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The new sub-opened street around the corner Street 100 photographers Luemei "Yang Yi of China town"

Published: August 9, 2010

August 7 morning, by the Chengdu Municipal Government, Chong City People's Government of Chengdu Photographers Association, the Chinese Photographers Association and other tourism co-sponsored the "leisure Fengqi Hill, son of the town of Yi Yang Street --- 100 photographers take power Yi Yang a small town near China town street child "event in Chengdu, the width of the alley Square passion started.

It is reported that Chengdu Chongzhou Street, adjacent sub-town, using the reconstruction of this historic opportunity, son of the town on the street re-positioning and planning, while retaining the original renovation of ancient streets outside the big efforts to transform the ancient streets of the surrounding environment. Project scale, the beauty of landscape design called street children since the founding of the first town. According to relevant source Chongzhou City town transform the spirit of the street children into Old retain the original appearance of the principle of "Chinese Yi Yang town" as the new positioning. Transformation in the town green environment and hospitality services to strengthen the integration of, the original music the progressive introduction of self-construction of farm to transform according to the same concept. Focus on sub-town heavy excavation Street Culture, and improve the building embodies the image of the culture. Transformation in the neighborhoods to add a modern functional facilities. This not only expanded the original area of town, especially in the prosperous town on the spare to reproduce the article, a large arch, bridges, neighborhoods doors visualizations.

To help the public understand the full range of new sub-town street reconstruction by Chong City People's Government of Chengdu Photographers Association, the Chinese Photographers Association and other units specially organized tour "leisure Fengqi Shan Yi Yang Street, son of the town - 100 Strength Photography Yi Yang family approached the town of Street, son of the Chinese town, "large-scale photographic activities. Today, the leading part in the launch ceremony, guests, famous photographer, press the symbol of the common activities of a number of camera shutters started. After the launch of hundreds of photographers town by car to the street children, started the camera recording arts town in style. 100 sub-town photographer, shot on street works will be on August 27, September 3 the width of the alley in Chengdu, Chongzhou Street sub-town show.

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Street sub-four well-known around town is the town of Chengdu, one of her back Fengqi Hill, adjacent to Mount Qingcheng , a clear water through the town. Street children Yizhou town was once the most prosperous city of the ancient one, with over thousands of years, Fengqi light temple in the mountains has 1400 years of history, in the Sui Dynasty became one of China's 36 Buddhist monasteries. Qing Emperor Kangxi Yubi wrote "Light Yan Monastery" Menbian still hanging gate. Street children in Tang China Town is the hometown of the poet.

Today, after the vicissitudes of street children still retain the ancient temple town, the ancient stage, the ancient ginkgo, ancient pagodas, ancient streets of ... ... 2010, the new building on the street children into Old Town, simple and elegant, large-scale. Around town not only a taste of the original township Shu style, more indigenous people and their hospitality was out of the regional cuisine, the quiet rural atmosphere, cool summer holiday reception, pleasing health, fitness leisure environment ... ... Source: Sichuan News Network

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