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The Guanxian the ancient city of open city welcome the ancient Dujiangyan to have the third card

Posted: May 21, 2012

At 10:00 on the May 19th, with the ceremonial officer gave an order, unveiled the Guanxian Millennium city officially opened its doors. It is understood that Guanxian ancient city badly damaged in the earthquake recovery and reconstruction deliberately implanted in the Ming and Qing dynasties in western Sichuan architectural elements, and restored the East Gate tower, historical monuments and historical streets, the rebirth of the ancient city in western Sichuan charm leisurely.

Dujiangyan water conservancy project, the ancient city of relying on the backing, closely linked with the World Heritage Dujiangyan scenic, historical and cultural city core area will be built into international tourist city, boutique area, history and culture with modern civilization, a model of each other district, and following the scenic area of the Qingcheng Mountain , Dujiangyan scenic after the Dujiangyan city's calling card. "local officials told reporters, the Guanxian theme of the ancient city of positioning travel the ancient city of the world's water culture, water is the soul, the text is the clock, provided for the Road, travel-oriented principle of the layout. Ancient city showing the city the King, King City, Mid-Levels half the city's tourism form, visitors can comfortably step into the area, entered the city, King City can swim and play on the same travel way between King City tourism function of the complementary and win-win.

The reporter learned that have been severely disrupted in the Wenchuan earthquake in Dujiangyan City, Old Town District, rescue, repair, protection, excavation and heritage of the Old Town District, historical and cultural heritage, to achieve the sustainable development of living and formats, Dujiangyan City party committee and government "protection of heritage, cultural heritage, improve facilities, improve the format, residents benefit from the" principle proposed in the September 2009 implementation of the Old Town District, restoration and reconstruction, and to tease out the 62 Old Town District, restoration and reconstruction projects, covering cultural relics of ancient houses protection and construction, demolition of the old site restoration and reconstruction, retaining the facade renovation, the supporting infrastructure to enhance business tourism format to build other aspects. 62 restoration and reconstruction projects has accumulated commenced 38 projects, the cumulative completion of 16 projects.

The Guanxian ancient city into the open just Street, the reporter saw the street construction in accordance with all western Sichuan Ming and Qing styles to create the water into the city's winding maneuver. Place in them, as if through a sense of history. To improve the hardware facilities, the local to the existing inn norms to enhance implementation of the South Street - West Street, a model shop, Willow River Bar and to build the ancient city of night market. In this regard, the relevant responsible person said that the construction of the ancient city of tourism will adhere to the scenic standard in line, "This year the Guanxian ancient city will be completed over one billion yuan of investment, and fully completed the Water House, the Confucian Temple Park, a number of historical and cultural demonstration projects, the formation of four state one, the domestic first-class historical and cultural core area and the city center recreation areas. "

Day, the 100 leading travel agent in Chengdu were invited to examine the rich tourism resources in Dujiangyan City, and signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Chengdu Travel Association Travel Agency Branch. Source: Sichuan News Network

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