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Global captive giant pandas break 300

Published: August 9, 2010

Reporter yesterday from the Wolong China Giant Panda Research Center was informed at 9:12 p.m. on the August 4, Wolong Giant Panda "Nana" birth to the next class, so that the Wolong Giant Panda cub in 2010 newborn child has reached 7 9 Aberdeen. According to the State Forestry Administration in 2009 on the global statistics of captive giant pandas, giant pandas in captivity worldwide total of 290 this year, as Wolong Giant Panda Research Center in China has a continuous litter, the final statistics of the total number of the current global captive giant panda has broken 300 .

Research Centre nursery room experts, the Department of male pups, birth weight 130.6 g, in good health. Currently coping well, the mother in good condition with Aberdeen. Back, "Nana" or gift sets panda "round" of the sister, do not disgrace the family's mission star, produced in early 2009 that gave birth to twins, this year's "Nana" and the male giant panda, "Chen Meng-kai "After natural mating success of pregnancy, but also gave birth to a class can be called aura.

At present, captive giant pandas in Wolong has entered the peak litter size, breeding success this year, more than 20 giant pandas have been seven successful litter, and the remaining giant panda research staff are closely observed and detected, which is expected in the next 1 - 2 months after another litter. Research through 20 years of unremitting efforts to overcome difficulties, fully capture the long-term constraints on the development of captive giant panda population is difficult estrus, breeding and nursery survival difficult pregnancy difficult three difficulties, the current Chinese Giant Panda Research Center in Wolong Giant Pandas population from 10 in 1991 to develop to the 161, the global captive population of about 60% of the field in the giant panda research and protection has made remarkable achievements.

Survival according to the minimum population theory (mvp), the current captive giant panda research center has formed a self-sustaining development of healthy populations, therefore, research centers, research focus is no longer a number in the breeding of giant pandas, but by strengthening genetic management, control reproductive parity, prenatal and postnatal care to achieve giant panda. Wolong Giant Panda Research Center in China in recent years, with other brothers in the exchange of giant panda semen, for pro and nurture the wild giant panda breeding capacity of the ambulance, etc., to avoid the giant panda breeding science has greatly enhanced the quality of Giant Panda Breeding. At the same time, the center will train captive pandas into the wild by wild giant panda research and protection as the cause of the next important direction in the giant panda reintroduction of methods to actively explore and find the best way to set free for Giant Panda in situ conservation work to develop a completely new way. At present, the Wolong Giant Pandas Field Training second phase of the project has entered a crucial stage of a dam calving nursery, under the impetus of the project, research centers will continue to lead and promote the cause of the global giant panda research and protection of the new the development of the critical period. Source: Chengdu Daily

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