charge, are the major planning and marketing director in the world top 500 people with actual combat experience to play. "Yin Jianhua, said:" In fact, the final analysis, creative industries, must rely on our thinking, our ideas and our team, the structure of our team, decided we could not achieve this goal. In recent years, Wen Travel Group has always been to build an open platform to attract international talent to join the trip to the article inside to the cause. With these conditions before to integration and management of cultural tourism resources, it can we be, not an empty phrase. "Yin Jianhua said, in order to give full play to market forces, since last year, we increased our efforts to introduce strategic investors. Introduce some advanced concepts, and marketing resource management team, and can be completed faster and better municipal government to the group task. This is the text of the next stage of CTS Group, in Chengdu, the great practice of urban and rural areas, especially in Chengdu Garden City proposed the building of the modern world, such a magnificent goal, the greatest possible integration and operation of Chengdu culture, tourism, sports resources to be able to play in building a better world, the role of modern garden city. Through these, it better be able to travel faster to the text bigger and stronger group, "Our goal now is determined to be the flagship of cultural tourism in Western China enterprises, pioneer in product development, marketing and capital operation Man Group to form the core competitiveness of travel to Chengdu to promote construction of the international leisure travel destination to make more contributions. "Source: Chengdu Daily

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