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From the "scenic spot management" to "enhance the whole domain" - the comprehensive management of urban and rural environment, "Jiu Zhai mode"

Published: August 9, 2010

Yellow Airport from 9 to Jiuzhaigou County, more than 120 kilometers, the Jiuzhaigou County, an area of 5280 square kilometers, the Jiuzhaigou scenic area 720 square kilometers core; the annual flow of nearly 300 million people, and the peak flow of nearly 2 million people due date ... ... the face of comprehensive management of urban and rural area of environment large number of features of the flow of people, Jiuzhaigou county to adjust their thinking to add measures to create a unique "Jiuzhai model." August 5-6, journalists, and comprehensive management of urban and rural environments throughout the province to participate in the exchange on-site meetings with representatives of learning, the field stepped read, "Jiuzhai mode" to bring about profound changes in the local.

Reform and improve

First-class scenic area should be first-class environment

Zhang bar town, located at Jiuzhaigou Scenic Spot the core region a major tourist destination, due to the rise of the famous tourism. However, under the Zhangzhou famous bar, but once messy style shops, traffic jams, low levels of green, and Jiuzhaigou in the magical landscape fit.

Jiuzhaigou County in the comprehensive management of urban and rural environment, the integrated people, the views and expectations of tourists this year, will bar the architectural style of Zhang as "a Jiuzhaigou Amdo Tibetan characteristics, Tibetan houses ", designed to enhance the reform program.

Reporter noted that after six months work, Zhang bundles full uniform signage to Jiuzhaigou scenic as the bottom, with the Tibetan, Chinese, or English language to write its name, and shops on the traditional Tiehua process, inlaid with Tibetan Eight Auspicious. "It's more than 400 store brand store signage, are government-funded uniform replacement." An arts and crafts shop owner told reporters.

Heavy traffic conditions have improved. Zhang bundle town has removed the clutter of small shops close to the highway, the river, and built a number of car parks. New visitors walk along the cliff, to achieve pedestrian and vehicular traffic, ease of access to and communication when the congestion caused by vehicles.

Jiuzhaigou County town also Zhang bar signage, telephone booth, litter bins, street lamps, sidewalks and other municipal infrastructure rehabilitation and upgrading, while regular sub-slice of the river clean-up of garbage centrally, to ensure "no river waste, water pollution. "

"This is my first time after the earthquake, Jiuzhaigou , did not expect more than two years after the big disaster, Jiuzhaigou reception facilities, better, more beautiful environment ... ... "of travelers from Guangdong Dongguan Jian-Ying said.

Scene building

New Town and Old Town pavilions

Small Qingwa inclined roof and white walls, planning scientific, rational layout and a fully equipped executive office, attracted delegates Gee praise. This piece from the Northwest Tibetan houses with a combination office building, built in the previous shortage of flood, the effective conservation of the land, to become a major highlight of environmental governance.

At the same time is the old city "cosmetic." Jiuzhaigou County, Paradise Town, the main city Luanbaitandian, Jeeves business, Luantingluanfang many phenomena. Guide the flow of hawkers on the county owned by the city vehicle homing. "Since the government to regulate stalls, all selling vegetables are unified stand, street clean and more, travel more convenient." Huang Qiqing people said.

To consolidate the results and the achievement of normal management of governance, leadership and staff to implement the county, departments and individuals, communities and people of "tying" the management of cadres from the county clerk to the village, everyone has the "responsibility fields", all are "cleaner." "We do not regularly released to the public opinion survey form, in time for rectification." County governance to do the responsible person to tell reporters that the county has established a performance of inspectors, fault accountability, to respond to such questions and feedback system.

Jiuzhaigou County, more force, and long-term effective, multi-input system, orderly environment initiative as a governance model for Ya'an Mayor Liu Shoupei emotion: "We will draw on Jiuzhaigou County, advanced experience, and actively seek a permanent cure, to promote governance and continued implementation of the work. "

Rural "cosmetic"

Walled front of the village for a new look after

Link all the way along the 9 forward, always to see through the window a small roadside village Qingwa, red hanging eaves, white roof. This is the Jiuzhaigou County overall post-disaster reconstruction and building of new countryside construction of residential corridor in Northwest.

This is not the case previously. Most rural houses along the high walls, narrow alleys, fits the "matchbox", farmers in the debris piled up around their houses, walls the color variety. Environmental governance in the rural areas, Jiuzhaigou County, every effort in rural areas, "Beauty", implemented in 120 villages in style transformation, residential unified coordination with the environment to replace the small Qingwa, pink hanging eaves, whitewashed roof, walls are in local Wong Nai be painted, fully reflect the strong ethnic folk character cottage after a group of shape, as distinct features of the tourist boutique village. Jiuzhaigou County also has invested 4 million yuan in the construction of 17 220 township designated waste incineration pool, 11 garbage collection points, 1239 bins, garbage bin, with two compression type garbage truck and 316 refuse collection vehicles to promote human hand, overall improvement in living environment.

Jiuzhai great changes in rural areas, so that the new mayor of Deyang City, there have something to say: "Environmental Governance can not be limited to urban, rural environmental governance are equally important." Source: Sichuan Daily

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